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Traffic misery as Bridge h&cca

Valley closure continues HOTWELLS & CLIFTONWOOD

The prolonged closure of Bridge Valley Road has, once again, demon-
Winter 2011
strated the chronic traffic problems in Hotwells & Cliftonwood as ever
more cars attempt to filter through our quaint and inappropriate18th &
19th century street layout.
It has been reported that reopening of the key commuter route has now been de-
layed until June 2011. On Granby Hill, cars seem to be backing up into Clifton all
day, not just at peak times, but a proposal
by the City Council to paint more yellow
lines here is being resisted by some resi-
dents who feel that making the traffic flow
more smoothly at the expense of resi-
dents’ parking spaces will only encourage
yet more cars to use this rat-run and at
greater speed. This is a re-run of a similar
debate that occurred in Clifton Vale a few

Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4QW
years back. One gets the impression that
the Council has given up on the problem
because every proposal meets with oppo-
Granby HIll at almost any time of day sition. However it is clear that a piece-
meal approach is only going to benefit one
neighbourhood at the expense of another. The Community Association’s Traffic
Strategy report, which has now been presented to Council officers and members,
proposes a ring of raised ‘road tables’ at entrances to Granby Hill, Hope Chapel
Hill, Clifton Vale and Ambra Vale with ‘homezone’ signage, weight restrictions and
20mph limits. We have to change the balance to make it less attractive for

Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, 3,Charles Place,
through traffic to use any of these routes and this is, at least, a start.
Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Is our Neighbourhood Partnership working?
“It’s so hard to make ourself heard in the chambers of Bristol Council” says
Stephen Perry, Chair of the Clifton Neighbourhood Forum. “The HCCA Com-
munity Links group is one way. But perhaps the best chance to influence events
is through the Neighbourhood Partnership. These partnership meetings take
place once every three months and cover the two wards in our area”.
“The snag is this so-called partnership is not proving to be much of a partnership. It’s
dominated by the Council and run strictly as a Council meeting, which does not foster a
collaborative relationship between the community, the police and councillors. The dead
hand of the Council means mostly it is a ‘top down’ rather than a ‘bottom up’ organisation.
A further hindrance is the population of the area is the same as Chippenham.
We are pressing hard for HCCA’s Transport Strategy and Cumberland Piazza projects to

