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and griffin Twisted strangers The murky underpass Picky minds The old rhymes The charmed biography Shopping malls unloved Ginger chewing Dickens binging Contributing slow afternoon energy Window Persian begonias Rocking back and forth slow Liberated country zucchini Truly plural societies Crabtree munching happily A smiling smooth face Diorama world hunger Salvation enjoying Doubt and dehydration Cutie munching cuticles Hair tied in ribbons Roy’s complete guide to organic bread Officially eleven oclock and nothings happening Universal upset stomachs Books have posibiltiies Courage and bloody noses Garden hazel resting beside Leagues of universal suffering Travelling tired motorists Monday class tensions Francis and his mischievous smile Lines and lines Adventurous fuck aren’t you fantastic Wooly socks and whispered demands Publish yourself Neverending music Remain calm lose your addiction Clare eat your fruit Newspaper smart rabbi Bilingual students Waiting in mild traditions Mild milk winter wasting Commit no fouls Motherfuckers be helping

David draining his sadness Whats your excuse Thirty percent new roommate Coronation to your breast How do you talk A mess hall of nurses In the dark inventing Do you love me not Distant sustaining molecules Sun washed porridge Afternoon blanket Autumn bike riding The whole world unfurls revolution banners Dusky complexion Scoot along the ground Clean room Somewhat green vegetables Gleaming wiping mind Be forewarned: We end in splinters Tripping new diagnosis There are always more kids Spunky adolescent millions Subtle salt soup Breakfast seeing stars Hiding reclusive saints South of france assignment Go where you may Clarrissa and the childs marrow flower Listening to comparisons An unavoidabable truth A susceptible mind Always changing New ideas new happiness Define them in your head Twin days ruined The swan in the water Hymn to the woods Nonocytes publishes papers Obviously insane Hesitant campus publicity Published zines Everything historical Barging 1840s travelers Mystical dental filings Suffering wan faces The whole scheme of men Tropical stories You cant own anything Sunshine during autumn A tribe of pear growers .

everything There is no use to it Carolina flower pictures Don’t stress it Ohio nuisance higway Be smart about coincidences First olive in mouth Everything just is Don’t provoke me Olympian crushing teenagers Grasp a person is illusion Grit between the teeth Belarus and the tortured The cries of our could be ancestors Antihistamines in the blood Branching out into nectar All my haunted conclusions Robert your soul is alive We are remitting guava The whole world is washrooms French impulsive lovers Clasp each other tight Granted conversation is slow Highway operator yawns Anyhow youre all tightly wrapped up Chuppah cuppadra mishnah in the library Afternoon kids change tactics Injunctions and insects I remain deaf to silent films .Long earths creation Let time do its thing Laid at the feet of weeping Elliott Read your bible Sensitive poets Other deluded losers Eat sleep leave Historical love affairs Smooth face and eyes So clever so cynical Oncoming roomfuls Now new knowledge The new yogurt Greasy tired birds Palm around and sing Handy natural remedies False promises Midnight hipster falafel Naïve prancing and dancing Entry level work Mcnuggets plural Dissatisfied taste buds Love all.

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