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Rua Gen. Osorio 426, B/Brilhante , Tabatinga, Brazil, AM 69640 Spring/ Summer 2020 lg Enie nd eens Continuing with COVID 19 Changes: meeting with all the pastors in the city and we all came to an agreement about the necessary requirements for the reopening of churches. Due to some of the requirements, some modifications Needed to be made to our church building. We installed new plumbing for sinks placed out front for hand washing before entry into the building. Also the church benches were temporarily removed and replaced with chairs that are set éft apart for social distancing (this includes same household families). The blessing is that there is no maximum attendance Fequirements as long as distancing is followed. We cleaned up our balcony and have had to start using it as overflow seating, j At the end of May, the mayor here in Tabatinga, Brazil held a When we opened our church back up, there were not a lot of people in attendance, but God has brought our church family back together again. This has been a great time of growth in ‘our church. We have had several families and individuals visiting the services. Praise the Lord on Sunday nights we find ourselves running out of seating. Recently, we had an entire family accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Also to accommodate everyone we began a Saturday morning service that is only for the elderly. This has cut the risk down for them and still gives them an opportunity to attend. Several of our church members have used this special service time to invite other individuals that would not normally come to a church service. God has continued to bless our church with spiritual growth. Over the last several years we have seen several people accept Christ but not get baptized. This pandemic time has allowed us to have more time to work with several individuals. This past month we have had the privilege to have three people baptized every ‘Sunday night. itis a blessing is to see how one person's a courage to follow God’s will has helps so many others move forward spiritually. This excitement has grown as we still have several more people who are ready to follow in baptism. Please pray as these Christians continue to grow in grace. Sending Church: Pastor Johnny Chae Heritage Baptist Church 5217 Yorktown Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78413 (361) 855-4222 Rua Gen. Osorio 426, 8/Brilhante ,Tabatinga, Brazil, AM 69640 Spring/ Summer 2020 Youth Group News: At the end of February right before the pandemic hit, we held our annual teen camp this is the highlight for most of our teenagers, They left camp on a spiritual high note, ready to take on the coming year not knowing what was ahead. As with everything we had to cancel all teen meetings and activities. This really discouraged the youth of our church, but God works in amazing ways. Since we were able to start the youth activates up again they have returned excited. Like a snow ball, once it rolls downhill it catches momentum and grows. We have had Saturday youth activities where we have had 6 or more visitors. This past Saturday, one of the visitors brought 5 more visitors. Please pray that this momentum and joy our youth group is seeing in the Lord continues. Also pray for them as we have begun to study the Word of God chapter by chapter. They have really enjoyed being able to ask questions and get answers. al Outreach Projects: In the last letter, | spoke about the need in our region for giving food baskets away. We have been able to continue this and have now given more then 400 baskets. God allowed us to send 200 of those baskets to different river communities that were in desperate need of supplies. This has been a great way to minister to our community and surrounding areas. We challenged our church families to take two baskets. The first was for their family but the second was to be given to another non-church member family with the purpose of opening up a dialogue about Christ's love. During this time we have seen a lot of hurting people helped through these baskets, clothing, and supplies we have given away. Medical Outreach: ‘As you know we normally host several medical team throughout the year, but this year was definitely a different year. Because of the cancelations of the trips, we were left with quite a bit of medical supplies that would be expiring before we could use them. We decided to donate and send the supplies up the Javari River to a community called Palmeiras do Javari. This is where one of our missionaries is working. It's a military outpost with few supplies. Unfortunately even that deep into the jungle the COVID 19 arrived and devastated the town. | received two phone calls one from our missionary to thank us for the medical supplies and the other call from the commanding officer at the outpost. The supplies had arrived at the right time and with no strings attached. Most of the time when supplies are brought to river communities it is for political gain. God has opened so many doors, directly and indirectly with medicine. Please pray for our medical trip next year. Sending Church: Pastor Johnny Chae Heritage Baptist Church 5217 Yorktown Blvd. Corpus Christi, TX 78413 (361) 855-4222 Rua Gen. Osorio 426, B/Brilhante ,Tabatinga, Brazil, AM 69640 Spring/Summer 2020 River Church Building: In the last letter | spoke about my march trip to start building a church in San Toa, Peru. | spoke of how we were able to layout, dig, and place all the foundation posts. With the shut down in March we were not able to finish. Prayers, determination, and Sweat allowed us to continue working on that church building Recently the roof structure was built and the zinc was laid, Please pray as we would like to finish the construction of that building and inaugurate it in October. God's work done in God’s way always brings success. Our Church Building Project: a Our church building in Tabatinga, Brazil has been under construction for years. Due to the lack of usable = space we have been in desperate need of putting a roof on our back building. God opened the door and we have begun construction on a steel structure that will cover the back area. Please pray for the construction project and the cost involved. Construction materials have gone up in price. Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support for us! In Christ your fellow Laborers, Jonathan and Stephanie Hernandez Missionaries to the Amazon Basin Sending Church: Pastor Johnny Chae Heritage Baptist Church 5217 Yorktown Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78413 (361) 855.4222