Mobile Marketing in 2011

How High is High?
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
How mobile marketing will fare in 2011 and best practice for effective campaign planning and management
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A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
Robb Walters, director of site design, Costco Wholesale
Craig Etheridge, vice president of mobile advertising sales, Gannett
Digital/USA Today
Timothy A. Blett, senior partner and president, Doner,
Newport Beach, CA
Noah Elkin, principal analyst, eMarketer
Eric Harber, president and chief operating officer, Hipcricket
Dan Butcher, associate editor, Mobile Marketer and
Mobile Commerce Daily
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A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
Mr. Blett:
Yes, the benefits are obvious. No one will argue that our customers aren´t using their mobile phones
more than ever. But there is a lot of confusion on exactly what to do, when to do it and how much of it
to do.
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Mr. Harber:
I answered no last year and would say the same in 2010. But marketing programs with mobile
components are now commonplace. Enough proof has been offered for marketers to trust that dedicating
meaningful dollars will move product and build loyalty.
Mr. Elkin:
Not completely, but we´re getting closer. The rapid expansion of the smartphone market, coupled with
the emergence of tablets and Google and Apple´s major investments in mobile advertising have reshaped
how - and how much - marketers and their agency partners think about mobile. With consumers
spending an ever-increasing amount of time in front of their mobile devices, marketers can scarcely
afford to do otherwise. The so-called "year of mobile¨ may never come to pass, but as both a branding
and direct response medium, mobile is finally and rightfully earning a seat at the table.
Mr. Etheridge:
Yes. Reach consumers on their terms. Consumer patterns are very different between our platforms. The
mobile audience is 80 percent unique from our print audience. Media consumption is very fragmented and
in order to reach a brand´s target audience, mobile advertising is a must.
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Are mobile marketing's benefits obvious to brands and agencies?
If a retailer is paying attention to their traffic analytics, it´s likely that the
message would be clear. Customers are using mobile devices to interact with
your site. To ignore that would be counter-intuitive to business growth, as it´s
another channel which can offer incremental sales.
Where will the key opportunities for mobile lie in 2011?
Although devices like the iPhone and Android phones are increasing in
popularity and penetration, the real area of opportunity lies in mobile tablets
like the iPad, the RIM PlayBook and others. The average order value and top-
line revenue they offer now and, with increased penetration as new models
are released, the future growth potential is unparalleled.
Mr. Walters
Where will the key opportunities for mobile lie in 2011?
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Mr. Blett:
We believe that the opportunities lie in three areas:
1) SMS is still the powerhouse.
2) Mobile Web sites and apps are growing fast.
3) Location-based social networking is the new frontier.
Mr. Harber:
Messaging will still dominate because of its reach and proven effectiveness. 2011 will be the year when
social and mobile converge, enabling rewarding engagement opportunities for brands. In addition, we´ll
see more and better mobile Web sites and further see sought-after consumer interaction with mobile
display ads.
Mr. Elkin:
Location-based services are certainly one area to keep an eye on. Although usage is not widespread, it is
growing rapidly and, if anything, having Facebook in the mix will only help familiarize people with
activities like check-in and push it toward mass adoption. Location will become an important targeting
mechanism across all media and technology platforms and at every stage of the purchase funnel,
especially as the trend toward social search and social commerce takes hold. The company with the
richest social graph and the most extensive geolocation information has the upper hand in providing a
better value proposition to advertisers and consumers.
Mr. Etheridge:
The key opportunities will lie in new ideas. Mobile advertising is young relative to other platforms. The
explosion of new tablets and their unique offerings will allow for greater targeting. Don´t forget the mobile
Web continues to offer the largest audience reach on the mobile platform.
More mobile opportunities
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Connected devices, rich media and video ads
Another interesting development is the spread of app platforms beyond
smartphones and tablets to a growing range of connected devices,
including Internet-enabled TVs and PCs.
This trend will give consumers new ways to interact with digital content
and marketers new ways to reach those consumers ʹ in effect, new ways to
buy both audience and context.
