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Volume 2

Issue 1 Birthplace of the Civil Air Patrol Feb 2007

Inside this issue: Commander’s Corner

Commanders Corner
Lone Eagle / Gen Antonio Pineda
It’s All In The Numbers
C ongratulations and thanks to
each of you, officer and cadet
alike, who made 2006 an out-
standing year for New Jersey Wing!
missions with a num-
ber of county, state
and regional agencies.
We strengthened our
First, and foremost, we had a legislative liaison team
safe year with no serious injuries, and a and developed a plan
Editorial 2 number of lesser incidents were han- for increasing govern-
Wing Calendar 3 dled with skill. We focused on building ment support in 2007
one team by improving communications and beyond. I am truly
Wing Conference Agenda 3 up and down the chain of command and proud of our cadets, all across the wing,
by strengthening our leaders. We also who continued to demonstrate self-
Finds 4
set our sights on improving readiness mastery, leadership, and who supported
Cape May Sq., Wreaths 5 by developing and implementing an our primary programs and missions for
incredible array of innovative, wing-wide America. We enjoyed a quantum in-
Where Are They Now 6 ES training programs. crease in newspaper and television cov-
We stood up a wing-level fund- erage through the hard work of our pub-
The Bone Yard 6
raising leadership team that achieved lic affairs team. Finally, working with
Group 224 News 8-10 outstanding first year successes. Mon- senior commanders and wing staff, we
ies raised to date will be used to lower crowned the year’s activities with a stra-
Unit News Section 11-12 the cost of key cadet programs in 2007, tegic planning and goal setting session
such as the Basic Encampment and that will define our direction for the next
Cadet News Section 13
Falcon Flight Encampment, and invest five years.
NJ Wing Department News 14 in special Emergency Services equip- Moving forward in 2007, I ask
ment such as a portable satellite radio, for your help again to continue to grow
Notes, Awards & Recognition 15 and VHF radios to be installed in two together as a team, by further improving
newly assigned seats in the state’s new your leadership capabilities and com-
Emergency Operations Center. munications at all levels; increase our
One Wing, One Team, In 2006, we flew our first readiness to serve with 100% of our
One Standard of Excellence Homeland Security missions jointly with members participating in ES training,
Pennsylvania Wing, and laid important especially in Homeland Security related
groundwork for gaining additional Emer- areas; continue to advance in officer-
gency Services and Homeland Security (Continued on page 3)

Lone Eagle Cadets meet Maj. Gen. Antonio J. Pineda, CAP National Commander

T he Lone Eagle Composite

Squadron Cadets met Maj.
Gen. Antonio J. Pineda, CAP
National Commander, at Civil Air Patrol
freshman at Mount St. Dominic Acad-
emy in Caldwell, NJ.
Cdet / 1st Lt Stephen Rogacki
recently received the Administrative
Northeast Region Conference held Award at a meeting of the Lone Eagle
10th–12th Nov , 2006, in Mansfield, MA. Composite Squadron of the Civil Air
Cadet / Chief MSgt Stasia M. Patrol (CAP), NJ Wing. This award is
Rogacki was the recipient of the Spirit earned after successful completion of
Award in July at the Honor Guard Acad- the first ten achievements of the cadet
emy, held at the McDaniel College, program. The achievements consist of
Westminster, MD. The Spirit Award is Shown in the above picture are from left to passing leadership, aerospace, and
right: Cadet/1st Lt Stephen Rogacki, Maj. Gen.
given to the Cadet with the best atti- moral leadership requirements. He is in
Antonio J. Pineda, CAP National Commander,
tude, preparation, and outlook during the 10th grade at Seton Hall Prep, West
and Cadet/Chief MSgt Stasia M. Rogacki.
the two week academy course. She is a Orange, NJ.
Page 2 Wings Over New Jersey

in the Numbers By Lt Barry May

By Lt. Colonel Gregory F. Weidenfeld pared to today’s standards. Our biggest T his is our third issue of “Wings
Over New Jersey”. Valuable
information and prestige for

