Q.MANAGER/ EMPLOYEES: Age: _18-25 _31-35 _41-45 _26-30 _36-40 _46-above Gender: _Male _Female Educational Attainment: _Elementary Graduate _College Graduate _Doctorate Graduate _High School Graduate _Masteral Graduate zzzz .STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: This research study will investigate on the Success Factors of Mang Inasal within the malls of Cubao. C. It will also seek answers to the following questions: I.

Kindly rate your answer using this scale: 5. What are the strengths of mang inasal? Qualities Food Quality Speed of Service Affordable Price Intensive Promotion Wide spread Distribution of Outlet 1 2 3 4 5 .Moderately important 3-important 2-less important 1-not important 1.Highly important 4.

What are the opportunities of mang inasal? Qualities Competitive Advantage Career Advancement of Employees Convenient Location Profitability Low cost and expenses 1 2 3 4 5 . What are the weaknesses of mang inasal? Qualities Low Food Quaality Poor Service High Price Lack of Promotion Limited Distribution of Outlet 1 2 3 4 5 3.2.

What are the threats of mang inasal? Qualities Lack marketing strategies Poor Job Training and Development Inconvenient Location Risk to recession High cost and expenses 1 2 3 4 5 5.4. What are the services offered by Mang Inasal? 7. What are the reasons why many customers prefer to eat at Mang Inasal? 6. What are the strategies that Mang Inasal formulate in order to attract customers and meet their satisfaction? .

1.8. How many times do you usually eat at Mang Inasal? __ Daily __ Weekly __ Monthly 2. Which menu of Mang Inasal do you usually order? __bulilit meals __sulit meals __merienda meals __paborito meals __pinoy sabaw . Age: PERSONAL PROFILE ( CUSTOMERS) __ 16-23 __ 24-34 __ 35-45 __ 46-55 __ 56 above Gender: __ Male __ Female II. What is the difference of their Chicken Inasal from the Chicken Inasal offered by their competitors? I.

How do you usually find out the Mang Inasal __ word of mouth or thru recommendation __ thru television or radio advertisement __ thru billboard or outdoor signs __ thru internet __ thru print media 4.3. What Factors affect your choice of preference in Mang Inasal __ ambiance __ speed of service __ price __ food quality __ Quality service 5. What are the services offered by mang inasal you like and satisfy you? _ blue pending number (for sc) _ rice all you can _ hassle free( crew will serve your food) _ others .

You visit mang inasal mostly because _ the food is good _ It is convenient in terms of location _ The food prices are good 8. How did you find mang inasal services and mang inasal staff. How s the food quality of mang inasal? _ the food is served hot and fresh _ the menu has a good variety of items _ the quality of food is excellent _the food is tasty and flavorful _all of the above 7. _outstanding _average _good _fair _poor .6. Kindly rate it.

Philippine business opportunities. I enjoy reading Philippine business opportunities..Acquisitions . your column said that Mang Inasal would fail to sustain its success.. They are so ordinary a tool of doing business no one of them can qualify as a ³secret. A: Sorry to disappoint you because we¶re answering via our column. March 24. The article is very professionally written. we do not share your diagnosis and prediction. you know where to go.blogspot. And it won using no more than what every entrepreneur has at his/her disposal or what you called its five secrets. If it succeeded through the most ordinary of means and now has the magic of Jollibee as its partner for shaping its future.RELATED STUDY Anonymous is very informative.Takeovers. But answering by an e-mail is more than what we can ask for.blogspot. Ardy Roberto Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 22:31:00 11/18/2010 Filed Under: Mergers . We¶re a group of starters ourselves and have witnessed with real amazement the quick success of Mang Inasal in a truly crowded industry. business Q: LAST FRIDAY.. Of all the inasal's everywhere in the malls "Mang Inasal" is the best inasal chicken.´ Anyway. 2009 9:10 PM Anonymous said. . That¶s because you are not considering the real big factor that will sustain Mang Inasal¶s continuing success. So next time your craving an inasal chicken. Your question deserves it. how can you say Mang Inasal will fail? We know we¶re disagreeing with your diagnosis and we doubt if you¶ll bother to answer our e-mail via your every day. Mang Inasal can certainly sustain success By Ned Roberto.

