Season 5 Episode 5 "Christine

Previously On Lost: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) The 06 Getting off the Island. (4.13) Cindy asking if Gary Troupe was alive. (5.2) Gary being sucked into the engine. (1.1) Locke in his coffin. (4.13) Sawyer whispering something into Kate's ear. (4.13) Christine telling Sun she wants to take Widmore down. (5.3) Abaddon meeting with Hurley in Santa Rosa. (4.1) Ben telling Sayid who killed Nadia. (4.9) Jack screaming "We have to go back!" (3.22)

1) EXT. WAREHOUSE. LOS ANGELES. DUSK. A bright red 1958 Plymouth Fury pulls up to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse with the LA skyline in the background. A woman in a long tan coat gets out of the car and she is wearing a black scarf over her head and dark black sunglasses regardless that the sun has almost set. She walks towards the warehouse and as she does this she turns, lowers her sunglasses and looks behind her before she opens the door. This is when we see that it is Christine DeVries. She knocks on the door and it opens. She walks in. Christine DeVries: Hello everyone. The camera turns on who she is talking to and sitting at a round table in the middle of the warehouse is Jack, Kate holding Aaron, Sayid and Sun. The 06 minus Hurley. Sun: Were you followed? Christine: No, I was very careful. Sayid: And where does Widmore think you are? Christine: He thinks I'm visiting my parents. They're having a family memorial for an anniversary of someone's death. Jack stands up, who is now clean shaven and looking much better.

Jack: Frisk her will you? He says this to the person who let Christine in. Christine turns and it is Ben. Ben: Please, remove your coat. Christine takes off her coat and Ben pats her down. Christine: I assure you, there is no need for this. I am (Ben grabs her upper leg and she pauses) on your side. Kate: Yeah, we've heard that one before. Kate says this as she looks at Ben. Ben motions for Christine to sit down. Christine and Ben sit down with the rest of the group. Christine: I thought that there were 6 of you. Where is the last one? Sayid: He isn't accessable at the moment, but we will get him when the time comes. Ben puts papers on the table and gives one to each of them. Ben: So, you all know why we are here, correct? Christine: I have somewhat of an idea, but I'm not sure I know exactly what I can do to help. Ben: You, Ms. DeVries, are going to ensure that Charles Widmore is not in the right state of mind during departure. Christine: And how am I supposed to do that? Ben:

Use your imagination... Now, Bentham has made contact with all of us before his rather untimely demise. He has told us all something very valuable. Kate: Which is? Ben: Who is on the list. Jack: Well, isn't that where the problem starts? Ben: Yes, yes it is... So far there are only 6 of us ready to go. We need to get the other 4 on board. Christine: And they are? Ben: First, let us focus on Hugo. Sayid, you can pull that off right? Sayid: Sure. Ben: Good, the next is going to be difficult, but I think we can get him.... Christine, you got Charles... and lastly, we have Desmond Hume. Any ideas? Jack: I can tell you this much, he's not going to go easily. Jack says this as he notices Christine fidgiting with her blackberry. Jack: Look, I really don't know who this woman is and I don't like the fact she is even here. We can do this without her! Just as Jack says this, the warehouse doors open. Someone walks in, but because of the lighting we can't make out who it is until there is a second figure and the door closes behind them. We realize now who it is. It is Penny and Desmond. Penny:

You can trust her and you most certainly do need her. She has just as much reason to cross my father as anyone else here. Penny says this as she looks at Christine sitting there. The camera pans to Christine's face and the flash sound begins.... 2) --FLASH-- EXT. LONDON. ON THE LONDON EYE. DAY. (MAY 2001). Christine DeVries is on the London Eye near the top when she gets a phone call on her cell phone. She answers the call. Christine: Hello? Oh, Penelope! So nice to hear from you! You don't say... he did it? Desmond actually started the boat race? Listen, I can't really talk right now, but I will call you back. Byebye. Christine pushes the end button. She looks out the window from the top of the "Eye" and then turns, puts her arm around and says to a man standing beside her: Christine: This is amazing isn't it? It's so romantic. The Man: Yeah, too bad I'm your brother... The man turns his head as he says this and we see that it is George Minkowski. Christine: Eh, so be it. I'm so glad you came to London to visit with me! George: I am glad you paid for it! I can't believe how much you made working for Mr. Widmore already. Christine: I know, right? Listen, you will find another job soon. It isn't the end of the world, now is it? George: No, I suppose not, but being forced to retire after 20 years with the Navy... I don't know what I could do. Christine: Well, at least now, you can live more of your live above the surface instead of in those cramped nuclear subs. George:

You just hate anything with the word nuclear in it, you hippie. They both begin to laugh, but suddenly George starts to faint and Christine grabs on to him. She sits him down on the floor and other people in the cabin they are in begin to look worried. Christine: George, what the hell... are you alright? What happened? George looks rather dazed. George: I was just on a boat.... Desmond was there... Christine: George, what the hell are you talking about? You are in London, on the ferris wheel... You must not have taken your insulin... George grabs Christine's arm and looks at her very intently. George: No, Christine, I was on Widmore's frieghter... and Desmond was there. It's happening to him too! He said something about Penny and... With this, George passes back out. Christine looks up and at the other passengers. Christine: George? He's a diabetic, if he doesn't have his shots sometimes he hallucinates... someone hit the emergency button! Christine goes back to tending to George. Another passenger hits the emergency button and the Eye starts to move again. She is petting George's head as the camera focuses on his face and..... (6:30) w/Previously (9:45) w/Commercial

--Commercial Break-3) INT. WAREHOUSE. LOS ANGELES. NIGHT. Penny and Desmond walk in to join the others at their meeting. Jack gets up and gives Desmond a hand-shake hug as does Sayid. Penny greets Kate and Sun. Ben just sits there. Ben:

Great, now that we had our emotional reunion can we get on with it? Kate gives Ben a disgusted look. Penny and Desmond sit down in the extra chairs. Sayid: Desmond, what are you doing here? How did you know? Desmond: Sun told us what was going on before she left Korea. We've been hiding out on a houseboat in the Soeul Harbor. Jack: So, does this mean you're willing to go back... to the island? Desmond: Not exactly. Kate: Then why are you here? Penny: We want to help you regardless if Desmond goes back with you. Jack: According to Locke when he spoke to us, it won't work unless you went back too. Desmond: Well, brotha, I don't think I am willing to put myself back on that damn island for another 3 years. I've missed out on too much. Sun: What about the others, our friends we left behind? Like Claire? Jack gives Kate a "we know a secret" glance. Desmond: I don't know what to tell you, lass. Ben is just sitting there not saying anything watching this all play out. He then raises an eyebrow and chimes in. Ben:

John never said that we specifically needed Desmond. In fact, I don't think we would, according to the equation. But, tell me, how do you want to help? Penny: Sun tells us that you need a boat that is capable of sailing with a heavy load on board. I can provide that. Desmond: Ay, and I can sail it. Ben: That would be fantastic, absolutely fantastic... well, that takes care of that issue. Moving on.... Christine: Wait a minute... before you go on. Ben, you said something about the equation. Well, Widmore found something wrong with it. Jack: Widmore has the equation?! Seriously?! Kate: Settle down, Jack. What was wrong with it Christine? Christine gives Jack a very uncertain look as Jack looks at her with much distrust. Christine: He said that the equation you used, the Valenzetti is it? Well, he said you didn't take into account the number of possible outcomes. He said that the equation is incomplete. Ben: Damn it, that is why I didn't want you killing your father, Sun! Everyone looks at Sun in much shock. Sun sits there and peevishly looks downwards. Sayid starts a question to take the focus off of her. Sayid: That is the problem Paik was having too. We need to find someone who can fix it... someone who understands the problem. Kate: Who? Ben:

I will figure something out. Alright everyone, this has been awesome and all, but we have work to do. I will contact you all soon. They all get up. Ben nods to Sayid to come talk to him. Kate and Jack stay seated and talk. Penny, Christine and Desmond talk with Sun. We focus on Ben talking with Sayid aside. Ben: We need to figure out who can solve this problem with the equation. Sayid: I thought we needed Desmond. Ben: We do, but with them ferrying us to the departure site, it will be really easy to get him to join. Sayid: You don't mean... Ben: Yeah, we may have to add a name back on to our hitlist. The focus is now on Jack and Kate talking at the table. Kate: So, how have you been? Jack: I'm good... I shaved! Kate: I see that, you look good. Aaron, now three years old asks for juice and goes to Jack. Kate: Oh, sorry honey, we will get some in a bit... Jack: There, I think I saw some in that fridge over there. Kate gets up and walks over to a refridgerator that is next to a freezer chest.

Kate: This one? She points to the freezer chest. Jack isn't paying attention because he is playing with Aaron and just shakes his head yes. Kate opens the freezer chest and Jack glances over at her as she does. He screams: Jack: No! The other one! It is too late and Kate opens the freezer. She opens it and screams. Locke's body is in the freezer. Kate shuts it slowly and goes to the fridgerator, gets a juice and turns to look at Jack. Jack: Sorry... we have to keep him somewhere. Kate: Yeah, you should probably put a lock on that. Sayid is walking out, but before he goes he interrupts Christine from her conversation. Sayid: Ben wants to see you. Christine looks hesitantly towards Ben then walks over to him. Ben: From what I understand, you are quite the imposter, now aren't you? Christine: How do you mean? Ben: You fooled an entire publishing company into thinking that you were their cheif editor when you dealt with Gary Troup, now didn't you? Not to mention, you fooled Australians into thinking you, yourself, are an Australian. Christine: I, uh.... (4:25) Christine seems to look very distracted at the comment. The flashback sound begins and...