New Jersey Wing Historian squadrons now, would have been said
t’s no secret. Our numbers are the New Jersey Wing is being gener-
in those days to be weak or moderate
dwindling. Last year New Jersey ated not to mention recognition by the
units. Going even further back in his-
Wing Commander, Colonel Robert “civilian” community. I appreciate the
tory we had huge squadrons in Jersey
McCabe, set recruiting and retention City, Hoboken, Newark, Sussex County, support by those in the Wing who have
goals for us. As noted at the December nearly all over the state. contributed over the last year.
Wing Commander’s call, we failed to Have you been to a SAREX recently? In particular, recognition goes
meet those goals. In fact, our member- Have you been impressed when forty or to Lt Col Lisa VanClief for her support
ship numbers dropped slightly. At pre- fifty members show up and Colonel Ol- and editing contributions. A big thanks
sent we have roughly eleven hundred szewski is scrambling to set up sorties to Capt Marv Goldberg, PAO, Group
members, cadet and senior combined for everyone to participate? I’m not. In 224 for producing a three page spread
that make up a Wing Staff, four Group the past it was normal for several hun- for the Group section. He was the only
Headquarters, twenty-three Squadrons dred members to participate in SAR- Group PAO who responded to our re-
(including Legislative Squadron), and CAP’s or REDCAP’s as they were once quest. Lt. Mark Swanson provided an
one Flight (according to the Wing web- called. One example I found in the ar- invaluable service in editing, news sto-
site at the time of this writing). This chives from 1957 stated “seventy four ries and quality pictures.
might seem impressive at first glance, aircraft were in the air and flew one
but is it really? That works out to an hundred and ninety sorties in two hun- NOW, DOWN TO BUSINESS
dred and thirty nine hours of flying time. We need your help. We don’t
We’ve failed to meet those goals.
Two hundred and eighty four senior and have the resources to research, write
average of thirty-eight members per four hundred and twenty six cadet and edit every valuable news story in
unit. members took part.” the New Jersey Wing. Your PAO and
Well what’s wrong with that you might Another training mission in 1963 the entire unit must participate and con-
ask? First of all, how many of those boasted “more than three hundred sen- tribute. I would like to see a two page
members are actually active? Do they ior and cadet personnel participated, spread from each Group about activities
participate and make a useful contribu- flying some fifty planes in many sorties, within their squadrons. I would like a
tion to the Cadet Programs, Aerospace operating ten land rescue units, and uniform method of reporting each find
Education, or Emergency Services mis- some thirty three other vehicles.” My and mission our Wing participates in.
sions in your unit? memories from my cadet days of train- The format is outlined under “Finds” of
Secondly, we all know that units are ing and actual missions were of bases this news letter. I want pictures and
not all the same. While there are some spilling over with more members than more pictures. We need volunteers to
squadrons that are fortunate and have they could possibly hold, and airplanes
enough active senior and cadet mem- work on editing, writing and formatting
and ground equipment parked every-
bers to support these functions, many the wing newsletter.
where. Were these members from days
do not. In fact, some units barely meet past better than us? I think they might You may also see some new
the criteria according to the regulations sections that enhance this issue. Our
to actually be considered functioning They had the numbers Wing Chaplain is producing a column
units. Where should a squadron be? In have been more focused and commit- “Where Are They Now”. This will feature
my book, there are no definitive num- ted than some of our members today, cadets who have moved on and what
bers that a squadron needs to be suc- but that is not the point I want to make. their accomplishments include. There is
cessful, but I can tell you about the past The idea I’m trying to drive here is a cadet section. I would like nothing
That’s almost a Group by todays that they had the numbers. Yes it was short of our Cadets producing their own
standards a different time and a different world section.
back then, but one thing they had was Not every story can be pub-
when the New Jersey Wing was in what drive. The CAP back then recruited,
you might call it’s “Glory Days.” lished but we are here to help and give
and recruited, and recruited. Yes they
There was a time, about when I first you tips. In addition, future classes will
lost members, but many stayed for
joined CAP in late 1975, that the Pine- be held in writing, picture taking, com-
years. They stayed because they
land Composite Squadron swelled to puter programs such as MS Publisher
came into an active program that held
seventy five cadets and over twenty their interest. They weren’t bored! and web site design.
senior members, with a waiting list to They did things all the time. The meet- What can we include in “Wings
get in! That’s almost a Group by to- ings were interesting. The activities Over New Jersey”? … NEWS!!. We
day’s standards. They weren’t the only were interesting. The missions were want our accomplishments, our suc-
ones. Bayshore, Twin Pine, Linden, interesting. My cadet days were the cesses and useful information for our
McGuire, Cumberland, and Lone Eagle greatest time of my life and that is why readers. This is not a publication for
were all monster size squadrons com- (Continued on page 5) new directives, procedures or press
(Continued on page 3)
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 3
(Continued from page 1) Cmdr Message
Wing Calendar of Events
ship through active participation in our
professional development programs; Date/Time Event Contact Location
develop partnerships with other emer-
gency service organizations and cus- 20 Feb 07 Promotion Review Board Lt Col Elizabeth Yul Wing HQ
for Maj and Lt Col
tomers; and secure new sources of Forms 45 and 45B and NJ form 2R. Two letters of recommendation.
funding to support and expand our pro- Must be submitted three weeks in advance.
grams. I also ask you to make recruit-
3 Mar 07 Cadet Advisory Lt Col Travis Pope Wing HQ
ing of new members and retaining val- 1400-1600Hrs Council Meeting
ued fellow members a priority for 2007. Uniform, blues with service dress jacket and all earned ribbons & badges
We have so much to offer aspiring and 18 Mar 07 Cadet Advisory Lt Col Travis Pope Wing HQ
experienced members, and we need 1400-1600Hrs Council Meeting
the help and dedication of many skilled Uniform, blues with service dress jacket and all earned ribbons & badges
hands to grow our capabilities and con- 30 Mar-1Apr 07 Northeast Region Lt Col Travis Pope Newport Naval
tinue to serve with distinction. Cadet Competition Base, RI
Again, my sincere thanks for Drill Team and Color Guard selected by Wing Competition will attend.
your continued dedication, hard work, 30 Mar 07 NJ Wing Cadet Ball Lt Col Travis Pope Mc Guire AFB or
and outstanding accomplishments. I Ft. Dix
am proud to serve as your commander Part of the Wing Conf. Information TBA
and look forward to an even more suc- 30 Mar-1 Apr 07 NJ Wing Conference Maj Steve Tracy McGuire AFB or
cessful 2007! (Agenda in column on left) Ft Dix
One Wing, One Team, Information on registration will be posted on NJ Wing website, when available
One Standard of Excellence 3 Apr 07 PAO Workshop Lt Barry May Wing HQ
Col Robert McCabe, Cmdr NJ Wing 0900-1230Hrs
Newsletters, websites and other internal communications
Wing Conference Agenda 29 Apr 07 Cadet Advisory Lt Col Travis Pope Wing HQ
1400-1600Hrs Council Meeting
Friday March 30 (Evening only) Uniform, blues with tie/tie tab and all earned ribbons & badges
• Early registration 12-13 May 07 McGuire Air Show Contact to be announced McGuire AFB
NJ Wing CAP supporting USAF event
• Wing Commander’s Reception at
Club Dix 15 May 07 Promotion Review Board Lt Col Elizabeth Yul Wing HQ
for Maj and Lt Col
• Cadet Ball in the Club Dix ballroom Forms 45 and 45B and NJ form 2R. Two letters of recommendation.
Must be submitted three weeks in advance.
Saturday, March 31st 27 May 07 Cadet Advisory Lt Col Travis Pope Wing HQ
Morning: 1400-1600Hrs Council Meeting
Uniform, blues with tie/tie tab and all earned ribbons & badges
• General Assembly and Awards
Ceremony 23 Jun-1 Jul 07 Falcon Flight Capt Bill Ward Lakehurst NAES

Afternoon: 28 Jun-2 Jul 07 National Cadet Lt Col Travis Pope Wright Patterson
Competition AFB, Ohio
• Seminars and activities National Competition Drill and Color Guard selected at NER Competition
Evening: 18 Sept 07 Promotion Review Board Lt Col Elizabeth Yul Wing HQ
for Maj and Lt Col
• Annual Wing Banquet Forms 45 and 45B and NJ form 2R. Two letters of recommendation.
Must be submitted three weeks in advance.
Sunday, April 1st
18 Nov 07 Promotion Review Board Lt Col Elizabeth Yul Wing HQ
Morning: for Maj and Lt Col
• All Commander’s Call Forms 45 and 45B and NJ form 2R. Two letters of recommendation.
Must be submitted three weeks in advance.