We start with a clarification. What about the known highly efficient Jollibee operations process? This is of course not so much for impacting sales but it certainly helps bring down the ³cost of goods´ and therefore raise gross profit. It¶s real life. How can one smashing success when teamed up with another lead to a more likely failure than more likely success? Or even more or ever greater success? That¶s what we¶d naturally like to see. namely.What¶s the likelihood of Mang Inasal sustaining its success or failing? What are its chances? That¶s the most you can do when you¶re looking at the unpredictable future. it will probably let Mang Inasal be. This is particularly true when consumers of the extension brand become uncertain or are made to feel unsure about its quality. So let¶s take a closer and objective look at the ³Jollibee factor´ and state the issue with this question: ³Will the merger with Jollibee and its participation in managing the next 300 Mang Inasal stores lead to more or at least continued success?´ Let¶s consider what¶s working and what¶s not working for Mang Inasal with the Jollibee brand explicitly or implicitly behind it. It¶s known and some even say that it¶s obvious that relative to Mang Inasal. which our last Friday¶s column may have inadvertently done to some Mang Inasal customers and to new. And now to your hard but good question. Remember that it¶s profit that¶s actually needed to grow any business. It¶s what Ms. UP professor Estrella Domingo in her ³Poverty Mapping of the Poor´ study had a useful three-way . would-be customers. we were talking about probabilities. This line of thinking assumes that Jollibee¶s operations process is superior or at least compatible with Mang Inasal¶s so their combination will yield synergy.´ But this is not a movie. The literature on brand equity has shown us one case after another that an established quality brand will further grow the advantage of even its already known and already successful extension. This must be true even if we grant that its franchising had given it the needed capital to fund growth. If this is true. You can¶t grow your franchising if you¶re not profitable. But Mang Inasal must be profitable or it could not have grown as fast and at a scale that it enjoyed over its seven years. Saigon says is ³the movie in our minds. then Mang Inasal must do its future business by the strength of its own brand equity. Last Friday. Yes. So the Jollibee brand is not around to help « at least not directly. If we rely on history to predict what Jollibee will do with its branding and that of Mang Inasal. What about the ³Jollibee factor´? Both were stellar successes. ChowKing and Greenwich. in the same way that it let alone its two previous acquisitions. But is the operations system of the two compatible? That largely depends on the similarity of their respective patronizing market segments. Jollibee is catering to the upper end of the downscale market while Mang Inasal¶s must be at the mid-scale.

Jollibee is good at growing businesses that have already been grown by their former owners. both ChowKing and Greenwich were ongoing and fairly successful businesses.´ ³the overall poor´ and ³the extreme poor. It¶s more like a clash of two proud work cultures than a merging of two mutually reinforcing practices. Remember its Kenny Rogers look-alike. At the time of acquisition. to say the least. Jollibee did not show a good record of growing its own new businesses.´ . ³the borderline poor. This was true way before the merger. i. that is. Then. In this sense. Mary¶s? That was an embarrassment.´ Consumers at the upper end of the poor segment are the borderline poor while those in the midscale are the overall poor. Mang Inasal¶s probability of sustaining its success in the next 300 stores is still anywhere between 12 percent and 17 percent. That would seem to be the category where Mang Inasal belongs. Its winning M&As are ChowKing and Greenwich. What about Jollibee¶s record in M&A (merger and acquisition)? It has a mixed record.. when consumer research showed that the carinderia was fast becoming a consumer-defined fast-food substitute. Cost-effectively serving the borderline poor consumers requires a different and presumably a bit more expensive operations system than doing so for the overall poor consumers. So bringing in the Jollibee operations process into Mang Inasal¶s would probably do less good than more. This is still around but everyone is asking: ³For how long?´ Mang Inasal is obviously not a Mary¶s nor a Manong Pepe.segmentation of the poor. Jollibee put up its own carinderia in Manong Pepe. We therefore should modify our column¶s heading to instead read: ³Mang Inasal cannot be certain to sustain success. and is therefore likely to avoid their lackluster fate. So what¶s the overall score? Try grading the preceding paragraph by paragraph. Subsequent to growing its own brand.e. The net overall score is roughly the same as our prediction in last Friday¶s column.

