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Introduction 6 Optional Dramatic 27 Dweller in the Depths 70

Auction Rules 27 Fire Vampire 71
Bookhounds 8 Libraries 29 Fog-Spawn 72
Creating a Bookhound 8 Rules for Libraries 29 Hound-Lich 74
Occupations 8 Libraries of London 30 Tylwyth Corachaidd 74
New Occupations 8 The Books Themselves 32 An Optional Magick:
Book Scout 9 Some Shelfwear Megapolisomancy 76
Bookseller 9 and Foxing 32 The Megapolisomancy Ability 76
Catalogue Agent 10 Occult Books 34 Megapolisomantic Workings 76
Forger 10 Historical Occult Books 36 Burning Man:
Occultist 10 Mythos Tomes 38 A Sample Working 78
Drives 12 Paramental Entities 79
Greed 12 Thirties London 41
New Abilities 12 Twenty Thousand Streets Building a Bookhounds
Auction (General) 12 Under the Sky 41 Campaign 80
Bibliography (Academic) 12 Contacts in London 41 Styles 80
Document Analysis Rumours of London 42 Arabesque 80
(Technical) 12 The City of London 42 Sordid 80
Forgery (Technical) 12 Contacts in the City 43 Technicolour 81
Textual Analysis Rumours of the City 44 Dramatis Personae 82
(Academic) 12 Westminster 45 Sample Non-Player
The Knowledge Contacts in Westminster 45 Characters 82
(Academic) 12 Rumours of Westminster 47 Rivals 83
Bookshops 15 The West End 48 Bookseller 83
Bookshop Stock 15 Contacts in the West End 49 Book Scout 85
Dedicated Bookshop Stock 15 Rumours of the West End 50 Catalogue Agent 85
Discover a Squiz 16 The East End 51 Collectors 86
Improving Bookshop Stock 17 Contacts in the East End 52 Academic 86
Bookshop Credit Ratings 17 Rumours of the East End 53 Artist 87
Bookshop Credit Ratings North London 54 Peer of the Realm 88
In Play 18 Contacts in North London 54 Scenarios 89
Rumours of North London 56 Player-Driven Adventures 92
The Purchase of Curious Tomes 21 South London 56 Plot Hooks 92
The Book Trade 21 Contacts in South London 58 Using Contacts 92
Finding a Buyer 21 Rumours of South London 60 Putting it Together, Together 93
Finding a Book 22
Auctions 24 The London Mythos 61 Whitechapel Black-Letter 94
Narrative Auctions 24 Cults 61 The Spine 94
Dramatic Auctions 25 Corebook Cults 61 The Horrible Truth 95
Dramatic Auction Rules 25 A Book to Kill For 95
Single-Lot Dramatic London’s Monsters 67 The Uncongenial Mr. Dives 95
Auctions 26 Brood of Eihort 67 Upon Further Investigation 96
Multiple-Lot Dramatic Cold One 69 The Book 97
Auctions 27 Dust-Thing 69 The Buyer 98

Bookhounds of London
By Kenneth Hite



Thirties London

a Victorian “rookery,” overcrowded and of course, Cthulhu Mythos. As always,

overflowing with fights, thefts, and vice. the Keeper is free to ignore or alter the
“I REMEMBER WHEN Whole neighbourhoods in the East End, Mythos legendry in this section, although
NYARLATHOTEP CAME TO especially in the stricken Docklands, the rest of the lore is authentic or is
MY CITY — THE GREAT, THE suffer the same decay. In any given year believed to be so in the Thirties.
OLD, THE TERRIBLE CITY OF of the Thirties, half a million Londoners
are out of work, most of them in the East
UNNUMBERED CRIMES.” End. Contacts in London
A list of typical, even stereotypical,
Twenty Thousand contacts for each London region appears
following the summary information and

By the Thirties, London is no longer the Streets Under the the Ability-based lore for that region.
These are people a Bookhound might
capital of the world. But it is still the
capital of the world’s largest empire, Sky know in that area; friendly acquaintances,
less-than-intense rivals, drinking mates,
even if some of its dominions have familiar faces, and anyone else who might
become restive. Its eight million citizens “THAT HE SAID NOTHING OF be good for a rumour and a cigarette
come not merely from the Home ANTIQUARIAN RAMBLES IN THE without any great emotional connexion
Counties but from all over Britain – GLAMOROUS OLD CITY WITH ITS or formal relationship. The ability or
and from Ireland, the Continent, India, ALLURING SKYLINE OF ANCIENT DOMES abilities most likely to locate such a
China, and the rest of the globe. It is AND STEEPLES AND ITS TANGLES OF contact, or to produce information,
one of the world’s most advanced and accompanies each Contact. The Keeper
sophisticated cities: electric lights and ROADS AND ALLEYS WHOSE MYSTIC should allow wide latitude for members
double-decker diesel-fueled buses have CONVOLUTIONS AND SUDDEN VISTAS of an Occupation to find Contacts in
replaced the Victorian gaslights and ALTERNATELY BECKON AND SURPRISE, the same line: an Artist might be able
hansom cabs of popular imagination. WAS TAKEN BY HIS PARENTS AS A to use Art to find a fellow-sculptor in
London even avoids the worst of the GOOD INDEX OF THE DEGREE TO WHICH Bloomsbury, for example.
Depression: its unemployment rate HIS NEW INTERESTS HAD ENGROSSED
peaks at 13.7% in 1932, and 37,000 For most regions of London, these
of its factories (building aircraft and HIS MIND.” contacts can do multiple duty: a Bobby
automobiles, canning luxury foods, – THE CASE OF CHARLES might potentially show up anywhere in
and turning out electrical machinery) DEXTER WARD the city, although his chances of being
keep running. Over 100,000 London “bent” increase in Soho, for example. In
printers and book-binders employ half Like the geographical section on p. 175- your campaign, there may be multiple
the nation’s pressmen. Even the London 181 of the Trail of Cthulhu corebook, individual examples of any or all of these
Zoo is modern now: the penguins and this section can only touch on London’s Contacts, tuned for the specific scenario
gorillas live in stark Bauhaus buildings, limitless possibilities as a setting. More and the urban environment in which they
not wrought-iron cages. information is available online, or in the act.
books in the Bibliography. Bookhounds
But it is still London, the Smoke, the with The Knowledge will likely know See p. 92 under “Player-Driven
“Great Wen.” There are still 20,000 much of that information; Keepers Adventures,” “Using Contacts,” for how you
horses on the streets (about 5% of should encourage them to seek it out can use these contacts to provide your
vehicles are horse-drawn), and there and share it in play. The Knowledge also Bookhound with information, clues, or
are still streets without police on them. potentially covers almost any fact in this local colour during a scenario.
Campbell Road in Islington, for instance, section, with the possible exception
was built in the 1860s, and still seems like of the paragraphs headed Occult, and

