December 2005

Vol. 2, Issue 12

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Top Story of the Month Get organized using technology VIRUS ALERTS Networking Meetings Where they are and how to sign up Spiritual Word of the Month Yes God is real Free Download of the Month Turn your cell phone into a “smart” phone VOIP Tip of the Month Now you only have to give ONE number to your clients

Top Story of the Month
Tech your way to getting organized
By Eddie L Hines Ahhh, the holidays. A time to reflect on love, success, and STRESS!?? Yes stress. This is the busiest time of the year for a small business entrepreneur or salesman. You have to make your yearly goals or else. The problem is you are so unorganized with your computer and your database you would not know how to generate instant money if you had a winning lottery ticket. Not to fear, Kingdom Computers will help you with ways you can organize your life and your database using technology. These small investments will not only save you time, but a lot of money in the long run. (Hint…someone could give you these tools as a gift for the holidays.)

1. Join a networking group. Yeah I know. What does that have to do with technology? Well it means plenty if you want to keep your database full of active potential customers. Networking has become the number 1 way small businesses have generated revenue and repeat clients. Using the relationship you create in these groups you have almost unlimited resources in finding new customers and new ideas to help grow your business. In the next section of this newsletter I will give you suggestions on how to start networking. 2. Buy and use a card scanner. So you joined a networking group and got lots of new business cards with opportunities for you to be successful. So now what? How long do you think it would take to hand write all of these people and keep them in your growing database? No need to fear, card scan is here! Developed by Corex Corporation, Cardscan give you the power to scan all the business cards you collect into your computer, giving you the power to create notes and categories for each person, along with the place you met them at. Not only that, it will have an image of their card in the program so you no longer need to know where that number went. And with its online access, you can go online anywhere and find that caterer you need for your next dinner engagement. (Cardscan,, retails for $249) 3. Buy and use MS Outlook. Now that you have the card scanner you now can keep track of the names and address of your potential customers. But wait? What if they want to schedule an appt with you? What if you want to remind yourself to do something for them? What if they want to communicate through email? I don’t think you Franklin planner can handle all that so you may need to use software to help you. Enter Microsoft Office. Whether you have the 2000, 2002, or the 2003 Edition, all three with help you get organized. With its powerful contact database, you can sync the Cardscan info into outlook, giving you the power to remind yourself to call someone on a certain day or put extra notes about how the sales process is going. Not only that, you can associate a person with a calendar or task so you won’t forget when to attempt to close that deal. And with its integration with Microsoft Word, you can create customized letter to all those people you met at the networking event using mail merging. Yes people will think you are the most courteous person in the world because you personally sent them a thank you email. What they don’t know is you did the same personal letter—to 45 other people in about 5 minutes! (Microsoft Outlook 2003, part of Microsoft Office 2003, $200 exclusive through Kingdom Computers, retails in store for $500, 4. Buy and use a PDA. Ok so you scanned all those cards, sent all those letters and you think you are ok right? Wrong! What if you are on the road and you need to reschedule a client? What if one of their numbers needs to be updated? How would you check your email if you are not in the office?? Well a Windows Mobile

Tech your way... (cont.)
device can help you with that. Windows Mobile devices are a portable computer with a pocket version of outlook in your pocket. The PDA will sync with your desktop outlook program so you can have your contacts, calendar events, to do list and your emails all in your pocket. Not only that, if you use a Blackberry, a Treo or a Windows Mobile Phone Edition, you can actually PULL your email from anywhere you go, giving you’re the freedom of not being chained to the office or lugging around a heavy laptop. Starting at $299, these devices are essential to become truly organized inside and outside your office. (Windows Mobile Devices, DELL, HP, or check out your favorite wireless phone store). 5. Buy and Use QuickBooks. Ok now that you have all your people organized in the palm of your hand, what about the income? Using accounting software as well as QuickBooks will give you the edge over your competition on not only keeping track of your debits and credits, but which customers spent the most money with you and deserve a free gift. With its integration with Outlook by way of syncing, you no longer have to enter the clients name 2 or 3 times into your database. You enter in once into Outlook, which will sync with your PDA, then sync with your QuickBooks file, which will save you so much time you wont miss another episode of LOST. I use QuickBooks to determine my customer of the month, keep track of collections and which vendors are helping me the most with my inventory. There is even a Windows Mobile version of QuickBooks so you can update your records on the road ( For more info about QuickBooks please visit KCC has a special on the 2005 edition of QuickBooks for $200. It retails for $400 for the 2006 Pro Version. Well there you have it, 5 steps to becoming more organized. Maybe next month we will go over all those holiday bills you accumulated this season and how to make them disappear!

Networking Events
Below are the meeting location and times of the groups I belong to. If you are interested in attending as a guest, please give either me a call or the number associated with the group a week in advance and we will look forward to seeing you.