be adopted by this Partnership. Next we will be pushing for a new Community Centre for
Clifton. What we want are schemes that are genuinely led by the community. In South-
ville they have achieved their “Big Society” with their Southville Centre and we seek to
emulate them.
With this in mind, we plan to form a steering committee of all voluntary community or-
ganisations in Clifton. Once that’s done we’ll try to take over the running of the
Neighbourhood Partnership. Too ambitious? Well there are precedents for this in Bed-
minster and Brislington”.
The Council is devolving more powers and responsibilities to Neighbourhood Partnerships
so let us know if you represent a community organisation, club or neighbourhood associa-
tion that might benefit by representation at the Forum and Partnership meetings
Community News
AGM marks a year of progress Another new cycle path
O117 9291883 The HCCA annual meeting held on We really do need a snappy name for what
16th November provided an opportu- Mike Timmins calls “The piece of land near
Counting the cost nity for those present to hear some of the Record Office containing the seat and
The 2011 Census will take the work that the Association and its interpretation plaques about the Cumber-
place on Sunday 27th March related bodies have been undertaking land Basin flyover scheme” but don’t sug-
2011. The results are used during the year. gest ‘Hotwells Point’ because that was
by central government as the Our Traffic Strategy has been given to somewhere else. Anyway, planning permis-
basis for allocating about Councillors and Officers and on advice, is
£100,000,000,000 of funds now being submitted to the Council for-
to local authorities every mally via the Neighboourhood Partnership.
year. The statistics gathered Significant progress has been made with the
will determine the allocation Hotwells Park project (see page 3). The
of funds for the next ten meeting heard how this might fit in with the
years to housing, education, Council’s Area Green Space Plan.
health, recreation, roads and We are pleased to see Samuel Plimsoll in
transport, so it is important to his new place. Our thanks to Pauline Barnes
get the count of people as for her hard work securing this The Com-
accurate as possible. munity Links group continues to fight for
The Council estimates that at improvements right across the area. We are
the last census in 2001 there not always winning but we are always try-
was an undercount of about ing!
10,000 people. More infor- We continue to run the CA on our re-
mation can be found at serves from past years, though these are reducing. We are very grateful for the con-
The census will create about tinued support of the Panto. We hope that
240 part time and full time any readers who are not members of the
jobs in the Bristol area. 500 club will join as this helps our finances
More details can be found at and gives you the opportunity to win some money. We should like to see more new
If you would like to know faces on our Management Committee so if
more about the 2011 Census you are interested, or know someone who sion for the cycle path around the what-
please contact the Bristol might be, do contact us. ever-it-is has been granted and we suspect
Area Manager for the 2011 We look forward to working with you and the work will be done before April. How-
Census, Bill Clark, who can for you in the coming year to try and im- ever the related application to create the
be contacted by email at prove the area in which we live ‘Ballast Garden’ (see last issue) has been, or by Dennis Gornall withdrawn, pending further discussion.
phone on 07801331522.
John Bradfield has sent news of two Hot-
Then…. wells successes in the 2010 Bristol-in-
Bloom competition. He writes:
CONTACTS “We entered the Rownham Mead water-front houses
between the bridge from Pooles Wharf to the Pump
House pub in the “Our Street” category and were not
Hotwells & Cliftonwood only awarded a Gold Medal but also judged to be the
Community Association second best in the whole of Bristol.
3 Charles Place, Hot- For your interest, I enclose attach photos of how the
wells, Bristol, BS8 4QW area looked in the early 1980s and how it looked this
tel: 0117 9291883 summer.
In addition, I entered my own waterfront garden in the “Small Front Garden” category and was not just
awarded a Gold Medal but was also judged to be ....Now
Management Committee the best in the whole of Bristol.
Dennis Gornall (Chair) We know from passers-by that these gardens are
Brenda McLennan (Treasurer) much appreciated by the very large numbers of
Rosemary Stibbon Administrator
Ray Smith Communications
people who walk round the dockside. They are
Mike Timmins Open spaces considered to be a real feature of Hotwells”.
Stephen Perry Well done John and neighbours at Rownham
vacant CHASE Mead. Will there be a challenge from other
Anthea Bruges Community Links
streets in our patch in 2011?
Community News green light
from Transition Hotwells & Cliftonwood

