Introduction "Cloud Computing," to put it simply, means "Internet Computing.

" The Internet is commonly visualized as clouds; hence the term cloud computing for computation don e through the Internet. With Cloud Computing users can access database resources via the Internet from anywhere, for as long as they need, without worrying abou t any maintenance or management of actual resources. Besides, databases in cloud are very dynamic and scalable. Cloud computing is unlike grid computing, utility computing, or autonomic comput ing. In fact, it is a very independent platform in terms of computing. The best example of cloud computing is Google Apps where any application can be accessed using a browser and it can be deployed on thousands of computer through the Inte rnet. Key Characteristics Cloud computing is cost-effective. Here, cost is greatly reduced as initial expe nse and recurring expenses are much lower than traditional computing. Maintenanc e cost is reduced as a third party maintains everything from running the cloud t o storing data. Cloud is characterized by features such as platform, location an d device independency, which make it easily adoptable for all sizes of businesse s, in particular small and mid-sized. However, owing to redundancy of computer s ystem networks and storage system cloud may not be reliable for data, but it sco res well as far as security is concerned. In cloud computing, security is tremen dously improved because of a superior technology security system, which is now e asily available and affordable. Yet another important characteristic of cloud is scalability, which is achieved through server virtualization. In a nutshell, cloud computing means getting the best performing system with the best value for money. Cloud Computing Architecture Cloud computing architecture, just like any other system, is categorized into tw o main sections: Front End and Back End. Front End can be end user or client or any application (i.e. web browser etc.) which is using cloud services. Back End is the network of servers with any computer program and data storage system. It is usually assumed that cloud contains infinite storage capacity for any softwar e available in market. Cloud has different applications that are hosted on their own dedicated server farms. Cloud has centralized server administration system. Centralized server administe rs the system, balances client supply, adjusts demands, monitors traffic and avo ids congestion. This server follows protocols, commonly known as middleware. Mid dleware controls the communication of cloud network among them. Cloud Architecture runs on a very important assumption, which is mostly true. Th e assumption is that the demand for resources is not always consistent from clie nt to cloud. Because of this reason the servers of cloud are unable to run at th eir full capacity. To avoid this scenario, server virtualization technique is ap plied. In sever virtualization, all physical servers are virtualized and they ru n multiple servers with either same or different application. As one physical se rver acts as multiple physical servers, it curtails the need for more physical m achines. As a matter of fact, data is the most important part of cloud computing; thus, d ata security is the top most priority in all the data operations of cloud. Here, all the data are backed up at multiple locations. This astoundingly increases t he data storage to multiple times in cloud compared with a regular system. Redun dancy of data is crucial, which is a must-have attribute of cloud computing. Different forms of Cloud Computing

Visit the following Wikipedia link to obtain the list all such events. So. Cloud is not simply limited to providing data storage or computing resources. In case of applications where there is the need of processing hug e database using complex queries. As for now. Salesforce. However. In such scenarios cloud c omputing should be used. In cloud computing. and multiple customers can access it from various loc Care must be taken to e nsure that one customer s data does not affect another customer s data. Cloud computing should have proper techniques where data is se gregated properly for data security and confidentiality. Large organizations dealing with sensitive data often have well laid out regulatory compliance policies. Misuse of data can create big issues. http://wi ki. hence. they are not really competing with each other. the service providers. these polices should be verified prior to engaging them in cloud computing. This model has become the most common form of cloud computing because it is beneficial and practical for both the customers and the services providers. the need arises for appro priate regulatory compliance policies. it can also provide managed se rvices or specific application services through web. However. Aamzon. For customers. The Cloud Computing Incidents Database (CCID) records an d monitors verifiable. SSN or Credit Card Numbers) is a very impor tant area of concern as it can make way for very big problems if unauthorized us ers get access to it. SummaryCloud Computing is the next big thing in the arena of computing and stora ge. transactional operations are not currently supported in cloud computing. Selection of Provider A good service provider is the key to good service. hence. sometimes the network utilizes resources from anothe r country or they might not be fully protected. On the other hand. it is imperative to sele ct the right service provider. full-featured application. it is very common to store data of multiple customers at one common location. Cloud has its limitations. These applications are delivered through In actual fact. Cloud Computing Concerns Security of confidential data (e.related ventures. in cloud comp uting it is very important to be aware of data administrators and their extent o f data access rights. it only supports distributed Relational Database and Cloud Computing Comparison has often been drawn between Relational Database and Cloud Computing. noteworthy events that impact cloud computing providers. They are related for sure but they should not be confused for being the same th ing. differ ent service providers are coming up with various solutions and suggestions in re . and processing data from different geographic database leads to delay in r eceiving data. One must make sure that the provider is reliable.. There is a possibility that in cloud computing network. Sun and IBM offer on-demand storage and computing resources. data is stored across myriad geographic locat ions. well-reputed for their customer service and should have a proven track record i n IT. traditional relational database is best suited . can grow easily as the ir customer base grows.cloudcommunity. Zoho Office and various other online applications use cloud computing as Software-As-Service (SAAS) model.g. there is no upfront investment and they can Pay-As-They-Go and Pa y-As-They-Grow. In cloud. Web ser vice and APIs enable developers to use all the cloud from internet and allow the m to create large-scale. Cloud computing providers must be equipped with proper disaster recovery polici es to deal with any unfortunate event. There are some concerns about security and its availability. In addition. There are so me unique requirements of applications when they do not call for any advance que ry techniques but rather need fast access to database.Google Apps.

an d as long as they are available through web services. In any case. cloud is getting bigger and better. it is for sure going to proliferate and cre ate robust demand in times to come. without capital infrastruc ture investment at reasonable price. .sponse to customers concerns.

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