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Suppliers in TCA - A dive into Vendor Tables in R12
Written by Anil Passi Monday, 26 November 2007 Prior to R12, creation of a vendor/supplier record in eBusiness suite largely meant insertion of records in PO_VENDORS. However, from R12 onwards, records are inserted into at least half a dozen tables when a single Supplier record is created. This is largely due to the fact that Suppliers have been moved into the TCA DataModel. In this article, I would like to show you the set of tables that are effected when a Supplier record gets created in Release12. I will also touch base upon Supplier Sites and changes to taxation related tables.

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End User Step 1 To begin with, we need to create a Supplier. Lets name it Go4Gold [which also happens to be the name of my old company]. Simply enter name of the Supplier in organization name field and click on Apply. This will create a Supplier.

End User Step 2. You can doublecheck the created Supplier, which has Supplier Number 20186. This supplier number comes from a table named AP_SUPPLIERS.

The registry id that you see is the Party_number field from hz_parties [TCA Party Table]

Now, lets have a look at the list of tables impacted by creating the above Supplier record. I am not saying that inserting into below listed tables is the way to create Suppliers in R12 TCA Model [Use API's for that]. This article is purely for your understanding of the new data model for Suppliers in R12 TCA. Of course this will also be helpful to you when developing reports in R12.


Table HZ_PARTY_USG_ASSIGNMENTS SELECT party_id .Apps . Table HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES SELECT * FROM hz_organization_profiles WHERE party_id = 301934 This table captures additional Supplier information. What is the default Payment method Code for this supplier? 3. You will notice that the PARTY_NUMBER below is the Registry id in the R12 supplier screen. Instead of expanding the design of HZ_PARTIES. credit scoring details of Supplier or the Number of Employees working in Supplier Organization.html 2/2/2011 . How should the supplier's remittance advice must be sent? in this case it captures the fact that the given party_id is of type SUPPLIER. oracle decided to hold the supplier specific attributes in AP_SUPPLIERS [fair enough ! ]. for example.segment1.party_usage_code FROM hz_party_usg_assignments WHERE party_id = 301934.enabled_flag FROM ap_suppliers WHERE party_id = 301934 Alongside HZ_PARTIES. this party_id = 301934 will be referenced in the remainder set of tables. Table AP_SUPPLIERS SELECT vendor_id.Suppliers in TCA .party_usg_assignment_id. vendor_name. This table stores the Party Usages. Who bears the bank charges when lets say SWIFT payment is made? This information can be setup at either the Supplier level or at Supplier Site level. This happens to be the master table now instead of PO_VENDORS. for example. this is another master table that replaces the PO_VENDORS table of 11i. Table IBY_EXTERNAL_PAYEES_ALL SELECT * FROM iby_external_payees_all WHERE payee_party_id = 301934 This table captures Payment related details of the Supplier. http://oracle. For example :1.A dive into Vendor Tables in R12 Page 2 of 5 Table HZ_PARTIES SELECT * FROM hz_parties WHERE party_name= 'Go4Gold' .anilpassi. Also.

A dive into Vendor Tables in R12 Page 3 of 5 Table POS_SUPPLIER_MAPPINGS SELECT * FROM pos_supplier_mappings WHERE party_id = 301934 This table holds the mapping between the AP_SUPPLIERS. ZX is the name of a new Application "E-Business Tax". Table ZX_PARTY_TAX_PROFILE SELECT All the Fast Formulae are not verified and especially with the suffix YTD. http://oracle.html 2/2/2011 . This is basically because all the aliases & global variables are recognized as local variables compilation.2) for one of our clients and using UK localization. party_number from po_vendors WHERE party_id = 301934 PO_VENDORS is a view in R12. segment1.Apps . Database View PO_VENDORS select vendor_name. Effectively this also means that our good old AP_TAX_CODES_ALL is no longer the master table for Taxes. party_tax_profile_id FROM zx_party_tax_profile WHERE party_id = 301934 The taxation related details like Tax Codes. and Tax Accounts etc have been moved from AP into ZX. ZX_RATES_B. This is useful in cases whereby two vendors effectively belong the same HZ_Party Record. 2007 Hi. Now we have a new tax rate table.PARTY_ID. i. ITD and ASG have not been compiled. PO_VENDOR_SITES and PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL are also views based upon AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL. Similarly.e.3 to R 12 (12. We are upgrading HRMS from 11.anilpassi. November 27. ZX_ACCOUNTS is another table that has been introduced to capture accounting setup related to Tax Codes. that joins AP_SUPPLIERS & HZ_PARTIES. Comments (11) Subscribe to this comment's feed R12 Upgradation Issues [Help Needed] written by Vj .0. Efectively this application is the Tax repository/Taxation Engine for eBusiness Suite starting from R12.VENDOR_ID and HZ_PARTIES.0.Suppliers in TCA .

The API must be consistent when it comes to performing a rollback on errored supplier.0.. and now even if the error is correted in the interface table and we re-submit the prog its not picking up coz the . If you are aware about it. 2008 Hi Anil. 2007 hi. All this information is great. similar is the case with suplier_sites. December 06. We are trying to import suppliers in R12 through standard interface tables .A dive into Vendor Tables in R12 Page 4 of 5 Moreover. 2007 hi. November 28. anil i would be thanks to u. u are doing great. i want a screen shots in gl for overview of general ledger.Apps .ap_suppliers_int. hi anil.Suppliers in TCA . I have always wondered what's the rational behind prefix 'hz' for party related table. Hence we are facing problem in acessing all those Can you plz guide us on this issue? Thanks in advance!! Regards. 2007 hi.anilpassi.3 were PL/SQL packages and were called as Self-Services pages which are not compatible with R12.html 2/2/2011 . Can u pls help me where do we find the interface tables and mandatory columns. November 29. It will be a nice trivia to be aware about. Keep up the great work.BP90.. ap_supplier_sites_int and ap_sup_site_contact_int. here it is creating multiple revert asap. CAN U sagest me to fin d these ? Hi Anil written by usman . anil written by suri ... Any thoughts on how to deal with OAF customizations when upgrading? Thanks Aparna Suppliers written by zxcvb_bnm . Thanks. 2007 Great stuff Anil .. God Bless regards. We are currently in the process of upgrading from 11. record the import prog is not importing to ap_suppliers but however it is importing to hz_parties. 2007 Hi Anil. February 28. 2007 . because i got a wonderful information from u. Party Table 'hz' Prefix Logic written by Harshad Poogalia . Cheers Anil Passi http://oracle. i am oracle financial functional person. written by Anil Passi . Harshad hi. hi.5. anil I thanks to u . I need to do Employees conversion incuding assignments thru HR API. as we dont have access to delete from those base tables. all the self-service pages in love the info on new stuff! Gareth Employees conversion incuding assignments thru HR API written by Pranathi . Vj Nice Post written by Gareth Roberts . December 03. written by raju.this is raj. I suggest you raise an SR. can you please let all of us know about it.. how to handle this situation in the prod data.Please continue that OAF transition written by Aparna . anil written by murali .m . really u r doing a very job for oracle developers. I am new to HRMS. vicky. 2008 Hi Anil .8 to 12i. 2007 u are doing great job. December 03. i want order import interface as detailed with code. December 19. here (for example take only supplier) if there is some error in already exists in hz_parties. . as this sounds a bug with Oracle Standard Functionality. here i want find some sample documents like BP80. February 28. 2008 Hey Vicky. January 14. November 27. Similarly prefix 'qp' for pricing tables.That's looking too much effective.

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