This is to certify that Shubham Bhardwaj of class XIIth-SCIENCE has submitted this project on “CHEMICAL KINETICS”.

He has taken proper care and shown utmost sincerity in completion of this project. I certify that this project is up to my expectation and as per the guidelines issued by the CBSE board. I am fully satisfied with this Project Report.

Dr. Colbert Dennis Principal Springdale College College Bareilly

Dr. Pankaj Kunzru (PGT Chemistry) HOD-Springdale Bareilly

This is to specify that I Shubham Bhardwaj a student of class XIIth-SCIENCE is submitting this project on “CHEMICAL KINETICS” to Dr. Tarun Jagota and Principal Dr. At the last I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues and above all my parents for their appreciation and support that worked along me in completing this project. Pankaj Kunzroomy chemistry teacher. A lot of appreciation and thanks to my chemistry teachers Dr. Colbert Dennis of our esteemed and prestigious institution Springdale College for allowing me to undertake this project work. Pankaj Kunzru and Miss Mona Khan for his kind gesture and help that enabled me to submit this project. First of all I am extremely thankful to the almighty God for providing me the strength and vitality for carrying out this project work. This project contains all information and needful facts required for a deep approach to the given topic. SHUBHAM BHARADWAJ . I am highly grateful to the Director Mr.

1-Chemical Kinetics-An introduction 2-Fundamental Keys of Chemical Kinetics 3-Study of some Specific Order Reactions 4-Temperature Dependence of Reaction-Rates 5-Indirect methods for Rate of Reactions 6-Some Special Reactions 7-Collision Theory 8-Factors affecting Rate of Reactions 9-Steady State Approximation 10-Photochemical reactions 11-Stability-Kinetic and Thermodynamic 12-Conclusion .

13-Bibliography . 3-MODERN ABC Chemistry (XII) 4-DINESH Chemistry (XII) 5-NCERT Chemistry (XII) .com 2-www.1-www.

view the things in terms of practical instances and a vast . i.When I entered my class XII-th.e. Thus I chose Chemical Kinetics as my project topic because of the ease that the given topic that gave to me. specially in chemistry. While having a deep approach in this chapter I realized that the chapter though being a bit complicated this topic was very interesting and could involve lot of research work. I was very nervous as concerned with my boards. I always heard my seniors saying that XII-th class is much tough as compared to XI-th and X-th. The first chapter in chemistry that I dealt with was Chemical Kinetics only.

.research that this topic could include.



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