Pair/ group assessment: On a sliding scale of 0 – 10, (with 0 being very poor and 10 being fantastic), please rate each

member of your group INCLUDING YOURSELF, on their qualities in relation to their work on the project. Be honest – and keep this document confidential! Extra notes can be made on the back if required. At the bottom, write in the total the score for each person. Qualities 1. Organisational ability 2. Reliability (incl. attendance) 3. Effort/ hard work 4. Prepared to take responsibility 5. Leadership ability 6. Ability to compromise 7. Technical ability 8. Creative ability 9. Team player 10. Co operative/ helpful Totals /100 (Add these up please!) 80 + Great colleague 60 + Good colleague 40 + Reasonable colleague Below 40 Poor colleague, not recommended Yourself (name) Colleague 1 Colleague 2 Colleague 3