November 2005

Vol. 2, Issue 11

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Top Story of the Month Speeding up your computer Customer Appreciation / Housewarming / Holiday Party Its not to late to RSVP! Spiritual Word of the Month - Rest before the holiday season begins Free Download of the Month - LogMeIn VOIP Tip of the Month

Top Story of the Month
Things That Make Your Computer SLOW, & How To FIX Them (Thanks to David Weller of FIX
Run Check Disk

Disk Errors. Your computer spends a lot of time reading and writing data to the hard drives. Slow computer performance can be caused by badly arranged or erroneous files on your hard disk. Installed Programs. Programs you do not use or dont need, require space on your hard drives, and in memory. Slowing computer's performance. Unnecessary Files. Same as #2. Just having them around can cause reduced performance. File fragmentation. Over time, the files on your hard drive get broken into pieces, making them harder to retrieve and update. Result: Files take longer time to retrieve and save. Viruses. These are programs, using resources on YOUR computer, which you never asked for! They too, can slow your computer down. [among other things] Spyware. Spyware is software which records information about your internet activity and relays it back to advertisers. This is thought by many to be the #1 cause of a slow computer system. Bloated registry. Your registry is like a directory of all the programs and other files you have on your system. This too can become disorganized and cause your computer to be slow. Memory. Having enough memory can make the difference. Eg., Windows XP runs very well with 512M, and ok with 256M, but your computer will be slow with less. "More memory: It's the quickest, easiest, cheapest upgrade." -PC MAGAZINE

Remove Programs Run Disk Cleanup Run Disk Defragmenter

Antivirus software


Clean your registry

Install more memory

Things That Makes... (cont.) PROBLEM
More advanced problem. If you see little or no improvement after applying the above solutions, you may need to seek more advanced help Your hardware. Technology changes fast. And with each new change comes more advanced software to take advantage. It may be, that its time for you to consider ...

Get more help Buying a new computer

FREE download of the month:

KCC Customer Appreciation Party!
Did you RSVP yet? If not, please do so here
Date: December 10, 2005 Location: 307 Justin Drive,

» Open remote files » Check your email » Run programs » Run system diagnostics

» Access from any browser » Access from wireless Pocket PC » Easy-to-use interface » 100% FREE to use!

Woodstock, GA 30188 (Directions will be emailed to you when you RSVP) Time: 7PM to whenever you feel like leaving Attire: Dressy Festive RSVP: Reply to this email with your RSVP of how many will attend. We need this inform for the caterer. Please reply by November 21st if you are planning to eat. Childcare services will be provided with a $10 donation. This will be an alcohol-free party.

This software is not a trial version; it's free to use and your LogMeIn account will not expire. This means you do not have to pay $199 for PC Anywhere or $20 a month to GOTOMYPC. You can use that money to help grow your business instead!

Spiritual Word of the Month
Let's Take A Break
Read: Luke 9:1-10 Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while. —Mark 6:31 Bible In One Year: Luke 7-9

VOIP Tip of the month
With VOIP Digital Phone service did you know that you could…?
Create a virtual phone number that your friends and family could call you on that will be local to them and only $6 a month to you. This will help people be motivated to call you more often and not use long distance charges as an excuse. More info about this feature and others can be read HERE.

According to tradition, when the apostle John was overseer in Ephesus, his hobby was raising pigeons. It is said that on one occasion another elder passed his house as he returned from hunting and saw John playing with one of his birds. The man gently chided him for spending his time so frivolously. John looked at the hunter's bow and remarked that the string was loose. "Yes," said the elder, "I always loosen the string of my bow when it's not in use. If it stayed tight, it would lose its resilience and fail me in the hunt." John responded, "And I am now relaxing the bow of my mind so that I may be better able to shoot the arrows of divine truth." We cannot do our best work with nerves taut or frayed from constant pressure. When Jesus' disciples returned from a strenuous preaching mission, their Master recognized their need for rest and invited them to come with Him to a quiet place where they could be refreshed (Mark 6:31). Hobbies, vacations, and wholesome recreation are vital to a well-balanced, godly life. We lose our effectiveness by keeping our lives so tightly strung that we are always tense. If it seems we can't relax, Jesus may be inviting us to take a break—to "come aside . . . and rest a while." —Dennis De Haan

If our body, soul, and spirit Are to function at their best, Time is needed for renewal, Time for leisure, time for rest.
— D. De Haan

Eddie Lee Hines, FOUNDER

If Christians do not come apart and rest a while, they may just plain come apart! FOR FURTHER STUDY Keeping Our Appointments With God

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