Creativity and problem solving Using conscious and subconscious mind

Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe, PhD Consultant Psychologist; Attorney

The need for a holistic Model of Excellence
Disciplined study Self awareness Creativity Teaching and doing

Self awareness And self control Motivation Empathy Social skills


PQ Physical Quotient
Nutrition Exercise Relaxation Stress Mgt


Integrity Vision Meaning

The essence of

productivity improvement is working ------> more intelligently , not harder



Brain Re-engineering 05/08/09 4 .

Varying brain speed 05/08/09 5 .

HOW BRAIN WAVES INFLUENCE DECISIONS Alpha: Beta and Theta What is the advertisement I am watching 40 HZ BETA Why am I watching this advert 16-24 HZ How should I use this info for my benefit 8-12 HZ 05/08/09 6 ALPHA .

Is there a difference between Creativity and Innovation ? 05/08/09 7 .

originality Innovation.New ideas.Creativity.takes the new idea through to a satisfied customer 05/08/09 8 .

Creativity & Intelligence often go together but a creative person need not necessarily be highly intelligent 05/08/09 9 .

Therefore innovation ought to be an essential part of one’s business strategy 05/08/09 10 .

 Let’s form a committee. 05/08/09 11 .Creativity Killers  Can’t be done.  Isn’t in the budget.  Will not work in our department/ company/ industry.  Anyone else tried it?  Costs too much.  Never done it.

Spect Analysis.use of full brain 05/08/09 12 .

Problem reversal.CREATIVE THINKING 1. state problem in reverse.W’s 05/08/09 13 . change positive to negative. word. Random input.LATERAL 2. how would I reduce customer sales at Coke?3. LATERAL. pictures and apply to problem at hand.What ifs 4.define what it is not.

5. Reframing- Product, Planning, Potential,People 6. Ideatoons- symbols 7. Six hats 8. Concept maps 9. Mind maps 10. Lateral thinking
05/08/09 14

11. Brain storming 12. Provocation- Houses should not have roofs 13.Concept fan 14. SCAMPER
05/08/09 15

Decision-Making Styles
Reflexive Reflective Consistent



Reflexive Style  Makes quick decisions (shooting from hip) without taking time to gather all information needed or considering all alternatives. 05/08/09 17 .

Reflective Style Takes plenty of time to make decisions. gathering and analyzing several alternatives 18 05/08/09 .

05/08/09 19 .Consistent Style Makes decision without rushing or wasting time.

Lateral Thinking 05/08/09 20 .

We need formal tools for breaking out of patterned thinking. q q Everyone can learn how to be more creative Lateral Thinking gives you the power to create ideas on demand 05/08/09 21 .The Basics Behind Lateral Thinking q q We are hardwired to be UN-creative.

Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… any of these seven common comments 05/08/09 22 .

Give employees the tools to assess 23 05/08/09 and improve ideas before .Because Lateral Thinking Will Give managers the tools to encourage and reward the creative EFFORT that must become a habit before you can get consistently innovative results.

Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… 2. Creative people are a nuisance. They’re always getting out of line. 05/08/09 24 .

Because Lateral Thinking Will Teach managers how to perceive creative intrusions as a valuable tool for checking blind spots and biases. Creative ideas are often jarring. You do not have to rely on a flock of born rebels 25 to 05/08/09 . Give collaborative employees the tools to generate creative ideas on demand.

05/08/09 26 .Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… 3. We don’t have time to go through all that trial and error.

Give employees tools that speed up the innovation process.Because Lateral Thinking Will Teach managers to be alert for new opportunities at every stage as ideas are explored. 05/08/09 27 .

Their ideas are never feasible. 05/08/09 28 .Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… 4. Creative people are so off-thewall.

Teach everyone how to harvest. 05/08/09 29 .Because Lateral Thinking Will Give everyone the tools of provocation and movement so they know how to get value from initially unworkable ideas. and shape ideas to make them more practical. tailor.

Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… 5. We quit too soon. This company doesn’t see mistakes as progress. 05/08/09 30 .

Teach everyone how to perceive failures as necessary steps in the creative process. 31 05/08/09 . Enable everyone to learn from their mistakes.Because Lateral Thinking Will Give everyone tools to assess and minimize risk.

05/08/09 32 . We don’t know what to be creative about.Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… 6.

Suggest Lateral Thinking If You Hear… 7. We don’t need new ideas. 05/08/09 33 . We’re already aligned about what we’re doing/where we’re going/how to get there.