. a genuine Ilongga. And the inasal places in Manila sell inasal by the stick. Treena cooked her mang inasal rotisserie-style over charcoal and not on electric grill. up to 11 p. although she said she is not yet ready for franchising. Treena started his Tambokikoy just last September.. her mom¶s recipe and her husband¶s full support. she said the juice goes back and it does not dry out. born and raised in Bacolod. This early. They open at 11 a. who has a full-time marketing and PR career before giving it up to be a full time wife and mom two years ago. Office people and families have been dropping by to order take out. Treena is expecting to recoup her investments by December. said Treena. Being a marketing and PR woman.RELATED LITERATURE A Story of Successful Filipino Entrepreneur with mang Inasal Only an Ilonggo knows how an authentic chicken inasal should taste. dry and not cooked well. The inasal in Manila are sweet. which is just right across the Mandaluyong City Hall on Maysilo Circle.m. starting at lunch time until dinner. is envisioned by Treena as a take-out place that will sell authentictasting whole chicken inasal. No one is selling whole chicken inasal. carries with her when she openned her Tambokikoy restaurant which sells authentic mang inasal cooked and prepared the way a genuine inasal should be. Treena applied blue ocean strategy in his business by offering something that the saturated market does not have yet. market response has been very good.m. With a very ideal location.000 in capital. Ilonggos would really know the authentic taste of inasal. By chopping it two minutes after it is cooked. This is what Treena Cueva-Tecson. a whole chicken with an authentic inasal taste. which means chubby in Ilonggo. armed only with P250. I know how inasal should taste like. Tambokikoy. inquiries of franchising have already been received by Treena. Monday to Sunday.

would these be the same five secrets that will sustain Mang Inasal¶s future success with Jollibee Foods Corp. (2) Work your butt off!. fire. it¶s more the mix that counted in the success than the individual elements in that mix. But experience tells us that navigating the future with this mindset has proven to be a recipe much more for disaster than for success. we need a more enlightening framework. Copy but add something of value. For a more enlightened answer. as its new owner?´ A: Conventional wisdom prescribes that to do a good job at managing the future do so via the success of the past. In the case of Sia¶s Mang Inasal. Let¶s recall those five factors and practices that were supposedly behind Mang Inasal¶s superior competitive advantage. A particularly appropriate foresighting framework is in micro-economics and another one in the literature on sustainable competitive advantage. Ardy Roberto Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 22:45:00 11/11/2010 Filed Under: Restaurants & catering. There¶s one question raised during our past two weekly gatherings that we all tried answering. So we thought we¶d pass on the question to you: ³Assuming it¶s true that the five secrets you identified as responsible for Mang Inasal¶s Edgar Injap Sia¶s P3-billion success were correct. . we need a better foresighting basis for diagnosing what can sustain Mang Inasal¶s success under Jollibee. It¶s about µcomplementarities¶ Stanford University professor of micro-economics and ³auctionomics. The more significant factor was its maintaining the five practices¶ complementarity role for one another in the mix. But we heard as many different answers as there were members. (3) Think innovation.´ Paul Milgrom. aim!.MarketingRx How can Mang Inasal sustain its success? By Ned Roberto. business Your column on Mang Inasal¶s success secret is still the continuing topic of our group¶s conversations. In fact. and (5) Think marketing. Because we¶re talking about the future. its sustained competitive advantage over the seven years when it scaled up to 303 stores came from not only repeating each one of its five secrets of success. Food. We diagnose by taking each at a time. coined the term ³complementarities´ to explain synergies from combining compatible business practices. (4) Think BIG!. We¶re a foursome of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Master in Entrepreneurship (ME) graduates and you taught our batch. These are: (1) Ready.

