THANKS TO MARCVOI FOR COMPILING THE LIST Most listings here have positions from different states or regions

including international jobs and different job titles. Also for those who are computer savvy tech types most industries on this list have jobs from non profit to working in banks or any selection from listing below that need folks in the technology sector I included international listings as well. Search thoroughly because for example, a non-profit based agency just because it is not profit it does not mean that they are solely looking for a counselor or advocate positions. Many need IT, office administration, accounting help etc. There is everything here from hourly entry positions to corporate positions, engineer, IT, consultant, retail, etc. I included fast food restaurants as well as they need corporate and management and even it employees not just to work in the store. Spread the word offline for people looking for work. Good luck ViDEO GAME INDUSTRY, DESIGN GRAPHIC, Programming, OFFICE Administration etc. Animation graphic design, visual california locations GAMING, IT , Various corporate positions Beijing CHINA and San Francisco VIACOM-MEDIA , account exec, writer, tv media, accounting, IT ,Counsel, Administration, secretary interns,etc.... BET,MTV,PARAMOUNT (click on each logo) NY LA jobs mostly some DC, Chicago IT Computers Software goes to GCAT for this jobs overseas international development jobs overseas, various positions

Maritime jobs MARIIME jobs U.S. Seagoing Opportunities International Seagoing Opportunities Shoreside Operations U.S. and International Law jobs attorneys, etc.. Astrophysics, physics jobs in faculty, professor etc. FOOT LOCKER Canada, U.S. and Europe positons hourly , distribution customer service , manager to hourly stock/sales jobs INTERNATIONAL international jobs various positions some U.S., consultant, coordinator,Security, management, administration etc.. United Way various locations accounting,marketing, manager Enterprise Rent A Car MN, PA, GA, NY,TX,MA mostly for IT TECH positions, Management trainee, service jobs. AVIS (different locations and positions, sales, manager etc.. hertz different locations and jobs sales, manager,etc.. INTERNATIONAL and U.S. jobs Teach in Japan and some other parts in Asia mostly teaching

and also machinist, operator, welder mostly MN, PA, ND , IA locations Teach abroad job site and information Korea etc... ESL tEACHER JOBS RESOURcES more..ESL tEACHER JOBS RESOURcES IT tech Mechanic, welder, machine operator, administration,manager, dispatcher, engineer etc.. posted by JOBS FOR FITNESS and SPORTS people different locations Cushman and Wakefield various positions in the U.S. and Worldwide from Building assistant laborer, facilities manager, accountant, financial, engineer, , ETC..... GREYOUND BUS AMTRACK ENGLAND-computer jobs tech jobs in England jobs in England fine dining, restaurant etc. in England Catering jobs ENGLAND various jobs and locations job portal Publishing various positions throughout the U.S. Account Sales,, Driver,warehouse, field representative, administration, Design, I.T., accounting, etc... different locations mail room,site manager, copy etc. Organizational Development,Training and Mentoring,Military and Domestic Intelligence,Information Operations,Information Technology,Cyber Security Threat Assessment,Interpretation and Translation,Administrative Support afghanistan, virginia, colorado, and worldwide jobs FedSys Non-Profit organizations. Different locations, office,administration, social work, office support etc... and ONLINE JOBS AARONS electronic, furniture, appliances store (Driver,customer service, warehouse, entry hourly jobs, to corporate jobs