NJ Wing Conference presented. If you or a member of your (Continued from page 2) Editorial

unit are eligible for an award make sure
ach and everyone of us appre- to get your documentation into the proc- releases of future events. It is a journal
ciates receiving an award or ess now to avoid the possibility of not promoting the pride of The Civil Air Pa-
being recognized for our ac- getting everything done on time. trol in New Jersey. It is a recruiting tool
complishments. It gives us an emo-
Lt Col’s Anna & Bob Scheidly to be disseminated as extensively as
tional and psychological energy boost
will again be handling the awards cere- possible. It is a diary for our accom-
which we all need from time to time.
monies at the conference. All of the plishments to present to our clients in
The New Jersey Wing Confer- award applications must follow the es- SAR and AE.
ence scheduled for March 30 – April 1 tablished procedures and the chain of WE NEED TO GET OUR
will have an award ceremony where command before they get to the STORY OUT AND “WINGS OVER NJ”
Wing level and above awards will be Scheidly’s. IS A CRUCIAL ELEMENT.
Page 4 Wings Over New Jersey

Editors Note: This Column is dedicated ELT was successfully located by the A plug for the training, we need
to those CAP members who’s emer- UDF team comprised of Capt. Ulric more GT members in the northern Mor-
gency services participation resulted in Gordon-Lewis, cadets Matthew Gomes, ris Sussex area, attend those SAREX
a Find. Wings over New Jersey needs and Brian Debrowski from Bayshore activities and gain new achievements.
your input to give our members the rec- squadron. An aircrew comprised of Capt Mike Pagan, IC, Mis 06M2257,

ognition they deserve. We need spe- Capt. Ken Korwin and Col. Bob
cific information on each find. ongratulations to the UDF team
McCabe, was dispatched, but was
from Lone Eagle on success-
1. Mission number. stood down before launch, due to the
fully locating and silencing an
2. Date and time of mission UDF team acquiring the signal very
ELT on Essex County Airport (CDW) on
3. Units Participating quickly.
1 Dec 2006.
4. Members Participating and duty The mission started at 18:39
The team was getting ready to
with all team members returning to
5. Search area attend the Group 221 SAREX/bivouack
home by 23:15.
6. Search results when they were called up. Being known
Thanks to everyone’s quick at SAREXs paid off.
7. Pictures response and excellent work making
8. Author of Article The team consisted of 1Lt Stan
this a relatively short mission.
Rogacki, Cdt Stasia Rogacki, Cdt
Submit finds to barry@security- LtCol Joeseph Sirois IC, Mis 06M2274 Stephen Rogacki. Congratulations on a

O in MS Word format. All pic-
n 01 December 06. A UDF job well done and on the find.
tures must be as separate attachments.
Give each file and picture a descriptive team from Lone Eagle, consist- Capt André Ferland, IC

name such as “Find, Off Cape May” ing of 1Lt Stan Roqacki, cadets
n 5 January 2007 NJ CAP was
Stasia and Stephen Roqaski, success-
Lt Barry May call to locate an ELT in Newark
fully located and silenced an ELT on

Area. Lt Stan Rogacki and Ca-
Essex County Airport. The team was
APE MAY squdron does it det Lt Steve Rogacki spent the late
preparing to attend the Group 221
again! On the 17th of Dec 06 hours of the 5 and it went into the early
SAREX/bivouac when they were called
Richard Simon, Richard Simon morning of the 6th.
to respond. The ELT was found in a
II, Ed Wuerker located a signal that was They covered every airport in
Piper PA28-180.
off shore at Cape May. This was an the Newark area. TEB, MMU, Essex
assist to the Coast Gurard Rich Simon Capt. Andre’ Ferland, IC, Mis 06M2261

County, Linden and the signal went
did double duty and a ground team he ground team from the dead. a good effort was made.
member and observer. Delaware Valley Squadron Thanks team
Well done Team Cape May has another find. Lt Bill Pit- Richard Olszewski IC, Mis 07M0026

Rich Olszewski IC, Mission 06M2354A, tenger, Capt Shannon Bingert, and Ca-

det Don Conwway completed the mis- n January 2007 at 0302Z a
n ELT heard in the vicinity of sion in three hours from notification to mission was opened with the
Aeroflex (12N) airport in Ando- time home. AFRCC, the signal would go
ver, NJ. The ELT, was con- Thanks team well done negative then activate, then go nega-
firmed by numerous commercial airlin- tive, this went on all night. No teams
Richard Olszewski IC Mis 07M0081.
ers reporting in the New York Center. were called because of the activity of

On Thursday 30 November 06 LT heard in the vicinity of Aero- the signal.
at approximately 11 pm, Captain Carol flex (12N) Airport in Andover, At 1536Z the it was decided
McCloud and 1st Lt Chris Crann began NJ, confirmed by numerous that NJ should go and look for the ELT
their search and had acquired a signal commercial airliners reporting into NY even though it was still intermittent. The
within ten minutes of arriving in the Center. Cape May squadron was called and
area. The source of the signal was lo- they launched a ground unit and an
At approximately 11 PM Thurs-
cated on the airport, in a Super Cub and aircrew. The aircraft put the ground
day Night Capt Carol McCloud and 1Lt.
silenced about thirty minutes later. team in the area.
Chris Crann began their search and had
Good job and thanks, to the acquired signal within 10 minutes of The ground team search and wound up
ground team for responding. arriving in the area. The source of the empting dumpsters and had no luck
Capt. Mike Pagan, IC, Mis 06M2257 signal was located on the Airport itself until after dark when the E-Pirb was

in a Super Cub and silenced about 30 locate at a home in Margate City NJ
n 02 December 06 was an ELT Aircrew Fred Boyle, and Ed Wueker
minutes later.
mission, where the SARSATS Ground team Keven Barstow, Anthony
pointed to the Atlantic High- Good job and thanks to the
Ground Team for responding! Simon, Wayne Avalino, and Cadet
lands area of Monmouth County. The
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 5

(Continued from page 2) By The Numbers
who can take the time to give your new
I’m still here thirty-one years later! prospects attention at their first meeting.
Yes we need to do a better job of Make them feel welcome and make
Justin Laird. recruiting in New Jersey Wing, but more them feel wanted. We are all busy but
important we need to have good pro- someone has to make the time to guide
This mission involved 75 man grams in place and do everything we these new members into your unit and
hours. The troops went home tired. can to get our new members involved into their entry level training.
Thanks for a great job well right away so that they are doing some- Thirdly, we have to have interesting
done. thing interesting. Why recruit if we can’t programs going on all the time. Bored
Richard Olszewski IC, Mis 07M0038 keep our new members? That only members are gone members! Keep

creates a very successful revolving everyone active. Make sure everyone
uccessfully completed ELT mis- door. If we are to meet, or perhaps ex- has a job that they are interested in do-
sion by UDF team: 1Lt Michael ceed Colonel McCabe’s recruiting goals ing. Plan your meetings and activities
Miller and 1Lt Ryan Leach of for the coming year, we all have to do well. If your cadets do nothing but drill
Jack Schweiker Composite Sq and Air- three things. and your seniors sit around and drink
crew: Capt Bill Ward, NJ Wing HQ and coffee and yak, your unit is doomed to
We All Have to do three things
Capt Bob Bousquet, Twin Pine Com- fail, or be mediocre at best. The run-
posite Sq. The teams located the ELT First we need to get the word out on ning joke in CAP for years is that the
signal in a Grumman American on the the street any way we can. If you letters stand for “Come And Pay.” How
ramp at Philadelphia Northeast airport. dumped the job of Public Affairs Officer about changing that to “Come And Par-
on a new senior in you squadron who ticipate.” If your programs are interest-
hanks to the teams for their quick re-
barely knows anything about CAP and ing and exciting, the “participate” will
sponse and to Capt Andre Ferland for
is not really interested in the job, you It’s all by the numbers
assistance in alerting the UDF team. have just doomed yourself to failure!
Joe Sirois, Lt Col, IC, Mis 06M2325 You must have someone in that job who happen all by itself.
is enthusiastic about it. Make use of Making things happen in New Jersey
Cape May Squadron your cadets. Have both a senior and a
cadet PAO. Have the cadets and per-
Wing is all in the numbers. The number
of news articles, the number of posters,
haps some creative seniors in your unit the number of programs, the number of
Wreaths Across America design posters on their PC and plaster quality activities, and most important the

