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Leads Club Mixer is scheduled For Thursday, February 9th!

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Sandy Springs Leads Club!!!
NETWORK WITH PROFESSIONALS IN YOUR AREA! Come to our Meeting February 9, (Thursday) from 12-1:15p Free Admission Open House! Just pay for your lunch!
At the Hunan Gourmet on Sandy Springs Circle

Center Court Shopping Center 6070 Sandy Springs circle (near Ace Hardware)

Business owners, managers, sales people, independent professionals and entrepreneurs are invited to expand their businesses through professional networking. With 5500 members and 400 chapters across the United States, Australia, Ireland and South America, Leads Club is the original referral-based marketing service for business professionals In a structured weekly lunch meeting, Leads Club members exchange personal referrals and form relationships with other professionals in their community. Create a sales force of people talking about you! Hot business leads are passed amongst members in a professional environment – Bring your business cards We use the strongest form of marketing your business, word of mouth! Meets at Hunan Gourmet Thursdays at Noon, over Lunch!

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For more information contact: Martin O’Keeffe (678) 688-9075
Check out more about Leads Club on www.LeadsClub.com Using your email under Bellsouth and Comcast Rules
If you have a laptop and use Comcast or Bellsouth as your email provider, but you use another company to get and send email, you have come into a big problem when it comes to sending out mail while at home or on the road. When you are at home you are forced to use a special SMTP server name to send out email, whether its smtp.comcast.net, or smtp.bellsouth.net. This prevents spammers from piggybacking off the ISPs mail server to transport spam. But for those who did not know this before, it became a nightmare setting up your email. What’s worse, when you finally set up the email to be sent out from home, the rules all change once you leave that ISP’s web signal. The spam blocker SMTP no longer exists and you then have

problems again sending out your email. Well here is the SOLUTION to enjoy sending out email from both home and on the road. (Note: This solution is ONLY for laptop users that access the internet through Bellsouth or Comcast. Other users will have to check with their ISP to see if they have the same conditions with sending out email) 1. 2. 3. Create 2 email accounts. One for home and one for the road. If you already configured your email to send out emails from home you are halfway home! The 1st email account and the 2nd email account will be EXACLY the same expect for the SMTP server Create the 1st email account. for the SMTP server you will access on the road, either repeat the pop account name or use SMTP.ISP.com where ISP is your provider of the email


Create the 2nd Email account. For the SMTP server at home, put either mail.bellsouth.net or smtp.comcast.com. for Bellsouth you have to also do another step. Click on MORE SETTINGS, then click on the OUTGOING SERVER tab. There, select MY OUTGOING SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION.

You are going to log on using your BELLSOUTH username and password and not the same settings as your incoming mail server. Comcast users do not have to do this.


Once both accounts are setup, configure the home account o be default when you are home, and the road account default when you are on the road and your email sending problems will be history!

Results Of Cooler Failure!

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How to Create a White list in Outlook Express
When you want to be able to only receive email from specific people, it's called "whitelisting." You can create a white list in Outlook Express by using its Message Rules function. Here's how: 1. Click Tools and select Message Rules, then Mail. 2. Click the New button. 3. In the list of conditions, check the box labeled "Where the From line contains people." 4. Under Rule Description, click the link "contains people." 5. Click the Address Book button. 6. Add the people from your address book that you wish to allow to send you mail, then click OK to close the address book. 7. Click the Options button. 8. Under "Apply rule if," click "Message does not contain the people below." Click OK. 9. Now under "Select the Actions for your rule," either check the box that says "Delete it" or, if you want to be more cautious, create a folder called Quarantine and check "Move it to the specified folder." That way, you can check the messages to be deleted in case there is mail there that you want to get.

How can I make the DOS command window larger?

QUESTION: Hi. I would like to know how I can make the DOS window that appears when you type "cmd" in the command prompt can be made larger. I click on the maximize button in the top right of the window but it does not work as it should. Thanks. Kingsley P. ANSWER: You can set the size of the command prompt window in XP, along with other customizations such as changing the font color, background color, etc., by editing its properties. Right click on the Command Prompt title bar and select Properties. Then there are actually several ways to change the window size: On the Options tab, you can select Full Screen under Display Options if you want the window maximized to take up the entire screen (to close it and get back to your desktop, type exit at the command prompt). On the Font tab, you can select a preset window size, from 4x6 to 10x18. When you select a size, you'll be asked if you want it to apply to this window only or modify the shortcut that started the window. This will also increase or decrease the font size in proportion to the window size. On the Layout tab, you can select a custom window size by setting the width and height in pixels. Again, you can select to apply the setting to the current window only or modify the shortcut. OR use the ALT + ENTER keystroke combo to toggle the window to full screen and back.

How to Re-register the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
Some folks are unhappy to find that the patch released by Microsoft last week to address the WMF exploit results in the loss of functionality of the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (although we warned you of this result in last week's newsletter). If you want your Picture and Fax Viewer back, try this: 1. Click Start | Run 2. In the Run box, type: regsvr32 shimgvw.dll 3. If this doesn't work, try typing this in the Run box: regsvr32 /I shimgvw.dll This should restore the Picture and Fax Viewer registration and you'll be able to use the program again to look at your digital photos and/or faxes.

How to put an XP computer into hibernation from the Run box
You probably know that you can use the Shutdown menu to put your XP computer into hibernation mode, but did you know that you can do the same thing by typing a command in the Run box? Here's how: 1. First enable hibernation. Click Start | Control Panel | Power Options, and on the Hibernate tab, ensure that the checkbox labeled "Enable hibernation" is checked. 2. Click Start | Run. 3. In the Run box, type: %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState. 4. Click OK.

Spiritual Word of the Month
Equal Access
Read: Psalm 145:14-21

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may ob mercy and find grace to help in time of need. —Hebrews 4:16 Bible In One Year: Numbers 20-22; Mark 7:1-13

Pastor Stuart Silvester told me of a conversation he had with an acquaintance who frequently flew his small private plane in and out of Toronto International Airport. He asked the pilot if he ever encountered problems taking off and landing a small craft at an airport that was dominated by so many large jets. His friend responded, "My plane may be small, but I have the same rights, the same privileges, and the same access to that airport as anyone else—even the jumbo jets!" Pastor Silvester then made this spiritual application: "It's the same with prayer, with the believer's approach to the throne of grace. No matter who we are or how small we are in comparison with others or how low our station in life, we take a back seat to no one. No one is given priority treatment."

In a world that offers preferential treatment to the wealthy, the famous, and the influential, it's encouraging to know that every child of God has equal access to the Father in heaven. The psalmist said, "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth" (Psalm 145:18). With that assurance, we can "come boldly to the throne of grace" in prayer, knowing that our loving God will never turn us away. —Richard De Haan There never is a night or day When God can't hear us as we pray; There is no time, there is no place That we're beyond His love and grace. —D. De Haan Prayer is an open line to heaven. FOR FURTHER STUDY Praying With Confidence

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