jobs state of GEORGIA AMTRACK jobs Dominos Pizza hourly, corporate, and supply chain jobs NY NJ Ft. Lauderdale, CT locations job agency White Castles Crew Member, team member entry level jobs TRUCKING jobs ( I did not check this site) Banking, Finance, Accounting, etc.. jobs: almost ALL the states in U.S. seasonal jobs, resort, ranch,state parks, ski resorts,etc. Tower technicians, Civil technicians, administrative jobs ESPN jobs NY, CT, IL , CHI, TEXAS,CHARLOTTE, WAS, SEATTLE, LA, Detroit citigroup U.S. and INTERNATIONAL banking positions (teller, Accounting, sales, IT, manager, airline jobs different airlines and locations and positions mechanicm pilot, crew member etc.customer service etc.. flight attendants, (i did not check this site yet) Hilton Hotels, worldwide, customer service, corporate, cleaning, various Chuckee Cheese hourly store to management to corporate positions different locations Wendy's hourly store positions, crew team to corporate, field management positions Mechanic, assembly, warehouse, ( I did not check this site) TELECOM and WIRELESS JOBS Sales,Field Installation,Accounting,Customer Service Software,Human Resources,Finance,Project Manager,LegalMarketing,Operations Engineering JCREW VA and NC location distribution warehouse and customer service JCREW 'various locations different states in the U.S. retail corporate and hourly jobs NY based JCREW Hertz car rental various locations and positions, management, etc..

advocacy,human rights, project management , coordinator,consultant,attorney,administration, some IT included,various positions non profit and international jobs macys department store corporate and hourly marriott hotel jobs NY security guard bloomingdales dept store hourly jobs and coporate, retail jobs you can just walk in and apply bloomingdales for college folks, grads burger king hourly to corporate positions

NBC univeral studios and GE various jobs Container Store, Hourly, distribution to corporatoe jobs NY Dallas, California, etc... Berkely jobs and bay area CA Opticians, manager, etc. Eye vision (I haven't checked this site) Safety jobs, environmental,health Director etc.. DENNY"S corporate to hourly positons Mental Health jobs counselors, administration etc. U.S. based various locations substance abuse counselors etc.. mainly in the U.S.various locations in the U.S. Bus driver, mechanic jobs, customer service etc. (I did not check this site ) U.S. and Worldwide jobs Construction, Assembly, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Machinist, Welder, Manager, auditor Etc.... starbucks hourly retail to working at the plant U.S. and Canada international Quebec jobs Phoenix house substance abuse-office jobs, social work, California Florida New England New York Texas locations

Millenium group mailroom, copy, office services, manager office jobs hotels OIL careers administration,engineer, welding, offshore drilling,fitter, etc. various jobs locations walter reed military hospitlal Mostly International and U.S. based non profit jobs, various positions, office related california law jobs mechanic,human resources, engineer IT , analyst, consultant etc..various jobs and positions U.S. Australia ,Saudi Arabia ,Sweden,United Kingdom state and local jobs Office Max- Chicago and other locations store manager, hour jobs retail sales engineering, contruction management, environmental accountants architects, etc... mainly D.C. virginia, kansas, PA,Alabama,VA iraq, ETC... Home Depot hourly positions call center, distribution center, corporate AMAZON various positions, IT computer etc.. mainly Seattle area

financial jobs worldwide U.S. hong kong, etc..., trader, research analyst,etc. Rite Aid store hourly stock sales, to management to pharmarchy to reginal office jobs research, trader, analysts etc... worldwide outsourcing customer service company customer service positons viginia, colorado,phillipines, ohio, decatur illionois. U.S. jobs and worldwide aircraft mechanic, engineering,project management, software engineer, etc...various jobs Boys and Girls Club-different locations and positions. Journalist, Media , Public relations, etc.. Bush gardens seaworld locations recruitment for defense and aeorspace industry aircraft mechanic, administrative, jobs etc... various locations Villeroy and Boch German location (must speak german, job listing Hermes U.K. Cablevision various positons