Finally, think about rich-media display and video advertising ʹ we are fast
huge boost in terms of generating awareness of what can be done with
mobile from a branding perspective, and many other companies have
stepped up to capitalize on the growing demand.
Mr. Elkin
What upcoming challenges can marketers expect with mobile?
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Mr. Elkin:
Fragmentation remains a big issue - among smartphone and now tablet platforms as well as
vendors and service providers and even ad formats. This creates friction, leaves brands confused
and prevents the channel from achieving scale. There´s definitely less complexity than there used to
be, but newcomers may still find the space challenging. Demand-side platforms and real-time
bidding marketplaces that fuse mobile and desktop ad inventory would help with scale and
Mr. Harber:
Collaboration between the MMA and IAB, among others, has moved us closer to standardized
measurement, but we are still not where we need to be in the minds of many marketers.
Also, as we pass the 50 percent mark for smartphone usage in the U.S., brands and agencies
will be challenged with creating the mobile mix that will prove most effective for their
individual situations. They will need experts to guide them.
Mr. Blett:
There are at least four challenges marketers can expect with mobile: creating balance between
acquisition and retention, integrating mobile early on in planning, convincing key stakeholders and
senior management to remix traditional media plans, and measuring and maximizing ROI.
Mr. Etheridge:
Implementation of campaigns and reporting metrics are a continuous challenge.
Campaign reporting with rich media and third-party ad counting is an issue. With the
recent movement of open rich-media mobile ads, it will hopefully provide a more effective
rich-media implementation experience.
Challenges and advice
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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What, if any, upcoming challenges can marketers expect with mobile?
While SMS affords a great opportunity to reach your customers, the challenge lies in
ensuring that the messages remain relevant to the target audience. Because of the
personal relationship people have with their phone, if you are not talking to them in a
resonant language consistent with your brand and their needs, your success in that
channel will be limited.
Strategic advice for mobile program and campaign planning and management
The first point would be to, if using an outside vendor or agency, do your homework on
their capabilities, experience, reputation and ability to support your business. The field is
fast becoming overrun with mobile service providers, but many may not handle your
business volume or provide the support you need.
Mr. Walters
Strategic advice for mobile program and campaign planning and management
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Mr. Elkin:
Consumers with smartphones and emerging mobile devices such as the iPad are increasingly receptive to
marketing experiences. Make the most of this by coming up with well-thought-out goals and a strategy that
takes into account not just the target audience´s mobile behavior and preferences but also where mobile
intersects with online and traditional media. Also, make the value exchange the cornerstone of your campaign
planning. Mobile consumers are progressively more accepting of advertising on their devices, but they also
expect something tangible in return for their attention. Everyone likes free content and apps or discounts but
customized ads also win plaudits, so bear in mind: relevant ads increase the likelihood of a response and can
actually help take a customer relationship to the next level. Think beyond the immediacy of the campaign and
look to mobile as a mechanism for maintaining and deepening a long-term relationship with customers.
Mr. Harber:
Tie everything to business goals. Do not let mobile sit on an island - it works best when part of an
integrated program. View results in real time, then optimize. Get started. Get started now. You can start
simply and with a straightforward approach. Then you can layer on complexity and sophistication.
Customers are beginning to expect mobile engagement.
Mr. Blett:
Develop clear objectives and strategies, dig up key insights about the target, be consistent with brand
voice, define the role of mobile in the overall media mix, optimize each campaign and, finally, perform
Mr. Etheridge:
For mobile campaign planning, it is highly recommended that both publisher and agency spend time
defining the success metrics and establishing time expectations and work involved in creating a
mobile Web/WAP presence.
Best-practice tips for mobile inclusion in multichannel marketing efforts
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Mr. Blett:
Be entertaining, provide limited-time offer, provide rewards for raving fans, make it quick and keep it
Mr. Etheridge:
Use it where it makes sense - do not force it. Understand what can by done with integration and
possible limitations between the platforms.
Mr. Elkin:
Mobile can play a key role at every stage of the purchase funnel, so think about different ways to
use mobile to activate other media, but also consider where mobile can provide an end-to-end
experience in and of itself.
Mr. Harber:
Identify and hire a trusted mobile vendor. Leverage the experiences others have had in mobile.
