Salary Rate Cap

If an individual's salary rate exceeds a salary rate cap imposed by sponsor policy (e.g., NIH salary rate cap of $196,700 per annum), list the institutional base salary (negotiated salary) in the budget, but calculate salary costs using the maximum salary rate allowed under the cap. This methodology must be disclosed in the budget justification. (Note: The amount of salary in excess of the salary rate cap is an unallowable cost and is not eligible for University cost sharing.)

Employee Salary Range Projections
The table below shows projected salary increases and should be used in calculating all contract and grant proposal budgets. For faculty, other academic employees and staff employees in a stepbased pay plan, budget for range adjustments first, then add merit increases where applicable. For staff employees in merit-based pay plans, budget an average increase with no separate calculations for cost-of-living and merit increases. Faculty Range adjustment 2.0% Merit increase (normally every 2-3 years) 5% if applicable Other Academic Range adjustment 2.0% Merit increase (normally every 2-3 years) 5% if applicable Staff on Step-Based Pay Plans Range Adjustment 2.0% Merit increase 5% if applicable Staff on Merit-Based Pay Plans Pool Increase 3.5% Note that the "Academic" category has been split into "Faculty" and "Other Academic" categories in accordance academic salary scales. "Other Academic" titles include professional researchers, research assistants, post graduate researchers, physical education instructors, acting instructors, lecturers other than those with security of employment, visiting professors, visiting astronomers, librarians, specialists, and those with "recalled" in their titles.

Special Consideration: Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical sponsor budget forms usually itemize the costs of each element, procedure or service required by the study protocol and which requires the University to calculate the full cost for each item. When doing so, make sure to include all personnel costs as appropriate. For

When preparing a standard budget for a clinical trial. the cost should include the PIs salary. benefits and any other costs associated with that activity. project personnel may include those individuals in administrative positions who are essential to the performance of the project.example. if the principal investigator will conduct all initial screenings. . For the purpose of clinical trials. only list UCI project personnel in this category.

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