ny nj locations cable time warner children's day society ..various positions NY based Ralph Lauren, manager etc.. radio shack. hourly positions sales, manager, service technicians to corporate (ft. worth texas locations too) rainbow media media related careers corporate jobs Wrestling WWF mostly CT, Ny area a few CHI, LA Jobs in sports (pay site i did not check to verify if its legit maybe its legit even if its a pay site) women sport jobs Mostly texas jobs, a few cali, and few Ny Healthcare, audit,accounting,nurse, H.R.Sales,marketing, administration [U]Wildlife jobs[/U] FBI US Marshalls law enforcement CIA LEVI hourly to administrative jobs various Liz Claiborne retail hourly to corporate ONLINE TEACHING JOBS info Retail, Distribution, marketing, IT, corporate,manager, accounting, developer etc... California and other locations A & E media various positions engineer, accountant, manager, producer, clerk office etc.... career in CASINO different locations and positions (kitchen restaurant, casino games,corporate etc..) [U]temp and permanet fulltime agency various locations[/U] BAnk of America JC PENNY various locations and positons administrative to hourly jobs HSBC BANK various locations and jobs various office positions walmart hourly to corporate to distribution careers mcdonalds hourly to corporate jobs corporate, administrative positions, manager, computer mostly in Oak Brook Illinois location non profit international organization and the U.S. jobs various positions jobs abroad, technical assistance, IT, Coordinator .Consultant etc. VERIZON sales, customer services, etc.. different locations ATT sales, customer service . store manager etc... copy machine operators, site managers etc.. different locations T.G.I.F. restaurant Hourly entry level to manager to corporate positions s:// TOYS R US various positions hourly entry level, student jobs, to corporate jobs Hasbro office, various positions mainly R.I., WA state locations different jobs engineer etc,, different locations mainly jobs in afghanistan some jobs in the U.S. too warehouse foreman to computer to administration metal worker, electrician , welder , logistics,etc... Mainly Virginia and some locations Shipbuilding electronics aerospace, information systems,

shipbuilding and technical services to government washington area jobs paid volunteer jobs different locations healthcare NY FL ohio Etc….. It, Admnistration, Nurse,Physician, etc.. Engineer,Field Service, manufacturing, Research, Supply Chain, Technical Training,Admitration , IT , Consultant ,Marketing,Accountant, Administration, Customer service, Immigration Service provider, Attorney , Legal Assistant, paralegal Consultant (WORLDWIDE OFFICES) Transportation Logistics Company Lotame marketing technology company--IT, Business Operations, Marketing,Research etc.. GLOBAL STAFFING (I did not check this site ) U.S. and World wide jobs virginia, tx, other locations , intellegience, IT,Manager, Engineer, Ernst & Young –finance, tax, IT,accounting, etc…US jobs and WORLDWIDE LORD and TAYLOR corporate, retail and hourly Sales, marketing, some U.S. and worldwide global sales jobs IT TECHNOLOGY, ANALYST,U.S. and Worldwide jobs

US JOBS and (worldwide)Air import/export coordinator, supervisor, billing, It, Customer service Account executive, supply chain manager, Etc…. International logistics, forwarding company https://www.kuehne-nagel.apply2jobs....earchInterface Marketing, Sales Ad , IT manager NY, San Francisco, Chicago Seattle IT tech, NY NJ CT IT, Accounting, finance.,client services, client support etc... artists places to promote their work fast food, stores hourly jobs list description computer analyst, etc... MD, VA, kentucky, afghanistan locations Jobs based mainly in the Southern region and other parts mail room, facilities manager, customer services, etc... food service, fine dining Disney Corporation jobs different locations and positions tiger direct mainly southern region and chicago sales, customer service, jobs overseas afghanistan etc. intellegence, military, linguist,administrative type of jobs

teach abroad info<br /> a black lady teaching in korea her experiences photographhy jobs different locations ,aviation, manufacturing, warehouse, administration,, mechanic, office, careers etc... Different locations job portal different careers Cruise ship ( I did not check this site) job agency NY area and connecticut banking, billing, office,accounting office jobs, administration, sales, finance, customer services, sales, etc.. kforce temp agencies, technologies, office, etc... copy machine operators, sales, technicians research, supplies, manufacturing,communications, policy etc.. computer related, writers,marketing project manager, entry mtv, kniccklelodeon, viacom

