Thursday 10th February

“I am learning to learn for life!”

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Contact Details: Marama's eMail: principal@pukeokahu.school.nz Office eMail: office@pukeokahu.school.nz School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term One: Monday 31st January - Friday 15th April Friday 4th March - Rural Swimming Sports in Town Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th - School Horse Trek Monday 7th March - Teachers Only Day School Closed Thursday 10th March - School Science Trip to Palmerston North Friday 11th March - Inter-School Swimming in Town Wednesday 23rd March - Weetbix Tryathlon Palmerston North Tuesday 12th April - First Day PTP at TAS Saturday 30th April - Pukeokahu Big Back Country Bike Ride. From Marama Morena Everyone, I hope that you all had a productive week. The Pukeokahu kids have been very busy with Science and Art this week. We were very fortunate to visit the TAS Science team last Friday, with the kids investigating Light and Colour. Thank you so much to Mrs Greenhough and Mr Nicol for looking after us and letting us play and explore with all of your very cool science gear! The students are working hard on their write-ups about what they learnt in their ePortfolios, so I will crosspost a few to the school website next week. We also had our first swimming lessons at the Taihape Town Pool. Our first session was a swimming assessment to level the children, it was wonderful to see the kids having so much fun and learning so much at the same time (and without turning purple after ten minutes).

Hornets Warning - School Tennis Court We (well, Roger and Kylie) have found a Hornets Nest in the retaining wall next to the school tennis court. Roger was very kind and risked his skin to deal to them (much to John Gilbert amusement :-) but a few are still floating around, so please stay away from the tennis court for a few days until we have eradicated the problem. Old Library Books Our old library books are on display in the school cloak bay for two weeks only; please feel free to pop into school to rummage through and help yourself. From Stacey and Dusty I have a wee item for the newsletter (and to ask around at school) at our house we have found a grey (male???) kitten/cat (I think less than a year old). Showed up about a week ago (JB has seen it) but it didn't come to my attention until last night. It is very friendly - I could pick it up last night when feeding it and tonight it practically mauled me as I got out of the car. So for this reason I would like to know if anyone is missing a cat? It appears to me like it has been 'owned' before and if not lost has been dumped or something. So if it is someone's they can ring us. If not we're thinking of keeping it, getting it fixed and having an outside cat...not sure how long this will last with 4 maniac cat hating dogs!! Rhubarb Keen on Rhubarb, the school has lots in the garden by the pool. Please come and help yourself. Ka kite ano, Marama and Carol


MOKAI RANGE 5 & 6 March 2011

2011 Pukeokahu School Horse Trek Insert
YAY!! It’s horse trek time again. For the new comers to the district our horse trek is run by the hall committee but the funds raised go directly to the school. It is a full on weekend for those guiding the trek and those back at base feeding the hungry trekkers so all hands on deck are needed! As far as catering goes we provide the following over the course of the weekend: A casual dinner Friday night. Full cooked breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Lunches Saturday and Sunday A delicious dinner Saturday night. A few people usually camp the weekend at the trek base and other helpers come along to help out where possible. The Saturday night is usually a good social occasion. This year we’re based at Mokai Station and the help received from the community is the only way our trek continues to be a huge success. Below is a list of food that is required to cater for the weekend. If you are able to donate anything, help by baking, making a salad or help with preparation Friday, Saturday and Sunday please give Sue Stratton a call on 3881807. Any form of help is gratefully received. We also need: A large coleslaw and lettuce salad made for Friday’s dinner A variety of large salads for Saturday’s dinner. Lots of yummy baking for morning teas, afternoon teas and lunches. Bacon x 6 -8 packets. Meat for dinners – especially Venison or Mutton in whatever quantity (please contact Clifford 3881787 if you can help with this).

HORSE TREK FOOD LIST Quantity List : based on approx 50 people depending on trekkers and helpers (Exact quantities will be confirmed approx 2 weeks before the trek). 30kg potatoes (to cater 2 meals) 10 doz eggs 2 x-large tins spaghetti (A10) 2 x cornflakes 2 x muesli 10 loaves toast bread 130 x bread rolls 4 x lettuces 4kg tomatoes 2kg carrots 3 med size tins beetroot 3 bags oranges 6 bags apples (for lunches and crumble) Veges for roasting 2 x-large tins peaches (A10) Marmite, honey, jam (1 jar each) Milo, Coffee x 1 tin Tea 10 x 2L Milk 15 pkts muesli bars Large oil x 2 5kg margarine 3kg sugar 2 x Dishwashing liquid 1 large bottle tomato sauce 10 pkts barley sugars 1 lb butter 1 x 5pk bars soap 1 liquid soap 6L iceceam 1L cream 1 x packet feta cheese 2 large jars mayo Cleaning clothes, scrubs etc Toilet Paper x 1 packet Salt / pepper 1-2 kg cheese 2 x chickens for lunches 1 x ham for lunches

Thank you for your support, Stacey

388 0289

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