ew Jersey -- Members of the them anywhere you can get permission number of minutes you spend seeing to
Cape May County Composite to put them. If you need help, contact your members needs all add up to how
Squadron along with mem- your Group or Wing PAO. That’s what many good and long standing members
bers of the Freedom Riders Veterans they are there for; to help you! we have. Do you think seventy-five
Group of Cape May County joined the Second, we have to have members cadets in a Squadron or five hundred
nationwide Wreaths Across America members at a SAREX are impossible?
observation Dec. 14, 2006.
Capt. Kevin Barstow and Major
Richard Simon of the Civil Air Patrol
along with Shawn Kelly, Dolly Seeger
and Phil Yahors of the Freedom Riders,
laid the wreaths to honor the nation's
veterans. Everyone who was in atten-
dance at the Cape May County Veter-
ans Cemetery observed a moment of
silence. We look forward to making this
event bigger next year.

One Wing, One Team,

One Standard of Excellence
Page 6 Wings Over New Jersey


28 Jan

I 'd like to express my special thanks

to Lt Col Olszewski and the entire
mission planning and execution
team for a job well done in this week-
For those of you that have never seen
this, it is something to see. The preci-
sion in the way they are parked is im-
Tucson Air Museum, located just south
of Davis Monthan AFB. Both the mu-
seum and the bone yard are very popu-
end's SAREX. A lot of work went into pressive. It is difficult to comprehend lar attractions in the Arizona desert.
providing this broad based training ex- the size of the "Bone yard" and the It is difficult to comprehend the
ercise that was both effective and fun. number of aircraft stored there. number of military aircraft in dead stor-
Thanks to all those who participated.
Of course the important thing to age until you see these photographs!
Please provide constructive feedback to
remember is that they are all capable of Even if you have seen this before, look
our training team on how you can help
being returned to flying condition if the again. The 3rd largest Air Force in the
to make the next one even better.
need ever arises. If you are ever in the world is sitting on the ground here.
For those who were unable to Tucson area, the weekly tours of the It's the only unit in the U.S. Air Force
make it to this training exercise, I hope bone yard are still given through the that actually makes a profit.
to see you at the next one. We need
your help to grow our capabilities and
maintain readiness for the times we will
be truly needed. When that time comes,
there will be no time for training; we will
need well trained professionals to lead
and carry out our missions. Our goal for
this year is 100% participation by all
members in ES training. Help us be-
come the finest force of citizen volun-
teers in America.
Thanks to all for the time and
talents you bring to all of CAPs mis-
sions for America.
One Wing, One Team, One
Standard of Excellence
Col Robert J. McCabe, Commander

Where Are They Now

C haplain Fox asks that anyone

with knowledge of where any
former New Jersey Wing ca-
dets are today, please send current
contact information on where the former
cadets are and what they are doing. We
are collecting pictures (past and pre-
sent) for a list of “Where Are They
Now?” to be used as a presentation at
the NJ Wing Conference at the end of
March 2007.
E-mail Chaplain Fox at Chap- One Wing, or mail info to
Chaplain Wayne Fox, c/o Cyber Den- One Team,
sity, P.O. Box 458, Belle Mead, NJ
08502-0458. We have many former
cadets serving in the U.S. military ser-
One Standard
vices around the world. We would like
to recognize all of our former cadets,
of Excellence
whether serving or not, as members of
our NJ Wing family.
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 7
Page 8 Wings Over New Jersey

Major Ronald Wiley

Commander Group 224

Veterans honored at Brigadier General William C. Doyle National Cemetery

On December 14th at sented the sacrifices Captain Michael Carter, Wreaths Across America
12 noon, six wreaths made by the members of project officer, coordi- program.
were placed on the Me- the five active military nated with the Maine By Capt. Marvin A. Goldberg
morial Walkway at Briga- services and the sixth Wing Public Affairs Of-
dier General William C. represented those made
Doyle Veterans Ceme- by prisoners of war or
tery, Wrightstown, New those missing in action
Jersey matching similar (POW-MIA).
observations at six other T he wreaths were
locations in New Jersey placed by: Master Ser-
and well over 200 loca- geant Dennis
tions across the nation. Macomber, USAF (ret)
A moment of silence of McGraw, New York;
was observed and PS2 Grace Lim, Naval
wreaths placed by repre- Security Force, Lake-
sentatives of the U.S. hurst, New Jersey; Petty
military services, Civil Air Officer 1c Peter Gollnick,
Cadet Alex Blough of the McGuire Composite Squadron places a
Patrol, the Veterans of US Coast Guard Atlantic wreath in honor of prisoners of war and the missing in action dur-
Foreign Wars (VFW) Strike Team; Lt. David ing the Wreaths Across America ceremony at Brigadier General
and other patriotic or- Keffer, Alpha Troop William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery in Wrightstown. Photo by
ganizations honoring the 102nd Cavalry US Army; Capt. Marvin A. Goldberg, Group 224 PAO.
sacrifices made by ser- CAP Cadet Master Ser-
vice members of all geant Rafael Alicea of
wars. the Bayshore Composite
Squadron; and CAP Ca-
Civil Air Patrol coordi-
det Alex Blough of the
nated six of the seven McGuire Composite
placements at locations Squadron.
in New Jersey.
Lt. Col. Michael Sperry,
M cGuire Composite
Commander of the
Squadron Chaplain Ray McGuire Composite
Valdez presented the Squadron, led the 10-
invocation in Wrights- member CAP contingent
town . Taps were played that attended the cere-
by U.S. Army Warrant mony in Wrightstown. Service members and CAP cadets participating in the Wreaths
Officer Patrick Looney. The attendees included Across America ceremony salute as U.S. Army Warrant Officer
James Looney plays taps. Photo by Captain Marvin A.. Goldberg,
The six wreaths repre- McGuire squadron and Group 224 PAO. More photos on next page.
Group 224 members.
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 9