greenlightjobs 3d animation type of jobs loss prevention jobs different locations truck, tractor, long distance driving jobs (I did not check this site it is up to you) Lawyers that want to work in public service (I did not check this site yet) Computer- various locations(PROPS TO RUKUS FOR THE INFO) software developer, consultant etc.. employment agency from laborer, machinist, maintenance to Engineering, banking etc. (mostly southern region) UK agency too. jobs in nigeria A&E tv channel careers IT COMPUTER JOBS props to gcat10 IT computer jobs thanks to BGOL member RUKUS jobs embassy worldwide u.s. department of state

teaching in new york for non teachers training media jobs agency charter school jobs Navy careers part-time etc. NY based NON Profit jobs Virginia , MD areas and overseas Consultant, security, linguist, intelligence etc..various jobs CNN TURNER TIME WARNER Baltimore baltimore • Asset management and product distribution jobs Technology jobs Auto and home insurance jobs Customer service jobs Finance jobs View all jobs Mostly MN region areas of south Midwest regions , Financial advisors Michigan jobs Detroit Cleveland Ohio and other locations different locations/states mainly, supply, storekeeper, technical development, IT related jobs EYE Glass Optician, management etc FITNESS EXERCiSE JOBS JOBS in New Jersey jobs in PHILY and California jobs Optimum cable various positons, billing, customer service etc.. mostly NY NJ few other places SID=^KK7yFT3IXc22FlXfmgt2/4Gc2tFBqLTtbecQdxDskD5lFhjPUGtYgm GU38II4D9Z&ref=11 1201115750 MPI-different locations Director, Manager, Sales,Logistics Wall street jobs, receptionist, accounting, financial, attorney etc.

Work at home work at home http://www.ariseecom Insurance industry jobs high paying jobs executive, management etc. mechanic,welder,, computers,drafting,drilling, etc....... Compass Group -food service IT, ACCOUNTING,ENVIRONMENTAL,HOUSEEKING, CHEF,MANAGER,LAUNDRY, SALES, MOSTLY ALABAMA LOCATIONS ETC.. FEW CA,AZ IBM AVIS ESPN security pfizer various positions RETAIL various positions sattelite cable installations

Clear Channel Communications (Account Executive, Sales,Receptionist, Coordinator, Promotions, producer, IT,reporter (different Locations) Black and Decker...various locations Estee lauder -counter manager, beauty advisor, account coordinator, acct.executive Physics and engineer jobs PEPSI ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE, ENTRY LEVEL DRIVER, ETC.... Advertising, Marketing, Account exec. etc.... nordstrom MERCY CORPS portland and d.c area administration, accounting, non profit Time warner cable various positions NY Califronia Georgia etc.. TD bank different locations and positons Whole foods international and united states non profit jobs, management, administration, international rescue committe various positions from computer tech to social

worker,retail,overseas etc... select your home state jp morgan chase VARIOUS LOCATIONS Sales, Maintenance, Press, office, Manufacturing, purchasing, administration etc...different locations etc.. calvein klein retail job, administrator,I.T, to entry level various position Military retail , henri bendel, the body shop corporate to entry level positions select your home state job search different states jobs overseas security, police: Federal aviation, inspector jobs,computer, engineer, analyst, etc.. various locations airport security various states around the country mostly tech computer related various locations http://globalsecurity.clearancejobs....=p_TimeStamp|1 engineer various locations those with security or military backgrounds and some IT

Computer AFRICA JOBS and some many IT computer IT jobs Africa F.E.G.S. NY NJ based various positions mostly office type of jobs retail pet store, entry and management, office warehouse IT jobs, engineering jobs, finance jobs, science jobs, human resources jobs and more IT, VMWHARE, LEGAL, customer Support, etc.. midwest, an other locations bank various positons lowes ATT mostly IT COMPPUTER related Pitney Bowes - jobs mailroom to administrative office support overseas jobs non profit technical computer to project management, safety officer type jobs various positions and countries NON PROFIT world jobs Kmart

