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Copyright © 2011 Larry Goodell

cover drawing by the author

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Larry Goodell

(Leon has bottle of fizz in a pocket. Roger has a lime in shirt pocket and a letter.
A glass, white fan & skull cap are on the table. Lamp with switch is upstage.)

R. How do you do R. All in white, & white face,

I shall be you silver buckles on shoes,
in a pince-nez stocking & sitting at table, smooking a cigaret.
a helluva Jew
the Great Big Jew in the Sky
pt-pt Big Jew Boy Kisses fingers.
God! Sucks on. cigaret,
looks over shoulder. L. Enters,
Steamboat large man in black satin suit,
Soup!! black top hat, white gloves.
L. You got me,
give me a twist
R. Of the ole
tabaccy? Sucks on cigaret.
L. Of lime there Gertrude Garden
I brought my own fizz. Pulls out bottle of fizz.
R. See ya later, alligator. R. Hands L. lime from inside of
L. Are these my dead stomping papers? his shirt.
R. Split them open & suck them. Draws on cigaret, puts it out.
Youve been a Lover to True Blue.
L. True Blue Haven, or
True Blue Laughing Stock.
R. Laughing Stock. I'm the fish
fell out of the sea
into your soup
fell outta me.
L. True Blue Laughing Stock is in Paradise.
R. And you put her there. R. Picks up white fan & fans
L. I have no complication himself.
on the other side.
It's simple Ralph
I mean Gertrude,
Gertrude Armstrong.

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R. Feel my arm. Holds up arm he’s fanning with,
Fans quicker when L. touches it.
L. Strong.
R. Tough but your kind dont
turn me on.
L. My kind you pay for.
R. I've met her too often.
L. Gertrude Stagepranks.
R. Imogene Sheepshanks.
L. Sheepshanks is where Im from.
R. I thought you were from Arkansas.
L. Sheepshanks, Arkansas.
R. Dont ever slur a place.
L. Im factual, Im super-
R. Not so much.
Your girlfriend's getting old.
L. She's still all there.
And she's yours
if you give me
the one thing on earth I've got to have.
R. Neighbors. I've gottum.
We're neighbors.
There's six of us
and just one of you.
L. I've gotta have Drinking.
all of you.
R. Do
without us.
your odd
L. But not without you all
Ann Marie Impressive Stage
will admire you all.
R. She will come in here
give party to all of us.
Stage, snappy
Aunt Margaret
too bad Hollywood. . .
closed down on her.
L. Hollywood
burned down on her.

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R. Aunt
L. A place names
a place.
R. A place you are leaving
the place.
L. In place of yours & yours alls.
R. Fun with mint
an increased
tea &
fun with mint.
L. I'm wallopee
& I'm gay.
R. Youre going away
take that. Hands letter to L.
` L. opens letter, laughs
then throws up.
L. Are we going Takes top hat off & puts
that way it upside down on table.
going that way.
R. Let me read it Grabs letter back.
Arse Head.
Dear Sweets —
You have been lovingly sent
from True Blue Laughing Stock
brother to True Blue Haven
sister to Laughing Woo
a sixfoot hedge
you can gently
lower it over
your garden, or your grave.
gotta get married.
Make up your mind.
L. I suddenly did. I'll
return your lime. Pushes lime to R.
R. Here is your fan. Puts fan in top hat.
Your white paint.
Your storage chamber.
Your big white coat.
Your melodrama.

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L. Please, let's not get sacred.
R. Here's your tophat back. Pushes top hat to L.
L. Where's my fizz. Picks up fizz & turns
R. Dont leave with yr fizz. to go.
L. I go where I go with my fizz.
Give me my hat.
R. Transform your altar from left to right. Hands L. a white skull cap.
Dont say any bad things as you go.
L. Lift Her Fur No. Puts white cap on.
In Fur Durn No.
Impressive Stage.
She burned down all over herself.
R. She is coming back.
L. Is back, but you cant have her.
R. Step on my arm? Grabs fan from top hat,
fans L's face as if to get him away.
L. I'm leaving your airy caboose.
R. You impregnate the sky with your sty.
L. Youve got me all wrong,
come to my service on Sunday.
R. Are you going to gang,
bang the livin daylights out of the crowd.
L. I'm comedy, what are you.
R. I am comedy, too. Here's your fan. Hands L. The fan & puts on
L. I'll see you Sunday at sunrise, L’s top hat.
Aunt Jalopy & old Susan Scrooge'll
be there. Aunt Charlie & True Blue Haven
dancing the do nothing jig.
R. I thot you were going.
L. I'll be there as
Hot Happens Once
No More
& sweep my purple robes with white fur,
at you when you
come in the door.
R. I want to embrace
a perfectly round
L. That's what we do.
We do it.

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R. Get out. Youre not me
I'm not you.
There's only one of me and six of you.
Bury yr skull cap in your top hat. Hands L. top hat, L. puts it on
over skull cap.
L. Fan. L. Hands R. the fan .
R. Table. R. Grabs table.
L. Lights out. L. turns light out.
R. Light. Lime.
L. Turn on the limelight. Turns light back on.
R. We cant get together.
L. Exactly, remotely
the same.
R. Roger, right.
L. Leon left. Went to find a white face
to play his part.
R. The part you gave me and tried
to take it away.
L. Take it away, Kate. They dance around holding
each other’s arms.
R. & L.
It's no longer hard to tell a storrreee. Both face audience.
R. Kate got what she came for.
It's up and it's down.
L. We informed each other.
R. And it's not tough to see,
it's no longer hard to be some other.
L. It's no longer hard to be me.
R. & L. They go out arm in arm, singing.
It's no longer hard to be some other,
it's no longer hard to be me.


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Left And Right, a short play by Larry Goodell, part of Hot Art & other plays, 1975
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a duende digital book
po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA
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