Rumours of London

Rumours of London Cathedral on Ludgate Hill (plan A subterranean Mithraeum –

A list of rumours appears following XXVIII); other major landmarks dedicated to the Roman mystery
the contacts. These are player of the City include the Guildhall, cult god Mithras – lies beneath the
knowledge: the sorts of things eager the Old Bailey criminal court city a block northeast of St. Stephen
Bookhounds are likely to hear as they (on the former site of Newgate Walbrook. (This is true, but the
wander the streets, drink a pint in the Prison), St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Mithraeum is not actually discovered
pubs, and gossip with their cronies (England’s oldest), and the 202 ft. until 1954. In an Arabesque London,
and rivals. Their degree of truth, tall Monument commemorating the p. 80, it makes a superb cult
and potential for danger and profit, spot where the Great Fire of London centre.)
remain in the Keeper’s hands until stopped in 1666.
the Bookhounds follow the scent to The Tower of London (XXIX), once
its source. We reproduce them on the Archaeology: The City essentially a fortification, prison, and execution
Pelgrane website as handouts to be maps Roman Londinium; the Forum ground, sits where the giant Bran’s
distributed to your players. Give each was just north of Tower Bridge, the head once lay buried. Should the
Bookhound his own “turf ” worth of amphitheatre where the Guildhall ravens (bran in Welsh) ever leave the
rumours, or let the whole party know is now, a temple of Diana (now St. Tower, Britain is doomed. The Tower
“the word on the street” everywhere Paul’s) on Ludgate Hill and a temple is haunted by everything from the
from Hammersmith to Hackney. to Isis just south of it on St. Peter’s ghosts of its prisoners and victims
Black out rumours you really don’t Hill. The Thames is called the Isis (Anne Boleyn, Walter Raleigh, many
want to follow up on, and write in River in Oxford. more) to a cylinder of bluish-white
new ones you really do. Feel free to fluid that appeared to the Keeper
add more rumours as you think of The Knowledge: Bank tube station of the Crown Jewels in 1817 to the
them, or as your own research into is directly underneath the crypt of immense shadow of an axe on the
London (or grimoires, or Arthur St. Mary Woolnoth, a Hawksmoor White Tower wall.
Machen, or anything else cool) turns church (see p. 51) on the site of a
up story hooks. Roman temple to Concordia. Rosicrucian and botanist John
Evelyn’s plan to rebuild London
See p. 92 under “Player-Driven Statues of the enigmatic twin giants after the Fire laid out the kabbalistic
Adventures,” “Plot Hooks,” for how you Gog and Magog stand in the Guildhall Tree of Life beneath the City: St.
can use these rumours to generate (and in St. Dunstan’s-in-the-West). Paul’s is Tiphareth, St. Dunstan’s-in-
scenes, and eventually plot spines and They only date from 1708; their the-West is Malkuth, St. Dunstan’s-
whole scenarios. earlier incarnations burned in the in-the-East is Kether. Gracechurch
Great Fire. Fountain is Daath, the secret

The City of London The former Knights Hospitaller

sephirah of Knowledge.

IV. Most of “London” lies outside property at Smithfield (now a Cthulhu Mythos: Lord Northam
the boundaries of the actual City of covered meat-market) was London’s (see Rumours of the City, below)
London, occupying the old mediaeval centre for horse trading and cattle reached the Nameless City in inner
city limits: one square mile between slaughter until 1855. Human Arabia in 1907, and spent several
the Tower of London and the London blood mingled with the animal years accumulating Mythos lore
Temple. The Temple (formerly a blood in its soil; here, heretics and and attempting a communion with
Knights Templar commandery) traitors received public execution. Yog-Sothoth before suffering a
now headquarters Britain’s legal The famous festival of Misrule, complete breakdown. In 1927, after
establishment. The City is London’s Bartholomew Fair, was held here a brief exposure to a copy of the
Wall Street; it contains the Bank from 1123 until 1855. Necronomicon, he suffered a horrific
of England, the Royal Exchange, stroke and survives as a near-
the Lloyd’s of London insurance Occult: The London Stone, perhaps catatonic.
company, and many other banks the omphalos of Britain, an altar-
and financial concerns. Fleet Street stone laid by Brutus, or the remnants
in the City houses London’s great of a menhir or baetyl (a stone
newspapers. possessed by a deity), sits in the wall
of St. Swithin’s in Cannon Street.
The centre of the City is St. Paul’s

