entitled, THEMONEYGRAHAM, which is more of a street album than a mixtape, Rich Graham is also putting the final touches

on his debut album, The Root Of Evil. With his new single, “Looking For You” produced by and featuring Soundz, who produced the “Love in the Club” remix with Usher, Abeyance, and Lil Wayne: he’s grinding hard and making everyone pay attention. P Stonez: The Mastermind Behind the Takeover Tell me about the name P Stonez. My cousins and stuff used to have big weight, and I used to have the stones. My mom kicked me out of the house when I was 15. So I tell myself where ever I lay my hat is my home. I’m a rolling stone. The P comes from my name Pierre. Where are you from? I was born and raised in Birmingham, but the thing about me is that I’m from all over. My mom’s side is from Illinois, so I stayed with them for like 3 years then I moved to LA for like a year. What brought you to the A? I hooked up with TIP when I was 13. I had a guy from up here, and he was kicking it with TIP. The first day that he dropped ‘I’m Serious,’ that’s when I met him. Big Kuntry moma’s salon, they had a studio in the back. He gave me that chance, and thank God he did. It wasn’t easy, but atleast he gave me a chance to sit back and see what it takes to be a successful artist, and not a one hit wonder. I guess that’s what he didn’t want me to be, so he was a little bit tougher on me. Were you rapping before you met TI? Way before I met TI. I started rapping when I was 9 years old...my mom was a break dancer. She danced with Toni Tony [Tone] and MC Hammer so that’s always been there, the industry in my life. She couldn’t do it because of me. So I’m trying to carry on that torch. So we can’t play your music in the club? Actually, I’m working on 2 albums at one time. I got one for the streets, and I got my party music. Don’t get it twisted, but I’m still telling my story even on my party music. Ya know, I got signed to ColliPark in ’06. I’m the reason why he’s with Interscope. He didn’t take Soulja Boy, and Hurricane Chris, He took me. I had my big record ‘Get Like Me’ with K Rab, and I was in 24 cities before I even saw ColliPark. I was supposed to be his first artist off of his label deal. What happened? He didn’t put me out. He shelved me. How do you keep that from happening again? I wasn’t the type of artist that was supposed to be on that label. That’s why it didn’t work.

rIch graham

“I feel like I’m in a situation right now to take Atlanta, and that is the honest to God truth.”
The difference between now and then is I’m with a label where my CEO let me do my thing. It’s different. So tell me about the music. This ‘Takeover’ that I keep hearing about? I actually had that record for a minute, and it’s a statement. A lot of things [are] going on. You got a lot of party music now and a lot of people ballin’ with 100,000 chains on that only cost like $50. My whole mentality is to grow in the game. I notice when I perform it,

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