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ES JB. LINDAGODFREY »= VICE PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR October 27, 2020 Special Letter Dear Praying Friends, Thave done my best to avoid saying much about COVID-19. Well, some of you have heard that I got it. I did, in fact, I got a good case of it and was very sick. I had a constant fever with aches, nightmares, altered taste, weakness, and several other symptoms. Linda tested negative. She did have a cough and sinus problems but not the major problems that sometimes come with the virus. The hardest thing for her was to be quarantined with me for three weeks (not really, we enjoy being together). My conferences were all cancelled. I thank the Lord for understanding pastors and for those who stepped up to speak in my place. Of course, these pastors did not want me there. I send out this report to let you know that Linda and I are fine. We praise the Lord for helping us through this time. I am back in the office and working again. Continue to pray for us and for our missionaries as we serve the Lord with you. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, and wrote cards. We are especially grateful for your prayers. Sincerely, Jr fy J.B. and Linda Godfrey PO Box 9 + Harrison, TN 37341 + Phone: 423 344 5050 + E-mail: