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Person Age Gender

1 16-24 female
2 16-24 female
3 65 or overmale
4 16-24 male
5 16-24 male
6 16-24 female
7 35-44 female
8 16-24 male
9 16-24 female
10 16-24 male
11 45-54 female
12 16-24 female
Favourite comedy film
the proposal - because it uses a real life situation with silly unrealistic elements.
step brothers - its comical yet slightly serious, however, its silly and encorporates popular things of th
Carry on films, life of brian - Helped you escape reality, Can be saucy. Also these comedies are from m
Date Movie - Its funny and sexy.
Team America - Its simply funny .
Role models - Hilarious characters, great plot and characters.
Daddy day care - It has a lovely ending, favourite actor.
Dodgeball - Because its happy.
The Hangover - Got funny characters in it, I fancy Bradlley Copper
Anchorman - 'I LOVE LAMP' funny motto
Something about Mary - Its funny
Meet the spartans - Because I love and study spartans.
Best qualities of comedy films Expect to find in comedies
they make you laugh a twist in the plot
to laugh but not in an obvious way
un normal people (eg.geeks)
To relax and escape life situation to laugh at
Humour Sexy girls, funny guys, alchol
not taking itself to seriously
Laughter, characters, plot humour, relationships
Nice endings, great characters famous people
Humour Fun charactes, happy, humour
Fun bits, catchlines Humour
Laughter Catchphares to remember
Sense of humour, slapsticj
Characters that should be included
Props that should be included.

Middle aged, laid back, male. Drugs, collectable items.

A fool. Beautiful girls.
Hot girl, geeks, people to relate to.
Condoms, blowup dools, books

Any age but usually young adults.Drugs, cars, glasses.

I like family comedies so all ages.
Fun personality, geeks, druggies.Drugs, alchole.
Stupid but not annoyingly stupid Condoms, sex toys
20-30 un fashinable silly guys cars, suits
Old people acting young, laid backeveryday things
Any aslong as there funny. Anything to make film autherntic
Where and when should film be set.If any what do you expect to gain from a comedy film.
Modern time, urban enviroment. life experiences.
80's to modern day. Comedies shouldn’t teach its just for fun.
Historic film sets like Monty Python.I like to learn stories from the past.
In the future or now. I like to learn about life experiances.

Modern world, anywhere. A good experience, a good joke.

The here and now.
Urban city, now. Knowledge of jokes.
Modern day, late at night Laughter
Nowadays, America Catchphares
America, cities or schools funny jokes to learn.
any time any place Funny jokes to share with people.
a comedy film.