4) INT. TALL OFFICE TOWER. DOWNTOWN SYDNEY. MORNING. (SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2004 CRASH DAY-). We see Christine DeVries sitting in an office with a beautiful view of Sydney behind her. A woman comes in, her secretary. The woman is rather old. Christine speaks to her in an Australian accent. Mrs. Leigh. Mrs. DeVries? Christine: Yes, Mrs. Leigh? Mrs. Leigh: There is a Gary Troupe out here to see you. Christine: Send him in, please.... oh wait! Mrs. Leigh, can you tell him to give me a minute. He is my first client here and I need to calm my nerves. Mrs. Leigh: Of course, but you shouldn't worry, my dear. With your background, this should be a cinch. Mrs. Leigh walks out and Christine rolls her eyes. She quickly dials her cell phone. Christine: Mr. Widmore, he's here. 5) INT. WIDMORE'S PENTHOUSE. LONDON. NIGHT. Widmore is on the other end of the phone. The camera shows each character when they speak. Charles: Don't worry, just stick to the story and he will certainly take Paik's name out of this book. Remember, tell him Paik is a very private man and will most definately sue him. I can't publically be associated with Paik, it is too risky. Christine: Got it. Charles: There is one more thing I need you to do for me.

Christine: What is it? Charles: You got the tickets I sent you so that you could get to Los Angeles tonight? Christine: Yes, thank you. Charles: Don't thank me yet, I need you to pursuade Troupe to trade tickets with you. I need him on that flight to ensure that he gets back later than he intended. Christine: But, I'm traveling with... Charles: I don't care. I need you to do this. Your plane is full and I need him on it. You can meet whomever you are traveling with at the gate when they get there. Christine: Very well, Mr. Widmore. Charles: Good luck, don't forget... trade tickets. Christine: Goodbye. Charles: Ms. DeVries, you'll see, the outcome will be in your favour and you will be getting a big bonus for this. Just as Christine hangs up the phone, Gary Troupe walks into her office. She stands up to greet him. She puts her phoney accent on again. Christine: Ah, Mr. Troupe, please, won't you have a seat? As Gary walks in to have a seat, Christine quickly puts her Oceanic tickets on the edge of the desk infront of where he will be sitting. Gary has a seat and Mrs. Leigh closes the door with the camera on the other side so we don't see what is going on inside the office.... flash sound....

6) --END OF FLASH-- INT. WAREHOUSE. LOS ANGELES. NIGHT. The flash ends and Ben is snapping his fingers in Christine's face. Christine: Sorry, you were saying? Ben: I need you to play the roll of a Child Protection's Officer. Do you think you can handle that? Christine: What!? Why?! Ben: Ms. DeVries, you are going to get Walter Lloyd. 2:00 16:05 (18:20 w/2 comms) --Commercial Break-7) --FLASH-- INT. SYDNEY AIRPORT. DAY. (SEPTEMBER 22nd,2004. -CRASH DAY-). Christine is walking through the airport terminal and passes by some familiar faces. She is walking and she passes by Cindy talking with Captain Stewart (the pilot and man who tried to adopt Aaron from Claire that we saw in 5.2) in the foodcourt. Christine continues walking and someone opens a door infront of her and she is almost walked directly into by Bernard. Bernard: Oh, I am so sorry Miss. I almost bumped you over. Christine: It's completely fine sir. Bernard: My fault, I thought this was the bathroom... Christine smiles at him, but doesn't take much note in it. The door shuts behind Bernard and it says "Employees Only." Christine contines on and she picks up her cell phone and dials. As she is speaking to Brian we see in the backgroud the commotion going on with Sayid and the security guards. Christine:

Brian, I am so happy you answered. I need you to do me a huge favor... I have to take an earlier flight to Los Angeles... Yeah... So, what I need you to do is... Right. I will be at the gate waiting... It won't be that big of a deal, there aren't any stop overs. Well, pack some books or something... I'm not getting into that now... I will talk to you later. Right, tell them I love them. Christine hangs up the phone. She walks over to the waiting area and takes a seat next to a man. The camera pans up to the man and it is Dr. Leslie Arzt. He looks up at her. Dr. Arzt: Hello there, oh let me move my things... this airport is quite over-crowded. It is probably a fire hazard or something... Christine just looks at him and shakes her head in a "thank you" manner. Dr. Arzt puts his hand out to introduce himself. Dr. Arzt: My name is Leslie Arzt, Dr. Christine: Hello, Dr. Artz, is it? Dr. Arzt: No, it is Ar-zt. Christine: My bad, I'm sorry. An awkward few seconds go by and Arzt is looking at Christine. Dr. Arzt: So, tell me, where you flying to? Christine: Los Angeles...I'm going to meet... Dr. Arzt: I am going to LA too. I was here to meet a woman I met off the internet and she left me.... oh, listen to me, rambling on. That isn't a good way to make a good first impression... Just then Gary Troupe comes over and taps Christine on the shoulder. Christine looks at him and jumps up. Christine:

Oh, Gary! Fancy running into you here. Christine realizes that she doesn't have her Australian accent on and her eyes get huge. Gary Troupe: I'm sorry, I could have sworn you just had an American accent. Dr. Arzt is listening in. She puts her accent on. Christine: Really? Well..... I was just practicing it with this man here. Gary, this is Leslie Arzt. Gary Troupe: Pleasure to meet you. Listen, I wanted to thank you for making me switch tickets with you. I wound up on the same flight as my girlfriend, Cindy. Christine: Well, that is a coincidence, now isn't it? Gary Troupe: Well, not a big of one as you would think. She is actually a flight attendant for Oceanic. I decided I was going to hide out on the plane until we were about to land in LA and pop the question to her. Christine: Oh my, that is so sweet! How romantic! Gary Troupe: Wait a second, what are you still doing here? The plane I was on was supposed to leave 2 hours ago. Christine: Yeah, it turns out the flight you had leaves thirty minutes before the flight I was on. It was delayed. Gary Troupe: Oh, well, if you wanted, I could switch you back so that you could travel with the rest of your group. Christine: Really? Wow! That would be amazing! You would really do that? Gary Troupe:

Sure, it's no problem. Christine fumbles for her ticket. Then she realizes what Gary had just told her. Christine: I can't do that. You just told me your plan to propose. It's a beautiful idea. Gary Troupe: Oh, I had another plan to do it in LA. I was going to pop the question to her on Judy Garland's star on the "Walk of Fame." She has a thing for "The Wizard of Oz." Christine looks down and thinks for a second. Christine: You know what, Gary, this plan is much more romantic. Keep the ticket. Gary Troupe: You think? Alright, well... thanks again! You take care! Gary walks off and Christine sits down next to Arzt again. Dr. Arzt: So, what was the accent all about? Are you an international prostitute or something? With that said, Christine gets up and walks away from Arzt past the camera as the flash sound starts with Arzt sitting there as he puts his hands on his head. (4:15) 8) --END OF FLASH-- INT. AIRPLANE. SOMEWHERE OVER THE MIDWEST. DAY. Christine is on a plane with Jack sitting next to her. She just woke up from the dream/ flash that she was having. She takes a second to realize where she is and when she looks and sees Jack next to her she looks annoyed. Christine: Oh, how long was I out for? Jack: About 3 hours. I take it you didn't sleep much last night. Christine: No, I couldn't sleep. Jack:

Mind if I ask why? Christine: The anniversary of someone's death I told you guys about last night, it was for my brother. Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. How long has it been since he... Christine: Oh, man, I'm not exactly sure. You would have to ask Desmond that. Jack: Desmond? Why? Christine: He was the last one to see him alive on the freighter before he had a brain anurism. Jack: What? I don't... Christine gets a little hostile. Christine: It was George Minkowski... that was my brother... Now do you understand why I hate Charles Widmore and I'm on your side? I know that's why you came with me Jack. You can stop thinking that I'm in this for Widmore... I-AM-ON-YOUR-TEAM. Jack: I, um, I don't know what to say, I... Christine: Just don't say anything. Wake me when we get to New York.... and figure out what the hell I'm supposed to say to Walter's grandmother. Christine rolls over and looks out the window. Jack makes the typical "I'm an ass for that comment" face.

9) INT. SANTA ROSA MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTE. DAY. Ben walks into the reception area of the institution. He goes to the desk. Nurse:

May I help you? Ben: Yes, I am here to visit with Mr. Hugo Reyes. Nurse: I'm sorry, you have to check with Dr. Curtis because anyone can visit Hugo and Dr. Curtis isn't in today. Ben: I assure you, Ms.... Ben looks at her nametag. It says Linus. Ben: Linus? What an odd coincidence. That's my last name. Nurse: Nice try, sir. We've been having some incidents with visitors, so you have to make an apointment with Dr. Curtis... Just then a voice interjects. Sun: That shouldn't be necessary. He's with me. Nurse: Oh, Sun Kwon?! You're another O6er! In that case, right this way... Ben looks at Sun in astonishment. Sun: You're welcome.... wait out here, I don't want him to freak out when he sees you. The two of them follow the nurse and Ben walks in and sits down at a table, picks up a book and covers his face with it. The book is Stephen King's "Christine." Sun continues on over to Hurley and taps him on the shoulder. He turns and sees her and jumps up. Hurley: Sun! What are you doing here? Sun: I was in the neighborhood and I thought I would drop in to see you.