Because Lateral Thinking Will Teach everyone the absolute necessity of applying the creative process continuously to every strategy. 34 05/08/09 . product. and practice. process. assumption. in our rapidly changing world.

Lateral Thinking: Four Step Process Edward de Bono’s Creative Thinking Process GET STARTED Select & Define Focus Generate Ideas 05/08/09 Results: New Ideas Capture & Work with Output 35 .

 Seeks jus ti fica tion Looks f or w ha t is for eac h step.Characteristics o f L ateral Ver sus Ver tic al T hinkin g VERTICAL THINKING LATERAL THINKING  Tries to find Fi nds new w ays t o absol utes. Uses fr ee as soci ation 36 05/08/09  Sel ecti vel y chooses     . ” “r ight. change and mo vement.  Seeks conti nui ty. view things. concer ned wi th concer ned wi th sta bi lity. ”  Anal yz es ideas for Anal yz es ideas to fault s. tr ies di f fer ent r ather than to find wha t is “ri ght” or “wr ong. gener ate new ideas.

and situa tions  Cr oss. per sons.fer til izati on tec hni que  Asking e xper ts fr om other examine the pr fields t o oblem and s ug gest o wn ar eas o f 05/08/09 solutions fr om their 37 . inside out.Usef ul La ter al T hi nkin g Tec hniques  Rever sal tec hnique  Examining a pr do wn oblem an d tur ning it or upside completel y ar ound.  Anal og y tec hni que  De veloping a sta tement a bout similarit ies betw een obje cts.

Lateral thinking…. A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says 'Thank you' and walks out. What happened ? – 5 MINUTES 38 05/08/09 .

Who. Which question is the most thoughtprovoking ? 4.When. Which set of questions do you find yourself using most often ? 3.What. How can these questions help you in problem solving and innovation ? 2.Where. What other useful questions have you heard that should be added to the list ? 05/08/09 39 .How 1.Why .

Creativity…. Examining our habits 05/08/09 40 .

05/08/09 41 .. Habit Make use of chance intrusions Shower etc….Creativity….

Einstein 42  05/08/09 .      The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.Creativity….

Look at the paper once it happens 5 mts 05/08/09 43 .Intuition On a piece of paper write down what you believe will be the outcome of a problem situation facing you next week.Creativity….

Habit Suspending judgment Don’t criticize your own ideas too prematurely 05/08/09 44 .Creativity….

05/08/09 45 .Creativity…. Habit Tolerating ambiguity To develop a complete mind study the art of science and the science of art….

Creativity…. Value of quiet time “ CREATIVE PAUSE” 05/08/09 46 .

Look Listen Touch Taste Smell



1. Sculpt 2. Characters 3. Metaphors



1. Sculpt Seated on the boat: place etc etc I felt nervous so I am sitting on the edge I am lying around feeling relaxed
05/08/09 49

2. Characters

Look at the problem Give them some characters: Henry V111 The Queen, Uri Geller, Accountant, Doctor, Monk etc
05/08/09 50

2. Characters How to get the team as a whole to share knowledge and skills A monk A zookeeper An artist A bus driver 05/08/09 51 .Creativity….

Creativity…. 3. Metaphor Describe consultancy as a pot of yoghurt 05/08/09 52 .

3.Creativity…. Metaphor It comes in different flavours It goes off Some people don’t like it You don’t always feel like eating it You can add it to cooking to create a dish 05/08/09 53 .

Random word Open a dictionary or a newspaper at random and choose a word or image. 05/08/09 54 . What light does this shed on the situation.Creativity….

Stages of the Creative Process Preparation Verification Concentration Illumination Incubation 05/08/09 55 .

Mind Mapping 05/08/09 56 .

 Aids high level and critical thinking.  Non-linear thinking and associative memory  Visual brainstorming tool.What is mind mapping?  Developed in the 1960s by Tony Buzan to help students make notes by using keywords and images.  Use connections between keywords to map knowledge to help improve understanding and recall. 05/08/09 57 .

What’s it used for?  Organising thoughts and ideas  Reading papers  Lecture notes  Writing  Knowledge bases  Problem solving 05/08/09 58 .

 Use images 05/08/09 59 .  Colour-code related concepts.How to do a Mind Map  Start with main idea at the centre of the page.  Think quickly and non-linearly  Use keywords  Point out relationships between concepts with lines.

05/08/09 60 . brainstorming exercises are different from Mind Maps in that they are often two-dimensional and monotone.Foundations  Brainstorming is the first step towards Mind Mapping   Brainstorming is a way of finding simple associations between things. However.