17 or 17 percent. Why 70 percent? That¶s the ownership split under the acquisition and assuming that Jollibee Foods will allow the 30 percent owning Sia to have his way 70 percent of the time until the the time the number of stores reaches 300 or www. So treated separately.) But what needs underscoring at this point is that none of these five practices can be said to be anything new or innovative. The application and exercise of complementarities have shown that business success such as Mang Inasal comes from Sia¶s creativity.We¶ll skip the explanation of each and rely on your memory to remember the Mang Inasal column three Fridays ago (or check out www. you can gain extraordinary results from just mixing but in the right proportions or levels ordinary means. aim´ with ³work your butt off´ yielded an outcome whose value was greater than the simple sum of the effectiveness of each of these two.marketingrx. Professor Dranove¶s provocative thesis came from his analysis of numerous cases of synergy. There was synergy in the way Sia paired the two. Assume further that this continuation has a high probability of 70-percent success. According to him. Dranove is professor of strategy at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. For example. Sia had put to work each one of the five factors of success along with each of the other remaining five practices. As the innovating entrepreneur.70 to the 5th power which equals 0. So suppose under Jollibee Foods¶ system of doing marketing (in putting up in the next 300 more Mang Inasal stores) the new Mang Inasal is able to maintain practicing its five success secrets. So there¶s just 17-percent chance that Mang Inasal . not a single one of them can be claimed to be a success secret. fire. And so it must have been with the rest of the mix of his five good but very ordinary business the chances of also successfully replicating all five practices in the way that Mang Inasal has done it in its first 303 stores is not going to be 70 percent. the surprising effectiveness of his peculiar but unknown way of combining ³ready.inquirer. So is sustaining Mang Inasal¶s success in the future just a matter of maintaining the complementarities of its five success secrets and practices? Aren¶t complementarities just another way of saying you¶re managing from the past? Isn¶t this basically imitating the past? It¶s about Synergy and the µMathematics of Probabilities¶ There is some truth in saying this and that¶s why we need to integrate into this discussion David Dranove¶s thinking about sustainable competitive advantage. Now. Professor Dranove¶s mathematics of probabilities predicts that the likelihood of maintaining the complementarities is 0.

Send them to us at MarketingRx@pldtDSL. According to the report. "The deal will be completed in 30 days. Inc. or Drnedmarketingrx@gmail. With six instead of five practices to maintain complementarities. reports Business World. led by Edgar Sia III. 2010 Fastfood empire Jollibee Foods Corp. God bless! Jollibee to buy 70% of Mang Inasal for P3 Billion Published: October 18.will go on succeeding and repeat its success in its first 300 stores to be true for its next 300 more stores. the chances of future success goes down from 17 percent to 12 percent (= 0. (JFC) will buy 70 percent of Mang Inasal Philippines. But succeeding in the next 300 stores will mean that somewhere along the path toward the total 603 In fact. But even science is not foolproof. Injap Investments. (MIPI) for P3 billion. JFC will pay a down payment of P200 million to MIPI owner. That will impact the 70-percent success ratio and bring it down and therefore further bringing down the 12-percent success ratio. that¶s choice of good location. That¶s risking at less than even chance of winning! What if there are not five but six secrets to Mang Inasal¶s success? And what could the extra one secret be? 6th Secret In Mang Inasal¶s line of business. Edgar Sia had the enviable knack of choosing the most suitable locations for his first and up to his 303rd store. we hope Sia¶s and the new Mang Inasal¶s marketing art would remain superior over our marketing science. subject to . All this is a form of foresighting according to marketing science. Keep your questions coming.70 to the 6th power). Mang Inasal will have to shift from single market segment targeting to two or even multiple market segment targeting. That¶s suitable with respect to his target customer segment. It¶s a great marketing story to not have a happy ending.