Thirties London

Contacts in the City A clerk shuffles papers, for a bank, A scribbler can provide hot tips off
for the Government, for a large firm the record about anything that’s been
Barman or hospital or asylum or whatever. He in the news, or might be in the news
See East End (p. 51). (or she, increasingly) dresses to avoid the next day, or (after a few pints
Beggar attention or comment. This may make and a Reassurance that this won’t see
See East End (p. 51). him more or less susceptible to Flattery. daylight) about stories that will never,
A creature of rote and routine, the clerk ever be in the news. He can also hit
Bobby reacts poorly to disruptions of such, newspaper morgues and ask around at
See North London (p. 54). and well to those who know the proper his regular watering holes, if there’s a
way to couch requests (Bureaucracy). juicy enough story in it for him on the
Broker back end.
(Credit Rating 4+, Intimidation, You might encounter him at the office,
Reassurance, Catalogue Agent special or perhaps perched in a small park or Servant
ability) square eating lunch like a drab pigeon. See West End (p. 48).
After 5 pm, he vanishes into suburban
A broker is one who buys and sells anonymity. Solicitor
for clients, usually employed by a (Law, Catalogue Agent or Dilettante
brokerage house or by some individual A clerk is in a prime position to look at special ability)
or corporation with a seat on the Stock those papers as they go by: who’s filing
Exchange. He dresses impeccably for bankruptcy, whose death certificate A solicitor is an attorney who does
in bowler hat and starched collar, looked dodgy, who is buying large everything except argue a case in court.
clutches his umbrella rain or shine, quantities of powdered zinc, who is (That’s a barrister’s job.) He might be
and votes Conservative. A creature of responding nicely to the hydrotherapy. the wizened patriarch of a family firm,
grasping ambition and fear for his social This almost always involves being at the or a young sprig full of fair-haired
position, he can be swayed by appeals to office. enthusiasm for the law. He dresses well
either emotion (Reassurance that your and respectably, carries a hat, stick, and
tip is legit, Intimidation and threats of Inspector gloves, and gives every impression of
blackmail). See Westminster (p. 45). wisdom and capability. If he doesn’t
match this description, he probably
If not approached at his place of Medical Resident deals with a lower sort: Communists,
business, you might encounter him See East End (p. 51). In the City, radicals, workingmen, Bookhounds.
on the steps of some establishment likely associated with St. Bart’s or That sort of thing. You can usually tell
devoted to the pursuit of expensive Guy’s Hospital. by the cravat.
vice. This is an excellent place to get his
attention and assistance with alacrity, as Scribbler Encounter him at his chambers at
long as you don’t raise your voice. (Oral History, Reassurance, Book Scout the Inns of Court, or having a quiet
or Journalist special ability) whisky in a quiet establishment before
He can provide rumours and details of returning home – by rail to a suburb, or
the financial status (the more precarious The scribbler writes columns, or stories, by foot to a decent neighbourhood in
the better) of anyone involved in or fiction, or all three simultaneously, the West End.
the Exchange, as buyer or seller. He for a Fleet Street newspaper, magazine,
may also know of peculiar cargoes tabloid, or tip-sheet. He (sometimes He can provide details of legal matters,
recently imported or exported from she) dresses badly or flamboyantly or police matters, and similar. Anything
London. He may have these details at both; even tailored suits look off-the- told him by a client is privileged
his fingertips, or he may need to ask rack or worse hung on a scribbler. He communication, and cannot be revealed
around or check some files at the office. wants news, scoops, gossip, and tips; to the police. Or to nosy Bookhounds,
he’ll offer up his own on a tit-for-tat unless they have means of special
Cleaner basis (Oral History). persuasion.
See South London (p. 56).
Encounter him anywhere: at the paper, Stall-Keeper
Clerk in a pub, on the street looking for See South London (p. 56).
(Bureaucracy, Flattery, Credit Rating 3) stories, at a crime scene trying to pry
news out of the coppers.

Rumours of London

Legendary London
In the beginning, the giant Albion, a son of Poseidon, dwelt in the island and ruled it with terror and force. He was slain
by Heracles, and his giant-kin descended into savagery until they were extirpated by Brutus, a great-grandson of Aeneas the
Trojan. Brutus’ comrade Corineus killed the mightiest of the giants, Goëmagot, also called Gogmagog, later represented
as twin giants, Gog and Magog. Corineus either flung Gogmagog off a cliff into the ocean, buried him (them?) under the
Gogmagog Hills in Cambridgeshire, or enslaved them as London’s gatekeepers, depending on the story. Brutus named the
island, which an oracle of Diana had told him to seek out, after himself (“Bruttium” becoming “Britain”) and founded its
capital city, Troynovaunt or “New Troy” on the future site of London.
Among Brutus’ descendants and successors as king of Britain were Leir (immortalised as Shakespeare’s King Lear),
Belinus (after whom Billingsgate Fish Market is named, himself named after the Celtic “henbane god”), and Lud. King
Lud vastly expanded Troynovaunt and renamed it after himself, Lud Dun (“the town of Lud”), which became “London.” (A
rival derivation comes from twin brothers, the Londinos, or “fierce ones.”) During the subsequent reign of Lud’s brother
Cassibelaunus, Julius Caesar invaded Britain, captured London, and built the White Tower on Tower Hill. Lud’s grandson,
King Cunobelinus (the “hound of Belinus,” and Shakespeare’s Cymbeline) welcomed (and paid an annual tribute to) the
Romans as “allies,” based on their common Trojan descent.
How did the Romans win? Lud’s father Bran left Britain on an invasion of Ireland, taking with him Britain’s finest
warriors. The Irish defeated the invaders, fatally wounding Bran. He asked his followers to bury his severed head under
Tower Hill to keep Britain safe from invasion, but they spent 80 years in a magical castle before burying the head, allowing
the Romans their window of opportunity for invasion. Even so, the Britons managed to take Caesar’s sword Crocea Mors. A
century later, Boadicea, the Queen of the Trinovantes (Troynovauntes?), almost drove the Romans out during her rebellion,
burning Roman Londinium in the process. She died at Battle Bridge (now King’s Cross), and may be buried under Primrose
Hill or King’s Cross Station.
Modern scholars dismiss such legends, from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th-century chronicle and the Welsh Mabinogion,
seeking to explain them as distorted records of either mythology or glorified tribal wars. But the Cthulhu Mythos might
understand them differently, noting for example the constant series of buried giants (often twins) recurring in the lore.
Bran is also a giant who does not fit well with the established chronology; in some versions, he is the twin to Belinus. This
“giant out of time” could be some titan entity continuously recurring in British nightmares and legends, forcing its way
through whatever Druidical defenses might exist. Are Bran-Belinus and the Londinos and Gog-Magog just human masks
for Zhar-Lloigor or Nug-Yeb or Han-Byatis? Other entities may lay claim to London as well: the Welsh name for King Lud
is Nudd, who the Romans knew as Nodens. (In the Irish version, he’s Lugh, slayer of the one-eyed giant Balor.) Leir’s three
daughters recall Mormo; the “henbane god” Belinus might be any hallucination-inducing titan. According to Milton, “Diana”
appeared to Brutus in a dream, while he slept in a ruined temple on a mysterious deserted island. Is Britain actually Dagon’s
island? Is London originally Iod Dun? It’s all up to the Keeper.