Views of Group 224 Search and Rescue Exercises in 2006

Multiple SAR exercises were
held at Camp Zehnder,
Lakewood Airport, and Tren-
ton-Mercer Airport during
2006. Members of all Group
224 units and other NJ group
and wing officers and cadets
Photos by Capt. Marvin A. Gold-
berg, Group 224 PAO
Capt. Camielo of the Pineland Composite Cadets from Pineland Composite Squadron
Squadron conducts ground mission plan- conduct UDF exercise at Camp Zehnder dur-
ning at Camp Zehnder in ing June SAREX
Wall Township during June SAREX Model Rocketry
Eleven cadets from the Pineland
Composite Squadron recently
completed the phase one Red-
stone Stage of the model rock-
etry program and the written part
of the phase two Titan Stage.
Project officers for the weekend
course were Major Steve Tracy
and Capt. Maria Esparraguera.
Captain Ed Pevovar of the Pineland Com-
posite Squadron maintains contact with The cadets built and launched
UDF ground teams during Lakewood Air- three different types rockets:
portSAREX in October one of foam pipe insulation; a 2-
liter soda bottle launched by air
pressure and water; and an
Estes rocket launched by com-
mercial rocket engines.
Launch site was provided by Lt.
David Lee of Allentown Com-
posite Squadron.

Captain Tom Woods, Commander , Ocean

Composite Squadron, lists mission sorties Model rocketry field exercises held by Pine-
during Trenton-Mercer Airport SAREX land Composite Squadron.
Page 10 Wings Over New Jersey

In photo at left other Wreaths Across

America ceremony participants (L-R) in
foreground are U.S. Navy Port Securi-
tyman 2nd Class Grace Lim, Lakehurst
Naval Air Station, and CAP Cadet
Master Sergeant Rafael Alicea of the
Bayshore Composite Squadron. In
background (L) is Lt. Col. Michael
Sperry, Commander of the McGuire
Composite Squadron.

McGuire Composite Squadron Chaplain U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant (Ret)
Captain Ray Valdez presents invocation Dennis Macomber gives the final salute in
at Brig. Gen. William C. Doyle Cemetery memory of his comrades gone but not
in Wrightstown. Photo by Capt. Marvin A. forgotten. Photo by Capt. Marvin A. Gold-
Goldberg, Group 224 PAO berg, Group 224 PAO
Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery

Pineland Composite Squadron Tours West Point

On November 9th, members of The Pineland Composite Squad- While walking amid the class-
the Pineland Composite Squad- ron members also learned about room buildings, the Pineland ca-
ron visited the U.S. Military Acad- famous West Point graduates dets were approached by Tho-
emy at West Point. such as General Douglas MacAr- mas Malejko, a current cadet at
thur whose monument is located West Point and the former CAP
Twelve cadets and two senior
close to the Mess. Cadet Commander of the Picat-
members started the tour by visit- inny Composite Squadron. Cadet
ing Trophy Point, where memori- Another interesting point on the Malejko spoke with the Pineland
als commemorate many of the tour was West Point Cemetery lo- cadets at length, answered ques-
nation’s military campaigns. The cated on a promontory overlooking tions and offered his insight into
site overlooks one of the most the Hudson River and Constitution Academy life. His thoughts and
breathtaking views of the Hudson Island. The cemetery includes time spent were the highlight of
River valley. those servicemen and service- the trip.
women who died in every armed
The visitors then observed cadet conflict in which the United States Story by Capt. Maria Esparraguera, Le-
formations at the Cadet Mess gal Officer, Pineland Composite Squad-
has taken part. General George ron.
where 4000 members of the Ca- Armstrong Custer as well as Gen-
det Corps are served meals in erals Thayer, Scott, Buford and
less than 25 minutes. Our mem- Clay are interred there.
bers visited the interior of the One Wing, One Team,
Mess where cadets are seated at Additional stops were made at the
10-person tables and are served Cadet Chapel, Mitchie Stadium One Standard of Excellence
hot meals family style. and the West Point museum.
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 11


Lone Eagle Sq Hosts Aircraft Avoidance Demo Air Victory Sq Marks

T he North Jersey Chapter of also is a fellow and past president of the

CAP’s 65 Years
the IEEE Aerospace & Elec- Radio Club of America, as well as a

tronic Systems Society past president of the Audio Engineering he Civil Air Patrol’s 65 years
(AESS), together with the Lone Eagle Society. of service was celebrated
Composite Squadron, sponsored a re- Dec. 8 at the Veterans of For-
cent talk by Jerry B. Minter on his pat- eign Wars post in Mt. Holly. The Air
ented aircraft collision avoidance sys- Victory Museum Composite Squadron
tem. hosted its annual holiday banquet with a
Jerry B. Minter, president, number of featured guests, including
Components Corporation of Denville, CAP NJ Wing Commander Col. Robert
demonstrated his aircraft collision McCabe, Wing Vice Commander Lt.
avoidance system, showing how a Col. Robert Jennings, CAP Northeast
simulated 1090 MHz transponder trans- Region Vice Commander Lt. Col. David
mission from an adjacent plane would Mull, Advisor to the Commander SM
either cause a green, red, or blue light Rita Mull, and Commander of Mt. Holly
to occur on a simulated cockpit display. With the Minter Aircraft Collision Avoidance Sys- American Legion Post 11, Lawrence A.
tem are: Lt Col Howard Leach, C/CMSgt. Arthur
The simulated display would indicate Herring, Lt. Daniel Bell, C/SSgt. Scott Brookes, Lt.
the relative direction of a nearby plane Stanley Rogacki, C/Amn Adam Schuler, C/Amn Lt. Paul Bolognone, the squad-
and whether it was under, at the same, Kyle O’Connor, C/A1C Cory McPherson, C/Amn ron commander, presented cadet pro-
Victoria Pepe, C/SSgt. Joseph Vitti, C/SMSgt. John
or above the altitude of the plane with Skinner, C/SrA Derrick Flitcroft, Capt. Alan motions to: cadet William Hurst, airman;
this system. Wegner, C/Lt. Stephen Rogacki, and C/2Lt. Stasia cadet David King, airman first class;
Rogacki, Jerry B. Minter, Capt. Will McLain V,
Minter holds 26 patents, of squadron commander, and Dr. Naresh Chand,
cadet Zeke Conover, airman first class;
which the last six are for his aircraft col- IEEE North Jersey Aerospace & Electronics Sys- cadet Connor Brown, senior master
lision avoidance system. He received a tems chairman, from Warren, NJ. sergeant.
bachelor’s degree in electrical engineer- In addition, the squadron was
ing from the Massachusetts Institute of Finally, but not the least of his honored to have Lt. Col. Jennings pre-
Technology in 1934. He organized and past activities, Minter is a former CAP sent C/Major Gregory P. Boyajian a
chaired the first IEEE Northern New officer and has used his own aircraft, joint legislation resolution by Sen. Mar-
Jersey Subsection of the Institute of still located at the Morristown airport, to tha W. Bark and Assamblymen Francis
Radio Engineers (IRE) in 1947. He was conduct CAP search and rescue mis- L. Bodine and Larry Chatzidakis.
named a fellow of the IEEE in 1969. He sions.
Using a skit to highlight 65
years of CAP’s historical service, the
Cumberland and Cape May Squadrons cadets created an amusing perform-
Wreaths Across America ance. Throughout the year 2006, these