Watch, learn and optimize. Use your existing traditional and online media to create or promote
initial mobile interaction. Make your existing media work harder and smarter. Use mobile to
measure the effectiveness of other multichannel marketing vehicles. Leverage the on-the-fly
changes that can be made to mobile programs to optimize performance.
Unified and targeted messaging across channels
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Focus on customer needs - where
mobile enters the purchase process
- and embrace consumers´ existing
device and usage patterns.
Services, applications and marketing
campaigns all need to respect
consumers´ existing needs first while
also providing an on-ramp to more
advanced activities.
Unify messaging across channels
and use other channels to market
mobile assets. With all the noise
consumers are exposed to, adopting
a consistent message is important
for achieving branding goals.
Source: eMarketer
Mr. Elkin
Best-practice tips, where to invest
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Best-practice tips for mobile inclusion in multichannel marketing efforts
We at Costco see mobile as the bridge between online and inline buying. Features
like UPC or QR code scanning offer a direct tie-in to the product for additional
information, reviews, inventory, videos or ability to order for direct delivery. To
marry this with your direct marketing campaigns allows for a more robust and
meaningful message, while allowing you to provide more information than your
marketing collateral may allow.
Where to invest in mobile next year?
The mobile Web would certainly be the first place to start, followed closely by a
more robust application. If you have not reviewed your mobile traffic analytics,
do so to better understand where your application focus should be applied. But if
possible, avoid just replicating your mobile Web site in an app, which would
provide no value to your customer.
Mr. Walters
Where to invest in mobile next year?
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Mr. Blett:
The most underfunded opportunity for mobile is building a database to strengthen
relationships with those who have expressed an interest in your brand. Mobile is an
excellent tool for growing your business by building long-term loyal customers.
Mr. Harber:
The creation of programs that lead to ongoing, opted-in relationships with consumers:
Ɗ Social and mobile
Ɗ Mobile as extension to traditional CRM and MRM efforts
Ɗ Messaging, mobile display advertising and mobile coupons
Mr. Elkin:
Mobile advertising saw strong momentum in 2010, buoyed by greater optimism about the
economy, marketers´ increased urgency of engaging with the mobile medium, the halo effect
of new devices and ad inventory, and the continued rise in smartphone adoption and usage.
EMarketer projects a 79 percent increase in total spending for 2010, with that momentum
carrying over into 2011.
Mr. Etheridge:
The mobile Web and tablets. The latest numbers suggest between 40 and 50 million tablet
devices will be in the market by the end of next year.
U.S. mobile ad spending by format
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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The continued development of
devices, browsers and mobile
networks, combined with the
availability and marketer
awareness of richer ad units, will
significantly enhance how
marketers will be able to use
mobile to interact and engage
with consumers. So expect a
steeper growth in display via
banners, rich media and video
accompanied by a sharper drop
in messaging´s share of total
mobile ad spending.
Mr. Elkin
Rich media, video, Google
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Consider rich media and video if they make
sense for your brand.
Consider the relative value of investing in
building and developing an smartphone
and/or tablet application.
But above all think less about generating
buzz and more about how you can use
different mobile channels and ad units to
most effectively reach and engage your
Remember also that while Apple wears the
halo, Google remains the one to watch.
Apple´s iAd is the latest bright, shiny
object in mobile advertising, but Google is
better positioned over the long term to
simplify the media-buying process and
bring scale to mobile advertising.
Mr. Elkin
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Gannett Digital/USA Today
aims to reach consumers
wherever they are, on
whichever platform they
The publisher has a cross-
platform strategy across
multiple smartphone
platforms with both apps and
mobile Web properties.