Rumours of the City on holiday in Yorkshire. broker at the Baltic House on St.-
Mary-Axe, is the man to see about
• The former Satanist, explorer, and • A Jewish bookseller in Clare Market importing valuable grimoires, books
occult scholar Lord Northam lives sold a Latin Necronomicon (likely the of Kabbalah, Masonic texts, and
in Gray’s Inn. He’s a near-catatonic 1623 Cadiz edition of Wormius) for an other officially banned books from
invalid surrounded by only the absurdly low price in 1927.The tome Nazi Germany, without the excessive
most puerile of books and art. He vanished with its purchaser, Algernon scrutiny of customs officials. One
screams when he hears the bells Williams, inYorkshire later that year, also hears that he is the man to see
ring, and merely titters when asked but the bookshop can’t have simply about exporting such works into Nazi
anything about his past. Where his disappeared, can it? Certainly, neither Germany, where certain Party higher-
great occult library and collection of the two bookstores in the street ups express interest in these matters.
of artifacts may be, nobody knows, seem like the kind of place such things
but the Northam Collection is the would turn up. Rigorous examination • The eccentric book scout Allan
El Dorado of grimoire scavengers of tax records, city directories, and so Chessover (see p. 85) brings you
everywhere. Before his stroke in forth may turn up where that shop was a copy of the 1605 play A History of
1927, his only companion was his located, or where its stock went. RichardWhittington. Known only from
neighbour Algernon Williams, who printers’ license records, the play was
disappeared shortly thereafter while • One hears that Nevil Carstairs, a long thought lost; this quarto copy

Thirties London

credits GeorgeWilkins (according to Green Park is the site of four separate became famous for theft, murder, and rape
some scholars, Shakespeare’s coauthor assassination attempts against royalty: in its bounds for 300 years afterward. It
on Pericles) as the playwright. If Victoria in 1840, 1842, and 1849, and remains a popular place for suicides. The
authentic, the play is worth quite a bit EdwardVIII in 1936. tree is one planted in the time of HenryVIII
– but its “DickWhittington” becomes with a sapling from Stethelos, where dwell
wealthy and powerful not through Coventry Street holds London’s swankest “things which thought and moved and were alive,
his faithful cat per se, but by use of a nightclub, the Café de Paris. Its dining room yet which gods and men would not consider alive.”
book he acquires from “the Queen of is modeled on that of the Titanic.
Cats” in “a Citie in Syria.” It might be
worth looking around the crypt of St. Occult: A spate of vampire attacks broke Contacts in Westminster
Michael Paternoster in College Hill out in broad daylight in Coventry Street just Barman
(the church Lord Mayor Whittington off of Piccadilly Circus in April of 1922. See East End (p. 51).
generously funded rebuilding of, and
in which he was buried in 1423) to see Beneath Piccadilly Circus lies a major Beggar
if that book – the Scrolls of Bubastis? – Masonic temple, where the Worshipful See East End (p. 51).
is hidden there. Masters map the secret destiny of the Bobby
Empire. See North London (p. 54).

Westminster Tothill, west of Westminster Abbey, is one

of the three sacred hills of London (along
Bright Young Thing
(Credit Rating 5+, Flattery, Catalogue
X.Technically a city of its own,Westminster with Penton Hill south of Islington and Agent or Dilettante special ability)
is the centre of the Empire. It contains not Tower Hill). It is named for the Druids’
only the Houses of Parliament, but the patron Teutates, or perhaps the Egyptian A Bright Young Thing comes from family,
government offices of Whitehall (including god Thoth; despite this, it served as an or money, or ideally family money. She (or
10 Downing Street, the residence of execution point for necromancers and he) lives for diversion and distraction: she
the Prime Minister), the Admiralty, witches, and a plague pit in 1665. might have a sort of job at an art gallery or
New Scotland Yard, Buckingham Palace, somewhere pleasant, or she may just coast
Belgravia (perhaps London’s wealthiest Cthulhu Mythos: There is a tree of evil from soiree to nightclub and back again. She
neighbourhood), and Westminster Abbey. aspect in Green Park shunned by birds dresses from Paris, or New York. The real
Trafalgar Square, on the northeast corner of and loungers alike. Park keepers say they world, she vaguely understands, is harsh
Westminster, holds Nelson’s Column and hear mocking voices from it, and see man- and depressing, involving responsibilities
abuts the National Gallery and St. Martin- shaped shadows near it.The whole park has and such: far better to dance the night
in-the-Fields’ Church. Piccadilly Circus an eerie stillness about it; it was a lepers’ away, smile, and send the man for more
is the Dionysian twin of the Apollonian burying ground in the 15th century, and champagne.
Trafalgar Square, dominated by the
aluminium statue of Eros, lit by neon signs, One finds the Bright Young Thing between
and surrounded by theatres. Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square,
chasing the best set from cinema premieres
Archaeology: “Cleopatra’s Needle” on to the big American-style hotel parties at
the Embankment is actually an obelisk of the Ritz. Then for drinks and dancing at
Thutmose III dedicated to Ra, Atum, and the Café de Paris or some other nightclub:
Horus, erected at the gateway to Heliopolis, the Kit-Cat, The 43, the Monsignor, the
City of the Sun, in 1450 B.C. (Its twin is Nest. One knows her family (if one is a
in NewYork City’s Central Park.) Six men Dilettante), or one knows her weakness
drowned bringing it to London. A German (Flattery). A Bookhound might also have
Zeppelin raid bombed it in 1917, but only met a BrightYoung Thing by selling a book
damaged one of the decorative sphinxes. to (or valuing a library for) her father
(Catalogue Agent special ability).
Westminster Abbey sits on the site of a
Roman temple of Apollo, later a Saxon She can provide introductions and entrée
temple to Thunor (Thor). to suitably interesting people, or gossip
about everyone in her set. She can also tell
The Knowledge: Constitution Hill in you who’s dealing what illicit substance to