 Images are more evocative than words. 05/08/09 61 .  This means they are better to enhancing thinking and creativity.  They often trigger associations more readily.Foundations  A central image should form the basis of your Mind Map.

Sample Maps: Lecture notes 05/08/09 62 .

05/08/09 63 .Foundations  I also shows that it is ludicrous that over 95% of note-taking/making is done without the benefit of images.

Foundations  What if I can’t draw or my drawing is bad?   Anyone can learn to draw! The key is to practise… 05/08/09 64 .

Foundations  ‘The reason why so many people assume they are incapable of of creating images is that. instead of understanding that the brain always succeeds through continued experimentation.’ (Buzan) 05/08/09 65 . they mistake initial failure for fundamental incapacity and as its true measure of their talent.

These lines should be the same length as the words.Brainstorming to Mind Mapping  From your central image you should radiate Key Words  Key Words should be PRINTED on curved lines flowing from the central image.  By printing them you naturally EMPHASISE THEM. 05/08/09 66 .

Brainstorming to Mind Mapping
 Key words should be basic ordering

ideas (or key concepts) and from these concepts associated ideas should flow.  Words radiate their own associations
  

E.g. Dog, bone, cat… What did you think of next? Your next thought is an example of an association


Brainstorming to Mind Mapping
 If you find it difficult
 What are the most

working out what your key ideas are then try answering the following questions:

important seven categories in the area under consideration?  What are my basic questions? ‘Why?’, ‘What?’,‘Where?’,’Who?, ‘How?’,‘Which?’,’When?’ often serve as major branches in a Mind Map.



Brainstorming to Mind Mapping
 If you find yourself having a ‘mental

block’ then try adding blank lines to the key words Mind Map.  ‘[The brain] will almost instantaneously find associations, especially when given the trigger of additional stimulus.’ (Buzan)



Sample Maps: Writing 05/08/09 70 .

Sample Maps: CV 05/08/09 71 .

BRAIN WRITING 05/08/09 72 .

How to protect and improve tourism in Sri Lanka in the light of a “ BIRD FLU” pandemic GROUP ACTIVITY 30 MINUTES 05/08/09 73 .Mind Mapping….

Use of sound Baroque.Vivaldi 4 seasons 05/08/09 74 .

The Princess and the Peasant.Group Activity10 mts 05/08/09 75 .

05/08/09 76 .

laughter Green.balance. teaching 77 . flowing with life 05/08/09 Blue.inspiration . power of mind.Use of colour Yellow. decision making. bridge between emotions and higher reasons.Creativity. bright ideas. harmony. calmness . joy.

Anger. fire 05/08/09 78 .Use of colour Violet.Brilliance.Wisdom Pink. raw power.Warmth . fear. strength to be well. higher creativity Red. tenderness. all is well Golden.

Creative thinking.Walt Disney w 05/08/09 79 .

suddenly critical….Walt Disney way Master in his field but sometimes appeared to be in a dream . 05/08/09 80 . at other times pragmatic.reative thinking.

Creative thinking.Walt Disney way The Four Character states 05/08/09 81 .

Walt Disney way The Dreamer Able to fantasize..” 05/08/09 82 . pure creativity with no boundaries…. ” what if……….reative thinking.

reative thinking.” 05/08/09 83 .Walt Disney way The Realist Able to realistically implement a plan “ As if…….

identifying any flaws that would prevent it from working 05/08/09 84 .eative thinking.Walt Disney way The Critic Able to constructively criticize a plan.

reative thinking.Walt Disney way The Impartial Able to stand back and take a detached view of a situation 05/08/09 85 .

Walt Disney way As a group select a work related problem and use Walt Disney method to find a solution 15 mts 05/08/09 86 .Creative thinking.

10 mts Three women each have two daughters.Creative thinking example. How did they manage it ? 05/08/09 87 . and they all go into a restaurant for a meal. but each has a seat to herself.There are only seven vacant seats in the restaurant.

Seven Thinking Hats 6+1 An aid to decision making and problem solving. 05/08/09 88 .

The Red Hat • What do you feel about the suggestion? • What are your gut reactions? • What intuitions do you have? • Don’t think too long or too hard. 05/08/09 89 .

• What are the facts? • What information is available? What is relevant? • When wearing the white hat we are neutral in our thinking.The White Hat • The information seeking hat. 05/08/09 90 .

• What are the benefits.The Yellow Hat • The sunshine hat. the advantages? 05/08/09 91 . • It is positive and constructive. • It is about effectiveness and getting a job done.

