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Battle Realms

Submitted by: Raz

Once you complete the first level, you would be allowed to choose where
go next, choose to attack shinja's fort first, then without building
send Kenji and Otomo(if you are with the dragon clan) Or send kenji on
own(if you are with serpents) up to the very top of the land where
shinja is,
you shoyld find his keep there, then select his keep and press CTRL+D
destroy his keep and shinja will escape and you will win the level very
quickly, when you are on the next level, send kenji and otomo east
you find shinja's base and shinja would be on a tower, destroy the
with CTRL+D and send kenji and otomo to attack shinja, keep using their
battlegear and you will have won both levels very quickly

The force of the lotus' brothers:

Submitted by: piprock

First make sure you have the three brothers in your army. Next get the
and try to attack it in nearby water... you will see them turn and make
that will trigger yang acquisition. now use your ying/yang to upgrade
your units
defense and offense or make heroes to blast your enemies to smithereens.

For Unlimited Brothers:

Submitted by: Julius KEn

First Build Towers And Place Your Desired Brother Type On The Tower (I
Prefer The Three Of Them) Then Destroy Your "Crypt Of Brothers
Building". This
Way The Brothers Will "Only Die!!!" If Thr C.O.B. Will BE Destroyed.
And Now
You Have Up To 9 Brothers!!! Wow!!! More Upgrades To Make!!!

While you are playing at Serpent:

Submitted by: Colonel Von Below
Train a Ronin and let he learn Yin Blade. Now let him fight a tree and
his battle gear. And you will have a HUGE Yin (A tree for 5 Yin first

While you are playing at Lotus:

Submitted by: Colonel Von Below

Build a Crypt of Brothers and build all brothers. Now you let fight a
tree. And
your Yin will grow up very quickly.

Destroy buildings:
Submitted by: nightraider

Highlight an enemy building, then press [Ctrl] + D.

Excellent strategy Choco-Bob I play very similarly. I also think
upgrading your Dojo
and Archery with special abilities also helps a great deal (Zen
Accurary etc). Also
round up a few horses - they provide 2 very useful purposes-:

1. Peasants can use them as pack-horses thus allowing you to carry more
back to your Huts. The quicker you have your resources the quicker you
get your

2. Put your prized units on mounts and their attack rating goes up.
Also you now
have the trample ability which I have found very handy in melee

I also love Archers. As Choco-Bob advises use CTRL-1 (Or whatever) to

group your
Archers then make them stand their ground. An enemy no matter what
their Unit
type quickly crumbles under a hail of 10 or more arrows. I use CTRL-2
to also
group my Melee units and also use their special powers in battle

And yes - always save before a big battle. I also concentrate on the
towers first,
then Enemy Archers, then Enemy Melee then structures. Weather the
initial storm of
the Enenmy attacking you then sit back and build. It sometimes takes
finesse but
that's half the fun!

Try the following:

1. Build more peasant huts. The more you have, the faster they spawn,
the faster
your army grows, etc. More huts also increases your resource capacity
(as does
building a Town Hall), so that your gatherers can be constantly
building up a
fat rice/water bankroll, so you'll always have resources when you need
(like when you need heroes, NOW).

2. Use battle gear. Both offensive and defensive. Even on your geisha.
everybody and use it in combat.

3. In single-player, save early and often. Make Ctrl-S (quick save) and
(quick load) your friends. I always quicksave before I invade a base. I
in the habit of doing this in Starcraft or AoE and it cost me a lot of

4. When invading, focus on towers first, then peasant huts, then

(training buildings). Rush your melee guys up to the towers, and keep
ranged guys AWAY from them. Towers have awesome range, but the unit
atop the
tower can't fire at units attacking its base (i.e., there are no AoEII-
"murder holes"). Tower charges (their battle gear, of sorts) are a
bitch, too.
When attacking a tower, send one or two units in first, in the hopes
that your
opponent (or the AI) will trigger the tower charge, then send the rest
of your
squad against it.