North Fulton Business Association Date: Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday Time: 12:00PM - 1:15PM EST
Would you like to be a member of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce but cant afford the $350 yearly dues? Well if you become a member of this group, you will be allowed to attend any chamber event AT THE MEMBERS RATE! We meet every other Tuesday at Logan’s Roadhouse on Mansell Rd. If you take GA-400 North to Exit 8, make a left at the light, then go through 2 lights, and the next light (Duke Dr), make a quick u-turn and the restaurant will be on your right. Their physical address is 1655 Mansell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Please arrive at 11: 45 to order as we begin promptly at noon. Please call Jim Somers at (770) 753-9300 for more information.

Leaders of East Cobb Luncheon Date: Every Wednesday Time: 12:00PM – 1:30PM EST
In this group, you will have the opportunity to have a fine cuisine at Basil’s 1255 Johnson Ferry Rd. #16, Marietta, GA 30068 [770-578-0011]. You can fellowship with some of Cobb County’s top entrepreneurs and share referrals with them. You can order off the menu of these very diverse meals as well. There are two 10 minute speakers each week plus an opportunity to talk about your services in a total of 90 seconds. For information on attending this even, call Karen Vining at (770) 971-9141.

Leads Club - Sandy Springs Networking Luncheon Date: Every Thursday Time: 12:00PM - 1:15PM EST
We meet every Thursday at Hunan Garden Chinese Restaurant in Sandy Springs. 6070 Sandy Springs Circle NE Atlanta, GA Please arrive at 11:45 AM to order as we begin promptly at noon. Lunch is ordered off their great menu. Please call Eddie Hines at 678-984-8659 to reserve your seat today!

FREE download of the month:

If you read the above article and said “I can’t afford all that stuff!” and you still want to be organized, then I have a free service for you. is a place that you can use the cell phone you currently have to help keep your organized with your contacts, calendar, and to do list. When you complete your free registration on the web you have the option of adding new contacts and appointments to the web page or importing them from either outlook or an excel program.

Once they are on the site, you configure the service to send text messages to your phone, containing the information you put on the site. No more pressing “5” three times to get the letter “L”. you enter it either at home or the road as long as you have an internet connection on the computer you are using and it will automatically sync with your cell phone. I feel it’s a great service so give it a try. And best of all…its FREE!

VOIP Tip of the month
With VOIP Digital Phone service did you know that you could…?
Only need one number to give your clients and vendors. Using the Find me/follow me feature, VOIP will ring your office phone first for a predetermined set of rings. If there is no answer, it will continue going down the list of numbers your program until you answer. Only then will it go to voicemail. The advantage of this is that because 60% of people use their wireless phone inside their house while a free landline is sitting right next to them, they can lower their wireless minutes because all your in home calls will be handled now by VOIP! More info about this feature and others can be read HERE.

Spiritual Word of the Month
Accident Or Design?
Read: Romans 1:18-20 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. —Psalm 19:1 Bible In One Year: 2 Corinthians 10-13

That e-mail from the FBI? It probably isn't
When was the last time you received an e-mail from the FBI or the CIA? The blood-sucking, vermin virus creators are at it again, this time spreading a new scourge by e-mail that warns unsuspecting victims they've been observed visiting illegal Web sites. The virus, more commonly known as worm_sober.AG is launched once you click on an attachment that supposedly contains a questionnaire about the sites. According to Trend Micro, "At least two of the English versions of WORM_SOBER.AG spoof the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Central Intelligence Agency, alerting the user that the agency has found evidence of the user visiting 'more than 30 illegal Web sites,' and asks them to complete the attached 'questionnaire.' Launching the attachment activates the Worm." The e-mail promises more details in the attached file. "Another version promises a free download of 'video clips, pictures and more' of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, stars of 'The Simple Life' reality television series in the United States. Attachments are disguised as zipped files. "WORM--SOBER.AG can download and run executable files from certain Web sites that it points to. However, this worm does not seem to have any backdoor capabilities." Fortunately, common spam blockers and anti-virus software are able to cut down this vermin in its tracks, but it -- again -emphasizes the need to constantly update the protection for your PC.

The Bible opens with this magnificent statement: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). How simple those words are and yet how fathomless! Dyson Freeman, one of today's most brilliant scientists, writes that nature's laws are marked by "the greatest mathematical simplicity and beauty." While I am not a scientist or a mathematician, I am intrigued by this statement. If there is no Designer—no Creator God—how is it that our universe can be a law-abiding system marked by beauty and simplicity? I wonder, why isn't our universe in chaos? The only reasonable explanation to me is the God of the Bible. As it says in Romans 1:20, "Since the creation of the world [God's] invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that [we] are without excuse." If it's only the reality of God's existence that explains the whole universe, that must also be true of our lives. We are not accidents but creatures designed by a Maker of limitless power and wisdom. Look for Him in what He has designed—you'll see Him there. —Vernon Grounds

So much about His character God wanted to impart; Creation shows His handiwork— His Son reveals His heart.
— Hess

The design of creation points to the Master Designer. FOR FURTHER STUDY How Can I Know There Is A God?

Eddie Lee Hines, FOUNDER

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