The Black Hat • The caution hat. • What are the risks or dangers involved? • Identifies difficulties and problems. 05/08/09 92 . • In black hat the thinker points out errors or pit-falls.

• Green represents growth and movement.The Green Hat • This is the creative mode of thinking. 05/08/09 93 . • In green hat we look to new ideas and solutions. • Lateral thinking wears a green hat.

• Blue is for planning. calls for the use of other hats. organising thinking itself. • Monitors and reflects on the thinking processes used.The Blue Hat • The control hat. 94 05/08/09 . • Sets the focus.

GOLD 05/08/09 95 .GOLD Use of 6 colour hats for decision making Seeing from different anglesI am proposing a new hat.7 th hat.

pure.good report. • E-Consciousness 96 based 05/08/09 . virtue.lovely. honest.The GOLD Hat • The Value hat. filtering thoughts. just. • True. praise. • Analyze each thought against 8 point yardstick.

Seven Thinking Hats Intuitive Reflective Informative Constructive Creative 05/08/09 Cautious Value-Centered 97 E-Consciousness .

Managing The Thinking Blue Hat Neutral & Objective Checked & Believed Facts Missing Information & Where To Source It Information & Data White Hat Setting The Focus Making Summaries Overviews • Conclusions Action Plans Why It May Not Work Cautions • Dangers Problems • Faults Logical Reasons Must Be Given Black Hat FOCUS Why It May Work Yellow Hat Values & Benefits (Both Known & Potential) The Good In It Logical Reasons Must Be Given Possibilities • Alternatives New Ideas • New Concepts Overcome Black Hat Problems & Reinforce Yellow Hat Values Creative Thinking Green Hat Emotions Or Hunches “At This Point” No Reasons or Justification Keep It Short Feelings & Intuition Red Hat 98 .

Managing The Thinking Blue Hat GOLD Overall quality check against values Neutral & Objective Checked & Believed Facts Missing Information & Where To Source It Information & Data White Hat Setting The Focus Making Summaries Overviews • Conclusions Action Plans Why It May Not Work Cautions • Dangers Problems • Faults Logical Reasons Must Be Given Black Hat FOCUS Why It May Work Yellow Hat Values & Benefits (Both Known & Potential) The Good In It Logical Reasons Must Be Given Possibilities • Alternatives New Ideas • New Concepts Overcome Black Hat Problems & Reinforce Yellow Hat Values Creative Thinking Green Hat Emotions Or Hunches “At This Point” No Reasons or Justification Keep It Short Feelings & Intuition Red Hat 99 .

Thinking hats Are arranged marriages better than love marriages GROUP ACTIVITY 20 MINUTES 05/08/09 100 .

A man was walking downstairs in a building when he suddenly realized that his wife had just died.Lateral thinking…. How? 05/08/09 101 .

Thinking hats How could we capture a greater market share for Coke ? GROUP ACTIVITY 30 MINUTES 05/08/09 102 .

Creativity Pareto Analysis 05/08/09 103 .

80 % Sales to 20 % customers 80 % taxes by 20 % population 05/08/09 104 .By doing 20 % of work you can generate 80 % of the advantage of doing the entire job.

Creativity How Pareto analysis ne 05/08/09 105 .

An analysis of missing doses in clinic 05/08/09 106 .

05/08/09 107 .

discuss with group 05/08/09 108 .Creativity Concept fans.

metaphor Mind maps Walt Disney Thinking hats Pareto 05/08/09 109 .What did we cover today Brain re-engineering Creativity killers Lateral thinking Sculpt. character.

Creativity Brain Storming 05/08/09 110 .

05/08/09 111 .Brainstorming The process of suggesting many possible alternatives without evaluation.

Helps generate many radical ideas Ideas must be broad and odd as possible Should be developed fast No criticism of ideas Ideas should be evaluated once session is over 05/08/09 112 .

What are the ways in which we can have a more inspired workforce that would do the best they can at Coke ? GROUP ACTIVITY 25 MTS 05/08/09 113 .

Creativity Grid Analysis 05/08/09 114 .

It is most effective where a number of good alternatives are taken into account 05/08/09 115 .Making a choice where many factors must be balanced.

First list the options and then factors that are important Next work out relative importance of factors 05/08/09 116 .


NLP 05/08/09 118 .

Neuro Thinking patterns that make up the mental aspect of our strategies: To see ourselves as in a movie Hear encouraging internal voice to do well Steady confident feeling in 119 05/08/09 .

