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A Selwyn education is purposeful,
thoughtfully designed to develop
students at every stage of their
The Selwyn Mission
extraordinary journey
Cultivate global citizens who embrace
complex challenges with empathetic
and innovative thinking that advances
the human condition.

Our Vision
Elevate the human experience by
encouraging whole child development
through high academic standards and
age appropriate challenges that foster
creative problem-solving, emotional
intelligence, and social responsibility
from which world leaders emerge.

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From their first moments
discovering their environment…

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…to their first moments
developing skills to thrive
in that environment…

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…from the time where it
seems like their entire
world is changing…

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…to the time they are
preparing to change
the world.

What is a Selwyn graduate?

- A collaborative problem solver

- A community builder
- A confident, committed leader
- A person of integrity, knowledge,
compassion and empathy.

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To fully prepare students at every stage
of their lives, Selwyn classrooms extend
beyond the conventional…

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…from experiencing the
wonders of the outdoors…

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…to the inventive self-discovery of the arts…

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…to health and wellness that builds
both body and mind.

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From the communities near us…

…to communities far from home.

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Welcome to individualized, experiential education at every
stage of your child’s journey. Welcome to Selwyn School.

We invite you to experience our school firsthand.

Grades Pre-K through 12 Take a tour

Founded 1957 Have your child spend a day in class

Average Students Per Classroom: 8 Decide if Selwyn is right for you
College Acceptance: 100%
Students Of Color: 16%
International students: 7% from 3 countries
Financial support is available.
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Selwyn School
2270 Copper Canyon Road
Argyle, Texas, 76226
940-382-6771 |