Holocaust  Studies  @  UC  Berkeley   Spring  2011     Claude  Lanzmann,  Shoah:  Twenty-­‐Fifth  Anniversary  Screening  
A  sensation  when  it  was  released  twenty-­‐five  years  ago,  Shoah  has  long  since  passed  from  “mere”   documentary  to  attain  a  far  higher  rank,  that  of  one  of  the  most  important  historical  works  created  in   the  late  twentieth  century.       New  Print  of  Shoah  screenings  at  the  Pacific  Film  Archive   Sunday,  February  20,  11:30  am   Part  1   Sunday,  February  20,  5:15  pm   Part  2   Saturday,  February  26,  5:00  pm     Part  1   Sunday,  February  27,  1:00  pm   Part  2  

  Pell  Lecture  Series  
Presented  by  the  Jewish  Studies  Program   Sponsored  by  The  Joseph  and  Eda  Pell  Endowed  Fund  for  Holocaust  Studies     Thursday,  February  24  (5  pm,  Morrison  Library)   Back  “Home”?  The  Return  of  Jewish  Intellectuals  to  Germany  after  the  Holocaust     Michael  Brenner  ,  Professor  of  Jewish  History  and  Culture,  University  of  Munich     Brenner  taught  previously  at  Indiana  and  Brandeis  University  and  was  visiting  professor  at  the   universities  of  Budapest,  Haifa,  Paris,  Stanford,  Berkeley,  Luzern,  and  Johns  Hopkins.  He  is  presently  a   visiting  DAAD  fellow  at  the  American  Institute  of  Contemporary  German  Studies  in  Washington.  Among   his  book  publications  are  A  Short  History  of  The  Jews  (Princeton  UP  2010,  German  2008)  Prophets  of  the   Past:  Interpreters  of  Jewish  History  (Princeton  UP  2010,  German  2006)  Zionism:  A  Brief  History  (2003,   German  2002),  The  Renaissance  of  Jewish  Culture  in  Weimar  Germany  (1996,  German  and  Hebrew   translations),  and  After  the  Holocaust:  Rebuilding  Jewish  Lives  in  Postwar  Germany  (1997,  German   1995).  He  is  co-­‐author  of  the  four-­‐volume  German-­‐Jewish  History  in  Modern  Times  (1996-­‐98).  In   2007/08  he  served  as  the  Ina  Levine  Invitational  Scholar  of  the  United  States  Holocaust  Memorial   Museum  in  Washington.  He  is  the  International  Vice-­‐President  of  the  Leo  Baeck  Institute  and  a  member   of  the  Bavarian  Academy  of  Sciences.    

Thursday,  April  28,  5  pm,  Heyns  Room,  Faculty  Club   In  honor  of  Holocaust  Remembrance  Day   When  the  Music  Stopped:    The  Spoliation  of  Europe's  Musical  Property,  1933-­‐1945,     and  21st  Century  Concerns   Carla  Shapreau,  Adjunt  Professor,  Boalt  Law  School   Shapreau  teaches  Art  and  Cultural  Property  Law  and  has  an  appointment  as  a  Visiting  Scholar  in  the   Institute  of  European  Studies,  where  she  has  been  engaged  in  cultural  property  research.  Ms.   Shapreau's  legal  practice  has  an  emphasis  in  intellectual  property,  art,  and  cultural  property  law.  She  has   represented  a  wide  range  of  clients  in  the  arts  including  museums,  artists,  collectors,  academic   institutions,  non-­‐profit  entities,  and  galleries.  In  addition  to  her  legal  pursuits  and  academic  research,   Ms.  Shapreau  is  also  a  violin  maker.            

Co-­‐sponsored  by  Magnes  Collection  of  Jewish  Art  and  Life  
  The  Magnes  Collection  of  Jewish  Art  and  Life  at  The  Bancroft  Library  was  established  in  2010  after  the   transfer  of  the  Judah  L.  Magnes  Museum  to  the  University  of  California,  Berkeley.  Its  remarkably  diverse   archive,  library  and  museum  holdings  include  art,  objects,  texts,  music,  and  historical  documents  about   the  Jews  in  the  Global  Diaspora  and  the  American  West.  As  one  of  the  preeminent  Jewish  collections  in   the  world,  it  provides  highly  innovative  and  accessible  resources  to  both  scholars  and  visitors.  The   Magnes's  new  home  in  downtown  Berkeley  (Fall  2011)  will  accommodate  deep  research,  as  well  as  offer   the  general  public  a  place  to  gather  for  exhibitions,  lectures,  performances  and  other  events  that  foster   community,  learning,  and  growth.    



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