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Ali Akroun

 Dubai, UAE
 Cell no: 0097150 717 0187
 Email Add:

 Short description about myself:

Very well exposed to multicultural environment with excellent communication skills; can train
and work hard with a team and can perform very well under pressure. Have a strong leadership,
sense of initiative, result oriented and ability to make a good decision. Have a solid experience in
customer service, coordination with colleagues and good oral communication. Able to work
under pressure while endeavoring to maintain high standard of service

 Career Objectives:

Seeking a position to utilize my experience and abilities in an organization that offers

professional growth, while being resourceful innovative and flexible in all kind of environment.

Position Desired: BAKER CHEF


April 06 2010 to present BAKER CHEF

Al AIN International bakery L.L.C
Al AIN Dubai UAE


 Managing the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical
 Thorough knowledge and ability to perform complex, difficult tasks.
 Remarkable ability to lift heavy loads.
 Strong visual and mental ability to plan and perform complex work.
 Exceptional ability to maintain and control cost.
 Solid ability to maintain attention and care to prevent loss.
 Great knowledge of work safety measures.
 Immense ability to assign tasks and supervise subordinates, including helpers and
students or temporary employees.
 Strong ability to read, write, follow written instructions and to handle mathematics
pertinent to the job.

 Driving a solution set across development teams (primarily

Development/Engineering, and Marketing Communications) through market
requirements, product contract, and positioning.
 Developing and implementing a company-wide go-to-market plan, working with all
departments to execute.
 Act as a leader within the company
 Estimate baking needs, requisitions adequate supplies, inventories supplies, and keep
records of products made and used.
 Insure bakery and equipment are maintained according to proper health and sanitation
 Teach and enforce safety regulations.
 Perform specialized decorating.
 Assist in developing and testing recipes.
 Assist in planning bakery products menu.
 Recommend equipment purchases.
 Train and orient students in the University Food and Nutrition program on large scale
baking and sanitation standards.

October15/ 2008 to March 22/ 2010 BAKER CHEF

French Bakery
Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai. UAE


 Report to work on time and checks schedule of the day.

 Conduct daily briefing for fifteen minutes in the absence of the Exec. Chef.
 Conducts taste panel daily before each meal period in each outlet to ensure high quality
of product, result of which copies must go to Exec. Chef office.
 Control of overtime and productivity.
 Check employee’s work areas, clothing and appearance, and safe working practice as per
checklist and L.S.O.P’s.
 Train all the staff according to the four step method.
 In charged for buffet and parties where assigned
 Control of over production and wastage for each functions

 Proper handling of over production from each buffet or functions

 Prepares order for storeroom according to production charts.
 Follow (FIFO) First in First out Procedures
 Checks if all items are made according to use records
 Ensure implementation of safety standards and procedures with the use of chemicals and
other cleaning supplies
 Maintain the sanitary standards in all aspects clean as you go policy
 Maintains and implementation of HACCP
 Maintains short hair and clean fingers nail at all times
 Performs other related task as assigned by management.
 Use weights and measure to adjust ingredients in recipes.
 Prepare and bake all bakery items for menu and catered events following standardized
 Supervise bakery personnel; including planning, organizing, scheduling and directing
work, training personnel, and recommending applicants for employment and for
discipline, termination or retention

January 23 2008 to September 2008 ASSISTANT BAKER CHEF

Hotel Sofitel (5 Star)
Alger Algeria

 Report on time on duty

 Prepare all kind of breads and Arabic as well as Italian pizza
 Checks the station to maintain the high quality of cleanliness
 Assisting other chef if needed
 Prepare complete line of products needed charts and makes sure are filled in correctly
and production is made accordingly; as per stock to be established to avoid over
 Directs and Supervises whole team in their work
 Monitor all pastry operating cost and takes corrective action when necessary to
reduce expenses
 standards
 Planned and laid out work to meet required shipping schedules.
 Ordered food and supplies and maintained related records.
 Maintained quality control in accordance with departmental standards and followed
specific procedures for all sub-standard products.
 Recommended changes in material and procedures to improve quality, productivity
and to reduce costs and changes in work schedule to increase efficiency.
 Produced desserts and baked bread, cakes, pastry, pies, etc.
 Decorated desserts, cakes, pastries, etc. (Fancy bakeshop decorating).
 Operated all bakeshop equipment and tools, including, but not limited to, rotary
ovens, mixers, shelters and ranges.

February 2004-nouvember 2007 CHEF DE PARTY BAKER

Hotel de Paris (4 Star)
Sude oust Tizi ouzou Algeria


 Performed the task as per company before and after the operation
 Maintain the high quality of the breads product to reach customer satisfaction
 Assisting some other chef if needed
 Helping in planning of any action concerning bakery comes up with new ideas for new
menus, food festivals, and special theme nights.
 Complies with company policies and procedure
 Direct and supervise whole team in their work
 Motivate employee productivity in order to minimize the payroll cost
 Monitor standard recipe in order to produce pastry/bakery products to the highest
 Developed new bakeshop formulas.
 Experimented on new products and worked on improvement of existing ones.
 Directed lower labor grade employees in all phases of daily work including production,
cleaning and shipping.
 Trained lower labor grade employees using various training methods.
 Observed safety standards and practices.
 Performed related duties as required or assigned within job classification.

May 2003 to January 2004

Hotel lala khadija (4 Star)
Tizi ouzou Algeria


 Report on time on work and check for the schedule for the next
 Prepare bread product at all time.
 Assisting baker Sous chef for all what we need to serve for the day .
 Maintain high quality of breads product to ensure the customer
 Monitor standard recipes in order to produce bakery products

 Performed all duties delegated by Head Baker or Assistant such as mixing dough,
scaling, oven work, bench work, cake finishing and preparation of fresh fruits.
 Maintained quality control in accordance with departmental standards in products
 Maintained cleanliness of bakeshop areas and refrigerators.
 Obtained supplies for bakeshop from storeroom as requested by Head Baker or Assistant
bakers in the production of bakery items.
 Received, stored, and shipped bakery supplies.
 Prepared bakeshop items for delivery to units.

March 1999 to May 2003 Commie 1 BAKER

Hotel le president (four stars)
Oran Algeria.

 Cleaned and maintained bakeshop and related areas such as, but not limited to,
refrigerators, freezers, hallways, storage areas, rest rooms, equipment, pots, pans, and
 Maintained records and performed other clerical duties as prescribed.
 Used and maintained tools and equipment in a proper manner, including, but not limited
to, ovens, cookie shelters, slicing machine, food chopping machines and attachments and
power mixers.
 Observed safety standards and practices.
 Performed related duties as required or assigned within job classification.


H. A. C. C. P TRAINING (French Bakery)

pastry, Algeria)


Arabic, French, English, Kabyle

SKILLS: Excellent communication skills in all my language, in written and verbal


1988-1994 Eguerssafene
Elementary Education

1994-1997 Colonel Amirouche

Secondary education

1997-1999 Technical School For

Hotelier and Tourism
Diploma for Boulanger


Birthday : January 09 1982

Birthplace : Bouzeguenne, center
Age : 28 yrs. old
Citizenship : Algerian
Religion : Muslim
Civil Status : Single
Visa status : Employment Visa