Communities 2.

0: Enterprise ICT Review
Business/Group/Organisation Name:       Main Contact Name:       Development Officer:       Position:       Date:      

Please book an appointment with enough time to talk to the group properly and listen to them rather than prompt. The requirement is to find out as much about the group in general. As a general rule try and talk to more than one member of the group. Use the Communities 2.0 ICT Review Form as a recording tool. Do not complete in front of the group – it can be added to later on follow-up visits and should be seen as a working document for our use. After you have completed the form a) The ICT review will be assessed internally by Communities 2.0 Management and recommendations from the assessment will be included into the preliminary report which will be presented to the Enterprise trustees or board members for scrutiny. b) Write up a preliminary report and attach to the WCC Client database. This will be available to other team members for group/regional discussions.

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Version 2 March 2010

Question 1

Basic Use of ICT
Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes

Does the business have computers? Does the business have Broadband Internet access? Does the business have email capabilities?

Does the business have an ICT Policy including e-security policy? Yes Does the business utilise Office Tools for business processes? No Does your business use computerised office systems? No
e.g. accounts and/or customer management systems.

If yes please specify:       Do you have a Website? Yes No

If so who is responsible for your website?       Who is generally responsible for ICT within the Organisation and what is their role?      

Question 2

How many people do you have in your group?
Paid Part Time:       Volunteers:      

Paid Full Time:      

Question 3

What does your organisation do/why does it exist?

Question 4

Who do you work with? (Which sector e.g. young, disabled,

Question 5

How do you work with them?

Question 6

Where do you work from? (Examples: Office, Community

Venue, Home, Remote working, other)

Question 7 How do you promote your organisation to the outside world?

Question 8


Do you currently use ICT within the organisation?

If yes, to do what? a) administration (record Keeping, accounts) b) communications (internal/email) c) information/research d) other       Yes Yes Yes No No No

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Version 2 March 2010

Question 9

(If so, please specify e.g. member of staff, relative, friend etc)

Do you currently have any help with ICT support?

Do you feel the current level of support is sufficient for your needs? No If yes, how?      


Question 10 What restricts your organisation from using or improving your use of ICT?
Please tick all that apply Lack of Funds Shortage of Time Other (please specify)       Lack of Skills Lack of Support Lack of Need

Question 11 Do you have a specific budget for ICT?
No If so how much? Training £      £      Hardware £      Software £     



Question 12 How much would you consider reasonable to spend on ICT?

Question 13 How many computers do you have access to within your organisation?
Desktop PCs:       How many are: For staff use only:       etc):       For open access (used by clients, service users Laptops:      

Question 14
a) How are you connected to the Internet?       b) If you have Broadband, who is you ISP?       c) How much do you pay each month? £     

Question 15 Do you have a network?
If yes, how? Wireless Cable

Yes Other      


Question 16 Do you have a printer?
If not where do you do your printing?      



Question 17 Do you use any of the following? Please tick all that
apply Remote working with Laptops Voice over IP (internet phone calls only) Conferencing Other (please specify)       Do you think your organisation might benefit from remote working using any of the above?       Is your network managed by a server? Do you use ICT Security Software? Yes Yes No No Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo, etc) Mobile phones Video

Question 18

graphic tablets, projectors, digital cameras, webcams etc)

What other ICT equipment do you use? (scanners,

Question 19
a) Has your organisation conducted an internal skill audit?       b) Would you like help on how your existing ICT equipment could be used?      

Question 20 Have you any other issues about ICT that have not been covered?

Question 21

Additional Notes

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