The Formation of the Philippines

Estimated to have taken place during the Pleistocene Period (2 million B.C.)

Has an array of land and water forms that can be explained by the Plate Tectonic Theory

The Proto-Philippines; THE FIRST ISLANDS: Bicol, Leyte, and Eastern Mindanao
 formed during the Cretaceous Period; 100-65 million B.C.  was concentrated in the Equatorial Zone (in between the

Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian plate)  during the Eocene Period (55-35 million B.C.); -The Eurasian plate moved eastern-southward -the Pacific plate went norther-westward -the Proto-Philippine moved away from the Equatorial Zone and advanced near the western part of the Pacific plate -Palawan and Zamboanga were connected to the Eurasian plate. They stirred towards the east and joined together the islands of the Philippines.

RESULT: three major island groups emerged: 1. Luzon 2. Eastern and Central Mindanao 3. Western Mindanao

Product of the continental drift of the Philippine Sea Plate

islands and seas in the Philippines. earthquakes 3. It was cut-off and became Negros and Cotabato trenches when Mindoro-Palawan and . -The Manila Trench reached the Western Mindanao in the last part of the Miocene period. Current low and high lands. caused by the collision of the Microcontinental Block of Palawan into the original islands of the Philippines • Late Miocene period  the volcanic eruptions ceased in the islands of Sulu  the Pacific and Philippine plates continued to move. due to: the collision of the Eurasian plate (where the Asian lands once lay) and the Philippine Sea plate with the Pacific plate and Indian-Australian plate  EVIDENCES: 1. Zambales range  Caused or created: 1. trenches (of which volcanoes arise) 4. volcanic activities 2. Sierra Madre range 2. -The northern part of the Manila trench crashed into Taiwan that caused the low lands of Luzon to appear from the ocean. • Middle Miocene period  volcanic activities in Sulu. faults (that caused the earthquakes) • Early Miocene period  South China Sea widened because of the aperture in between the Eurasian plate and the Microcontinental Block.

php?title=Plate_Tectonic_Theory by: Teresa Ting Tan  . SOURCE: http://en.the Peninsula of Zamboanga were pinned to the original islands of the Philippines  the eastern part of the Philippines sank in the Philippine trench area which caused THE START OF THE FORMATION OF THE its current location. form and shape.

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