Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School Curriculum Paper

Course Title: Geometry Teacher: Ms. Fenton

Mission Statement: Our Mission at the Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School is to create college bound students with a deep commitment to public service and a true understanding of their leadership skills within the global community. Course Overview:
On completing Geometry, students will have developed the skills initiated in Algebra 1 and be able to:
 Use their problem solving skills in data organization, look for patterns, draw diagrams, make systematic lists/tables, find and solve sub problems, and write algebraic representations to make and test conjectures about angles, lines, congruence, polygons, circles, etc.; Communicate their mathematical understanding in clear conjectures, explanations and/or justifications; Understand and exploit the interdependence between Algebra and Geometry; Learn a core set of geometric facts and relationships about polygons, circles, prisms, congruence, measure, etc.; Use Coordinate Geometry as often as possible, particularly for the study of area, perimeter, transformations, congruence and functions; Develop spatial visualization skills and apply them to the study of three-dimensional figures; Develop familiarity with ratios, particularly in the areas of similarity, right triangle, trigonometry, and probability as well as moving away from ruleapplying approach to a rule-generated approach; Develop confidence in creating and persevering in their own mathematical approaches to problems together with the ability to assess when an approach is not working and new directions is needed.

  

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Tentative Course Outline:
Textbook – College Preparatory Math CPM Math Geometry www.cpm.org 1st nine weeks Unit 0 – Study Teams and Coordinate Grids Unit 1 – Perimeter, Area, Graphing, & Equations Unit 2 – Beginning Proofs Unit 3 – Problem Solving and Geometry Fundamentals Unit 4 – Spatial Visualization Unit 5 – Congruence and Triangles Unit 6 – Writing Proofs Unit 7 – Trigonometry Unit 8 – Similarity Unit 9 – Polygons, Area, and Proofs Unit 10 –Circles and Solids Unit 11 – Geometric Probability Unit 12 – 3D and Circles

2nd nine weeks 3rd nine weeks 4th nine weeks

Student Evaluation: Grades are based on a total points system and are subject to vary based on the number of tests, quizzes, projects, homework, classwork, and computer lab that we have during a particular quarter.
Extra Credit is available only to the entire class, not individually (Tests 40-65%, Quizzes 10-25%, Classwork/Homework 15-30%, Notebooks, projects, presentations, other 5-15%). Grade Point Average (GPA) = Total points earned ÷ Total points possible

Educational Materials:
Binder, Pencils, Paper, Graph Paper, Scientific Calculator, Dividers

Classwork/Homework/Late Work Policy:
Assignments will be posted on the assignment log for the class every day. Students are required to copy down all assignments on their assignment logs with the date and scores. Late homework will only be accepted for excused absence. In the event that a student is not able to attend class; upon return he/she should: Get the assignment from the assignment log, copy any notes and the BellRingers from the master notebook, pick up any work sheets in the designated manila folder, and sign up for missed quizzes and/or tests on the make up day sign up sheet. NO late homework accepted. ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN Complete assignment Incomplete (more than half) No Assignment Using Ink No written problem ALL PROBLEMS MUST BE WRITTEN (Pencil Only)

10 points 7 points 0 points 0 points (when redone in pencil, 5 points) 0 points (Never just answers)

Make-up Work Policy:
If a student is absent the Duval County Policy will be followed. Students should look at their monthly calendar to keep up with assignments when they are absent from school. My blog will also have all of this information.

Grade Recovery Policy:
Students will be offered grade recovery as outlined in the Duval County Pupil Progression Plan found on the Duval County Public Schools web page.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Please call our guidance office at 346-5650 extension 114 to schedule an appointment.

Tutoring Schedule: I am the TEAM UP coordinator and available on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 P.M. – 4:45 P.M. If your
child is not in Team Up and needs tutoring they must set up an appointment and can come from 2:45-3:30 but must have transportation home and picked up promptly.

Grading Scale:
Students will be evaluated in accordance with the standard Duval County Public Schools’ grading scale.

Progress Report Dates:
In addition to report cards issued at the end of each quarter, students will receive progress reports on September 8 and 29, November 7, December 5, February 9, March 3, April 22, and May 13. Students earning a grade of“D”or “F” on a progress report will be required to return the progress report signed by the parent/guardian within two days

Other Information:
Weekly Progress Reports – Weekly Progress reports will be given out on Friday and must be signed and returned for a homework grade on Monday. Late Progress Reports will only be accepted for an excused absence. Binder Requirements – Binders must be brought to class everyday with your book inside. This will be graded biweekly for a quiz grade (50 points). Binders must be in the following order: Assignment Log, FCAT Reference Sheet, Course Curriculum Paper, Divider #1 BellRinger, Divider #2 Classwork/Homework, Divider #3 ToolKit/Notes, Divider #4 Test/Quizzes/Projects, Divider #5 Graph Paper. Review the binder rubric to make sure you have all of the requirements to receive full credit. Late binders will only be accepted for an excused absence. If a student is absent they will be responsible for turning in their binder on the day they return. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR POLICY • Respect Others - Show the same courtesy to others as you would want shown to you. • Be Prepared - Have all school supplies (paper, PENCIL, binder, textbook) readily available when you come to class. • Stay On Task – Work on math in math class. If you finish your classwork, get to work on your homework. If you finish your homework, review for an upcoming test, work on a project; organize your notebook, etc. • Follow Directions - All directions and procedures will be clearly written and/or explained to you. Before you ask me to explain the instructions or procedures again make sure you have read through them carefully.