Mr. Etheridge
DŽŶĞƌ͛Ɛ ǁŽƌŬ ŝŶ ŵŽďŝůĞ
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Doner´s clients include Coleman, Serta, Wilson, Del Taco, Mazda, Cox, Amazon Kindle, the Detroit Zoo,
the UPS Store, Lexmark, Minute Maid, Polartec, Vera Wang and
MŝůůĞƌCŽŽƌƐ͛ ŵŽďŝůĞ ŝŶŝƚŝĂƚŝǀĞƐ
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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‡ The main objectives are customer
retention and to promote the beers to
customers and prospects
‡ The efforts are on a local and national
‡ Many campaigns include sweepstakes
CŽƐƚĐŽ͛Ɛ ĐŽŵŵĞƌĐĞ-enabled mobile site
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Last month Costco launched a commerce-enabled mobile Web site accessible at from any Web-enabled mobile device.
The site places a great emphasis on the role of search, with the functionality displayed front and
An additional revenue stream was part of the strategy behind the site. Costco also wanted to
ensure that it provides the best possible services to its members.
Costco realizes the needs of members are changing and mobile provides a convenience. It is a
bridge between online and warehouse shopping.
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Customers are looking
for a means of efficiently
accessing their retailer
of choice.
Costco sees the mobile
medium as a means of
satisfying its member´s
The company expects to
launch apps as well for
BlackBerry, iPhone and
Android devices.
Thank you for your time
For a copy of this presentation
please email Hipcricket at
A Mobile Marketer webinar Dec. 9, 2010 Sponsored by
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Robb  Walters,  director  of  site  design,  Costco  Wholesale

Craig  Etheridge,  vice  president  of  mobile  advertising  sales,  Gannett   Digital/USA  Today
Timothy  A.  Blett,  senior  partner  and  president,  Doner,   Newport  Beach,  CA Noah  Elkin, principal  analyst,  eMarketer

Eric  Harber,  president  and  chief  operating  officer,  Hipcricket Dan  Butcher,  associate  editor,  Mobile  Marketer  and   Mobile  Commerce  Daily
A  Mobile Marketer webinar                            Dec.  9,  2010                                          Sponsored  by  
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 The   mobile  audience  is  80  percent  unique  from  our  print  audience.  All  rights  reserved.  Blett: more  than  ever.  when  to  do  it  and  how  much  of  it   to  do.  The  so-­ and  direct  response  medium.   A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                    Dec.  With  consumers   spending  an  ever-­increasing  amount  of  time  in  front  of  their  mobile  devices.  Elkin: how  -­ and  how  much  -­ marketers  and  their  agency  partners  think  about  mobile.  Harber: I  answered  no  last  year  and  would  say  the  same  in  2010.  marketers  can  scarcely   afford  to  do  otherwise.  But  marketing  programs  with  mobile   components  are  now  commonplace.  Media  consumption  is  very  fragmented  and   Mr.  Etheridge: Yes. 3 .  Enough  proof  has  been  offered  for  marketers  to  trust  that  dedicating   meaningful  dollars  will  move  product  and  build  loyalty.Mr.  But  there  is  a  lot  of  confusion  on  exactly  what  to  do.  9. Consumer  patterns  are  very  different  between  our  platforms.  Reach  consumers  on  their  terms.   Mr.  mobile  is  finally  and  rightfully  earning  a  seat  at  the  table.  2010                                  Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC. Mr.

 Walters message  would  be  clear.  The  average  order  value  and  top-­ line  revenue  they  offer  now  and. Where  will  the  key  opportunities  for  mobile  lie  in  2011? Although  devices  like  the  iPhone  and  Android  phones  are  increasing  in   popularity  and  penetration.  9.  the  future  growth  potential  is  unparalleled. 4 .Mr.  Customers  are  using  mobile  devices  to  interact  with   your  site.  with  increased  penetration  as  new  models   are  released.  2010                                    Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  the  real  area  of  opportunity  lies  in  mobile  tablets   like  the  iPad. To  ignore  that  would  be  counter-­ another  channel  which  can  offer  incremental  sales.  the  RIM  PlayBook  and  others. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                  Dec.  All  rights  reserved.

