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| (Geol lias earaallhg & EG Lae aesWielneleBe4elia ren era aah d cd Zambia continues to reopen in the wake of COVID-19, Businesses, schools and colleges have reopened with increased focus on hygiene. Troy Christian Academy has also reopened, There are plans to open the Bible College soon as well. Immigration has also resumed issuing tourist visas again into Zambia, We are excited to see how the Lord continues to supply for ministry needs, Several projects have been able to be started in the ministry : + additional boreholes to supply water for the growing ministry opportunities + additional classroom has been started for the Bible college. + funding for a new bush vehicle has also started well Construction will begin soon on a food storage silo. This will allow the ministry the opportunity to purchase maize and store it to sell back into the community atthe lower rate during the times of shortage. ‘The ideal plan is for this to be a self-sustaining project. ‘We praise the Lord for the provision to build the frst one of these silos. God continues to use the church at the lake in great ways, ‘There are plans for a new church plant inthe nearby area, Recently, Frazier talked with me about his desire to reach, young people with the gospel using soccer. We have been able to help him with soccer balls and soccer shoes to start this ministry. Please pray for him as he begins this ministry of reaching this dark area with the Good News of the Gospel. ‘There are many ways to be involved in the work if you are not able to personally come. Please see this link for projects that can help us reach more people with the gospel: ‘I mentioned Miseshi Baptist Church in a previous update. Thank you for praying for this church. We have been able to start rebuilding this church. Recently, village members from an unreached area approached the ministry about the desire to have a church in their area. Our ministry partner along with a team visited the area. Please pray for souls to be saved and a new opportunity for a church to be planted. God continues to bless our furlough witha fll schedule. Please continue to pray for usas we travel and minister in churches, Itis our desire to use this time to encourage churches in world evangelism. We are looking forward to returning to Zambia in late December. We want to say “thank yor ccenene AS YOU Pray for USi. eae eimsine® Please Keep the following in mind: ED ministry in the time * Furlough travel and health in which we live, God» Projects list is doing a work in | is Zambia and around 7 TH Bible College and training the world, Thank you * Souls saved and people to surrender to God's call on their lives for keeping world + The power of God on our lives as we share the ministry evangelism a priority! . The Christian School ee) + Our kids to see our love for God as we obey Him Clean water reaches people with the gospel + For the salvation of our younger children ‘ + Mobile Phone: 011 260 96 6510896 \ding Church: Somerville Baptist Church 41 Main St. « Somerville, AL 35670 » (256) 778-8844 ‘Mission Board: BIMI + BO. Box 9 « Harrison, TN 37341 » (423) 344-5050