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Abbottabad based Bioenvironmental Manager, Sardar Taimur Hyat-Khan has successfully erected low-cost Semi-Permanent Shuttering to construct low-cost; easily replicapable; disaster-proof and super insulated homes at his own R&D cost. The methodology involved is capable of rapid construction for homes, “Gharonda”; insulated cattlesheds, “Bandi”; poultry sheds; low-cost green houses or kitchen gardens for nutritional food security called “Wah Gardens”; cottage industry workplaces; mosques; grain silos; godowns; cold stores; Bio Reactors (for generating Methane for Direct combustion or Electricity generation utilizing sewage with no external energy input); shops, offices and other structures. The building is ideally placed with a South facing exposure to take maximum advantage of the lower declination of the sun in winters for passive solar heat gain and is well lighted through windows and sky lights. Air circulation is catered for through wind catchers and cross ventilation. It consists of an aero dynamic, geodesic dome that covers the most floor space with the least walls or roof and rests, but is not grouted to, a floor of 2 tons per square foot bearing capacity. This results in freedom for the structure to move with, rather than resist earthquakes up to 9 on the Richter scale. Secondly, the aero dynamic design does not oppose high velocity wind and allows it to flow over the structure thus providing capability to resist up to 250 mph winds. Rising temperatures in summer and increased cold in winters is greatly contributing to the miseries of the common people. Increased need of energy for heating and cooling at a time when energy is scarce and prohibitively costly is yet another factor which is adequately catered for by emplacing the lowest possible cost and abundantly available insulation adobe material. Arising from the technology of our own cultural streams rather then the inappropriate western technologies, the concept is ready for ownership by our people. The concept has grown from the Mongol “Ger”, which is the origin of the Urdu word “Ghar”. The Ger was the knock down felt tent that was easily transported on horse back and included the concept of the tension band that was in use for thousands of years before engineering and architectural science uncovered the principle. This design was incorporated by the Turks and named as “Yurt” the plural of which “Yurtu”, or Camp, is

the origin of “Urdu” or language of the camp. The dome of Muslim architecture is the prototype of the Geodesic dome which is the strongest structure in an engineering sense and consists of 40 triangular facets. The compressional forces of traditional architecture are replaced by pre-stressed “tensional members” which is best described as “Tensigrity” or Tensional Integrity of the structure. Each member is linked to the other and passes on applied force to the others to provide equal strength of all members. Similarly, gravitational force from below or impactional force from above is not resisted but is allowed to flow through the structure. Emergency shelters of 20 foot diameter and 11.5 feet apex height (380 sq. ft. floor space) erected on these principles can cost as little as Rs.10,000.00 (Rs. 26.30/ sq. ft. floor space) and can be erected in a few hours including time to cut and size the tensional members from readily available tree pruning or bamboo. This exercise can be carried out in the absence of electricity in the case of disasters. The semi-permanent version of the construction of the same dimensions consists of adobe on wooden or bamboo frame sufficiently strong to carry the weight. A 1-Foot thick adobe shell can be easily carried on normal size members of 2 and 3 inch thickness. This version can be constructed for under Rs. 40,000.00 (Rs. 105.20/ sq. ft.). The permanent structures, with 100 year guarantee and called “Gharonda” by the adapter/ developer, consists of an RCC shell of 3 inch thickness that is covered with 1 foot adobe or soil-cement layer, upon curing. It is estimated that this configuration can be built at a cost of Rs. 80,000.00 (Rs. 210.50/ sq. ft.) with an attempt to curtail it at Rs. 60,000.00 (Rs. 158.00/ sq. ft.). The real beauty of the system is that it envisages transfer of soft technology to all and sundry without exception, in order to meet the target of over 200,000 housing requirement of the bewildered and disaster struck poor masses. The design can be readily incorporated in Eco-Friendly settlements or Hyat-Kots (Fortress of Life) complete with waste water gardens for recycling water; energy recovery from liquid and slurry of bio degradable solid waste. The walls do not prevent “breathing” of the structure which avoids positive or negative ionization, resulting is a stress free inner environment. Inbuilt roof-top water harvesting; sewerage treatment and fly/ mosquito proofing round off the environment friendly and friendly environment for sustainable living.

This system is capable of rapid erection by using permanent inner and outer shuttering utilizing pressure filling of concrete over Steel Bar Re-enforcement. Steps involved are; Firstly, construction of floor pad with inbuilt sewerage and water supply lines; Secondly; erection of inner shuttering; Thirdly, erection of outer shuttering and pressure filling; Fourthly, curing and removal of outer shuttering and finally emplacement of adobe cover through self-help basis and removal of inner shuttering. Small groups of youth can be empowered and equipped with requisite shuttering and tools as a direct means of Livelihood which meets a vital requirement of the people. Designing and trials of different versions for disaster proofing began after the 2005 EQ and built upon efforts at low-cost Ceramic Adobe Construction being studied and tried by the developer since 1990. At an R&D expense of Rs. 3 million the final version is ready for mass dissemination. The existence of EQ Fault lines, storms and finally Global Warming accompanied with the equal and opposite reaction of increased cold in winters demands that such methods of construction be immediately undertaken. Resistances to change and ingrained habits have to be abandoned in order to adequately respond to 21st Century challenges. We have to live in harmony with nature in order to continue living at all! It is a pity that adequate attention is not being paid to the development despite or because of it being a win-win empowerment situation for all! To struggle against all opposition, meager pay and constantly face undue criticism has helped the vision by enforced but ultimately welcome decrease in costs.

Low-Cost, Semi-Permanent, Inner Shuttering Frame!

Emergency Shelter/ Workshop. (Parachute Cover provided by Pak Army).

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