Beak st. Wes. X, 12L Berkeley st. Wes. X, 12L Blenheim rd. Isl. VI, 13D Brackenbury rd. Ham. IX, 4M Brock1ey gro. Lew. XXII, Buckingham rd. Hac. VII,
Beale rd. Pop. VIII, 21I Berkshire rd. Hac. VIII, 22G Blenheim rd. St. M. VI, 8I Brackley ter. Chisk. XIV, 2O 21T 17 G
Bear la. Sou. XI, 15M Berlin rd. Lew. XXII, 22V Blenheim ter. St. M. VI, 8I Braden st. Pad. X, 8J Brocklebank rd. Wan. XX, 8T Buckingham rd. Ley. VIII,
Beauchamp rd. Bat. XV 10S Bermondsey New rd. XI, 17N Blenkarne rd. Bat. XX, 10T Bradfield rd. W.H. XIII, 26M Brocklehurst st. Dep. XVI, 23 E
Beauchamp rd. W. H. VIII, Bermondsey st. XI, 17M Blessington rd. Lew. XVII, Bradgate rd. Lew. XXII, 22T 20P Buckingham rd. W. H. VIII,
26H Bermondsey wall XI, 18M 24S Brading rd. Lam. XX, 14T Brockley hill Lew. XXII, 21U 25 G
Beaufort. st. Che. XV, 9O Bernard gdns. Wim. XIX, 7W Blinco rd. Hac. VIII, 21F Bradmore Pk. rd. Ham. Brockley La. sta. Dep. XVI, Buckland cres. Hd. VI, 9 G
Beaufoy rd. Bat. XV, 11B Bernard st. St., P. XI, 13J Blind la. Woo. XVIII, 32Q IX, 4N 21R Buckland rd Ley. VIII, 23 E
Beaumont rd. W.H. XIII, 27J Berner st. Ste. XII, 18L Blisset. st. Gre. XVII, 23Q Bradstook rd. Hac. VIII, 20G Brockley pk. Lew. XXI, 20U Buckland st. Sho. VII, 17I
Beaumont rd. Wan. XIX, 6U Berners st. St. M. X, 12K Bloemfontein rd. Ham. IX, 4L Bradwell st. Ste. XII, 20J Brockley rd. Dep. XVI, 21R Buckley rd. Wil. V, 7 H
Beaumont sq. Ste. XII, 20K Berridge rd. Lam. XXI, 16X Blomfield rd. Ham. IX, 4L Brady st. B. G. XII, 19J Brockley rd. Lew. XXII, 21T Buckthorne st. Lew. XXI, 21T
Beaumont st. St. M. X, 11K Berthon st. Dep. XVII, 22P Blomfield rd. Pad. X, 8J Braemar ave. Wim. XIX, 7V Brockley rise Lew. XXI, 20U Buffalo rd. Wil. V, 3 G
Beauval rd. Cam. XXI, 17T Berwick rd. W. H. XIII, 26P Blomfield st. City XI, 17E Brailsford rd Lam. XXI, 14 T Brockley rise Lew. XXII, 21T Bugsbys reach Gre. XIII,
Beavor la. Ham. XIV, 3O Berwick st. Wes. X, 12K Blondel st. Bat. XV, 10Q Braintree st. Ste. XII, 19J Brockley sta. XVI, 21R. 25 N
Beckenham Hill sta. XXII, Besley st. Wan. XX, 12X Bloomfield rd. Hac. VII, 18H Bramah rd. Lam. XV, 15Q Brockley XXII, 21T Bulinga st. Wes. XV, 13 O
23X Bessborough rd. Wan. XIX, Bloomfield rd. Ste. XII, 21K Bramber rd. Ful. XIX, 6O Brockwell pk. XXI, 15T Bullen st. Bat. XV, 9Q
Beckenham la. Lew. XXII, 3U Bloomfield rd. Woo. XVIII, Bramberton st. Che. XV, 9O Brockwood rd. Wan. XIX, 7U Bullow rd. Ful. XIV, 8 Q
23X Bessborough st. Wes. XV, 30P Bramcote rd. Wan. XIV, 4S Brodia. rd. S. N. VII, 17E Bulwer st. Ham. IX, 5 M
Beckett ave. E. H. XIII, 20J 13O Bloomfield st. Pop. XII, 22K Bramfield rd. Bat. XX, 10T Brodrick rd. Wan. XX, 10U Bunhill row Fin. XI, 16 J
Becklow rd. Ham. IX, 3M Besson st. Dep. XVI, 20Q Bloomsbury sq. Hol. XI, 13K Bramley rd. Ken. IX, 5K Broke rd. Sho. VII, 18H Burbage rd. Cam. XXI, 16 T
Beckton pk. E. H. XIII, 29L Bethel ave. W. H. XIII, 25J Bloomsbury st. Hol. XL, 13K Bramshill gdns. St.P. VI, 12E Bromar rd. Cam. XVI, 17Q Burcham st. Pop. XII 23 K
Beckton rd. W. H. XIII, 26K Bethnal Gn. rd. XI, 18J Blundell st. Isl. VI, 13G Bramshott ave. Gre. XVII, Bromells rd. Wan. XV, 12R Burchell rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q
Beckton sta. XIII, 30L Bethnal Gn. sta. XII, 19J Blythe hill Lew. XXII, 21U 26P Bromfelde rd.Wan. XV, 13E Burdett rd. Pop. XII, 22J
Beckwith rd. Cam. XXI, 16T Bethnal Gn. XII, 19J Blythe rd. Ham. IX, 5N Bramston rd. Wil. V, 4H Bromley Hall rd. Pop. XII, Burdett Rd. sta. Ste. XII, 21 K
Becmead ave. Wan. XX, 12W Bethune rd. Act. IX, 2J Blythe vale Lew. XXII, 21U Branch hill Hd. VI, 8E 23K Burdett rd. Ste. XII, 21 K
Bective rd. Wan. XIV, 6S Betts st. Ste. XII, 19L Bodney rd. Hac. VII, 19F Brand st. Gre. XVII, 23Q Bromley rd. Lew. XXII, 22V Burdett st. Pop. XII, 22 J
Bedford cotts.Wan, XV, 13S Bevenden st. Sho. VII, 17I Bolan st. Bat. XV. 10Q Brandenburgh rd. Ful. XIV, Bromley rd. Lew. XXII, 25U Burgess pk. Hd. V, 7 F
Bedford gdns. Ken. IX, 7M Beverley gdns. Brns. XIV, 3R Boleyn rd. Isl. VII, 17G 5O Bromley st. Ste. XII, 20K Burgess st. Ste. XII, 22 K
Bedford hill Wan. XX, 11U Beverley pth. Brns. XIV, 3Q Bolina rd. Dep. XVI, 19O Brandon rd. Isl. VI, 13G Bromley sta. XII, 23J Burghill rd. Lew. XXI, 20 W