Linguistic The way we use language both internally and with others Regular word we use: Also “ why not” vs “ what would 05/08/09 120 .

Programming Mental and behavioural codes that run or lives Stubbornness vs letting go 05/08/09 121 .

Using Anchors 05/08/09 122 .

. 05/08/09 123 . Pavlov….Helps you to be the person you want to be at any time….

Auditory Your favorite smell.Visual 05/08/09 124 .Olfactory A taste that ……Gustatory A place with happy associations…Spatial A picture or image …..Naturally occurring anchors • • • • • A piece of music that lifts you.

Anchor prompts activity 05/08/09 125 .

Invent a new type of toy for busy managers 15 mts 05/08/09 126 .

NAC steps 05/08/09 127 .

5) Condition Yourself for the New Behavior or Pattern. 4) Choose and Install the New Behavior or Pattern You Want.(pain/pleasure) 3) Interrupt that Pattern or Break the Old Behavior. 2) Know What is Preventing You From Getting What You Want.  1) Know What You Want. 6) Do an Ecology Test for the New Behavior to See If You Have Successfully Installed and Conditioned It To Be Your New Automatic Response 128     05/08/09 .

OTHER TECHNIQUES Tree map Force field analysis Fishbone Importance analysis Consequence map Multiple regression 05/08/09 129 .

The diagram gives a visual of the alternatives making analyzing easier. 130 .Decision Trees qA 05/08/09 diagram of alternatives.

Break-Even Analysis Capital Budgeting Quantitative Techniques Linear Programming Queuing Theory Probability Theory 05/08/09 131 .


An exponential increase in competitionbench mark.“world class” 4. Permanent white water . The globalization of markets and technology 3. The emergence of universal connectivity 3.Global Seismic Shifts 1. The movement of wealth creation from financial capital to intellectual and social capital 5.

The need for a holistic Model of Excellence IQ Disciplined study Self awareness Creativity Teaching and doing EQ EMOTIONA L QUOTIENT Self awareness And self control Motivation Empathy Social skills HOLISTIC MODEL PQ Physical Quotient Nutrition Exercise Relaxation Stress Mgt SQ SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT Integrity Vision Meaning .

Your 5 Competencies at Coca Cola Market Execution –ME Demand Creation – DC Demand fulfillment.DF Performance Finance-PF .

EQ Its about:   Managing ourselves Managing our interaction with others  Understanding more about human behaviour   Understanding consequences more A language or a framework .PUT SIMPLY.

EQ COMPETENCIES Self Awareness    Emotional SelfAwareness Accurate Self Assessment Self-confidence    Social Awareness Empathy Organisational Awareness Service Orientation EQ Relationship Mgmt  Developing others  Inspirational Leadership  Change Catalyst  Influence  Conflict Management  Teamwork and Self Management  Emotional SelfControl  Transparency  Adaptability  Achievement  Initiative  Optimism .

You love that you may learn to live .The 4C model of Excellence LIVING LOVING LEARNING LAUGHTER You live that you may love.

SOLER Reads non verbal clues Open to diversity Sees (and anticipates) other’s perspectives .EMPTHY-THE FOUR LEVELS     Listens.

Coping with anger GAI NS Probl em so lvi ng method Get information Acknowledge I want .messages Negotiate Self-Care .

SQ Flexibility Self-Awareness Ability to face and endure suffering Ability to be compelled by a vision See connections between diverse things Cause no harm Tendency to probe and ask fundamental questions .


Brain Re-engineering Is Productivity proportional to CET ….? USING THE WHOLE BRAIN ..

05/08/09 144 .




Being in the G.A.P .

What are values Values erosion word wide -Enron Johnson and Johnson 7 Values at Coke .

WORKING ON YOUR ROAD MAP Removing Negativities .

DEFINITION S=P>R 05/08/09 Stress occurs when the pressure is greater than the resource 151 .

Managing Stress-Alternatives • Conventional Medicine • Counselling & psychotherapy • Relaxation • Meditation • Massage • Yoga • Acupuncture • Aromatherapy • • • • • • • • Floatation Herbalism Biofeedback Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Osteopathy Pet Therapy Reflexology .

Creativity.New ideas.takes the new idea through to a satisfied customer Mind maps Lateral thinking Thinking hats and others…… . originality Innovation.

It is the way….Excellence is not an option…. IQ EQ PQ SQ .

Think of a sentence of more than 15 words all beginning with the letter T 05/08/09 155 .

Trevor took the trouble to take the train ticket to the terminus to transfer the train time to ten tomorrow 05/08/09 156 .

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