Hurley: I haven't seen you since we went to Jin's... Sun: It's fine Hurley. Bentham told me that Jin is alive. Hurley: Oh, he talked to you too? Sun: He talked to all of us. Hurley looks down, sad. Hurley: I wouldn't know. Nobody visits me anymore... unless they want something... or if they're dead... Sun: What makes you think I want something? Hurley points in the direction of Ben. Hurley: Why else would you be here with him? The camera pans back to Ben who is giving a strange look to the patient next to him as the patient throws a piece of watermellon at Ben's face. Hurley: What do you guys want? Sun: We need your help in finding someone, someone you may know here. Sun motions for Ben to come over. Ben walks over and sits down next to her across from Hurley. Ben: Hello Hugo. Hurley:

Hi. Bens demeaner becomes genuine and sincere. Ben: Just so you know, I don't think you belong here. Hurley: Thanks, but.. I wanna be here. Ben: Why is that? Hurley: For protection. Ben: From who? Hurley: The scary bald man. Ben: He's dead, Hugo. I don't know if you heard. Hurley: Not Locke.... um, Bentham. Matthew Abaddon, he said he was from Oceanic. Ben gets a look of surprise on his face. Ben: Abaddon? Hurley: Yeah and he's been here to see me, asking questions about who's still on the island. Other times he just comes and watches me. Ben turns to Sun and says quietly: Ben: We need to hurry this up. Hurley:

Dude, I can still hear you. Who do you want to find? Ben: In your journals you wrote when you used to be institutionalized here, I came across a name... Hurley: What?! You read my journals? Those are like... private! Ben: I know everything about everyone.... for instance, did you know that Sun lost her virginity 3 days before her wedding? I guess she couldn't wait. Sun: How the... how did you know that?! Ben: I have extensive files on everyone who crashed on the island... now Hurley, you wrote about a man that would chant the numbers... Hurley: Leonard... dude, he was nuts. Ben: Apparently not as nuts as you think he was... Ben hands Hurley a file. Hurley opens it and it is the numbers written over and over along with equations. Hundreds of equations. As Hurley is looking at it Ben Says: Ben: I got these from the files they had on him when he first got here. Hurley: This doesn't prove anything. Ben: That last equation, Hurley, that is the closest anyone has ever got to solving the Velenzetti Equation. We need him to help us. Hurley: Help you what? Get back to the island?... Dude, good luck. Leonard was released last week.

Ben: He was? Sun: Where is he? Do you know? Hurley: His sister took him home... and I saw the bald man follow them. The music builds as Ben looks at Sun then back to Hurley. Ben: That isn't good, that really isn't good. The music continues to build until black screen. (11:20) (31:15) w/3 comms. --Commercial Break-10) EXT. INSIDE CAR. OUTSIDE WALT'S HOME. NEW YORK CITY. AFTERNOON. Jack and Christine sit outside of Walt's home in a rented car. Christine looks very nervous and Jack sits in the drivers seat looking rather calm. Jack: You can do this. Christine: What if I freak out or if his grandmother wants to call someone? This whole thing is so stupid. Why don't you just grab him? Jack: Because we aren't sure if he would even want to go. We need to get him alone, away from his grandmother to talk to him. This is the best way. Christine: I feel like a con-man. Jack: You get used to it. Just be calm. Count to five... Christine:

Oh, cut the crap, Jack... Christine gets out of the car and begins to walk towards the house. Jack leans over and taps on the window. Christine looks back and Jack is holding up her fake badge, smiling. She runs back and grabs it off of him in haste. She walks up the walk to the door and knocks very loudly. The door slowly opens and Walt's grandmother is standing there. Mrs. Dawson: Yes, may I help you. Christine: Mrs. Dawson, my name is Agent Cunningham with the Child Welfare Department. May I come in? Mrs. Dawson opens the screen door and lets Christine in. She offers her a seat. Christine: No, thank you ma'am, I'd rather stand. Mrs. Dawson: What is this all about then? Christine: I have reason to believe that Walter Lloyd may be in danger here and I am here to escort him downtown to our office to talk with him. Mrs. Dawson: What? He has been living with me for the past 3 years and there has never been any sort of problem. Christine: This matter, I think you know, is in regards to the fact that Walter Lloyd is not supposed to be in your custody, Mrs. Dawson. To the best of my knowledge, he should be under the care of one... Christine looks down at her paper... Christine: Brian Porter.... Brian Porter?! Christine gets a look of massive shock on her face. She composes herself for a moment then Walt comes down the stairs and him and Christine just look at eachother. Walt: What are you doing here?

Christine: I, um, I'm here to take you downtown for some questioning. It seems (she caughs) that we have a lot to talk about. Walt: Wait a minute, I know you from somewhere... Christine drops her head and looks back up at Walt like "shut up now." Mrs. Dawson: Walt, do you know this woman? Walt looks at Christine who is shaking her head in a "no" manner. Walt studies her for a minute... Walt:, I don't know her. The camera focuses on Christine and the flash sound begins.... 11) INT. SYDNEY AIRPORT. DAY. (SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2004 -CRASH DAY-) The flash continues from where Christine walked away from Dr. Arzt and she walks over and sits down in what appears to be some empty seats. She takes out a book and she begins to read. The book is "Hindsight." Just then she hears someone say something. She lowers her book and Walt is standing there. Walt: You're in my seat. Christine: Oh, I'm sorry, here I'll move... Walt: Nah, it's ok. I'm sorry... I'm just in a bad mood. Christine puts her book down. Christine: Why's that? Walt: You wouldn't understand.