5. Fire! Fire! Fire! Burn stuff. Dragon Warriors' flaming sword,

Raiders' torches, Wolf Pitch Slingers' pitch, and Lotus horse Infernal
(among others) all have the ability to ignite structures. Use it.
nothing more confusing to your opponent (or the AI in single-player)
to have some fire units run around their town igniting every structure
6. Use hot keys. B to activate batttle gear, S to stop, N to stand
ground, G
to guard, O for non-agressive. Go into Options/Controls and study the
list. This also includes creating groups and assigning them hotkeys as

Destroy building without Attacking:

Once you see the enemy base without the fog covering it. Select the
building that you want to destroy. After highlighting it press CTRL+D
keep pressing it till you see the building destroyed. You can do this
your allies to! (Evil Laugh)

Submitted by: Dimitar

Hey there strategy fans.We all know that there are two types of win. To
or to cheat!that is why I Dimitar leave you with this cheat. when you
see a
building without the fog of war press left click on it and then ctrl D
several times.Then the building will will colapse. Good luck.


Submitted by: popot

Quickly build a Tomb of the Brothers and summon Lythis, one of the
of the crypt. Just have him attack a tree and watch yin points add up.
This trick works well on a stage with lots of trees.

Unlimited Brothers:
Submitted by: popot

For the Lotus Clan:

1. As soon as possible build the Crypt of Brothers.
2. Train all 3 Brothers (you can use the Yin Farming to make it
3. Build 3 Watchtowers.
4. Put the 3 Brothers on the 3 Watchtowers.
5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL+D x2).
6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
7. Build the 3 Brothers again.
8. Remove the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
9. Put the new Brothers on the towers.
10. Repeat.
* Notice * The brothers only use Yin, Rice, and Water. If you destroy
Crypt of Brothers while the 3 Brothers are on foot, they will die with
That is why if they are one the towers, they dont die. This also makes
computer think they are dead so it allows you to train new ones.

Submitted By: Shibly & Tamim
E Mail:
From Bangladesh.

In skrimish mode you can secure your base more than your
with your ally team.example: In centar ring map build your base with
ally &
build watchtower in two entrances.Use long range unit in
Cannoner,Balastista Man or Unclean One).Your watchtowers will guard the
& Allie's watchtowers will guard inside your base.Your soldires & Your
soldires will do enough to protect the base.Use a peasent with horse to
water for your ally.
if u play with Lotas use Hero sabon to creat golem.Use golem to cut
rice for your
ally.Use Zymeth to call rain for rice field.After rain fall putting
Zymeth in a
watchtower will be a good thing.

One hit kill for Koril (Lotus clan only):

First, make the Crypt Of Brothers then summon the three. Then, use the
trick points. Next, make a Keep then watch your Yin. When your Yin
about 200 attack Issyl to the enemy base. Issyl is unbeatable and sends
Ninjas on horses with upgraded abilities, then five
healers in Lotus that ride on horses.

Consuming (Lotus clan only):

Build a Watchtower, then send one Peasant in the tower. Send a group of
Unclean One,
Diseased One and Infested One to consume the Peasant on the tower. They
will eat the tower, but all of them have skills.

Start on Serpent Clan on Kenjis Journey:

At the beginning of Kenji's Journey, do not help the peasant. Instead,
help the
Serpent Clan to kill and destroy the peasant hut and the peasants.
After this,
Kenji will join the Serpent Clan.

Multi-player cooperation:
When playing in multi-player mode, your base to a friend's base. Your
friend can
defend you while you build.

Make more ninjas for serpent clan:

First you must have a ronin who has the battle gear "blood bond", next
summon a
ninja and blood bond it, put the ninja in a watch tower and make the
ronin attack
an enemy(make sure that he dies), and summon more ninjas.

Blow Up Enemy Buidings:

If you don't want to take too much of your time destroying buildings
move your
warriors to the enemy base and the click on the buildings of your
enemies and
press CTRL+D 2 times and then they'll blow up...
NOTE:You have to see the buildings clearly so you can click on them.

Gain many yang in dragon.:

Have ur kabuki warrior learn flashbang/flashpowde r. make as many
kabuki u can make
but ol of dem must have flashbang/flashpowde r.
Then when enemy attacks you use the flashbang/flashpowde r all together!
All kabuki must be close 2 each other! then there you have it!!!!

Invisible + Multiple horses:

Have a peasant construct stables and let it catch just one horse. After
the peasant
returns the horse back to the stables, get it back again to be used as
a pack horse
but don't go away from the stables.
Get a warrior close to the stables then have the peasant return the
horse to the
stables. Just before the horse disappears, click on the warrior then
right click
on the vanishing horse. You must do this quickly for it to work. If
not, your warrior
will get the horse from the stables.
If you do this correctly, you will see that the warrior is not standing
on its 2
feet but instead, it is floating.