 All  rights  reserved. 2)  Mobile  Web  sites  and  apps  are  growing  fast. Web  continues  to  offer  the  largest  audience  reach  on  the  mobile  platform. 5 . A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                Dec. Mr.  Although  usage  is  not  widespread.  Blett: We  believe  that  the  opportunities  lie  in  three  areas:   1)  SMS  is  still  the  powerhouse.  Location  will  become  an  important  targeting   mechanism  across  all  media  and  technology  platforms  and  at  every  stage  of  the  purchase  funnel.   especially  as  the  trend  toward  social  search  and  social  commerce  takes  hold.  2010                                    Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  having  Facebook  in  the  mix  will  only  help  familiarize  people  with   activities  like  check-­in  and  push  it  toward  mass  adoption.  Harber: Messaging  will  still  dominate  because  of  its  reach  and  proven  effectiveness. Mr.Where  will  the  key  opportunities  for  mobile  lie  in  2011? Mr.  Mobile  advertising  is  young  relative  to  other  platforms.  The  company  with  the   richest  social  graph  and  the  most  extensive  geolocation  information  has  the  upper  hand  in  providing  a   better  value  proposition  to  advertisers  and  consumers.  9.  if  anything.  Elkin: Location-­based  services  are  certainly  one  area  to  keep  an  eye  on.  2011  will  be  the  year  when   see  more  and  better  mobile  Web  sites  and  further  see  sought-­after  consumer  interaction  with  mobile   display  ads.  it  is   growing  rapidly  and.  The   explosion  of  new  tablets  and  their  unique  offerings  will  allow  for  greater  targeting.  Etheridge: The  key  opportunities  will  lie  in  new  ideas. Mr. 3)  Location-­based  social  networking  is  the  new  frontier.

Finally.   A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                Dec.More  mobile  opportunities Mr.  Elkin Connected  devices.   including  Internet-­‐enabled  TVs  and  PCs.  9.  new  ways  to   buy  both  audience  and  context.  rich  media  and  video  ads Another  interesting  development  is  the  spread  of  app  platforms  beyond   smartphones  and  tablets  to  a  growing  range  of  connected  devices.  2010                                    Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC. 6 .  and  many  other  companies  have   stepped  up  to  capitalize    on  the  growing  demand. This  trend  will  give  consumers  new  ways  to  interact  with  digital  content   and  marketers  new  ways  to  reach  those  consumers   in  effect.  think  about  rich-­‐media  display  and  video  advertising   we  are  fast   huge  boost  in  terms  of  generating  awareness  of  what  can  be  done  with   mobile  from  a  branding  perspective.  All  rights  reserved.

 brands  and  agencies   will  be  challenged  with  creating  the  mobile  mix  that  will  prove  most  effective  for  their   individual  situations.  9.S.   Also.  and  measuring  and  maximizing  ROI.  it  will  hopefully  provide  a  more  effective   rich-­media  implementation  experience.  convincing  key  stakeholders  and   senior  management  to  remix  traditional  media  plans.  Etheridge: Implementation  of  campaigns  and  reporting  metrics  are  a  continuous  challenge. Mr.  Demand-­side  platforms  and  real-­time   bidding  marketplaces  that  fuse  mobile  and  desktop  ad  inventory  would  help  with  scale  and   transparency.  They  will  need  experts  to  guide  them.  has  moved  us  closer  to  standardized   measurement.What  upcoming  challenges  can  marketers  expect  with  mobile? Mr. 7 .  integrating  mobile  early  on  in  planning.  Harber: Collaboration  between  the  MMA  and  IAB. Campaign  reporting  with  rich  media  and  third-­party  ad  counting  is  an  issue. Mr.  but  newcomers  may  still  find  the  space  challenging.  2010                                    Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  Elkin: Fragmentation  remains  a  big  issue   among  smartphone  and  now  tablet  platforms  as  well  as   vendors  and  service  providers  and  even  ad  formats.  This  creates  friction.  but  we  are  still  not  where  we  need  to  be  in  the  minds  of  many  marketers.  Blett: There  are  at  least  four  challenges  marketers  can  expect  with  mobile:  creating  balance  between   acquisition  and  retention. With  the   recent  movement  of  open  rich-­media  mobile  ads.  among  others. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                  Dec.  as  we  pass  the  50  percent  mark  for  smartphone  usage  in  the  U. Mr.  All  rights  reserved..  leaves  brands  confused   be.