Jobs in real estate, mortgage loan processors,manager, sales, teller etc... general mostly Engineer related overseas etc. Railroad Job Vacancies railroad railroad railroad thanks to woodchuck for the link thanks to bgirl for the link railroad thanks jj walker jc penney Boston market hourly to corporate positions Tiffany -hourly to corporate positions Analyst, engineer , general etc..different states and overseas or Technical and management support agency various locations Aviation jobs, mechanic, installer, aero general job search different states LOREAL JOHNSON and JOHNSON various positions and locations Bulgari P&G DYNACORP various positions including worldwide and different locations in the U.S. Red Lobster Warehouse, Sales, Corporate, Fleet,retail, ETC..Different positions and locations in the U.S. all over the United States props to Philly Philly he posted more below this page 1` every state is represented look carefully NORTH Carolina New York based Direct care, home helath aid, Nurse,etc. for developmentally disabled Little flower children and family Services New York mostly Nurse, Direct Care jobs

New York based Childrens Day Society various positions Job agency temp and permanent, NEW YORK based finance, legal, Secretary, office support OVERALL INTERNET JOB LINKS 10 LINKS Originally Posted by phillyphilly State Employment Sites: Update 6/20/2010 can be used continuously because most of these sites regularly update their job search boards Engineer related CANON Account exec, site manager, technician etc. different locations non profit related jobs Retail jobs jobs worldwide IT TECH RELATED JOBS POLICY RELATED JOBS HOSPITAL IN TEXAS hiring hospital related jobs Kraft Foods-various jobs world wide jobs hotel Marriott different locations (states)maily in the south virgina, tx all kind of positions tech etc..administrative careers, tech jobs[/U] U.S. Government jobs different states most people know about this site. Just apply and see what happens might take months so apply to many as possible. ikea GAP retail corporate administrative positions and entry level few states like san francisco , ny chicago coast guard different states non profit and various restaurant T.G.I.F.Hourly entry level to management to corporate positons retail entry to high end administrative different states job search portal different states top job portal all over the U.S. jobsearch and jobs worldwide security, administration, consultant, project manager, coordinator various worldwide NY based office positons, various

various positions NY based Non profit youths C.U.N.Y. office and various positions NY based Staffing Agency NY NJ based Healthcare and technology industry March of Dimes different locations WI., Atlanta, various locations, and jobs from Fundraising, director, office etc..... careers in africa non profit jobs etc.. U.S. Coast Guard GOOGLE is hiring tech related etc. different locations including overseas financial mostly Boston, NY consultant, accountant, billing,developer, analyst different states and countries various positions HALLIBURTON is HIRING U.S. and Worldwide various positions social services jobs, counseling, social worker, administrative, sometimes computer techs

NEIMAN AND MARCUS CORPORATE AND ENTRY LEVEL RETAIL different states(locations) hospital positons california hospital positons. I did not check this one go to google and search workforce dept of labor at your local unemployment insurance office for resume writing, and job training. Hospital jobs different states online forex brokerage company computer realted based in El Segundu California temp agency different locations IBFX online brokerage company in UTAH tech related walmart various positions corporate to entry level to trucking to overseas positions CHARTER SCHOOL POSITIONS SCHOOL RELATED JOBS TEACH ENGLISH ABROAD this white dude post key information check his links on the right side of the page ANALYST TYPE FINANCIAL POSITIONS _$ja=p&source=PS:Google:trading%20careers

jobs in AFRICA non profit Coordinator, H.R., Program Manager, Administration mostly Mainly Atlanta and Washington areas radio shack including corporate KFC kentucky fried chicken corporate general manager positions Cuny school office positons NY based YMCA NY all other states check your local ymca WILDLIFE, NATURE, outdoors,national parks jobs and also volunteering. the U.S. section mostly jobs not volunteering college positions office etc. NY non profit various jobs NY top 10 careers that's stable to have free classses online math etc. also with senior population is growing nurses aid careers are hiring check your local area for certificates and job requirement. please understand that you are working with the elderly so be kind patient and sensitive respect their property and it's not a glamorous job but lots of jobs an overtime.

