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environmentally friendly information solutions

society friendly
public services
innovation and Genis offers the leading information solutions for operating in today’s public

process automation, administration. By introducing interoperability, automated processing and in-

novation, public administrations can deliver efficiency and accuracy to max-
Genis enables imise their mission. Genis is the leading provider of best practice and

efficient operations for technology for informatization and interconnectivity of key state data stores;
delivering advanced solutions for citizens and businesses.
public administration.
Genis solutions and
services for public REGISTERS
administration •Register of Civil Status
•Permanent Population Register
back-end systems •Register of Citizenship
•Register of Foreigners
enable the •Asylum Register (includes Register of
establishment of key •Register of Societies, Register of •e-CRP
services for operation Political Parties, Record of Institutions •e-Births

with citizens (G2C),

business (G2B) and
•Register of Biometric Travel •Data Warehouse
(G2G). The majority of Documents •Elections support
the transactions at •Register of ID-Cards
•Register of Weapon and Weapon
administrative offices documents
are made through •Modern Workplace

systems developed
by Genis. With this
information systems, Registers
By producing complete technology and process solutions for base registries
Slovenian public Genis provides governments with leverage for a successful transition from reg-

administration ister orientation to register organization.

achieved second Interoperability

place in Europe.* Genis provides public administrations with interoperability solutions which
simplify the work of officials and remove administrative burdens.

Document Issuing
Genis produces information systems for issuing the travel and other personal

Business Intelligence
Genis improves decision making in the public administrations across all levels
of activities.

*European Commission Directorate General

for Information Society and Media: ”The User 2
Challenge, Benchmarking the supply of on-
line public services”, september 2007
The latest Genis provides solutions for success- and IBM Websphere application devel-

technologies, fully implementing the vision of e-ad-

ministration: providing citizens and
opment concepts.

extensive knowledge enterprises with immediate web-based Making the most of

and experience, access to straightforward, user-friendly, your investment
safe and accessible administrative Our main strategic commitment is to
gained from services, and e-democracy applica- provide environmentally friendly infor-

partnerships with tions. Genis assists public administra-

tions in the full realization of state
mation solutions. Genis combines the
best practices and the most sophisti-
strongly regulated welfare policies. With high-quality pub- cated technologies with existing legis-

government lic legal records and interoperable

integration processes which are imple-
lation framework to provide best of
breed solutions. We ensure govern-
organizations, allow mented through different agencies and ment departments and institutions with

Genis to minimize institutions of public administration, we

enable transparent and cost-effective
the highest level of security and value
for their investments. Our solutions em-
risks on electronic public administration serv- power users with features and perform-

e-government ices regarding social transfers (e-so-

cial). With the use of modern IT
ance for superior productivity,
paperless work, high scalability, easy
projects and go be- solutions, we simplify procedures and deployment of new advanced services,

yond providing reduce the costs of calculating the fi-

nancial situation of the applicants and
growing data and processing power
demands, integrating and building new
solutions – becoming also simplify decision-making in en- applications or functionalities and

a partner for the forcing social rights from within the

budget. Genis e-Government solutions
compliance with future legislation. By
implementing the best practices and
success. enable the quick adoption of priorities building a common knowledge data
such as user satisfaction, streamlining base, Genis e-Government solutions
public administration, and introducing improve the capabilities of all e-govern-
modern e-services, which simplify ment administrators, and contribute to
communication with public administra- uniform and streamlined internal oper-
tion bodies. We provides public admin- ations.
istrations with leverage to eliminate
administrative burdens, develop of the Technologies
innovative solutions, establish new Our government e-business solutions
models of operation, and collaborate comprise world best and proven tech-
with various government and civil or- nologies from leading manufacturers.
ganisations, individuals and other As they have been built on open stan-
countries. dards, Genis e-Government solutions
are platform independent, ensure long
Results driven term support and strong further devel-
e-government projects opment. Using the approaches and
Genis governs the complete lifecycle of technologies of Service Oriented Archi-
high-end government e-business solu- tecture, we guarantee additional value
tions. Our proven methodology and of investment with reusable functionali-
methods ensure short development cy- ties and information resources, seam-
cles and enable us to realize projects in less integration between different
determined time frames and financial databases and applications, and au-
resources. Genis’ advanced methodol- tomation of working processes. Serv-
ogy comprises modern approaches to ice oriented web solutions enable
project management, James Martin’s central administration of e-government
Information Engineering Methodology, in tune with the best application inter-
Oracle’s Custom Development Method operability.
enable government The CPR is the central data repository holding
departments and data on citizens and foreign nationals who have
agencies to establish permanent or temporary residence in the coun-
powerful internet try. As it provides centrally held, processed,
services for and stored data on the whole country popula-
e-government front tion, it is the most important register for public
office for G2C and administration and other public records.
G2B, as well as
A comprehensive information solution
infrastructure and Genis upgraded the CPR’s existing information infrastructure to achieve com-
services for back pliance with the new legislation on interconnecting public databases. The up-

office e-government graded CPR was developed and built on Oracle’s database and application
server, and the solution supports comprehensive procedures for acquiring data
for G2G. from heterogeneous input sources as well as data management, manipulation
and synchronization. The solution also offers tools for holding and maintaining
CPR, and integrating with other public administration information systems.

Complete population data

CPR contains personal data such as PIN, place of birth, first name and family
name, citizenship, residence and type of residence, marital status, educational
achievement, right to vote, mother’s PIN, father’s PIN, spouse’s PIN, children’s
PIN, identifiers for data linking with administrative data collections operated by
the public sector, and dates and data on events, changes or corrections. The
data is held in the CRP for 100 years after the death or emigration of an individ-
ual. CPR aggregates data from various sources such as: Register of Civil Sta-
tus, Register of Permanent Population, Register of Territorial Units, Tax Register,
maternity hospitals and the courts.

•Register of Civil Status REGISTERS
•Permanent Population Register
•Register of Citizenship
•Register of Foreigners Modern registers enable government depart-
•Asylum Register (includes Regis-
ter of Refugees) ments and agencies to establish powerful inter-
•Register of Societies, Register of
Political Parties, Record of Institu-
net services for e-government front office for
tions G2C and G2B, as well as infrastructure and
services for back office e-government for G2G.
Register of Civil
status (RCS)
RCS is key source of data for the CPR for electronic exchange facilitates the
which is pivotal to supporting e-Gov- work of the administration registrar.
ernment. Together, these registers pro- The number of issued certificates from
vide fast and efficient access to data the register has been reduced, as indi-
concerning all known residents, which viduals no longer need to personally
enables government administration to present certificates in written format,
provide timely and relevant information thereby reducing the amount of paper
when responding to enquiries by citi- documentation. Data is electronically
zens. available for administrative procedures
as soon as a personal event is entered
The RCS provides electronic access to into the Register of Civil Status. Com-
civil data and for conducting e-busi- plete informatization allows any citizen
ness with the government adminis- to access personal data and certifi-
tration. The solution contains data con- cates at any administrative office or
cerning the personal status of citizens through electronic administrative serv-
from birth to death. It enables mainte- ices.
nance of personal status of citizens in
accordance with all legal requirements: Permanent Population
Register (PPR)
•Births The PPR provides public administra-
•Fatherhood tion with a powerful foundation for re-
•Citizenship alising the potential of e-business.
•Marital status Together with the CPR, Genis signifi-
•Divorce cantly contributed to the optimisation
•Change of name of internal working processes in public
•Adoption administration, enabling higher serv-
•Loss of legal capacity ice quality for citizens and businesses.
PPR is one of two key sources of data
Genis’ solution for the Register of Civil for the CPR which is pivotal to sup-
Status essentially improves proce- porting e-Government. The PPR data-
dures for reporting civil events, for ex- base contains and manages
ample, from maternity hospitals, information about individuals who
hospitals and the courts. Greater auto- have permanent or temporary resi-
mated control means fewer mistakes dence in the country, have perma-
than would occur during manual data nently or temporarily left the country
entry. The increased processing also for certain period of time, or have been
shortens the database refresh intervals removed from the register, as well as
for such information. Linking multiple information about households and
databases and automating procedures voters.
•Register of Civil Status Register of
•Permanent Population Register
•Register of Citizenship Citizenship (RC)
•Register of Foreigners The RC supports the entire procedure permission including all possibilities for
•Asylum Register (includes of entry and processing of applications termination of residence permission.
Register of Refugees) for granting citizenship. Besides grant- As the records of complete information
•Register of Societies, Register of
Political Parties, Record of ing applications, the register also han- of foreigners, the Register of Foreign-
Institutions dles rejections and further complaint ers is utilised for the issuance of for-
procedures. The procedure also sup- eigners identity cards as well as
ports the processing of acquiring citi- managing working permissions and
zenship applications for the applicant's remedies. The RF includes the entire
family members. procedure from application entry, to
the processing and entry of a decision
The Register of Citizenship establishes concerning the granting or rejection of
contemporary and transparent elec- residence permission. This register in-
tronic performance of procedure for cludes the possibility of insight into
granting citizenship. It supports the en- Schengen information system or PPI
tire procedure of entry and processing (personal phonetic index) for verifying
of applications as well as managing applicants (sentences, restrictions on
the procedure. Besides granting appli- movement...). This register also has the
cations, the register also handles re- procedure of managing legal means or
jections and further complaint complaints concerning rejection of the
procedures. The Register of Citizen- application.
ship simplifies making decisions dur-
ing the procedure of granting With this solution, public administra-
citizenship, ensures accurate and ef- tion has acquired an efficient system
fective public services and the quick for issuing permissions for obtaining
obtaining of data regarding citizens for permanent residence to foreigners.
different public administration. agen- The register is also connected to the
cies. Permanent Population Register which
simplifies the transfer and entry of data
The RC is directly connected with the on a foreigner’s residency. For further
Register of Civil Status and the Perma- enhancements of procedures regard-
nent Population Register. In the case of ing foreigners, the Register of Foreign-
positively processed applications, citi- ers could be connected with other
zenship is, through an automated pro- public administration registers and
cedure, transcribed into the Register of records, such as the Central Popula-
Civil Status as a registrar fact. Data on tion Register, Permanent Population
citizenship applicants that already Register, Register of Civil Status, Reg-
have permanent or temporary resi- ister of Citizenship, Biometric Pass-
dence and registration number is ports Register, Identity Cards Register,
transferred into the Register of Citi- Asylum Register, Record Forms and
zenship from the Register of Civil Sta- Police records regarding submitted
tus or the Permanent Population criminal proceedings and offences. For
Register which additionally simplifies efficient decision making in proce-
the work of administrative workers. dures of granting residence permis-
sions the Register of Foreigners could
Register of Foreigners be connected additionally with records
(RF) of working permissions and extend
Register of Foreigners is a comprehen- functionalities to managing certificates
sive information system for managing about the participation of foreigners in
foreigner's registration and residence integration programs.
•Register of Civil Status Asylum Register (AR) Register of Societies,
•Permanent Population Register
•Register of Citizenship AR supports all procedures dealing Register of Political
•Register of Foreigners with the integration of refugees into Parties, Record of
•Asylum Register (includes
Register of Refugees)
Slovenian society. It consists of the Institutions
Asylum Register, Register of Refugees
•Register of Societies, Register of
Political Parties, Record of and a system of recording integration With the informatization of the Associ-
Institutions measures for refugees. Thus Genis has ations Register, Register of Political
enabled consolidation of data and in- Parties and Records of Institutions,
formation on all actions and proce- Genis has eliminated manual keeping
dures concerning asylum seekers and of registration books and records and
integration of refugees. centralized data on associations, po-
litical parties and institutions. With
Solution supports: this solution,
•Asylum procedures
•Keeping records of Eurodac Genis has taken care of the optimiza-
procedures tion of work and the simple managing
•Manual keeping of DubliNet of register or record entries. By mak-
procedures records ing this new register, Genis has also
•Accommodation of asylum seekers in enabled connection to other internal
the Asylum Center administrative affairs records and the
•Accommodation of asylum seekers introduction of up-to-date electronic
on locations (displaced persons) services. It has assured automated
•Records of forms and personal data exchange with other registers
documents issued to asylum seekers (EPR, PPR, RCS, CPR) and agencies.

With the informatization of the Asylum This solution enables:

Register, Genis has assured integral •Unified access to the registers for
support of work procedures of the controlling the status of the public
Asylum Sector and Refugees and For- benefit association
eigners Integration Sector. It has en- •Review and posting of data on the
abled instant insight into procedures web
for individual asylum seeker or refugee •Electronic printing of typical
to the officials and other public records administrative decisions and
data users. Thus Genis has contributed certificates from registers or records
to more efficient treatment of the •Monitoring of statistical data
refugees and better overview of their •Overview of the events and content
integration into the new environment. of the registers and records data

•Register of Biometric Travel DOCUMENTS ISSUING
•Register of ID-Cards
•e-Photographer Genis produces information systems for issu-
•Modern Workplace
ing the travel and other personal documents.
The solutions are based on high end technolo-
gies. Genis integrates all the resources needed
for issuing the documents by SOA services ap-
proach. Genis' system supports issuing of bio-
metric travel documents compliant with
international directives and various national leg-
Register of Biometric Register of ID-Cards
Travel Documents Based on good practices in construct-
Genis has developed and produced a ing information system for biometric
comprehensive information system for passports Genis has created a identity
issuing biometric passports as well as card register information solution. The
records for identification and travel entire information system includes all
documents. the procedures for applications ac-
ceptance and the issuing of various
This systems empower public admin- identity cards for citizens, for tempo-
istration with the capability to use bio- rary residents and identity cards with
metrics data such as face and finger prohibition on crossing the state bor-
print recognition in personal docu- der. With this new information system,
ments. They enable uniform accept- Genis has backed up work procedures
ance of applications and issuing upon accepting applications, captur-
common passports for citizens, official ing data for personalization, collection
passports, diplomatic passports, of identity cards at administration
passports for eligible foreign nationals, units and the issuing of them. This so-
permits for legal representatives, and lution assures detailed monitoring of
recording of issuing restrictions or dis- the entire identity card issuing
possession of passports. process.

•Register of Biometric Travel e-Photographer licenses and licenses to carry arms.
•Register of ID-Cards e-Photographer is an innovative solu-
•e-Photographer tion for personalization of biometric Genis has upgraded the storage of
•Modern Workplace personal documents. It extends the digital photographs with additional
storage of digital photographs with services for accepting applications
additional services for accepting ap- for personal documents which also
plications for personal documents. As include Modern Workplace.
part of a biometric workplace the e-
Photographer adds a speed and effi- Modern Workplace
ciency to the electronic workflow of Genis Modern Workplace is a collec-
biometric documents personaliza- tion of leading technologies for
tion. process automation, information work
and collaboration. It improves busi-
e-Photographer web application es- ness processes at the starting point. It
tablishes an efficient work environ- enables immediate data collection for
ment which enables the electronic forms and files from electronic cards,
transfer of photographs from photog- personal identification documents
raphers to administrative units and and bar code and biometric data.
supports the entire procedure of cap- Users access data or information
turing, quality testing, depositing and from other resources such as busi-
use of photographs. e-Photographer ness applications, software services,
is connected with national registers e-mail or public registers over SOA in-
such as: Passport Register, Aliens teroperability services. This system
Register, Asylum Register and supports a new generation of biomet-
Refugees Integration, with Identity ric passports and identity cards as
Cards Register and manufacturer of well as other biometric documents
biometric passports and identity such as foreign documents, driving li-
cards. Connections are made censes and licenses to carry arms.
through SOA web services; access
requires the use of qualified web digi- Modern Workplace enhances the exe-
tal certificates. Instant verification of cution of high valued tasks. Self-ser-
photographs is conducted in the vice information contributes to
main system, according to ISO additional time savings for quality de-
19794-5 and ICAO DOC 9303 stan- cisions and intellectual work. It in-
dards and recommendations and in- cludes an Integrated communication
structions for biometric photography. system with instant messaging, Web
2.0 services, electronic document
In order to simplify the entry of per- management system and IP-tele-
sonal data and physical signatures phony which strengthen the power of
Genis has developed the innovative collaboration in project teams and de-
Modern Workplace solution within the partments.
e-Photographer project. This solution
includes a digital signature tablet with Genis Modern Workplace ensures the
electronic pen, finger print reader, deployment of efficient electronic
personal documents scanner, key- business for organizations from both
board with card reader and the capa- the private and public sector . Interop-
bility of optical character recognition erable integration of heterogenous
(OCR-B). This system is used upon and disperse data resources enables
manufacture of the second genera- process automation and the estab-
tion of biometric passports, identity lishment of interactive services for
cards, foreigner documents, driving employees, customers, business
Genis provides public administrations with in-
teroperability solutions which simplify the work
of officials and remove administrative burdens.
As an open-systems solution, CPR ministration and tax administration
fulfils the different needs and de- faster. The speeding-up of the whole
mands of users in public bodies. e- procedure enable parents to acquire
CPR allows access to information in documents for the newborn quicker
different formats, flexible timescales and more conveniently (i.e. birth cer-
and multiple media formats. Users of tificate, health insurance card).
CPR data in Slovenia are:
•Republic of Slovenia Office of Statis- The E-Births service of electronic birth
tics registration by Genis enables Sloven-
•Government Administrative units ian maternity hospitals instant filing of
•Health care claims for assigning a unique personal
•Judiciary identification number (PIN) and regis-
•Republic of Slovenia Tax tration of a birth and the newborn's
Administration residence address. E-Births simplify
•Ministry of Defence administration in maternity hospitals
•Ministry of Education and Sport and save parents time when going to
•Ministry of Labour, Family and Social the Administration Unit. Service with
Affairs automated procedures which reduce
•Geodesy Administration of the the time needed for obtaining a med-
Republic of Slovenia ical card, tax number, UPIN and other
•Central Register documents for the newborn.
•Employment Service
•Pension and Disability Insurance In Slovenia, electronic birth registra-
Institute of the Republic of Slovenia tion improves the quality and up-to-
•Local government dateness of data for medical
•Central Securities Clearing statisticians and analysts, internal
Corporation governmental affairs, Social Work
•Public Guarantee and Maintenance Centers, Health Insurance Institute,
Fund Tax Administration and Statistical Of-
•e-Government services fice of the Republic of . Confidentiality
services that support enquiries by and safety of data is ensured in accor-
citizens dance with legislative requirements
and safety policies. The E-Births serv-
e-Births ice enables automated execution of
With the use of web services Genis the entire birth registration process. It
has automated birth registration in connects, through web services, hos-
maternity hospitals. Due to electronic pital information systems with the
operation maternity hospitals no Central Population Register and later
longer need to send paper forms by with the Register of Civil Status and
post: therefore e-Births reduces costs, Permanent Population Register. De-
the volume of manual work and the pending on the quality of data, PIN in
potential number of errors at data Central Population Register is defined
input. Data for birth registration is re- either automatically or manually –
ceived by the registrar, healthcare ad- through web portal.
•Data Warehouse
Genis improves decision making in the public
administrations across all levels of activities.
Genis builds high performance business intelli-
gence solutions upon back-office solutions
and services for optimizing decisions in work-
ing procedures as well as solutions for confirm-
ing citizens decisions on elections.

Data Warehouse
Genis Data Warehouse for the public for integrated and controlled prepara-
administration is meant for controlling tion of elections, execution of elec-
daily administrative changes for man- tions and reports on election results.
aging registers. At the same time it as-
sures a large number of reports with Genis has built a robust portal solu-
statistical data or cross-section data tion that effectively manages the
at certain time, time periods for decid- whole process of elections from
ing and functions for the foreseeing preparing data on voting bodies, can-
and monitoring of movements. It is didates and election districts and to
meant for managing the entire busi- reporting all results on the web. As the
ness system of the public administra- Genis solution for elections is web-
tion and includes tactical, strategic based, it contributes to the uniform
and other functions for efficient man- preparation and execution of parlia-
aging of registers. Capabilities or re- mentary or presidential elections, as
ports of the data warehouse are used well as elections for local authorities.
for managing operation and other civil Embedded algorithms for calculating
service users. election results and generating re-
ports allow immediate announcement
The Data Warehouse combines data of results after entering votes at the
from registers and is updated on a voting office.
daily basis. This system assures peri-
odical monthly and annual reports The e-Elections ensures a high level of
which are distributed to registration data security and high application
units; it also enables the issuing of a availability for users from locally dis-
report on demand. persed electoral commissions to ac-
cess the program over a secure public
Besides managing the work of admin- administration communication net-
istrative units, the data warehouse work as well as public internet ac-
also serves, together with Central cess. Genis provides the state
Population Register, as a tool for electoral commission with features for
searching and eliminating errors in the complete usage tracking and secure
transaction system composed of the storage of election data at a central
registers. location. User permission is managed
centrally by security scheme, while
e-Elections user authentication is performed by
The e-Elections solution ensures a digital certificates and 5-digit PIN or
complete portal working environment unique key generation.
About Genis
Genis provides its partners with top
quality services and informatics so-
lutions that support business opti-
mization and the introduction of
new business and management

The company is today a leading

developer of bespoke critical busi-
ness applications and comprehen-
sive document information systems
supporting work procedures for en-
hancing business in companies
and public institutions within manu-
facturing, commerce, distribution,
publishing, health, finance, invest-
ment, public services and public

With innovative solutions based on

interoperable SOA connection ap-
proaches, modern workstations
and software services for medium
and large companies, as well as
public institutions, Genis enables a
leap forward in cutting operational
costs and improving productivity,
quality and added value.

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