(Bujinkan is the name of the organization made up of 9 ryu headed by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi) Bujutsu Martial Techniques Budo- The Martial Way Budoka A Person who practices Budo Taijutsu- Body Mechanics/Body Technique Ryu- School or Tradition of Martial Arts Ninjutsu Technique of Endurance, Stealth, and Invisibility. Ninpo- The guiding principles of Ninjutsu, the philosophy of enduring until the very end. Ninja A person who practices Ninpo. Samurai The Japanese equivalent of the European Medieval Knight. Sensei Name used to refer to an experienced teacher, literally meaning one who has gone before. Shidoshi Title of a fully licensed instructor. Soke Grandmaster, Leader or Head of the Ryu Gi- Uniform Geri- Kick Kiri- Cut Kamae- Stance or Posture Obi Belt Tabi- Split Toe Socks Kosshijutsu Techniques of attacking soft parts of the body such as pressure points and muscles. Koppojutsu Techniques of attacking the skeletal structure, as well as using the tips of the fingers to attack the opponent. Dakentaijutsu Techniques of Striking. This word has a meaning similar to Karate. Jutaijutsu The forerunner of Judo, Jujutsu, and Aikido this is a method of Grappling, Throwing, and Locking Techniques. Tsuki- Punch or Thrust Waza Techniques Kata Patterns NINE SCHOOLS OF THE BUJINKAN Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu The Immovable Heart School Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru founded this Ryu in the 12th century. He studied Chinese Martial Arts, and that influence can be clearly observed in the Ryu he created. It

and tantojutsu (knife techniques). Sensei Hatsumi is the 17-th Grandmaster of Takagi. also kodachijutsu (short sword techniques). and taijutsu (unarmed fighting). are in ancient China. There are forms of techniques executed by standing (tachi waza) and by seiza position (suwari waza). [ back to schools ] Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu The Jewel Tiger School The techniques of this school came from China. and it was brought to Japan (prior to the 10th century) by a Chinese priest called Cho Gyokko. The techniques from this school are based on the principle of jutaijutsu and dakentaijutsu. between 1532 and 1555. however. during the T'ang dynasty. yarijutsu (spear techniques). Kukishinden Ryu teaches various weapons including the Sword. Staff. the name of the school comes after its first soke's name. who lived in the Funagata mountains. In this school there are different weapon techniques like bojutsu (long stuff techniques). shuriken jutsu (throwing projectiles techniques). After this. expert in shuriken jutsu. Though 1-st Soke was Tozawa Hakuunsai.1711). the school was . Kukishinden Ryu Taijutsu Happo Hiken The Nine Demons/Gods School Although this Ryu was formally founded by Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru (also the founder of Shinden Fudo Ryu) in the 12th Century.emphasizes naturalness and formlessness. Takagi Oriuemon Shigenobu (1625 . There are no formal postures in this school. the first person who developed it as a Ryu was Sakagami Tari Kunishuge. and Spear. and the techniques use strikes set up locks and throws. the one who actually systematized all the knowledge and organized them into the school basis. This school emphasizes controlling and changing the distance between opponents. hanbojutsu (short stuff techniques). Nowadays. and being able to influence how the opponent will attack. Raised Heart or Willow Tree Heart School It was founded by a monk named Abe Unryu. when the two schools adopted techniques from each other to improve the quality and the efficacy of their methods. Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu The High Tree. bojutsu and taijutsu. like those of most the Ryu in the Bujinkan. The history of this school is quite related to Kukishinden Ryu. using suppleness rather than using force. it s roots.