same CAP cadets and their squadron
he Soldiers Home in Vineland, Cumberland squadron, C/SMSgt Cole- extended CAP’s legacy at a Memorial
NJ was just one of hundreds man Calhoun and C/CMSgt Michael Day parade in Haddonfield, the Car-
of locations across America Quinn from the Cape May squadron. ranza Memorial, the Vietnam Memo-
where wreaths of remembrance were In the foreground are representatives of rial’s Moving Wall in Medford, New Jer-
laid on December 13, 2006. Capt. the Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine sey Wing Basic Encampment, and na-
Christine West, squad- Corps, and Army. tional cadet special activities across the
ron commander for “It was a
Cumberland Compos- grand ceremony show-
ite Squadron pre- ing not only the honor-
sented the idea to the ing of fallen comrades
board of the Soldiers by the military, but,
Home, just a few also indicating that the
weeks before the youth of our area un-
event was to take derstand and respect
place. Needless to the sacrifice others
say, they were honored. have made for them and for freedom”
C/Capt. Zachary King, led the said 2nd Lt. Lawrence Rockill, CAP. “Its
wreath laying ceremony. The other sad that so many people don’t realize
participating cadets shown in the picture
are C/CMSgt Jillian Jackson, from the (Continued on page 12)
Page 12 Wings Over New Jersey


Air Victory Sq Helps Self & Others Cape May Sq Color Guard

T he Air Victory Museum

Squadron enjoyed a trifecta of
help with a fundraiser on De-
cember 13th.
serving abroad. Squadron members
collected some items from restaurant
patrons on top of what they were gath-
ering together that night. Yellow Ribbon
T he Cape May County Com-
posite Squadron Color Guard
did the opening ceremonies
for the double headed that day in Atlan-
tic City, NJ. They performed beautifully
is a Marlton, NJ, club that packages
and made our squadron and the entire
personal care items and ships them to
Civil Air Patrol very PROUD!
soldiers overseas.
The McDonald’s fundraiser,

Nick Hurst, Arthur Jones,

David Kind and John King
look over a display board used in recruiting.

First, the squadron was offered

Cadet David King and John King display
Most of our presence at air
a chance at 20% of the net proceeds on
some of the boxes of goods collected for shows or such events are in the form of
sales between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m.
the Yellow Ribbon Club which will be sent to parking detail, crowd control and assist-
at an area McDonald’s fast food restau- soldiers abroad ing in any way needed for each event.
rant. Squadron commander Capt. Paul
Our cadets not only enjoy these events,
J. Bolognone also made sure the said Bolognone, is a community out-
they fulfill their duties with the utmost
squadron was well represented at the reach program of the international cor-
professionalism and pride.
restaurant that evening as cadets set up poration. It required little more than the
a visual presentation board and were squadron’s presence at the restaurant. Carla Laird SM Carla Laird, CAP/PAO
able to do some recruiting, as well as Members brought friends and family
spreading the good word about the Civil along for meals, which benefited the
Air Patrol. squadron.
On top of that, cadets and offi- For more information about the
cers were able to help others by collect- McDonald’s fundraiser program, contact
ing for the Yellow Ribbon Club, which Capt. Bolognone at 609-654-4228.
sends personal care items to soldiers
(Continued from page 11) Wreaths
Chuck Yeager Award

just what freedom has cost!” t gives me great pleasure to an- looking forward to making the presenta-
The ceremony was held in the nounce that 2007 has gotten off to tions soon.
cemetery at the Soldiers Home. Al- a good start on my challenge to I know I'm going to have at
though now closed for new interments, earn the Chuck Yeager Award. After least two or three more at Group head-
warriors from as far back as the Civil having the pleasure of presenting quarters soon. Squadron Commanders
War are buried there. It’s through cere- Yeager Awards to 2Lt Binyamin Lipson and AEO's, please support my chal-
monies like this, that they are now hon- and Captain Eddie Pevovar of Pineland lenge and encourage your Senior Mem-
ored. Squadron this past Thursday, bers to earn the Chuck Yeager Award.
C/Capt. King, is a three-time I am happy to announce two Let's make Group 224 number one in
graduate of the Civil Air Patrol Honor more. Captain Michael J Sylvester of total members to date who have earned
Guard Academy. Through his guidance,
Pineland Squadron passed the Yeager this prestigious Aerospace Award. Let's
Cumberland Composite squadron has
exam on January 12, and SM Ernest J. not just talk about it, LET'S GET IT
done several ceremonies for sporting
and civic events commemorating 9/11 Schirmer of Group 224 Headquarters DONE!
and a walk to fight breast cancer. passed his just a few hours ago. Con- Gregory Weidenfeld Lt Col
C/CMSgt. Jackson, is also a graduate gratulations to both of you guys. I'm
of the honor guard academy. And has very proud of them! Their paperwork is
been asked, to return again next year. on the way to Colonel Troyano and I'm
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 13


Cadet of the Year and National Cadet Cadet Orientation
Special Activities Review Boards Flights Set Records