Developer’s plans change Clifton & Cabot Neighbourhood Partner- September 2010 marked the
ship to pay for professional surveying and inauguration of “Bristol Green
We reported a year ago on the design work with a view to making a for- Doors” in which people who
sneaky change to planning consent mal planning application next year. Mean- had made their homes more
for 120-124 Hotwell Road, one of while, we are on course to make a bid sustainable opened their doors
the last empty sites, next to the for lottery funding with the assistance of to share their experience.
Mardyke pub. Groundwork Trust. Another very wel- The project was started by a
The original consent was for 13 apart- come development was the offer of member of Transiition Montpelier
ments which mutated into 32 student enough trees to meet all our needs from and spread via Bristol's Transi-
dwellings when the recession started to the Greater Bristol Bus Partnership fund, tion network. On the weekend
bite. Then nothing happened until No- administered by TreeBristol. If all goes there was an information hub in
vember when work started on the site well, these could be planted towards the the Thali Cafe on Regent Street,
again. We understand the scheme for 13 end of next year. staffed by members of Transition
apartments has now been reinstated, If we succeed with all the above and, cru- Hotwells and Cliftonwood and
which is good news because the Devel- cially, gain the active support of the Green Doors volunteers.
oper’s contribution to the community Council for our scheme, we will have the
(Section 106 fund) will increase to resources to undertake about 75% of the
£30,500 as a result. In fact this is doubly landscaping work needed. However,
good news because the Council Cabinet there is much more fundraising to do for
recently approved a proposal that a third things like seating, interpretation boards,
of Section 106 money destined for parks play equipment and public art. We’ll be
should be controlled by local Neighbour- looking for help with these through next
hood Partnerships rather than council year.
officers. This should mean we have a Meanwhile, we are interested in any ideas
better opportunity to influence how it is for temporary art projects or events that
allocated; a reform for which we have we can hold on the site next summer to
been campaigning for some while. test it’s potential as a major new open
space for the neighbourhood. Please
contact the HCCA office with your ideas
Hotwells Park update –fantastic, fabulous or fun –we want to
Thanks to the many people who hear about them!
have helped with drawing up pro- Ray Smith The weather was very kind, and
posals, offered suggestions and sitting in the sunshine sharing
signed our petition (around 200 at To keep up to date with Hotwells information was a very convivial
the last count), we have made good news as it happens rather than experience. The week end
progress with our plans to trans- wait for the next printed ‘News’ showed how much interest there
form the site under the Cumber- visit: is in Bristol in sustainable living,
land Basin flyover. and that making your home more
By time you read this we should know Tell us about any local events and sustainable does not involve don-
whether we have funding from the news that you would like to share. ning a hair shirt.
There were further Green Doors
Work on widening the mardyke Wharf events through the autumn, in-
foot/cycle path which was announced in cluding an exhibition at CREATE
our last edition was completed in No- and a day with Green Register
vember. architects and builders.
It seems to have made a worthwhile im- Congratulations to everyone who
provement. The simple idea of moving the took part and made Bristol's first
railings about 0.5 metres closer to the quay- Green Doors a success. Plans
side has created a more spacious feel to this are under way for next year (see
popular and attractive route. and
you can be added to the Transi-
Before…. tion Hotwells and Cliftonwood
m ailing list by e-mailing Fur-
Now, also as previously reported; the
ther information on homes that
corrugated metal shed by the Grain Barge
were opened is available on the
is being stripped out as well.
Green Doors website. Some
householders would be willing to
This unaccustomed haste to complete
share their experience before the
outstanding projects wouldn’t be anything
next Green Doors days.
to do with next year’s budget cuts would
Richard Hancock
Shopping, eating and drinking guide to Hotwell Road
It isn’t news to anyone that 100 years ago a local high street had a lot more to offer its independent
OPEN: 06:3
community than now. Before the advent of mass consumerism and advanced produc- TEL: 0117 9
tion methods that led to the rise of the supermarket, one could wander down the high
street and find all the things that most of us now rely on the big names for.
We may not be able to boast the 190 businesses and 32 pubs that existed in the early 1900s but
Hotwells still has a strong and growing retail sector, To help you find a local alternative to the im- con
personal city shopping experience, we have compiled a shopping map of Hotwell Road that might OP
remind and delight our readers at what is available right on our doorstep!
compiled by Jayne Marshall; graphics Ray Smith

THE BEAR hair & beauty
food, function room, Bebop OPEN: 09:00-22:00
Club TEL: 0117 9262837
OPEN: Mon-Sat 11:00—24:00
Sun 11:00-23:00
TEL: 0117 9877796

253 OPEN: Mon-Thu
HOTWELLS 17:00-22:30
259 PINE Fri 17:00-24:00
antique & quality Sat 15:00-24:00
HONGKONG TEL: 07886 799630
new pine furniture
OPEN: 09:00-22:00
OPEN: 09:00-22:00
TEL: 0117 9262837
TEL: 0117 9264457

& convenience store
OPEN: 09:00-22:00
TEL: 0117 9262837

English & Chinese
OPEN: Mon-18:00-
23:00, Tue-Sat 12:00-
14:00, 18:00-23:00
TEL: 0117 9262837
Persian & Middle Eastern
Bar Meals & Music OPEN: Mon-Sat 18:30-22:00
OPEN: 12:00-23:00 Sun 16:00-22:00
TEL: 0117 9405866 TEL: 0117 9255668

army surplus, outdoor, OPEN: Mon-Sat
camping, skiwear LIME TREE
11:00-24:00, SUN
t gym OPEN: Mon-Sat 09:00- GALLERY
30-21:00 17:30, Sun 11:00-16:00 TEL: 0117 9077499
TEL: 07879 475462 132
9293444 TEL: 0117 9292119
chicken & ribs takeaway
177 HOTWELLS SERVICE TEL: 0117 9294447
filling station & shop
PAR OPEN: 24 hrs 130
nvenience store TEL: 0117 9273431
PEN: 07:00-23:00 ANDELS CAFE
L: 0117 9276251 all day breakfast, main
meals, free wifi