Bedford rd. Act. IX, 2N Beverley rd. Brns. XIV, 3Q Bolingbroke gro. Bat. XX, Brandon rd. Lam. XX, 13S Bromley XII, 23K Burghley rd. St. P. VI, 12 F
Bedford rd. Wan. & Lam. Beversbrook rd. Isl. VI, 13E 10X Brandon st. Bat. XV, 12Q Brompton rd. Ken. X, 10N Burghley rd. Wim. XIX, 5 W
XV, 13S Bevington rd. Ken. IX, 6K Bolingbroke rd. Bat. XV, 9O Brandon st. Sou. XVI, 16O Brompton sq. Ken. X, 9N Burke st. W. H. XIII, 25 K
Bedford row Hol. XI, 14K Bevington st. Ber. XI, 18N Bolingbroke rd. Ham. IX, 5H Brandram rd. Lew. XVII, 24S Bromwich’s walk St. P. VI, Burleigh st. Wes. XI, 14 L
Bedford sq. Hol. XI. 13K Bexhill rd. Lew. XXII, 21 U Bolney st. Lam. XV, 14P Brandreth rd. Wan. XX, 11V 11D Burlington gdns. Ful. XIV,
Bedford st. Hol. XI, 13K Bickersteth rd. Wan. XX, 10X Bolton mews Ken. XIV, 8O Branksome rd. Lam. XV, 15S Brondesbury Pk. Sta. Wil. 6Q
Bedford st. Ste. XII, 19K Bickerton rd. Isl. VI, 12E Bolton rd. Hd. V, 8H. Brathway rd. Wan. XIX, 7T V, 6H Burlington st. Wes. X, 12 L
Bedford st. Wes. XI, 13L Bidder st. W. H. XII, 24K Bolton rd. W. H. VIII, 25H Bravington rd. Pad. V, 6I Brondesbury pk. Wil. V, 5R Burma rd. S. N. VII, 16 F
Bedford ter. Isl. VI, 14E Biddulph rd. Pad. X, 3J Bolton st. Sho. VII, 18I Braxfield rd. Lew. XVI, 21S Brondesbury rd. Wil. V, 7H Burnaby st. Che. XIV, 8 P
Bedfordbury Wes. XI, 13L Bigg’s rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Bolton st. Wes. X, 12L Brayburne ave. Wan. XV, 12R Bronsart rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Burnbury rd. Wan. XX, 12 U
Beech st. City XI, 16K Billson st. Pop. XVII, 23O Boltons, The, Ken. XIV, 8O Bread st. City, XI, 16L Brook Gn. Ham. IX, 5N Burnfoot ave. Ful. XIV, 6 Q
Beechcroft rd. Wan. XX, 10S Binden rd. Ham. IX, 3M Bomoro rd. Ken. IX, 5L Breakspears rd. Dep. XVI, Brook Gn. rd. Ham. IX, 5N Burnley rd. Lam. XV, 14 Q
Beechdale rd. Lam. XX, 14T Binfield rd. Lam. XV, 13Q Bond st. Chiswick IX, 2N 21S Brook rd. Isl. VI, 12E Burnley rd. Wil. V, 3 F
Beechfield rd. Lew. XXII, Bingfield st. Isl. VI. 14H Bond st. Fin. VII, 14I Brecknock rd. St. P. VI, 12F Brook st. Ham. XIV, 4O Burns rd. Wil. V 3 H
21U Birch gro. Lew. XXII, 25U Bond st. Lam. XV, 13O Brenda rd. Wan. XX, 10V Brook st. Lam. XI, 15N Burntash hill, Lew. XXII,
Beecholme rd. Hac. VII, 19E Birchlands rd. Wan. XIX, 7T Bonfield rd. Lew. XVII, 23S Brent rd. Woo. XVIII, 20O Brook st. Ste. XII, 20L 25 U
Beleize gro. Hd. VI, 10G Bird Cage wIk. Wes. X, 12M Bonham rd. Lam. XX, 13S Brentfield rd. Wil. V, 2G Brook st. Wes. X, 11L Burntash rd. Lew. XXII, 25 T
Beleize pk. Hd. VI, 9G Bird st. Ste. XII, 19M Bonner rd. B. G. VII, 19I Brenthurst rd. Wil. V, 3G Brookbank rd. Lew. XXII, Burnthwaite rd. Ful. XIV, 7 P
Beleize sq. Hd. VI, 9G Birdhurst rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S Bonner st. B. G. VII, 20I Brew House la, Wan. XIV, 6R 22R Burntwood la. Wan. XX, 9 V
Belgrave pl. W.H. XIII, 27J Bird-in-Bush rd. Cam. XVI, Bonneville rd. Wan. XX, 12T Brewer st. Wes. X, 12L Brookdale rd. Lew. XXII, Buross st. Ste. XII, 19 L
Belgrave pl. Wes. X 11N 18P Bonny Downs rd. E.H. XIII, Brewer st. Wes. X, 12N 22U Burr rd. Wan. XIX, 7 U
Belgrave rd. St. M. V, 8H Birkbeck rd. Lam. XXI, 15V 29J Brewer st. Woo. XVIII, 20O Brooke rd. Hac. VII, 18E Burr st. Ste. XI, 18 M
Belgrave sq. Wes. X, 11N Birkbeck rd. Ley. VIII, 24F Bookham st. Sho. VII, 17I Brewery rd. Isl. VI, 13G Brookfield rd. Act. IX, 2M Burrage gro.Woo. XVIII,30 O
Belgrave st. Wan. XV, 12Q Birkbeck rd. Wim. XIX, 8X Boord st. Gre. XII, 24N Brewery rd. Woo. XVIII, 31P Brookfield rd. Hac. VIII, 21G Burrage rd. Woo. XVIII, 30 O
Belgrave st. Wes. X, 11N Birkhall rd. Lew. XXII, 24V Border cres. Bec. XXI, 18X Brewster gdns. Ham. IX, 5K Brookhill rd. Woo. XVIII, Burrard rd. Hd. V, 7 F
Belham st. Cam. XVI, 16Q Biscay rd. Ful. XIV, 5O Border rd. Lew. XXI, 19X Briant st. Dep. XVI, 20Q 30P Burrard rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L
Belitha villas Isl. VI, 14H Bishop’s Pk. rd. Ful. XIV, 5Q Borough High st. Sou. XI, Briar walk Wan. XIV, 4S Brooklands rd. Wan. XX, Burrows rd. Wil. V, 5 I
Bell gn. XXII, 21W Bishop’s rd. B. G. VII, 19I 16M Brick la. Ste. XI, 18K 11W Burston rd. Wan. XIV, 5 S
Bell gro. XVIII, 33S Bishop’s rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Borough rd. Sou. XI, 15N Bride st. Isl. VI, 14G Brooklands rd.Wan. XV, 12Q Burt rd. W. H. XIII, 27 M
Bell la. Ste. XI, 17K Bishop’s rd. Pad. X, 9K Borough Rd. sta. Sou. XI, Bridge ave. Ham. XIV, 4O Brooklyn rd. Ham. IX, 4M Burton cres. St. P. XI, 13 J
Bell st. St. M. X, 9K Bishop’s rd. sta. Pad. X, 9K l5M Bridge est. Gre. XVII, 23P Brookmill rd. Dep. XVII, Burton rd. Hac. VII, 20F
Bellamy st. Wan. XX, 11T Bishop’s rd, Lam. XV, 15Q Borthwick rd. Wal. VIII, 25F Bridge rd. Bat. XV, 10P 22Q Burton rd. Lam. XV, 14 Q
Bellasis ave. Wan. XX, 13V Bishopsgate st. City XI, 17K Boscastle rd. St. P. VI, 11E Bridge rd. Ham. XIV, 4O Brook’s ave. Wil. V, 6H Burton rd. Wil. V, 7 H
Bellenden rd. Cam. XVI, 17R Bishopsgate sta.City XI, 17K Boscombe rd. Ham. IX, 4M Bridge rd. Pop. XII, 22L Brooks rd. W. H. VIII, 26I Burton st. St. P. XI, 13 J
Belleville rd. Bat. XX, 10S Black Horse rd. Dep. XVI, Bostall heath, Woo. XVIII, Bridge rd. W. Bat. XV, 9Q Brooksbys walk, Hac. VIII, Burtop rd. Wan. XIX, 8 V
Bellevue rd. Bat. XX, 10T 21O 34P Bridge rd. W. H. VIII 24H 20F Busby pl. St, P. VI, 12 G
Bellingham sta. XXII, 22W Black Lion la. Ham. XIV, 3O Bostall hill Woo. XVIII, 33P Bridge rd. W. H. VIII, 26I Brookville rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Bush rd. Dep. XVI, 20 0
Bellwood rd. Cam. XVI, 20S Blackfriars bridge City XI, Bostall la. Woo. XVIII, 34O Bridge rd. Wes. XV, 12O Brookwood rd. Wan. XIX, 7U Bush rd. W. H. XIII, 26 J
Belmont gro. Lew. XVII, 24R 15L Bostall wd. Woo. XVIII, 33P Bridge rd. Wil. V, 2G Broomfield st. Pop. XII, 22K Bushey Hill rd. Cam. XVI,
Belmont hill Lew. XVII, 23R Blackfriars rd. Sou. XI, 15M Boston p1. St. M. X, 10J Bridge st. Ste. XII, 21J Broomhill rd. Wan. XIX, 7S 17 Q
Belmont pk, Lew. XVII, 24S Blackfriars sta. City XI, 15L Bosworth rd. Ken. IX, 6J Bridge st. W. H. VIII, 24H Broomhouse rd. FuI. XIV, 7Q Bushnell rd. Wan. XX, 11 V
Belmont rd. Lew. XVII, 23R Blackheath ave. Gre. XVII, Botanic gdns. Regent’s pk. St. Bridge. rd. Wan. XIV, 8R Broomsleigh st. Hd. V, 7F Butcher row Ste. XII 20 L
Belmont st. St. P. VI, 11G 24P M. X, 11J Bridport pl. Sho. VII, 17I Broomwood rd. Bat. XX, 10T Butcher’s rd. W.H. XIII, 26K
Belrave rd. Wes. XV, 12O Blackheath hill Gre. XVII, Botolph rd. Pop. XII, 22J Brierley rd. Ley. VIII, 24F Brougham rd. Sho. VII, 18H Butcher’s Hedge la. W. H.
Belsize ave. Hd. VI, 9G 23Q Boulton rd. W. H. XIII, 25K Bright st. Pop. XII, 23K Broughton rd. Ful. XIV, 8Q XIII, 26 L
Belsize cres. Hd. VI, 9G Blackheath Hill sta. Gre. Boundaries rd. Wan. XX, 10U Brightfield rd. Lew. XXII, Broughton rd. S. N. VII, 17F Buttesland st. Sho. VII, 17 I
Belsize la. Hd. VI, 9G XVII. 22Q Boundary rd. Bar. XIII, 31I 24S Broughton st. Bat. XV, 11Q Buxton rd. W. H. VIII, 25 G
Belsize pk.gdns. Hd. VI, 9G Blackheath pk. Gre. XVII, Boundary rd. Hd. VI, 8H Brighton rd. E. H. XIII, 29J Brownhill rd. Lew. XXII, Byam st. Ful. XIV 8 Q
Belsize rd. Hd. V, 8H 25R Boundary st. Sho. XI, 17J Brighton rd. W. H. VIII, 25I 23U Byegrove rd. Mit. XX, 9 X
Belson rd. Woo. XVIII, 29O Blackheath rd. Gre. XVII, Bourke rd. Wil. V, 2G Brighton ter. Lam. XV, 14S Brownlow rd. Sho. VII, 18H Byne rd. Bec. XXI, 19 X
Belton rd. W. H. VIII, 26H 22Q Bournemouth rd. Cam. XVI, Brightwell cres. Wan. XX, Brownlow rd. Wil. V, 2G Byng st. Pop. XII, 22 M
Belton rd. Wil. V, 4G Blackheath rise Lew. XVII, 18R 10X Browns rd. W. H. VIII, 26I Byrne rd. Wan. XX, 11 U
Beltram rd. Ful. XIV, 7Q 23R Bournevale rd. Wan. XX, Brill st. St. P. VI, 13I Brownswood rd. S.N. VII, Byton rd. Wan. XX, 10X
Belvedere drive Wim. XIX, Blackheath sta. XVII, 24R 18W Brindley st. Pad. IX, 7K 16R Cable st. Ste. XII. 19 L
6X Blackheath vale Lew. XVII, Bousfield rd. Dep. XVI, 20R Bristol gdns. Pad. X, 8J Broxash rd. Bat. XX, 19I Cabul rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q
Belvedere rd. Lam. XI, 14M 24R Boutflower rd. Bat. XV, 9R Britannia rd. Ful. XIV, 8P Bruce rd. Pop. XII, 23J Cader rd. Wan. XX, 8 T