O n Saturday January 13, 2007,

many cadets rang in the New
Year by interviewing for Cadet
of the Year and National Cadet Special
based on their leadership skills, partici-
pation in CAP activities, academic re-
cord, performance on the written test
and review board. The winners from
1 October 2006 was the start of Fis-
cal Year 2007 and New Jersey
Wing Cadet Orientation Pilots
started anew in the quest to fly cadets.
Despite questionable weather, five pi-
Activities (NCSA). The review boards each phase will be honored at this
lots flew 28 cadets in October. Two of
were held at NJ Wing Headquarters on years’ wing conference to be held from
those flights were in the sailplane.
McGuire Air Force Base and cadets’ Friday March 30 through Sunday April
interview times were based on group 1, 2007. In November five more pilots
number for NCSA and phase for Cadet joined the group and an additional 32
NCSA review boards were also
of the Year. Cadets were expected to cadets got to fly in wing Cessna 172’s.
held at 0900 for groups 223 and 224
take a written test succeeded by a re- These 62 flights in two months have
and at 1300 for groups 225 and 221.
view board. become possible because pilots are
“NCSAs are really fun and they broaden
making greater efforts to fly multiple
your CAP experience, they allow you to
cadet sorties when flights are sched-
see different parts of CAP that you
could experience no where else” said C/
1dt Lt Kelly from Atlantic County Com- Of the ten pilots actively flying
posite Squadron who applied for Air cadets, three are noteworthy because
Force Space Command Familiarization they have each flown ten or more ca-
Course as well as Cadet Officer School. dets. Between them, they have flown
National Cadet Special activities range 38 cadets. Major Stephen Tracy has
from International Air Cadet Exchange flown 18 cadets and 1 Lt. John Raleigh
to Hawk Mountain Search and Rescue and 1 Lt. Walter Stevens have flown ten
School. Activities last at least one week cadets each.
and allow cadets to explore various ca- Although winter weather is fast
reer and leadership opportunities. The approaching, cadet orientation flights
prerequisite for all NCSAs is Basic En- should not be disregarded just because
“I try my hardest and do my campment, which will be held on Fort it is cold outside. Cessna 172’s perform
best” explained C/SSgt Brooks, a Dix during the first week of July. beautifully when it is cold. It is also not
Phase I Cadet of The Year nominee “Overall the review boards that cold in the airplane. All we need to
from Lone Eagle Composite Squadron, were quite well organized and the wait fly in winter is clear runways and taxi-
“Right now I’m feeling pretty good, I was was not too long,” commented C/Capt ways, clear skies, and not a lot of wind.
a little hesitant on some questions but I DiFelice of Atlantic City Composite Lets keep flying!
am ok; I wasn’t too nervous to begin Squadron. C/Capt DiFelice has at- Lt Col John Emerson, Cadet O Flight
with” he elucidated after his review tended a number of NCSAs of which
board. Sergeant Brooks was accompa- Hawk Mountain and Basic Encampment
nied by about twenty other cadets who were his favorites, this year he hopes to
also interviewed for Cadet of the Year, attend Cadet Officer School and Air
some a lot more anxious than he was. Force Space Command Familiarization
C/CMSgt Mosera from Walter M. Course. The Cadet of the Year and
Schirra Composite Squadron found the NCSA review boards were well planned
test and review board to be “rough” and and proficient in ensuring that cadets’
said that he was quite anxious. Each needs were met in an orderly and effi-
squadron nominated one cadet from cient manner. They allowed the excep-
each phase and the phase IV cadet will tional cadets from the past year to be
represent New Jersey wing in the na- honored while offering new opportuni-
tional competition. The Cadet of the ties to cadets in the coming year.
Year for each phase will be chosen

One Wing, One Team,

One Standard of Excellence
Page 14 Wings Over New Jersey

New Jersey Wing Department News

Administration Cadet Programs Comm Exercise 2006—Results Summary

Fund Raisning Committee New Cadet Award
I want to thank all who participated.

According to CAPR 100 -1, vol 1;
n Saturday, 16 Dec, at the here is now an additional the Annual Communications Exer-
Commanders Call I stated that award in this category. It is cise cannot be announced any sooner
there had been a 10% re- called the JACK SORENSEN that 12 hours in advance.
sponse to the Fundraising Committee’s CADET PROGRAMS OFFICER OF This year we tried something
request for a “Fundraising within Civil THE YEAR AWARD. This award recog- new. Internet check-in. Twenty (20)
Air Patrol at New Jersey Wing and sub- nizes the cadet programs officer who people checked in with the results of
ordinate units Form” from every unit. has contributed most to the CAP Cadet their tasking. Every one responded with
Oops that was a misspoken figure. I Program during the previous year. It is
should have said that we had received the correct answer "Date and Prece-
presented annually at the wing, region, dence was missing"
30%. Since that meeting I have re-
and national levels. All 20 who responded with an
ceived 2 (two) additional forms so we
are now at one-third of our goal. Thank It is awarded to any Officer acknowledgement as per the tasking
you to each unit who has responded! I (senior member) serving in a cadet pro- have been logged in. Four (4) people
will be looking for a form from each of grams capacity; such as a Group Cadet correctly filled in the acknowledgement
the remaining units before the end of Programs Officer, a Deputy Com- block correctly--everybody was very
January! mander for Cadets, Squadron Leader- close; but all who returned an endorsed
Also at the Commanders Call ship Officer, etc. message will get credit. Hint: the person
we passed out a copy of the new CAP Anyone who feels there is a or entity from whom you received the
NJWF 173-4 “Unit Fundraising Request person deserving of this award may message is not yourself.
Application” The Finance Officer has nominate them in a Narrative format. The radio aspect was very dis-
requested that you fill out a form for The nominations should describe how appointing. Fewer Radio Stations
each and every fundraising event you
the person has contributed to CAP's checked in than last year. Stations and
have conducted since October 1, 2006
Cadet Program in the previous year and repeaters that could be worked from HQ
and you will need to have an approved
how their performance clearly is above last year could not hear Wing HQ.
form before you proceed with any future
fundraising events. Please allow and beyond just performing routine du- There is a severe VHF antenna
enough time prior to your event for the ties. problem at Wing HQ that needs to be
approval process. For specific information you fixed. Everybody else seems to be in
can refer to CAPR 52-16, Chapter 2, good shape. NJ096 was working all day
Personnel Authorizations page 26. This is a new award, just put on their van to replace the antenna

into effect in 2006. Please take the op- mount, cable and antenna on the roof of
udos to Raritan Valley Compos-
portunity to nominate your deserving their van, 29028. Thhe were finishing up
ite Squadron for being the first
members for this and other awards. NJ as the Exercise was closing. --Nice
unit to send the following docu-
ments that are to be submitted the first Wing had three people earn Region work guys!
of every January and whenever there is Level Awards in many of these award Wing HF is off the air. The Re-
a change: categories in 2006. gion HF radio is connected and on the
Personnel Authorization (PA) Travis Pope, Lt Col, Cadet Programs air in a full time scan of the NER A.L.E.
for Staff network. (ALE= Automatic Link Enable).
Personnel Authorization (PA) Chaplain Onward to the transition!
for Committees and Boards
2A for Finance Communications James Pollock, Capt, Dir Comm
2A for Supply
2A for Safety Inventory Reconcillation Counter Drugs

2A for Communication
Please include the contact in- he inventory and reconciliation
period for communications Finance
formation, especially phone number and
e-mail address, in the remarks box of equipment is January through
the 2A’s. March 2007. Government Relations
Looking forward to documents Any change in assignments
and equipment transfers affect the NJ
from every unit.
Wing Comm HQ Inventory report.
Information Management
Aerospace Education I must have the inventory re-
main in a static condition for the month One Wing, One Team,
of January in order to complete my sur-
vey for the equipment at Wing HQ and One Standard of Excellence
the "West-Wing" at TTN in a timely
Capt James Pollock.
Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 15

Inspector All Units are required to submit an S- badges shortly. They are also working