Thai restaurant
OPEN: 12:00-14:30,
TEL: 0117 3306476
VIEW GALLERY convenience store
181A OPEN: Wed-Sat 11:00 - pizzeria restaurant & takeaway
16:00, Sun 12:00-16:00 OPEN: Mon-Sat 09:00-17:30
V-CARS Sat 15:00-24:00
private hire taxis TEL: 0117 3306476
TEL: 0117 9262837
TEL: 0117 9252626
167 135
RAJ BARI cricket, rugby, football TEL: 0117 9-71287
Indian Restaurant & equipment
takeaway OPEN: Mon-Sat 09:00-
OPEN: 17:30-23:30 17:30
TEL: 0117 9227617 TEL: 0117 9293444

Playing Out is a community initiative with the aim of helping playing out to be a
normal everyday activity for all children. Playing Out events are short, after-
school road closures that allow a residential street to be used for play. Adults
are present but the children are free to do their own thing.
The project was founded by Amy Rose, a theatre director and performer and Alice Fergu-
son, an environmental consultant and community activist. Amy and Alice live in Southville
and they both have two young children.
After a six-street trial in Bedminster in 2009 the project has recently received Neighbourhood Partnership funding to
help facilitate Playing Out events around Bristol and Amy and Alice are looking for five streets in our area that want to
take part in March and April 2011. The project also needs 'street organisers' to help make the events happen. Playing
Out provides practical support and advice, including a free training workshop and you don’t need any experience or quali-
fications - Playing Out will be there each step of the way -
the only essential ingredient is lots of enthusiasm.
A wider aim of Playing Out is to inspire people to look at
how street play can become a normal part of neighbour-
hood life. Not only as an important opportunity for chil-
dren to be active after school, but for neighbours to meet
and talk too. Those involved in the Bedminster events
commented that it had made a real difference to how they
and their children felt about their street; getting to know
neighbours in a very informal setting and a chance to see
their street as a more liveable, playable space.
The website, has full info about the
project. If you are interested in taking part please contact
Alice by 21st January at:, or:
07896 957141.
Jayne Marshall
Puppet Place As the year ends we find ourselves plotting the next festival
(26 August – 4 September 2011). Plans include top-notch
Puppet Place was set up by local puppeteer Di
Steeds with Jim Still in 1984. For many years it was international acts, inspirational workshops and some of the
run by the wonderful Kate Pollard at Hope Centre. very best puppetry that’s being made in Bristol, quite often
on Spike Island.
We re-launched in 2009 at the Bristol Festival of Puppetry, F.f.i. and find us Facebook
since when we have not let our strings go slack. Our base, Rachel McNally
just round the corner from Spike Island Studios, is a hive of
activity, described by Tobi Poster from Wattle and Daub as a
Hotwells memories
“warehouse of oddities-cum-mad professor’s workshop”. In Stan Snook was born in Dowry
the past few weeks there’s been a frenzy of prop building Parade in 1914, attended the
for Tobacco Factory’s – The Adventures of Pinocchio – par- ‘new’ Hotwells School, began
ticularly how to make “the nose” and resident companies work at Gardiners when he was
Pickled Image, Green Ginger and Full Beam are all busy 14 and worked on the electric
cooking up puppetry goodness for next year. bells at Ashton Court presided
over by Lady Smythe. He has pro-
duced a fascinating memoir of his
early years in Hotwells. Sue Stops
has this and we hope to be able to
publish some extracts in a forth-
coming edition of Hotwells News.

Hotwells Book Club
Meets on the 3rd Wednesday evening of every month and
would welcome new members. Ffi. call Janet Temple tel:

Bird watching on Hotwell Road
The pedestrian crossing at the Mardyke is due to be upgraded
from a Pelican to a Puffin (as opposed to a Panda or a Pegasus
which sound more interesting but are now almost extinct).
For those of you unfamiliar with the zoological classification of
Back in September, when the weather was warmer and the
crossings, I can only refer you to the wonderful Wikipedia:
bunting flitted in the breeze, we declared ourselves the
fringe to Bristol Doors Open Day with our own Puppets “it differs from a Pelican crossing in that the lights controlling
Open Doors with support from Hotwells Panto Commu- the pedestrians are on the near side of the road, rather than on
nity Fund. Thanks to all the local companies we had a smor- the opposite side. The system also utilises sensors which detect
gasbord of Bristol talent. Highlights included: Gongoozler’s the presence of pedestrians waiting at the crossing, and as they
quirky shadow and live performance show about the adven- are crossing the road”.
tures of a handkerchief; Soap Soup’s wonderful Little Red Quite why replacing one serviceable crossing with a nother is
Riding Hood - a fresh twist on an oft-heard tale; Torben deemed to be a good way to spend money we are not clear.
Schacht’s gruesome demonstration of SFX for WNO’s Lights that change within an hour or two of you pressing the
Sweeney Todd; and Emma Byron and Trevor Houghton's Not button would be more useful. Why do all the one’s in South-
Only To Rock The Boat, But Indeed To Sink It, the tale of ville seem to change instantly but not those in Hotwells?
Granuaile, pirate queen, with beautifully drawn 2D puppets.

Support your neighbourhood by
joining the HCCA 500 CLUB
Pay only £18 per year for a
chance to win
monthly prizes of £150 + 4
prizes of £25
new members Joining in jan.
2011 get 15 months membership
for the price of 12!
For application form e-mail
or tel: 0117 9291883
Events Diary
To submit entries to go in the diary please e-mail:
CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Alison Archibald & Associates

Registered with the British
DIARY Chiropractic Association & the
Mon Jan 19:30 HCCA Trustees meeting 3, Charles Place, Hotwells General Chiropractic Council
back and leg pain
Thu Jan 19:00 Transition Hotwells & The Lion, Church Lane, sports injuries
27th Cliftonwood meeting Cliftonowood neck shoulder and arm pain
postural advice
Sat Feb 19:30 Bristol Concert Wind Holy Trinity Church
free chiro checks
19th Band Clifton Vale ergonomic products
licensed bar available
tickets £5 tel: 9265401 Perrin technique also available

Wed Feb 19:00 Clifton & Clifton East to be confirmed MEDICAL INSURANCE
23rd Neighbourhood Forum APPROVED
Tel: 0117 929 8384
Wed –Sat 19:00 Hotwells Pantomime Hope Chapel, 3 Dowry Place, Hotwells, Bristol
Mar 9th– ‘Treasure Island’ Hope Chapel HIll
12th (also at Taunton 01823 412489)
Mon Mar. 18:00 Community Links meeting 3, Charles Place, Hotwells

Mon Mar 19:30 HCCA Trustees meeting 3, Charles Place, Hotwells

Sun Apr 3rd 10:30 Mothering Sunday Holy Trinity Church
Service Clifton Vale

Sun Apr 10:30 Easter Day Service Holy Trinity Church
24th Clifton Vale

It’s Panto time again 0117 973 7132
Yes, that fixture of the Hotwells Winter is coming
to Hope Chapel again. This year it’s Treasure Island,
a rollicking yarn of piratical skullduggery and proba-
bly not much else that you might recognise from
Robert Louis Stevenson’s original story. As always,
the Hotwells renowned special effects department
rises to the challenge of depicting seamy taverns,
sailing ships and desert islands inhabited by decora-
tive young maidens by requiring you to totally sus-
pend your disbelief, aided by a pint or two of Bath
Ales draught Gem to help you through the experi-
ence. We can promise an evening to remember –
and re-live in nightmares for year’s to come. So
borrow a child or two and come along; but don’t sit
too near the front.
Tickets from The Southville Centre tel: 0117
9231039. or ‘Recession’ at 8 Jacobs Wells
Gill Loats gives a typically subtle Road, open Thur-Sat, 11am-6pm. Adults £8/
and understated performance at
the 2010 Hotwells Panto concession £7/ children £5
All profits used to benefit local community projects 7
Buy locally for service and convenience



T: 0117 927 3541
07799 252451

Specialist in Floor Maintenance,
Carpets, Windows and Daily
Office Cleaning.
Fully Insured

5 Britannia Buildings
Merchants Road
Bristol BS8 4QD

Tel: (0117) 9290578 Fax: 9144316

BA (Hons) DO MRO

HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS8 4SF 39 Oldfield Road
0117 925 3611 BS8 4QQ Tel: (0117) 927 2100