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‘4 JX THE University (OF ARIZONA. THE UNIVERSITY | OF ARIZONA September 14,2020 CONFIDENTIAL Dear J The Dean of Students Office has received afPof la complaint allegin: vemnentin violas onsof the Arizona Board of Regents Student Goce of Conduct. Reportedly on September 11, 2020, you allegedly volatedithe Student Code of Genduct. The following is ref gummary'of the incident (On September 14, 2020, the Dé@i of Students Office. received a repott stating that Jacob Orsay has posted negative views regarding COVID-9 health and-satety protocels, The Dean ef Students Office also received 2 September 11th photograph that allegedly shows Jacob Orsay not in compliance with University of Arlaona COV'D-49 health and safety policies. Sich behavior is an alleged violation of the Arizona ard of Regents Student Code of Conduct, partinent parts of which ate stated below Cbde of Canduct/2sEndangering / Threat / Cause Harm - Endengerinig threatening, of causing physical harm to enymemtber of the university community oF togneself,calising reasonable apprehension af such harm orerigeaing in conduct of communications that ‘2 rcagghable person would interpret as @ serious exptesSion of inte, lremoved ora 8 Wsless than 10 people. Chi out é Be ere Mi en eC THe UNNeRsTY (OFARIONS, JR THe unwversiy ‘OF ARIZONA Se Oe ee THCUNEASTY (OF ARZONN IR Tee users (OF ARZONN SMe RSs Recu Tre uneasy (OFARIZONA, Cee eee es IN THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA With respect to the sanctions issued by the Dean of Students Office, my September 23, 2020 adjudication, letter incorrectly and inaccurately stated that this investigator's prior discussions with you regarding your online comments/postings about the University’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines was/@h aggravating factor, This was an error and | apologiae for the mistake. The University cannot and does not consider a student’s beliefs, views, or opinions aboup University policy (or other issues) when determining whether a student violated the€ode of Conduet or when’ determining an appropriate sanction. The University iS committed to freedom of speéch and expression by its students, faculty, and staff, and I regret that the description of the aggravating factors considered in my September 23, 2020 letter made it (jndlecurately) appear thatyour views about University policy were considered as part of the Dean of Students Office sanctioning decision Under ABOR Policy.5-308(H)(1), the University can ‘consider prior findirigs of misconduct and disciplinary action agan agiravating factor when making sanctioning decisions. Notwithstanding the inaccurate statement in the September 23, 2020 letter that your recent Communications with the Dean of Students Ontice’constituted prior misconduct warranting more severe discipline, the fact remains that your documented, prior violations of the Code of Conduct and resulting discipline are aggravating factors that warranted more severe discipline than a warning in this instance. As you know, prior to the conduct at issue here, you received two warnings related to Student Code of Conduct violations in the past year cased Brees Turis Rec IN THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA. Greetings Jacob, Upon a thorough review of the September incidentiand your appeal, I recognize there was a miscommiinication in the sanction letter regarding the sanctions #s8hed by the Dean of Students Office. While youggerelin violation of the University’s Face Covering directive.and the Dean of Students Office finding of responsibility stands, in light of the miscomunifiication, I believe an appropriate, good faith decisions toyreseifd all of the original sanctions and instead issuea Warning, You will receive a new letier noting that you aren Wasting status Jacob, T would appreciate a meeting with you'tit’s voluntary) so thatil eain’Betier understand the seven (7) similar incidents on eaipus trom yotiPperspective. 1 am,alWays interested in students’ éxperiences as it forms our practices Enjoy the upcoming holidays and fin semester strong: Sincerely. Kendal Washington White Vice Provost for Campus Life and Dean of Students Pee OOM aca IN THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA. JacobOrsay Dear Jacob: As outlined in the letter dated November 20, 2020) from Vice Provost for Campus Life and Deanof Students, Kendal Washington Whitesthigicase was reviewed per your request. Vice Provost Washington White upheld the original determination ofjfesponsibility forcode items > Endangering and 4, Other published rules buit amended the sanetioning The sanction for this finding is as follows: COVID-19: WARNING: You ar@given a warning, A warning means that furthénmisconduct or violations of the University’ of Arizona Covid-19 Administrative Directive will result in more severe disciplinary actions-The Student Code of Conduct can be found in th®Dean of Students Office or UA info website atshitp:// The Monetary sanction of $250 and the fee for the PersonabResponsibility Workshop ($90) will be refinftded to your Bursar's account. Thank you for your patience Jacob. Sincerely, Associate Dean of Students

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