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July & August Dear Praying Partners, We thank the Lord for His many blessings over these strange and unusual times of COVID-19, We have been able to have in-person church services again since July 4°, We often take for granted the privilege and blessing it is to go to church to worship until you're unable to. Nearly each week there have been visitors who were reached over the lockdown through the church Olver enoyed being at church ond meeting new friends. We have been especially encouraged by Lucas, a young man who was saved over the lockdown by listening to preaching over the livestream. Please pray for him as he has started back at university this aucamn that he wouldn't be drawn away from the Lord as the university environment can be very anti-God. Although we weren't able to have Camp Victory as normal this year on our own property, ‘we were still able to host a virtual camp online. ‘There were over 160 campers booked from all over the world ~ England, Netherlands, Canada, Serbia, Italy, USA and France, Children were able to access online videos of crafts, strength challenges, morning devotions, morning service meetings, live evening meetings and live Zoom tent meetings with their own tent leaders. Each camper received an adventure pockin the nos. We were thrilled that six deaf campers took part in the week's activities for Camp Victory. Of those six, only one of them had attended Camp Victory in years past. What a wonderful opportunity for Brittany and others to be able to interpret the livestream meetings and recorded videos for them. The campers were able to record themselves singing the camper choir song and submit their video to be part of the choir montage video. Three of the deaf campers recorded themselves signing the song for that montage. How precious it was to see them so excited to take part in each element of the camp. Several children made professions of faith in Christ throughout the week. Others from Beeches Road recognized that God is real and that they are lost according to God's Word but still chose not to place their faith in Christ. Please pray specifically for a young lad in our youth group named James who is still not a Christian although the Lord is dealing with him. In Christ, Levi, Brittany, Charles, and Oliver Mullins Home Address: