INSECT COLLECTION GUIDELINES Project Due Friday, September 19, 2008 REQUIREMENTS: You are required to collect, properly mount

, and correctly identify ONLY 10 insects (no more or no less). You are required to have at least one representative from the following Insect Orders: 1. Orthoptera 4. Hymenoptera 2. Coleoptera 5. Diptera 3. Lepidoptera 6. Hemiptera The four remaining insects can come from ANY ORDER, however, NO MORE THAN 3 INSECTS FROM THE SAME ORDER WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! You are required to CORRECTLY identify the insect by ORDER name only. Mounting Requirements  Your insects are to be mounted in a pencil or cigar-type box. The top must be permanently attached to the box. No shoe boxes or any other box with a detachable top will be accepted.  You should cut a piece of Styrofoam to fit the bottom of the box into which you will pin your insects.  You must use a straight pin (without a large or colored head) to secure your insect.  Each insect should be pinned with the dorsal side facing up.  For each insect collected, you must indicate the date and location of collection beneath each insect.  Each specimen should be numbered on the bottom of the styrofoam.  Your insect must be intact. NO CREDIT will be given to partial specimens.  Your identification key that corresponds to each numbered insect should be attached to the lid of the box.  Remember, neatness counts, so typing the identification key is required. 3 Collected: GRADING PROCEDURE: 9/8/02 Collection of 10 DIFFERENT insects (3 pts each) 30 points Location: Correct order identification (3 pts each) 30 points Hoover, Al. 6 required orders (3 pts each) 18 points Bark of Typewritten numbers & ID Key 10 points Pine Tree Neatness/Attractiveness/Attention to Detail 12 points TOTAL 100 points BONUS POINTS/DEMERITS:  If more than 3 insects from one order are collected, the 4th representative will not count at all.  If I encounter a live insect, you will receive an automatic zero.  You will receive bonus points for having more than the six required orders. You will get +4 points for 7 orders, +6 points for 8 orders, +8 points for 9 orders, and +10 points for 10 orders.  Insect specimens that I keep for my personal collection are called TROPHY insects and will receive a 2 point bonus each.

Collecting Tips: 1. Bug Spray is a GREAT THING!!!!! 2. Put specimens in a zip-lock bag and put them in the freezer to die. 3. A coat hanger and a pair of panty hose can make a GREAT net for catching flying things. 4. Look around flowers--great place to find insects. 5. Look on the ground, in leaf litter, on the barks of trees. 6. Turn on a light at night and moths and will love it. 7. Look in window sills, skim the top of someone's pool, go to tennis courts!