an nyong ha sye yo?

Hello, How are you? ( note: this can also be used in reply)

an nyong hi - ka sye yo

Good Bye

k wen chah nah yo

Its ok, Its fine

ottok'ke ch nae sye yo?

How are you?

chal chi nae yo

Fine (in reply to "ottok'ke ch nae sye yo?")

kam sa ham ni da

Thank you (used in a formal way)

ko map sum ni da

Thank you (used in a less formal way)

choe song ham ni da

Sorry (used with more emphasis, weight)

mian ham ni da

Sorry (used with less emphasis)

Hey, friend!" Ya, chin-gu!

"How are you?" Chal ji-nae-sho-sso-yo?

"I'm fine, thanks." Ne, chal ji-nae-sso-yo.

"I miss you." Bogo sheepoyo.
I think it's "Mwuh ra go?" which means like "what did you say