Ye daagh daagh ujaalaa, ye shab-gaziida sahar, Vo intizaar thaa jis-kaa, ye vo sahar to nahiiN, Ye vo sahar to nahiiN jis

-kii aarzu lekar Chale the yaar ke mil-ja`egi kahiiN na kahiN Falak ke dasht meN taroN kii aakhiri manzil, KahiN to hogaa shab-e sust mauj kaa sahil, KahiN to jaake rukegaa safiina-e-gham-e-dil. JawaaN lahu kii pur-asraar shaahrahoN se Chale jo yaar to daaman pe kitne hath paRe; Diyaar-e-husn kii be-sabr khwaabgaahoN se Pukaarti-rahiiN baahen, badan bulaate-rahe; Bahut aziiz thii lekin rukh-e-sahar ki lagan, Bahut qariin thaa hasiinaN-e-nuur kaa daaman, , Subuk subuk thii tamannaa, dabii dabii thii thakan. Sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai firaaq-e-zulmat-o-nuur, Sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai visaal-e-manzil-o-gaam; Badal-chukaa hai bahut ahl-e-dard kaa dastuur, Nishaat-e-vasl halaal o azab-e-hijr haraam.

Jigar kii aag, nazar kii umang, dil kii jalan, kisii pe chaara-e-hijraaN kaa kuchh asar hii nahiiN. KahaaN se aa ii nigaar-e-sabaa, kidhar ko ga ii? Abhii charaagh-e-sar-e-rah ko kuchh khabar hii nahiiN; Abhii giraanii-e-shab meN kamii nahiiN aa ii, Najaat-e-diidaa-o-dil ki ghaRii nahiiN aa ii; Chale-chalo ke vo manjil abhii nahiiN aa ii **** This leprous daybreak, dawn night s fangs have mangled This is not that long-looked-for break of day, Not that clear dawn in quest of which those comrades Set out, believing that in heaven s wide void

wandering feet stand at their goal. Our leaders ways are altering. the final destination of the stars! Somewhere there would be the shore of the sluggish wave of night. blow from where has it fled? Night s heaviness is unlessened still. we friends. the hour Of mind and spirit s ransom has not struck. And yet this physic still on unslaked eye Or heart fevered by severance works no cure.Somewhere must be the stars last halting-place. taking youth s secret Pathways. translated by V. Kiernan ***** Dawn of Freedom (August 1947) (Literal Translation) found here This stain-covered daybreak. But now. our goal is not reached yet.G. Let us go on. the birth of day from darkness Is finished. Somewhere the verge of night s slow-washing tide. flesh cried out to us. In the desert of the sky. discontent reproved. feather-light that toil. When we set out. But dearer was the lure of dawn s bright cheek. . Where did that fine breeze. how many hands plucked at our sleeves! From beauty s dwellings and their panting casements Soft arms invoked us. that the wayside lamp Has not once felt. Somewhere an anchorage for the ship of heartache. This is not that dawn with longing for which The friends set out. (convinced) that somewhere there we met with. Light-winged that longing. This is not that dawn of which there was expectation. Closer her shimmering robe of fairy rays. this night-bitten dawn. word goes. festive looks Are all the fashion.

It is heard that the union of goal and step has been fully completed. anguish for separation forbidden. But very dear was the passion for the face of dawn. come on. . From impatient sleeping-chambers of the dwellings of beauty Arms kept crying out. burning of the heart. whither has it gone? The lamp beside the road has still come no lessening. Whence came that darling of a morning breeze. for that goal has still not arrived. The hour of the deliverance of eye and heart has not arrived. There is no effect on any of then of (this) cure for separation. Come. how many hands were laid on our skirt s. Joy of union is lawful. the weariness was very slight. The longing was very buoyant. Very close the robe of the sylphs of light.Somewhere would go and halt the boat of the grief of pain. bodies kept calling. The manner of the people of suffering (leaders) has changed very much. the tumult of the eye. By the mysterious highroads of youthful blood When (we) friends set out. The fire of the liver. It is heard that the separation of darkness and light has been fully completed.

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