Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju Compcros Comparative Cognitive Processes and Systems “Exploring Every Corner of the Cosmos in Search

of Knowledge”


Supersymmetric Adinkra images
Classic al Adinkra image



Supersymmetric Adinkra image

Classic al Adinkra image


Faux and Gates diagrams interpret the symmetry of visual forms correlative with those of Classical Adinkra symbols in terms of mathematical ideas relating to supermmetry. Each vertex in these symbols are accorded values represented by the numbers at each point. The visual technology of Supersymmetric Adinkra is developed through the modification and expansion of its basic depiction of elementary particles and their relations in terms of black and white circles linked by arrows into more complex structures that indicate the full range of representations of supersymmetry that theory develops. This progressive development of visual forms emerges into forms that bear either some similarity to those of Classical Adinkra, as with Epa or an exact identity with them, as with Eban. Their work could be related to an adaptation of the visual grammar of Classical Adinkra, a distillation and application of its spatial morphology of lines, circles, angles and triangles, interpreting the resulting transformations in terms of numerical relationships.

strength. by unknotting its constituent forms to arrive at underlying structures. the symbols indicating fermions. Supersymmetric Adinkra images Classic al Adinkra images EPA EBAN Faux and Gates also explicitly correlate their own diagrams with methods of visualisation. evoking the visceral character. . which integrate and transcend verbal exposition. exemplified by Adinkra.with bosons. bosons and their relationships in terms of white and black circles connected by arrows. reach and architectonic force suggested by the spider spinning its web from within itself.circles The progressive development of the most basic visual forms in Supersymmetric Adinkra. thereby highlighting the character of Adinkra as sources of multivalent cognitive possibilities.circles. They could be understood as suggesting that the evocative power of Adinkra forms facilitates a penetration into the heart of human cognitive abilities. suggests a deconstruction of the structure of the Classical Adinkra symbol of Nyansapon. as evoked by the “wisdom knot” of Nyansapon.CONVERGENCES BETWEEN VISUAL PHILOSOPHIES DEMONSTRATED BY CLASSICAL AND SUPERSYMMETRIC ADINKRA Supersymmetric Adinkra images Classical Adinkra image NYANSAPON Relationships between fermions. enabling an ideational elaboration that is potentially infinite in its possibilities. a process that suggests the cognitive skills represented by the knotting and unknotting of a knot. which consists of gracefully interlocking semi circles and lines.

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