Christine: Try me, I have a daughter about your age. Walt: Does she know her father? Christine: Excuse me? Walt: Does she know her father? Christine thinks for a second about this odd question, but continues with a true answer: Christine: Well, to be honest with you, not really, no.... she sees him maybe once a year. She lives in Los Angeles with my parents. Why do you ask? Walt: Well, I just met mine and he is taking me back to New York with him. Christine: I'm sorry, I don't really understand. Walt: My mother just died and now I have to go live with him in the United States. Christine sighs in an apathetic way. Christine: I'm so sorry to hear that.... But, you need someone to take care of you now, don't you? Walt: No, I have a step father, but my dad is making me leave him. Brian is everything I know as a father... I may not like him a whole lot, but at least I know him. Christine: Brian is the name of my ex-husband... Christine whispers to Walt: Christine:

...and between you and me, I don't like him much either. Walt smiles. Christine does too. Christine: Well, you have to look at it this way... think of it as a new start. If you didn't get along with Brian too well, maybe you can get along with your real dad better. Not too many kids have a shot at a do-over with a second dad. Walt: What happens if I don't like this one either? Christine: Well, you have to make the best of it. This is probably new for him too right? Walt: Yeah... Christine: Well, you have to try together then... besides, New York City is a pretty great place to get to know someone. You'll never run out of things to do together. Walt: Yeah, I guess that's true. Christine: Speaking of, where is your father? Walt points to Michael on the payphones. Walt: He's over there on the phone trying to pawn me off on his mother. Christine looks a little embarassed and looks the other direction. Walt realizes what he has just said. Walt: I didn't mean it like that... I'm sorry... Christine: No, it's ok. And you know what, you're right. I decided that my career was more important and left my kids with my parents in LA. Lately though, I've realized that they are much more important than my work... I'm going to try to be more a part of their lives... maybe have them move to London with me or something.

Walt: They would probably like that. Christine: Well, for what it's worth, you gave me a real idea of how they are probably feeling about the situation I put them in. Walt: You're a real nice lady, you know that? Christine: Thank you, my name is Christine... Walt: My name's Walt. Walt puts his hand out and they shake hands and smile. The flash sound comes on ..... 12) --END OF FLASH-- INT. MRS. DAWSON'S HOUSE. NEW YORK CITY, NY. AFTERNOON. Walt and Christine are standing there looking at eachother with Mrs. Dawson standing between them. Mrs. Dawson: Look, there must be some kind of mix-up here. My boy's name isn't Walter Lloyd, it's.. Walt: Grandma, it's ok. I'll go with her... I will be back in a little bit, all-right? Christine: I will make sure he is safe, ok Mrs. Dawson? Mrs. Dawson: ...Ok. Walt, I hope you know what you're doing... Mrs. Dawson kisses Walt on the cheek and Walt walks out the door with Christine behind him. They walk down the sidewalk... Christine: Thank you. Walt:

Don't mention it, but what are you doing here? Christine: I'll explain in the car. They get into the car, Walt in the backseat. He looks up and sees Jack. Jack: Hey Walt. (7:15) 13) EXT. IN A CAR. SOMEWHERE IN SUBURBAN LA. DAY. Sun and Ben are sitting in a car outside a house watching a man sit on a front porch playing "Connect Four" by himself. Ben: Well, that's him. Sun: And who is this man that has followed him? Ben: His name is Matthew Abaddon. Sun: And he does what, exactly? Ben: Let me worry about that, all you need to know is that he is a bad guy. Sun gets rather angry. Something we have been seeing a lot lately. Sun: Look, I am done with you keeping me in the dark with everything. I've been doing nothing but helping you out the past few months. The least you could do is be honest with me. Ben: To be completely honest with you, Sun... I don't know. All I know is that he was associated with Hanso, but went rogue. Sun:

Well, that's reassuring. Ben: We are going to need to bait him away from his house... Sun: We're going to need to break Hurley out of there sooner than we thought... aren't we? Ben: Yep. 14) EXT. IN A CAR. HIGHWAY TO AIRPORT, NEW YORK CITY, NY. DUSK Jack, Christine and Walt are all in the car going to JFK airport. "California Dreamin'" is playing on the radio, but Jack turns it down. Jack: So, your grandmother understands you won't be back for a while then, right? Walt: Yeah... I told her that I knew you from the plane. She knows you're famous so you won't hurt me... Christine: Famous people don't hurt anyone, huh? Walt: I told her you were taking me to see my dad. You are, right? Jack looks down then out the window avoiding any direct contact with Walt. Jack: Yeah, that's right, Walt. Christine: So, it's all set then right? We're good to go? Jack: What do you mean we? Christine: Oh, I meant, you... you should be set to go...