More ninja lotus only:

1.make 3 warlocks and a brother tausil
2.give the 3 warlocks a power of tausil
3.summoned a 1 ninja,put it beside the watchtower
4.the 3 warlocks must be away from the ninja
5.the 3 warlocks must be ctrl 1
6.give the ninja the power of warlocks by pressing 1 then f1,click the
ninja ,f2,
click the ninja,f3,click the ninja, then must hurry send the ninja
into the
6.then click the keep you will see the ninja ,click 4 ninja. it again and again.

Multiple crypt brothers:

1. play lotus
2. create crypt tomb
3. summon all crypt brothers (must have enough yin first)
4. build three towers
5. enter each crypt borther to a tower and leave it there
6. destroy crypt tomb
7. release crypt brothers
8. do number 2 again

"you'll see that the crypt brothers are not destroyed because the tower
protected them"

Two Necromancers(Serpent):
1st, after you create a Necro(short for Necromancer) have a Ronin
"Blood Bond" with
him and let the Necro enter a "Watch Tower". After this let 4 ronin
enter the
Necromancer's Thrown. Have the Ronin who "Blood Bonded" with the Necro
to die. When
the Ronin dies, the 4 Ronin inside the Necromancer's Thrown will become
a Necromancer.

Create or/and edit an AI:

You can now create and edit an AI of yourselfand it works even at the
expansion set

For creating an AI:

1. Open notepad
2. Go to the Battle Realms file at the Local disk c or some where you
put it
3. Open AI Profiles
4. Double click any file in there
5. Copy and Paste the items to your recently opened notepad (do not
include the
numbers and the name)
6. Fill it the way you want it! (name it, rate the agresiveness, healer
usage etc.)
7. Save it at the AI Profiles
For Editing an AI Do steps number 2 and 3 and pick any file you want to
edit and do
steps number 4 to 7

Infinite Lotus Consuming Trick:

First, train a Second Tier unit, at least 20 units then command them to
eat one
peasant. After that, click immediately 'The Peasant' and let it enter
the watchtower.
The Second Tier unit will probably eat the base of the watchtower. If
you click all
of the Second Tier unit that ate the watchtower, they will have Battle
Gears without
killing the peasant.

How to Summon Kenji in Skirmish Mode?:

First, make sure that your population is 39/40.
Second, build a keep while the last peasant is generating from the
Peasant Hut.
Third and last, make sure that when the last peasant comes out from the
peasant house,
the keep is already built.
Note: the peasant should come out at the same time with the keep done
in building.

Submitted by: craddle_baby

You can have limitless yin for the serpent even if you are in the
center ring. have
a ronin train yin blade. then find the stone that crack and go there.
after that,
press f and click on the stone then activate the yin blade. and
walllah!!!! but
watch for enemies.

Create any building:

In the Dragon missions, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + a hotkey of a building
in order
to construct a building, even if it is not available yet. Note: This
only works
when you have enough rice and water for the building's cost.

Easy Untamed Horse Attack:

Use a peasant with another warrior and click at the horse. Not only the
tames the horse, the warrior attacks.

More Ninjas:
Use Ronin's Blood Bond at the ninja and enter the ninja to the tower.
(no fan geishas
nearby) Let the ronin kill himself. Meanwhile, click the ninja until
the ronin dies.

Submitted by: ahmad

I got a tips to make a unlimited heroes for dragon 1.built a keep

2.make a hero exept
tao and monk then put the hero into 4 wachtower3.then ctrl d the
keep4.then you built
a keepand you will have another hero.

Submitted by: Kenji

1)Want to destroy any kind of building in one key command? If your

dragon or wolf
go any where near your opponents base if you see a base click it then
use ctrl D.
NOTE: It is much easier for lotus and serpent because they can summon
ninjas use
invisibility then go to your opponents base and use ctrl D,
everywhere ha ha ha
ha joke, Ps:it may only work on battle realms v.1.

2)Want infinite in in lotus? Summon only brothers tausil and lythis not
sek it does
not work on him use force attack at the water using lythis and tausil
keep trying
until they start moving at the water try it its fun you can summon
any zen master
you like but i still worry about your rice and water though.