the 28-th Soke. [ back to schools ] Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu The Truth. Gikan Ryu has many special punch. diet. that combines techniques of unarmed combat (taijutsu) with all kinds of weapons (sword.a spiked iron band worn around the hand). into a Samurai family. added them to his own Shugendo beliefs. wide body positions and powerful strikes. and throwing techniques. a dedicated practitioner of chinese boxing and shuriken throwing. shuko (a secret weapon specific for this school only . Characterized on low. Refugee in the mountains after a lost battle. Some of the basic techniques from Gyokko Ryu are studies in Bujinkan as part of the kihon waza. Today. Togakure Ryu was founded in the Iga region by Daisuke Nishina (who later become Daisuke Togakure as the first Soke of Togakure Ryu). spear. Koshijutsu Atemi Waza. the school's Grandmaster is Masaaki Hatsumi. Gyokko Ryu comes with a complete fighting method. breathing. transforming the warrior into an intuitive surviving fighter. kick. the third soke of Hakuun Ryu (one of the original Ninjutsu systems developed from the teachings of Ikai who brought the roots of koshijutsu from China). also techniques with sword. the school is a complete fighting system including body techniques. [ back to schools ] . or tetsubishi (a small spiked weapon spread on the ground to slow pursuers or protect doorways). Sensei Hatsumi is the 15-th Soke of Gikan Ryu. who awards the 5th Bujinkan Dan using a Sakki test (the killer intention test) coming from Togakure Ryu techniques. then to Toda family. kusarigama. This's school technical curriculum includes the 18th disciplines techniques that became representative for almost all the Ninjutsu schools. as well as a special movement methods. long stuff). shuriken throwing (the senban shurikens is specific to this school). Passed on throughout the centuries. and mind training techniques. the daimyo of Kawachi province (about 1558 . and this is how the beginnings of Togakure Ryu were established.1570). [ back to schools ] Togakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Hiken The Hidden Door School One of the oldest schools (and a true Ninjutsu one). The new art was thought as a universal nature concept. Loyalty and Justice School å The founder of this school (and it's first Soke) was Unryu Hangan Gikanbo. and included meditation. spear. born in approximately 1161. and uses circular and fast movements based on the attack to the opponent's vital points. Daisuke met a yamabushi warrior called Kagakure Doshi.given to Momochi Sandayu (a very famous ninja of his time). Daisuke learned Doshi's warrior teachings. the ryu's 34th Grand Mastership was given to Hatsumi Sensei.

the 21st GrandMaster pf this school. Kamae (Postures) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Shizen No Kamae Natural Posture Ichimonji No Kamae One Arm Extended Figure 1 Posture Hira No Kamae Flat Posture Hicho No Kamae One Legged Flying Bird Posture Jumonji No Kamae Crossed Arm Figure 10 Posture . over Korea to Japan. who was also one of the Sokes in Gyokko Ryu. Koto Ryu techniques are based on fast and directed strikes used on short distances (koppo). The fighting techniques are quite similar to those teach in Togakure Ryu. in 17th century. included this school in Bujinkan study system. Kumogakure Ryu also uses techniques with spear. it is more focused on the art and techniques of espionage. [ back to schools ] Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo Happo Hiken The Jeweled Heart School The founder of this Ryu (also its first Soke) was Sasaki Goeman Teruyoshi. until these days when Sensei Hatsumi. Sensei Hatsumi is currently the 14th Grandmaster of this Ryu. sword. since these two schools were teach ed/learned together in the beginnings. Though Gyokushin Ryu has many sutemi waza and lasso specialized techniques.Koto Ryu Koppojutsu The Tiger Knocking Down School Koto Ryu came also from China. a weapon probably used by pirates on the Japanese inland seas. and the 1-st Soke and the founder was Heinaizaemon Ienaga Iga. Still. rather than the fighting methods. After several generations. School was taught secretly. and it mixed with other Ninjutsu schools. These devastating fighting methods were transmitted within Bujinkan and teach by Sensei Hatsumi as the 18-th Grandmaster of Koto Ryu. in the XVI century. in order to break opponent's bones. and the techniques are teach in Bujinkan organization. Sakagami Taro Kunishige received the school's knowledge and organized the Ryu as we know it today. it has its own unique taijutsu methods. and teaches many leaping tactics and the use of the kamayari (hooked spear). specializing in field craft and espionage. [ back to schools ] Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Hiken Hiding in the Clouds School Kumogakure ryu is complete Ninjutsu fighting system. by an Chinese warrior named Chan Busho. and yoroi (armor techniques).

6) 7) 8) 9) Hoko No Kamae Bear Posture Doko No Kamae Tiger Posture Shoshin No Kamae One Arm Extended Hand at Hip Beginner s Posture Seiza No Kamae Kneeling Seated Posture .

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