Belvoir rd. Cam. XXI, 18U Blackheath, XVII, 24R. Bouverie rd. S. N. VII, 17E Britannia row Isl. VII, 16H Bruce rd. Wil. V, 2G Cadogan pl. Che. X, 10 N
Bemerton st. Isl. VI, 14H Blackshaw rd.Wan. XX, 8W Bouverie st. City XI, I5L Britannia st. St. P. VI, 14I Brunel rd. Ber. XII, 19M Cadogan sq. Che. X, 10 N
Bemish rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Blackstock rd. Isl. VII, 15E Boveney rd. Lew. XXI, 20T Britannia. st. Sho. VII, 16I Brunswick eq. Cam. XVI, Cadogan ter. Che. X, 10 N
Ben Jonson rd. Ste. XII, 21K Blackwall la. Gre. XVII, 25O Bovill rd. Lew. XXI, 20U British st. Pop. XII, 21J 17 Q Cadogan ter. Pop. VIII, 21 H
Benares rd. Woo. XVIII, 32O Blackwall pier Pop. XII, 23L Bovington rd. Ful. XIV, 8Q Britten st. Che. XV, 9O Brunswick gdns. Ken. IX, 7M Cahir st. Pop. XVII, 22O
Benbow rd. Ham. IX, 4M Blackwall point Gre. XII, Bow Common la. Ste. XII, Brixton hill Lam. XX, 13T Brunswick pl. Sho. XI, 17J Caird st. Pad. IX, 6 J
Bendall st. St. M. X, 10J 24M 22K Brixton rd., Lam. XV, 14Q Brunswick rd. Isl. VI, 16D Caistor Park rd. W. H. VIII,
Bendon valley Wan. XIX, 8U Blackwall reach Pop. XII, Bow creek W. H. XII, 24K Brixton sta. East XV, 14R Brunswick rd. Pop. XIII, 23 K 25 I
Bengeo st. W. H. XIII, 25L 24N Bow la. Pop. XII, 23L Brixton sta. XV, 14R Brunswick sq. St. P. XI, 13 J Caistor rd. Wan. XX, 11 U
Benhill rd. Cam. XVI, 17Q Blackwall sta. Pop. XII, 23L Bow rd. Pop. XII, 22J Brixton XXI, 14S Brunswick st. Hac. VII, 20 G Caithness rd. Ham. IX, 5N
Benledi st. Pop. XII, 23L Blackwall tunnel, XII, 24M Bow Rd. sta. XII, 22I Broad st. Hol. XI, 13K Brunswick st. Pop. XII, 23 L Calabria rd. Isl. VII, 15 G
Bennerley rd. Bat. XX, 10S Blackwater st. Cam. XXI, 17S Bow st. Wes. XI, 13L Broad st. Lam. XV, 14O Brunswick st. Sho. VII, 18 I Calais st. Lam. XV, 15Q
Bennett pk. Gre. XVII, 25R Blair st. Pop. XII, 23L Bow sta. XII, 22I Broad St. sta. City XI, 17K Brushfield st. Ste. XI, 17 K Calderon rd. Ley. VIII, 24 F
Benson ave. E. H. XIII, 27J Blake rd. Cam. XVI, 17P Bow VIII, 22I Broad st. Ste. XII, 20L Bruton st. Wes. X. 12 L Caldervale rd. Wan. XX, 12 S
Benson rd. Lew. XXI, 19U Blakenham rd. Wan. XX, Bowater rd. Woo. XIII, 27N Broad st. Wes. X, 12L Bryanston sq. St. M. X, 10 K Caledonian asylum Isl. VI,
Benthal rd. Hac. VII, 18E 10W Bowland rd. Wan. XV, 13S Broadfield rd. Lew. XXII, Bryantwood rd. Isl. VII, 15 F 14 G
Bentham rd. Hac. VIII, 20G Blanche st. W. H. XIII, 25K Bowling Green la. Fin. XI, 24U Brydges rd. W.H. VIII, 24G Caledonian pk. Isl. VI, 12 E
Benthurst rd. Wil. V, 3G Blandford rd. Act. IX, 2M 15J Broadhinton rd. Wan. XV, Brynmaer rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q Caledonian rd. Isl. VI, 14 G
Benwell rd. Isl. VII, 15F Blandford st. St. M. X, 11K Bowness rd. Lew. XXII, 23U 11R Buccleuch rd. Lam. XXI, Caledonian Rd. sta. Isl. VI,
Benworth rd. Pop. XII, 22I Blantyre st . Che. XIV, 9P Box st. Pop. XII, 22K Broadhurst gdns. Hd. V, 8G 16 V 14 H
Benyon rd. Hac. VII, 17H Bleakhall rd. Wan. XX, 12U Boxall row Cam. XXI, 16T Broadwall Lam. XI, 15M Buchan rd. Cam. XVI, 19R Callcott rd. Wil. V, 6 H
Berens rd. Wil. V, 5I Blechynden st. Ken. IX, 5K Boxley st. W. H. XIII, 26M Broadwater rd.Wan. XX, 9W Bucharest rd. Wan. XX, 8 T Calmington rd. Cam. XVI,
Beresford rd. Isl. VII, 16G Blegboro’ rd. Wan. XX, 12Y Boxworth gro. Isl. VI, 14H Broadway Ham. IX, 5N Buck Hill walk Wes. X, 9 L 17P
Beresford st. Sou. XVI, 15P Blendon rd, Woo. XVIII, 31P Boyd rd. W. H. XIII, 25L Broadway Strat. W. H. VIII, Buck st. Sho. VII, 17 I Calonne rd. Wim. XIX, 5 W
Beresford st. Woo. XVIII, Blenheim cres. Ken. IX, 6K Boyer rd. W.H. XXIII, 26K 24H Buckhold rd. Wan. XIX, 7 T Calthorpe st. St. P. XI, 14 J
30O Blenheim gro. Cam. XVI, Boyne rd. Lew. XVII, 23 R Broadway Wim. XIX, 6X Buckingham gate Wes. X, Calvert rd. Gre. XVII, 25 P
Berger rd. Hac. VII, 20G 18Q Boyson rd. Sou. XVI, I6P Broadway, Dep. XVII, 22Q 12 N Cambalt rd. Wan. XIV, 5 S
Berkeley pl. Wim. XIX, 5X Blenheim rd, Wal. VIII, 25F Bracewell rd. Ham. IX, 4K Broadway, The, Hac. VII, Buckingham Palace rd. Wes. Camberwell green, XVI, 16 Q
Berkeley sq. Wes. X, 11L Blenheim rd. Act. IX, 2N Bracey st. Isl. VI, 14D 19H XV, 11 N Camberwell gro. XVI, 16 Q