3)Do you know who is the greatest heroes in battle realms i know it
because i've been
playing these for the last 6 years!DRAGON=Otomo because of his innate
(recovers stamina) SERPENT=Kenji of course but in skirmish Shinja
because of his
poisonous swords, LOTUS=Koril do you know why he can't be hit by
crossbowmens, powder keg cannoneer, samurai's arrows, raiders,
musketeers, chemists,
cannoneers, leaf disciples, unclean ones, hurlers, pitch slingers,
druidress roots and even zen masters that are missile type warriors
or range type
warriors. Thats all for the next edition of cheatbook and maybe next
time i will
tell you how to finish kenji's journey dragon's path or serpent's

Extra Necromancer:
Submitted by: Clarion

1.Sacrifice 4 Ronins to Summon the Necromancer.

(you must have the Necromancer's Throne to do this.)
2.Train 5 more Ronins, having one with a Blood Bond BattleGear.
3.Place 4 Ronins into the Necromancer's Throne. You can see that you
can't summon
the Necromancer yet.
4.Activate the Blood Bond BattleGear to the Necromancer, and let the
enter the Watchtower.
5.Let that Blood-bonded Ronin scout into an enemy's base, making the
HP to zero. Notice that in the Watchtower, the Necromancer doesn't

Result: Another Necromancer emerged in the Necromancer's Throne.

Take Note: A maximum of 5 Necromancers only, since you only build 4
Watchtowers. Also,
if you want to duplicate more Necromancers, let the former Necromancer
STAY in the
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Age of Empires

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Varun the King
Email: vark3 at

In all parts of age of this game before we use all cheats just pause
the game and the press enter and type your cheats. This will decrease
your opponents time. To type the same cheat multiple time:
When we press enter to type a cheatcode, type it once and the select
it all. Copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. Press enter. Now,press Enter again
and hold the Shift button and simply press the "Insert" button.
Again enter and insert. While doing this do forgot to press "shift".

Update by: Luis Mareco Roberto

Update by: t.akileshwar
Update by: carlos

To activate these codes, go to chat mode (Enter), and then type in

the following codes in all caps:

Code Result
PEANUTBUTTER - 1,000,000 food, wood, gold, and stone,
BIGDADDY - cooles Cart with Rocketlauncher
BIG BERTHA - Catapult has range of 16 and area effect diameter of
FLYING DUTCHMAN - Juggernaught can move on land
HOYOHOYO - gives Priest speed of 6 and 600 hit points
ICBM - Ballista has range of 100
NO FOG - turns off Fog of War
REVEAL MAP - reveals entire map
STEROIDS - turns on quick build
HARI KARI - destroys all of your buildings and units
HOME RUN - gives you instant victory in a scenario
DIEDIEDIE - everyone (including you) dies
RESIGN - you resign
REVEAL MAP - reveals the entire map
PEPPERONI PIZZA - give yourself 1,000 food
COINAGE - give yourself 1,000 gold
WOODSTOCK - give yourself 1,000 wood
QUARRY - give yourself 1,000 stone
MEDUSA - All People are Medusa
PHOTON MAN - You become a Fighter with Laserkanon
GAIA - Control the Animals
KILLX - kill Player in Position X (1-8)
DARK RAIN - all composit bowmen become stealth archers
JACK BE NIMLE - catepultes fire out cows and villagers
killercroc - buildings are built fast
BLACK RIDER - creats a new unit
VICTORY - Go to next level

Key Effect
F6 - Full map toggle
F7 - Fog of war toggle
CTRL-Q - Speeds up building
CRTL-G - 1000 gold
CRTL-W - 1000 wood
CRTL-S - 1000 stone
CRTL-F - 1000 food
CRTL-T - New menu under wood, food, gold and stone
CRTL-P - Left click to place more rock

Zeus-turns nuke troopers(E=mc2 trooper)invincable

Upsidflintmobile - gives you super chariot archers

Submitted by

If you are playing a random map. You've got to build a lot of watch
towers so
the enemy's can't attack in you camp. In front off the towers you've
got to
build also a wall so the enemy most come to 1 entrance at your camp,
put all
your troops there and see.

Submitted by: Speedy

Submitted by: Joe Smith

Select the unit or building and press DEL to remove it.

Before you research the temple type in hoyohoyo then when you have
the temple your priest have 1200 hit points.

Submitted by: Vince Behler

Submitted by: Vince Behler

When You Start Type in steroids but the problem is Your Enemy gets
steroids to.

Submitted by: mike

Wen you have push in enter then type dangerousstuff then your money
then all your
men will be set on god-mode and stronger weapons will be increast into
100 damage.

