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The ongoing crimes of Selective Enforcement masked as Show Trials.
by Bob Levin, Investigative Journalist, Portland, Oregon USA

During clandestine national service from 1994-2001, I enjoyed most of my time with the FBI and recognize that the majority of my former colleagues and our human brothers and sisters with the company, are honorable agents of the federal government upholding their sworn oaths to protect and serve the people. However, these federal agents are also gagged from speaking-out by presidential appointment, unless they are prepared to become government whistleblower patriots and embrace the hellish life of targeted individuals sanctioned in political retribution by ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations applied in conjuncture with the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm. In other words, a clandestine neutralization campaign or something cousin to modern day McCarthyism with all of its blacklisting practices and "guilt by accusation." In defense of the FBI team I served with and enjoyed everything from holiday baking to the shared camaraderie that kept Jim Beam in business, increasingly since 9-11, they have been besmirched and dishonored by the criminal selective enforcement practices of FBI Director Robert Mueller, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder and others. The coconspiratorial cabal that exists between Mueller, Holder, culpable U.S. Congressional members, their associates, and complicit foreign lobbyists is nothing less than a masked gang of anti-American kingpins who continue to duplicitously subvert Equal Justice Under the Law while committing an absolute abuse of total authority. This civil war and coup d'état against the very fabric of the American Republic is compounded by the RATpublicon agenda that is intent on breaking the justice system by forcing the retirement of grossly overworked federal court judges, as a result of the Senate blocking the appointments of judicial candidates to fill over one hundred vacancies on the bench. This also prevents civil actions from being heard in the federal courts in a timely manner, which could also be unconstitutional. Persons receiving press releases from the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are easily able to distinguish the principle focus of criminal prosecutions for big money harvests. Americans are repeatedly witnessing otherwise legitimate prosecutions being rendered witch hunt show trials though the crime of selective enforcement. The intent and resulting harm of these illegal actions are to divert the public's attention away from government corruption that is either readily apparent or otherwise cited by whistleblower patriots. This includes the culpability of the Bush family reaching back to George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush trading with the Nazi industrial complex throughout WWII against the United States and a growing list of blackops and corporatist actions facilitated as acts of treason, assassinations, mass murder, and genocidal war crimes. There is infinitely more than what has been included within a "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker. This attempt to cause Americans to fractionalize by looking down for their enemies has failed. We the People are looking up at the venereal chancre that is Capitol Hill and have identified the psychologically diseased and criminal vermin who are infesting our government infrastructure. Some of those are the orchestrators of the false flag operation on 9-11 and the anxious self-promoters of ghostwriter books filled cover to cover with propaganda and revision history that if believed, then one would also attempt fornication to achieve virginity. These selective enforcement practices by Mueller and Holder, aid and abet known and unknown U.S. Congressional criminal targets and their associates who remain under FBI investigations for major index crimes that extend beyond or include money laundering, racketeering, conspiracy, operating a continuing criminal enterprise, genocide, espionage, assassinations, rape, abduction, human trafficking, mass murder; etal. "Operation Bad Medicine" as applied through selective enforcement, becomes a counterintelligence reverse tactic under the color of fruit from the poisonous tree and for the ultimate smokescreen to protect the most guilty from criminal prosecutions. Why is the U.S. Justice Department granting immunity from prosecution to selected individuals with self-evident culpability, while the preponderance of its money harvesting cases are being brought against Medicare fraud, bogus tax preparers, law enforcement officers charged with civil rights violations and murder or the recent arrests of one hundred hard working Italians in the northeast who were painted as members of organized crime for their collective purchases of pepperoni to lower the cost for their customers at the pizza shops. Then we have the largest travesty by the impeachable politicians wearing robes on the U.S. Supreme Court in their nearly unprecedented wide ruling in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, 130 S.Ct. 876 [2010]. Also taking place under the

table of injustice is the intent by the RATpublicons to strangle-off state budgets across the nation, to deconstruct the collective bargaining power of UNIONS and to absorb pension plans like Oregon's PERS that benefits teachers, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other state workers. The enormous financial burden for that deliberate collapse will be targeted against the most poor and the whipped bloody backs of the American middle class. Jefferson had an answer and the foresight for preventing the United States from becoming the Death Camp of its people. We see this in Egypt today and by the craven actions of the mass murderer and war criminal, George W. Bush following the cancellation of his trip to Switzerland and having received notification from U.S. Intelligence sources that Bush Jr. would be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity and the ordering of torture. Personally I believe Bush should have been given plenty of rope and continued on his trip while inviting Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Tenet, Blackwater, and others with him. Ignorance is no excuse for violating the law. To restore justice for the people universal jurisdiction must lawfully adjudicate the appropriate verdict with the death penalty remaining on the table as applied to complicit actors who repeatedly out clandestine federal agents, commit acts of treason from the psychopathic groupthinks who exterminate humanity under misnomer three word mantras and in the false name of national security for the American people.

FBI PRESS RELEASE: 02/08/11 Ref:

Operation Bad Medicine Major Health Care Fraud Takedown

FBI investigators at the arrest command post. Last month, 153 teams led by FBI special agents and task force officers fanned out in several municipalities in Puerto Rico and arrested—without incident—about 200 of the 533 individuals named in a federal indictment involving a nearly $7 million health care fraud scheme. Over a dozen additional defendants were arrested on the U.S. mainland and the Dominican Republic, while the 300 or so remaining subjects in Puerto Rico began to turn themselves in—at the rate of about 70 a day. What were they accused of? Submitting bogus accidental injury claim forms to a large U.S. insurance company and receiving payment in return. Among those indicted was the doctor who fraudulently signed all the forms. The January 2011 arrests were actually the second phase of Operation Bad Medicine. In December 2009, 103 individuals, including two other doctors, were indicted for the same criminal activity that resulted in the insurance company paying out more than $800,000. All 103 were convicted. How the case began. Several years ago, internal auditors from the victim insurance company, which was headquartered in Atlanta, contacted our FBI office there with suspicions that certain doctors working in Puerto Rico were facilitating a scam against the company. After our initial investigative work and the first round of indictments, we were able to identify more than 500 others involved in the same accidental injury scam against the same company. According to the January 2011 indictment, from 2004 to 2008, a doctor from Lares, Puerto Rico falsely completed and signed some of the accidental injury claim forms for policy holders and their dependants—and he pocketed approximately $450,000 for doing it. How the scheme worked. In general—after word got out that this particular doctor could be bought—policy holders would go to his office claiming every sort of accidental injury imaginable. The doctor, without even examining the patient, would fill out the claim form…for a fee of between $10 to $20 per form. The policy holders would also make fraudulent claims of accidental injuries on behalf of their kids and other family members...injuries that were never properly verified by the doctor. The scheme became so popular that some of the policy holders became intermediaries between the doctor and other policy holders. You didn’t even have to go to the doctor’s office—for a $20 fee, intermediaries would carry the necessary paperwork to and from the office for you. Once the claim form was mailed, the insurance company would send the supposed “injured” party a check within about four weeks. Which is why most of the defendants didn’t just submit one claim…over time, some submitted hundreds of claims totaling thousands of dollars. What’s surprising about this case is that the defendants aren’t, for the most part, hardened criminals— they are business professionals, blue collar workers, housewives, government workers, and even some law enforcement officers. But if convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison. Special thanks to our partners in the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General for their assistance during Operation Bad Medicine and to members of the Puerto Rico Police Department for their work on our arrest teams last month. Resource: Press release

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