3 that have been issued equipment. on the CAP approved strap-on Orange
t Col Peter Koch, Inspector Gen- As always, should any Commander, LG Roof Triangle Panels for the privately
eral for Northeast Region Head- or Supply Officer have any difficulties, owned vehicles that may be used on
quarters, has received some re- contact me for assistance. I honestly do actual or training missions.
quests for a two-day, Senior Level IG not want to release the hounds to track JOSEPH ABEGG, Lt Col, Nat ES
School. He would like to establish a you down
date, if there is enough interest in an- ON ANOTHER NOTE: The Professional Development
other class. USAF has begun with its distribution
lease respond to me by 25 process of the new Airman Battle Uni- Public Affairs and Marketing

February, so I can give Lt Col Koch the form. The ABU will be phased-in under would like to encourage every ca-
number of interested students from NJ. mission priorities i.e. units deploying det to become involved with their
Please note his eligibility requirements etc. USAF Unit’s/ members could be in squadron’s public affairs officer.
listed below. Group Commanders, you your unit’s local area rendering an op- You can write articles about squadron
could ssurvey your Squadrons, to make portunity to acquire [donate] their members receiving new ranks, ribbons
sure we do not miss any interested peo- Woodland BDU’s. With the Army, Ma- and various other awards. Plus, you
ple. Thank you. rines and now AF transitioning to a new can write articles about the events that
• Be assigned as an IG or IG Staff at uniform, Woodland BDU’s may be in your squadron participates in.
any level; abundant quantities for re-issue if
I would also like to encourage
• Be assigned as a Commander at NHQ/LG follows the process for acquisi-
cadets to help out with photographing
any level; tion. Stay Tuned.
squadron events and activities as well.
Capt Mike Huelsenbeck, NJW DOL
• Be assigned as a Legal Officer; Public Affairs Officers…….
• Be assigned as a Chaplain at any Operations You should get the cadets in your
level; squadron involved with public affairs.
• If space permits, having an interest Register for CERT Program Get them involved, long before they are

in attending. required to participate in public affairs.
ust a Reminder. Everyone who Have them document the activities, in-
Jo-Ann Perrine, Lt Col, Prof Dev wants to participate in the CERT terview members, take digital (high den-
Program must register so I can get sity) photos during squadron events and
Legal an accurate count activities. Edit, and submit their articles
Class will be held 20 Feb and photos to the local “weekly” news-
papers, and to this newsletter.

Location is Trenton. Uniform BDUs or
he Holiday Season is upon us CAP Distinctive. Lisa Van Clief, Lt Col, NJ Wing PAO
and also means the end of Rich Olszewski
another year but also means Air Shows
Cadet of the Year Nominations

the start of a new renewal process of

equipment issued to the Wing, Groups would like to know if anyone is
anguard has produced the planning on getting involved with
and Squadrons. The process is simple;
Miniature Ground Team these two airshows. This may be a
Access CATS, locate Equipment, select
badges, but because they good way to incorporate CAP's 65th
Reports: S-3,
are new, they are not showing up on anniversary, with both airshows.
Select Unit, print two copies, their website yet. The miniature size GT
sign by the Squadron Commander or Most especially with the Thun-
badges look better on shirts, blouses, derbirds, since CAP is the auxiliary of
Supply Officer, one for Squadron File and the mess dress uniform; plus they
one sent to Wing Direct of Logistics the Air Force. If we ask, perhaps they
match miniature wings better. The might do something to honor CAP.
Officer. CAP 67-1 Para 2-15 explains miniature badges also have better detail
the renewal process to be accom- The Blue Angels will be in Mill-
than the full sized ones. To order them
plished between Jan-Mar. Don’t let this ville, NJ on, 26-27 May 2007. The
call Vanguard at 1-757-857-3600 (best)
process lag beyond Mar 31. Com- Thunderbirds will be in Atlantic City on,
or 1-800-221-1264.
manders, LG and Supply Officers have 15 August 2007.
a requirement to oversee this suspense Lisa Van Clief, Lt Col, NJ Wing PAO
is met. Those units that do not have
the access to the CATS program notify CAP07581A SENIOR GROUND TEAM
your Group and coordinate getting the
required copies to process. Until CAP07581B MASTER GROUND
NHQ/LG department designs the pro- TEAM MINIATURE BADGE $3.25
(already backordered) One Wing, One Team,
gram for each unit to verify S-3 elec-
tronically we are still bound by paper Vanguard will also be produc- One Standard of Excellence
action for inspection and accountability. ing the Miniature Paramedic/EMT
NJ Wing, Civil Air Pa

Newsletter Editor
Lt. Barry May
1358 Hooper Ave.
Toms River NJ 08753
Fax: 732.244.8945

The early supporters of the fledgling organization included New York Mayor (and National Civil Defense Chief)
Fiorello LaGuardia, New Jersey Governor Charles Edison, Lt. Gen. Henry H. Arnold, the Civil Aeronautic
Authority's Robert Hinckley, Florida Defense Force's "Ike" Vermilya, publisher Tomas H. Beck, Kenneth Littauer,
newspaper owner Guy P. Gannett, World War I ace Reed Landis, and Maj. Gen. John F. Curry.

Notes Awards & Recognition

Lt Col Lyle Hawthorn emy Jr. College and Trenton State Col- Day weekend, talk to the Air Force, not

lege in Trenton NJ. CAP).
tCol Lyle Hawthorn has resigned Capt McGuire has been a CAP
as Dir of Personnel. He is to be Lt John J. Paul III member since 1978 and has success-

thanked for his years of dedi- fully served in many unit level roles and
cated service. lease join me in thanking 1Lt
wing level projects. We are confident
John J. Paul III for his decision
that he will be an able leader of one of
Lt Col Anna Schiedly to serve as Group 221 Deputy
the largest activities for the Wing.

Commander. John brings to us a strong
tCol Anna Schiedly has agreed to If you had already volunteered
background in emergency services and
step into the position as Dir of or planned to participate, please con-
executive management.
Personnel. We will be recruiting tinue to plan on serving. Capt McGuire
Thank you John for your willing will begin having internal planning meet-
for a new Admin Off. If you have any
service to the CAP and to Group 221. ings in the near future. If you need to
ideas please let me know.
Jack Soldano, Major, Commander 221. reach Capt McGuire, his e-mail address
Lt Col Eliz Yull is Please join me in
Lt Col Kenneth Hawthorn Capt Joe McGuire congratulating Joe in this important new

t.Col. Kenneth Hawthorn, CAP, n behalf of Col McCabe, I am
Lt Col Bob Jennings
received his M.S. in Criminal Jus- very pleased to announce that
tice from West Chester University Capt Joe McGuire, NJ Wing
in PA. HQ has been appointed as the CAP
Ken is a full time police officer Project Officer for our support of the
and teaches part time at the Montgom- McGuire AFB Air Show and Open
ery Co. Police Academy. He is a gradu- House, tentatively scheduled for May
ate of both Valley Forge Millitary Acad- 12 - 13 2007 (and yes, it is Mother's