Making your enemies as your ally:

Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

In order to make your enemies as your allies just follow this. First,
build a
very vast military base. Don't concentrate on creating extra villagers.
If you
are playing a random map with more than two enemies then one of them
will be
concentrating to build a forward military base like you and the other
will be
concentrating in creating extra villagers to build temples, markets and
This you could easily see from the mini-map. Now bring your large army
to the
enemy base who concentrates on creating villagers, destroy their wonder
temples. The enemy at once gets stunned to see your ambush attack and
they will
change their diplomatic stance to ally. Atonce you should set your
to ally if you are too late then they will again set their stance to
enemy. Try
it,It really happens. This technique is common to both Age of Empires-I
Age of Empires-Rise of Rome. If more doubts persists, Mail me.

Submitted by: brendan hucker

If you want to win easy you could create your own war thing but if you
something hard you could let all your enemies build up their army while
get a heap of resources build like 50 houses then get all the food you
get after you have heaps of food make 200 villagers at your town center
use them as your army it is way fun.

Submitted by: Paul Van Zweel

Press the enter button for the chat menu and type in the following

code result
tough guy - gives you a hot air balloon with an elite war elephant with
a lazer gun.
popcorn - 1,000;000;000 food,wood,rock, gold
eddboys - get Edd,Ed and Eddy from the Ed,Edd n'Eddy show on cartoon

Submitted by: Mehran Samad Nejad
Disguises composite Bowman as tree when they are at rest.

Black Rider:
Submitted by: Mehran Samad Nejad

Change your heavy Horse Archers into an Black Riders.

Jensen Clark, Submitted the following Information:

Cheat = Steroids
Result = Instantly build buildings,
Train or create villagers, and mine gold or stone or forage for berries
or kill
deer,elephant,alligator,lion. Also train infantry instantly,archur
instantly and
boats instantly! WARNING: other oppenets can use it too.

Submitted by: Marco Alvarez

When playing age of empries I, you can make the biggest empire ever, by
doing this:

Make 30 villageres as fast as you can, and 5 axmen and 5 bowman, for
protect the
town, so with the villagers collect all kind of resources you'll need ,
and advance
through ages with minimal upgrades, now , depending the civ you have
make the best
warrior it has and begin producing as many as your resources allow you,
to upgrade in benefit of the unit you will use. and that's it, when you
are ready,
use all your warrior and go for a absolute victory. Use an cavallary-
civilization for best performance.

Submitted by: raj

The population limit can be incresed to 200 and can be played in age of
empires "the
rise of rome" all u have to do is go to the multiplayer creat a game
with opponent
being the computer. u can adjust the settings by going to the settings
option. There
u can adjust settion and there is an option to change the population
limit to 200
and can also apply cheats. try it...


Submitted by: Snap Dust

In a deathmatch(starting age=iron age)select all ur villagers and build

5 town
centres select 2 of them and build 50 barracks now select 1 barracks
and press
the units hotkey, like this select all barracks and press hotkey one by
one. Units
will be created very quick and population limit will be exceeded by 50
upon how many barracks u have).

The Power of Persuasion:

With the ability to convert enemy forces into friendly units, priests
are also a
very effective (and sneaky) defense against invading armies. Standing
behind a good
set of walls, a well-trained priest can easily convert enemy troops and
give you
forces outside your walls. But certain differences between
civilizations can give
these units an extra edge. Egypt has a great bonus for priests (+3
range), making
them an excellent wonder-defending race. The Choson are also very good
because they
get reduced-cost priests (allowing you to pump out a ton of priests
very quickly).

Submitted by: syarial

If you type the dark rain the composite bowman turn to tree and walk on

To overpopulate, first build something like four Academies. When you
press [F11],
you will see the population. When you get up to 50 on multi-player,
delete something.
Next, click on your Academy then click on the Phalanx or Hoplite about
three to four
times. Do this on the second academy, then the third, and so on. This
will trick the
CPU into thinking you have to have more, so you will have a bigger
army. You can end
up getting 50 or more.

Archers walk on water:

Enable the dark rain code. This will make the archer more powerful and
allow him to
walk across water He will also be disguised as a tree when not moving.

Destroying catapults:
Get any close combat person and attack a catapult. It will not be able
to fire back
because you are too close to it. Note: This also works for anything
else that fires

Priests with 1200HP:

To get the priest with 1200HP, first you must have a temple with NO
Press ENTER and then type in the code hoyohoyo. Your priests will move
very fast
and have 600HP! Now, start advancing everything. There should be an
that says "Double priests' hit points". Click it to advance, and your
priests will
have 1200HP!
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