security guard position hire a lot too. just get your certificate easy to get the more certificate the hire the pay. 8hr, certificate, 16hour certificate, is like the minimum entry info in Body Guards resources not job site join the military Air guard and national guard and airforce reserve part time military urban entrepreneurs blogs and inspiraton to make money for cats that want to volunteer abroad BLACK FOLKS living Abroad away from their place of birth BLACK NETWORKING IN JAPAN BLACK BUSINESSES IN NOVA SCOTIA CANADA FOR NETWORKING( they have a quarterly magazine and Features Black owned businesses in that region ) GOING BACK TO SCHOOL? cheap tuition onlne college got this from bgol memeber dont remember who. for young folks jobs training program and stipend

Job training resources for young adults Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through vocational and academic training. JOBS WORLDWIDE and the U.S.Private contractors just google search each name and within their site search each individual career section. 1 KBR (formerly Kellogg Brown and Root) 2 DynCorp International (Veritas Capital) 3 Washington Group International 4 IAP Worldwide Services (Cerberus Capital Management) 5 Environmental Chemical Corporation 6 L-3 Communications Holdings 7 Fluor Corporation 8 Perini Corporation 9 Orascom Construction Industries 10 Parsons Corporation 11 First Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting 12 Blackwater USA 13 Tetra Tech 14 AMEC 15 Laguna Pueblo (Laguna Construction) 16 AECOM Technology 17 Toltest 18 Lockheed Martin 19 Weston Solutions 20 Red Star Enterprises 21 U.S.-Afghanistan Reconstruction Council 22 Triple Canopy 23 Shaw Group 24 General Dynamics 25 Innovative Technical Solutions 26 USA Environmental 27 Ellis Environmental Group 28 Petrol Ofisi 29 EOD Technology 30 I and S Acquisition Corporation 31 Refinery Associates of Texas 32 Mac International FZE

33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76

CH2M HILL Companies Zafer Insaat (Zafer Construction Company) Cape Environmental Management Odebrecht-Austin Joint Venture Aegis Defence Services CACI International Verizon Communications Framaco International Ronco Consulting Emta Insaat Technologists, Inc. URS Corporation Tyco International Turcas Petrol Prime Projects International General Trading Rizzani de Eccher Trigeant, Ltd. Boeing Company Harris Corporation Zapata Engineering Berger Group Holdings Camp Dresser & McKee Erinys International Versar, Inc. Biltek Sperian Protection United Infrastructure Projects RSEA Engineering URS Group-Louis Berger Group Joint Venture Raytheon Company SPARK Petrol ITT Corporation Yuksel Insaat Northrop Grumman Zenith Enterprises Amjad Dar Essalam Contracting Compass Group Alfa Consult Environmental Quality Management Al Hamra Kuwait Company Dogus Insaat (Dogus Construction Company) Delta Petrol Urunleri (Delta Petroleum Products) Kropp Holdings SM Consulting

77 SHV Holdings 78 Metag Insaat (Metag Construction Trade Co.) 79 Al-Khaffaf Group 80 Stanley Baker Hill 81 Telford Aviation 82 SEI Group 83 CDM/CAPE Joint Venture 84 Watkinson, L.L.C. 85 First Iraq Contracting 86 AllWorld Language Consultant 87 MWH Global 88 Oshkosh Truck 89 Al Wadan Company 90 Diplomat Freight Service 91 Concentric Project Controllers 92 Computer Sciences Corporation 93 Ho-Chunk, Inc. 94 Coastal International Security 95 Global Innovation Partners 96 Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions 97 Detection Monitoring Technologies 98 Associates In Rural Development 99 ITAS Engineering 100 OBD Construction Company

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