Jack looks at Christine with a hesitant eye. Jack: Yeah, once they figure out the last part of that equation. Christine sits back and turns the song back up. They drive along for a few minutes and Christine looks back at Walt, then out the window to her right. She looks forward again, then sharply looks back out the window. In the car beside them looking at her is Matthew Abaddon. Christine: Oh no... no! Jack: What?! What is it?! Christine: The man... in the car next to us... I've seen him before. He's been in Widmore's office... Abaddon is looks back at Christine who puts her hand up to block his view. Christine: This isn't good, this can't be good. He had to have been following us from Walt's house. Jack: So we lose him. Jack speeds up the car and weaves in and out trying to lose Abaddon who is in hot pursuit. Christine: This means Widmore knows I'm working with you guys... Jack: Hold on! Jack slams the breaks on, but doesn't actually stop forcing the cars behind him on the freeway to slam their breaks on. Cars behind him begin to slam into eachother... including Abaddon. Walt: That was awesome! Christine looks extremely worried. She looks at Jack as he takes the exit to the airport.

Christine: Widmore knows... he must know everything... Jack: So there must be someone telling him everything. Christine: But, who? The camera pans on all 3 of them, the shows the car as Jack drives into the departures terminal. (43:00) (46:15) w/commercial --Commercial-15) EXT. GRAVEYARD. TUSTIN, CA. NIGHT. Sayid is walking through a graveyard and walks up to Nadia's gravestone. He is holding flowers. He looks at the gravestone and sits down next to it. He begins to cry. Sayid: I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've come to see you. He sits the flowers down on the grave. Sayid: I never meant to get you involved with all of this.... but I swear to you, I swear that I will take them all down if I have to... I know it sounds as if I am possessed with revenge, but I am doing it for you... for my love of you. The camera takes a distant shot of Sayid, but the view is through that of some kind of night vision binoculars. 16) INT. KATE'S HOME. LOS ANGELES. NIGHT. Kate is in the kitchen getting a few beers. She walks out and goes into the living room. Kate: It's so nice that the kids are finally asleep. Kate hands a beer to someone and we see that it is Cassidy. Cassidy: Yeah, motherhood can be so exhausting.

Kate: It most certainly can... Cassidy: So, when are you going to tell me... Kate: Tell you what? Cassidy: Who the mystery man is... who's the father?! Kate: I already told you, he was some guy I met in Australia. He doesn't even know he has a son. Cassidy: Well, I'm sure he has seen you on the news. He can't put two and two together? Kate: He wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box... if you know what I mean. The two of them laugh. Cassidy: Yeah, most men aren't. The two sit there for a moment. It is quiet. Cassidy: Look...I want to tell you again, just how thankful I am for all your... Kate: I told you to stop with that. I got a huge settlement and you're in the same boat as me... single mother... a criminal record... Cassidy: I know, but the fact you sought me out to help me. I really appreciate it. Clementine will never have to worry about anything... That rat bastard of a father of hers... he lied to me about the money in Arizona. Kate:

He didn't lie, the government lied to him about his share. It wasn't his fault. Sawyer was a good man. Kate stops herself... Cassidy: You talk about him as if you know him... Kate: Well, what I meant was that.... he had all the right intentions. He wanted you to have that money. Cassidy: I guess... Kate: Listen, I want you to do something for me... Kate gets up and walks to her desk in the corner of the room. She pulls out a manilla folder and grabs a pen. She walks back over to Cassidy and hands her the folder. Cassidy: What's this? Kate: Just read it. Cassidy opens the folder and reads through the text for a few moments. Cassidy: You have got to be kidding me. I can't do this! Kate: You're the only friend in this whole world that I have. Cassidy: What about your mother... or your father? Kate: I don't have a mother or father. I want nothing to do with them. Cassidy: This is a huge deal, Kate. I mean... a really huge deal.

Kate: Well, if anything happens to me, I want you to have it. I want you to have it all. Cassidy: And you trust me enough to do this? Kate: I do. For the past three years you have been nothing, but supportive of me and well, you're my only family I got. Cassidy: I would be honored. Cassidy takes the pen and signs the document. She puts it back down on the table. She then stands up and motions for Kate to give her a hug. The two hug and as they are hugging: Cassidy: If anything happens to you, I promise, I will take care of Aaron like he's my own. The camera shows Kates face on the shoulder of Cassidy. She closes her eyes and a tear streams down. Kate: I just hope it doesn't come down to that. INT. LAX. LOS ANGELES. NIGHT. Jack, Walt and Christine are walking through the airport. It is very late and it shows on all of their faces. Jack: Hold up. I need to use the bathrooms. Jack puts his bag down and walks off towards the restrooms. Walt and Christine sit down in one of the boarding areas. Walt: So, you were right, you know. Christine: About what?