____________________________________ Student Signature ____________________________________ Parent Signature

______________________ Date _______________________ Date

Geometry August 2008
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 Friday











CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Rituals & Routines 3. Handouts 4. Human Coord Grid

CW: 1. FCAT BellRinger PR 19, 20, 21

CW: 1. FCATBellRinger 2. Review HW 3. Review yintercept form, equations, combining like terms, distributive property

CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Review HW 3. PR 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11

CW: FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Review HW 3. Algebra Quiz 4. Review Quiz


1. Mathography 2. Curriculum Paper Signed by parents
1st Day of School

HW: 1. PZL 3, PR 22, 23, 24, 25 HW: 2. Algebra Review WS Pre-Assessment Do NOT ask for help on this assignment

HW: PR 29, 30, 31, 32, 34

HW: 1. Algebra Review WS 2. Progress Report Signed

CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Review Pythagorean Thm. 3. Review Square Roots 4. RC 0, 1 HW: 1. RC 2, 9, 10 2. Study for Quiz

CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Review HW 3. HW Assessment – 4 questions 4. RC 3, 4, 5, 11, 12 HW: Pythagorean Theorem WS

CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Computer Lab Guest Speaker 910AM HW:

CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer 2. Review HW 3. RC 23, 24, HW:

CW: 1. FCAT Bell Ringer

2. Binder Check 3. The Pythagorean Spiral Project
HW: 1. Progress Report

RC 8, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Early Dismissal

1. RC 25,26, 28 2. Organize Binder using Rubric

Signed 2. Big Problem due 9/5/08

***This calendar is subject to change***

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS 1. 2. Be on time. Follow the Structured Movement Plan. We need to maximize the time we have. Come in, gather supplies and go straight to your seat. Stay seated until you have been given permission to move. You may sharpen your pencils before class, and throw away your trash after class. Show respect towards other people, their opinions, and their things. You want and deserve the same respect shown toward yourself. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking. Come to class prepared. To be productive, you will need all classroom supplies pencils, pens, paper, your textbook, notebook, and planner. No food, drink, or candy is allowed. No personal grooming. Combs, brushes, sunglasses, fragrance sprays, and make-up are not appropriate in the classroom. Respect the authority of all school personnel. We are all here to work and help each other.



5. 6. 7.

Consequences: • Verbal Warning • Time Out • Team Conference • Parent Notification • Referral

Name___________________ Date:___________________

Geometry Binder Rubric 50 points
Requirements Name on Front Cover: 2 points



Your name and the name of this class are clearly visible on the outside of the binder – 2 points Only your name is clearly visible on the outside of the binder – 1 point Neither your name and the name of this class is on the outside of the binder – 0 points Completely filled out with assignment name, date and score – 10 points Mostly filled out with assignment name, date and score – 7.5 points Somewhat filled out with assignment name, date and score - 5 points Hardly filled out with assignment name, date and score – 2 points None filled out with assignment name, date and score – 0 points Signed by both student and parent – 3 points Signed by student only – 2 point Signed by neither student/parent – 0 points Divider #1 Bell Ringers – 2 points Divider #2 Classwork/Homework – 2 points Divider #3 Toolkit/Notes – 2 points Divider #4 Tests/Quizzes/Project – 2 points Divider #5 Graph Paper – 2 points

Assignment Sheet: 20 points
• • • • • •

Course Curriculum Paper: 3 points

• • • • • • • • • • •

Dividers are labeled and in correct order: 10 points

Papers are placed in the correct sections: 10 points

All material is in chronological order with name and date on all pages -10 points Most material is in chronological order with name and date -7.5 points Some material is in chronological order with name and date -5 points Few material is in chronological order with name and date - 2 point None of the material is in chronological order with name and date – 0 points

Shake Test: 5 points

All Handouts Present/Hole-Punched and nothing in the pockets – 5 points Most Handouts Present/Hole-Punched and nothing in the pockets – 3 points Few Handouts Present/Hole-Punched and some things in the pockets – 1 point None of the material is Present/Hole-Punched and in the pockets – 0 points

Total Points:

Geometry Class 1st Quarter
Entry Assignment # Date Due Possible Points Points Earned