Chicken Inasal business boomed several years ago due to its distinct and flavorful taste that passed the discriminating choices of the Filipino diners. The native Filipino dish is an original recipe of the Ilonggos that began to spread its wings and conquer even the hidden spots of Metro Manila.Mang Inasal Business Franchise Philippine business franchise is one of the most convenient ways to establish your own enterprise. Greenwich with 218. the Mang Inasal chain consists of 303 stores.due diligence by Isla Lipana & Co. it was brushed with the achuete oil.578 stores in the Philippines: Jollibee with cited JFC's disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange: "JFC will build shareholder value by growing the sales of Mang Inasal's existing stores through the application of JFC's knowledge of consumers and its available recipes and products. Chow King with 404. the JFC Group of Companies has 1. cost improvement on its raw materials and greater operational" Entrepreneur. and law firm Romulo Mabanta. Chicken Inasal is a rave among the Manilenos for its pocket-friendly price and great tasting chicken. While the chicken was grilled. . Let Mang Inasal Philippines win your heart in the franchise business as it captured the taste of the Manilenos. Inasal originally meant grilled dish in skewer. It continued to tickle their appetites after tasting the specialty of Negros province. Chicken Inasal is not just an ordinary barbequed chicken dish that gives the fresh-fromthe-grill taste but also incorporates the achuete oil that spells the difference to other recipes. Delifrance with 23 and Manong Pepe's with 15. continued expansion of Mang Inasal's store network. Red Ribbon with 215." According to Yahoo News. 24 of which are owned by the company while 279 are franchised. Meanwhile. the secret mix and spice for the chicken inasal.

Formal training programs and seminars on how to operate your own franchise of Mang Inasal would be provided by the company for a month to ensure that an entrepreneur would be guided in the operation and management of his business. For 800. The savory Ilonggo fast food also offered franchise deals to cater the Filipino appetite the choice of a little sweetness and saltiness in their dishes. The family-owned business was the pioneer of the fast food industry in the sidewalks of Iloilo. the Franchise Program would introduce the businessman to the Mang Inasal franchise and other matters concerning the business operation.000PHP. commitment and dedication to serve the Filipino customers with the best are the must-have attitudes an entrepreneur must have to join the bandwagon of the success of Mang Inasal Philippines franchise. The concept of Mang Inasal Philippines was to spread the business in various locations to promote the goodness of Filipino dishes. . present a letter of intent together with your resume. the investment for Mang Inasal store branch would cost 4 to 6 million PHP depending on these factors: * Outlet floor area * Store location * Rent * Store supplies and equipments * Setup of the store itself * Working capital * Furniture and fixture * advertisements To ensure that an entrepreneur would gain profit from his business.Mang Inasal Philippines has been in the business since 2003. More or less. For the company's approval. and the proposed site (if there are any). Aside from the financial capability to own a Mang Inasal franchise. Mang Inasal Philippines would be the one to select the store location. Upon the approval of you application to Mang Inasal. They are also open for the entrepreneur's location suggestion and would do a project study before the approval of the suggested store location. an entrepreneur can use the name of Mang Inasal.

and Harbor View in CCP Complex.. Mang Inasal's business franchising contact information: IloIlo Corporate Office Fuentes St.. We are drawn to a not so good inasal chicken houses in malls.manginasal. It's sometimes confusing which is which of the inasal chicken. (formerly Tramo St. Makati Avenue cor. Fax: (02) 890-2654 2316 Aurora Blvd.: (02) 854-3346 Fax: (02) 854-5692 .com web: www.. SM Mall of Asia. why not check out the following branches and see the business for yourself: Alabang Metropolis. it carries almost the same logo but not the inasal chicken house we ate the last time and a not so good inasal restaurant.à ⼠Ãà Jupiter St.).com Manila Corporate Office 305 Villa Bldg. Pasay City Tel.For you to see the opportunity offered by Mang Inasal in Metro Manila. Iloilo City Tel: (033) 508-9000 / 508-7555 Fax: (033) 508-5111 Email: info@manginasal. Only to find out in dismay. SM Bicutan. Makati City  Tel: (02) 890-2654.

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