Walt: Having a second shot with another dad. I really like mine. Christine: That's great! Walt: I found out he did some bad things, but... he did them for me. I forgive him. Christine: Well, I'm happy that things worked out for you then. Walt: How about you? Did you have your kids move to London with you? Christine suddenly has tears in her eyes. She looks down. Christine: Not exactly... Christine is looking at the boarding desk at the gate. The gate is 15B. The flash sound begins. INT. LAX. GATE 15B. EVENING. (SEPTEMBER 22nd 2004). *this is accurate date due to Intl' Time Line. Christine is sleeping on a chair in one of the seats in the waiting area. She is woken up by a man who slams his bags down beside her. She takes a moment to realize where she is. Suddenly, she jumps up and runs to the airline attendant at the boarding desk. Christine: Excuse me, this is rediculious! I have been waiting here for the past... She looks at her watch. Christine: Ah, damn it, I don't know with the time difference, but I've been here forever! Has 815 gotten in yet? The airline attendant eyes shift around and she looks down then back at Christine. She points to the TV's on the wall across the waiting area. Attendant: I am so sorry, Miss.

Christine looks confused and she walks over to the TVs. There are people chattering all around her. She sees on the screen a reporter with the Oceanic Logo with an airplaine and a "?" mark superimposed over her right shoulder. The numbers 815 pop up on the screen. Christine: Everyone! SHUT UP! The audio becomes clear because the crowd quiets down. Reporter: ... the flight departed from Sydney 2:15p.m. Sydney time and has been deemed missing for an undisclosed amount of time. Airline officials are not officially saying whether or not the plane has crashed, but experts say that there isn't enough fuel on he plane to still be in the air. The phone lines at Oceanic Airlines have been replaced with automated recordings asking family and friends of the passengers to stay calm and that they will be notified as soon as more information comes to light. With that, Christine begins to walk backwards towards the seats. She falls backwards down on one of them and she opens her bag. She takes out her wallet and she is looking through it. She glances back up at the TV screens and the news is showing pictures of some of the people who were on board from scanned passport photos provided by Oceanic. Some of the photos show "Rock Legend" Charlie Pace, "Best-Selling Author" Gary Troupe, "Fugitive" Kate Austen, "Science Teacher" Leslie Arzt, then a photo of Zach followed by a photo of Emma. Christine's eyes get huge and she looks down to her wallet where on the front she has a photo of her with Zach and Emma. They are her children. She looks back up and she has a hindsight flash within a flash of: 1) Troupe and her trading tickets. 2) Widmore telling her how important it was for her to trade him. 3) The last time she saw her children. 4) Widmore telling her that the "outcome will be in your favour." Christine breaks down and begins to sob uncontrolably as she sees a photo of her and Widmore, she takes it out of her wallet and she looks at his face with total fury. She rips up the picture in total anger. She then looks at the photo of Zach and Emma again. The camera holds on the photo, the music builds and.... (4:40) (60:05) w/comms and credits.

On the Next LOST: VO: The Question You Have Been Waiting for Will Be Answered and Someone Else Finds Rescue.... Flash Sequence:

1) Jin in the ocean. 2) A ship. 3) A new character (African American Man 40's). 4) Another new character (Blond Man 30's). 5) The Orchid. 6) The Black Rock. 7) The Frenchman from 5.4. 8) Ben. 9) Hazmat Suits. VO: Or Does Rescue need Rescue? On the Next LOST. Cast in Order of Appearance: Christine DeVries..........Jody Thompson Sun Kwon...................Yunjin Kim Sayid Jarrah................Naveen Andrews Jack Shephard.............Matthew Fox Ben Linus....................Michael Emerson Kate Austen................Evangeline Lilly Aaron Littleton/Austen..??? Penelope Widmore........Sonya Walger George Minkowski.........Fisher Stevens Desmond Hume............Henry Ian Cusick John Locke.................Terry O'Quinn Mrs. Leigh.................. Charles Widmore..........Alan Dale Gary Troupe...............Laird Granger Cindy Chandler............Kimberley Joseph Captain Joe Stewart....??? Bernard Nadler............Sam Anderson Dr. Leslie Arzt.............Daniel Roebuck Nurse........................ Hurley Reyes...............Jorge Garcia Mrs. Dawson...............Starletta DuPois Walter Lloyd...............Malcolm David Kelley Michael Dawson..........Harold Perrineau Jr. Leonard Simms............Ron Bottitta Matthew Abaddon........Lance Reddick Cassidy Phillips............Kim Dickens Airline Attendant......... Questions Answered: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Who Zach and Emma's mom was who was waiting at the LA airport. Widmore had something to do with 815 going down. Kate helped out Cassidy for Sawyer. Minkowski's "ferris wheel" flash and where he was. Everyone who has to go back to the island.

Questions Asked: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Why does Ben want Leonard and what does he expect him to do? Who is Abaddon and how is he a bad guy? Why is Kate giving custody to Cassidy? What are Ben's plans to get Desmond to go along? Why does Ben want Charles to be in a "not right state of mind?"