3rd Year Undergraduate student CIVIL Engineering NIT Durgapur Room No: 327, Hall 2 NIT Durgapur - 713209 West Bengal, INDIA Phone: +917679405407

Objective: I want to pursue complete enthralling and challenging summer internship where I can exercise my engineering and interpersonal skills and that gives me an opportunity to learn new things and explore future career possibilities. Areas of Interest: Design of structure, Soil engineering and water resource engineering Educational qualification: Secondary & Higher Secondary Examination 10th Std 12th Std Board / Institution
CBSE / K.V. No.1 Armapur, Kanpur CBSE / K.V. No.1 Armapur, Kanpur

Year of Passing

Marks Obtained 422 402 Out of (Total) 500 500 % 84.4 80.4

2005 2007

Under Graduation SEM SGPA CGPA 1 7.44 7.44 2 7.88 7.66 3 7.5 7.61 4 7.27 7.52 5 7.56 7.53

Academic Achievements:
y y y y Passed the Autodesk certified Associate Exam AutoCAD 2010 with 90%, taken by AUTODESK (online). Passed the Autodesk certified Associate Exam Revit Architecture 2010 with 83% taken by AUTODESK (online). Attended a seminar on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM- 2011) by Dr. A. Bagchi Concordia University, Canada. Secured 1st position in cluster level Jawaharlal Nehru KVS science exhibition¶05 under environmental management with a working model of bio diesel plant and participated in regional level. Participated in the physics camp organized by the department of physics, IIT Kanpur on December 2005 sponsored by NCERT, NEW DELHI. Secured B+ grade in Inter college Technical Meet 2008 conducted by ISTE student¶s chapter, Durgapur.

y y

Major Project:

y Repair and Strengthening of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beams
(GUIDE ± Lecturer S. Karmakar, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Durgapur) The study investigates about the techniques available for retrofitting and strengthening of reinforced concrete structural elements. We also discuss the structural performance of reinforced concrete beams, which are repaired using different techniques.

Technical Skills: y y y y y Operating system: windows xp/vista/win7, Linux. Web designing language : HTML Designing software¶s: AutoCAD 2010, Revit Architecture 2010, Adobe Photoshop cs3. Structural: Staad Pro 2006 (learning). MATLAB R2009a (basic functioning in MATLAB)

Position of Responsibility :
y y y y y Core member of college dramatic club, ENTERACT Club NIT Durgapur. Hold the position of Astt. General Secretary of the official civil engineering club NITDCES. Member of ISTE student chapter, Durgapur. Member of editorial committee of Hindi magazine JAGRITI and hold the position of Up Sachiv of RAJBHASA SAMITI of NIT Durgapur. Wing leader in NSS unit Durgapur.

Extra-Curricular Activities: y y y y y Performed various drama and Nukkad in our college and spring fest IIT karaghpur. Attended the NSS camp held in February 2010. Got the 1st prize in an event in verve 2008 and selected as the best 1st year team of the fest. Participation in kavya path and maukhik bhasan pratiyogita Volunteered Aarohan and Recstacy( National level fests).

I hereby declare that the information given above is true and correct.

DATE: 22nd January, 2011


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