 the  challenge  lies  in   ensuring  that  the  messages  remain  relevant  to  the  target  audience.  9.  do  your  homework  on   their  capabilities.  Walters What.  upcoming  challenges  can  marketers  expect  with  mobile? While  SMS  affords  a  great  opportunity  to  reach  your  customers.  Because  of  the   personal  relationship  people  have  with  their  phone.  your  success  in  that   channel  will  be  limited. Strategic  advice  for  mobile  program  and  campaign  planning  and  management The  first  point  would  be  to.  if  you  are  not  talking  to  them  in  a   resonant  language  consistent  with  your  brand  and  their  needs. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                  Dec.  if  using  an  outside  vendor  or  agency.  but  many  may  not  handle  your   business  volume  or  provide  the  support  you  need. The  field  is   fast  becoming  overrun  with  mobile  service  providers.  2010                                    Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  if  any.  reputation  and  ability  to  support  your  business.Challenges  and  advice Mr.  All  rights  reserved. 8 .  experience.

9 .  Elkin: Consumers  with  smartphones  and  emerging  mobile  devices  such  as  the  iPad  are  increasingly  receptive  to   marketing  experiences.  optimize  each  campaign  and.  Also.  View  results  in  real  time.  but  they  also   expect  something  tangible  in  return  for  their  attention.  Everyone  likes  free  content  and  apps  or  discounts  but   customized  ads  also  win  plaudits.  Do  not  let  mobile  sit  on  an  island   it  works  best  when  part  of  an   integrated  program.  Harber: Tie  everything  to  business  goals.  so  bear  in  mind:  relevant  ads  increase  the  likelihood  of  a  response  and  can   actually  help  take  a  customer  relationship  to  the  next  level. Mr.  dig  up  key  insights  about  the  target. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                              Dec.  Etheridge: For  mobile  campaign  planning.  make  the  value  exchange  the  cornerstone  of  your  campaign   planning.Strategic  advice  for  mobile  program  and  campaign  planning  and  management Mr.  Blett: Develop  clear  objectives  and  strategies. Mr.  Get  started  now.  You  can  start   simply  and  with  a  straightforward  approach.  be  consistent  with  brand   voice.  9.  then  optimize.  Then  you  can  layer  on  complexity  and  sophistication.  define  the  role  of  mobile  in  the  overall  media  mix.   Customers  are  beginning  to  expect  mobile  engagement.  All  rights  reserved.  Make  the  most  of  this  by  coming  up  with  well-­thought-­out  goals  and  a  strategy  that   intersects  with  online  and  traditional  media.  it  is  highly  recommended  that  both  publisher  and  agency  spend  time   defining  the  success  metrics  and  establishing time  expectations  and  work  involved  in  creating  a   mobile  Web/WAP  presence.  perform   plan-­do-­check-­act.   Mr.  2010                                        Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  finally.  Mobile  consumers  are  progressively  more  accepting  of  advertising  on  their  devices.  Think  beyond  the  immediacy  of  the  campaign  and   look  to  mobile  as  a  mechanism  for  maintaining  and  deepening  a  long-­term  relationship  with  customers.  Get  started.

  Watch.  Make  your  existing  media  work  harder  and  smarter. Mr.  learn  and  optimize.  Leverage  the  on-­the-­fly   changes  that  can  be  made  to  mobile  programs  to  optimize  performance. Mr.  so  think  about  different  ways  to   use  mobile  to  activate  other  media.  provide  rewards  for  raving  fans.  but  also  consider  where  mobile  can  provide  an  end-­to-­end   experience  in  and  of  itself. 10 .  9.  Leverage  the  experiences  others  have  had  in  mobile.Best-­‐practice  tips  for  mobile  inclusion  in  multichannel  marketing  efforts Mr.  provide  limited-­time  offer.  Blett: Be  entertaining.  Elkin: Mobile  can  play  a  key  role  at  every  stage  of  the  purchase  funnel.  Understand  what  can  by  done  with  integration  and   possible  limitations  between  the  platforms.  2010                                        Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  All  rights  reserved.  make  it  quick  and  keep  it   simple.  Use  your  existing  traditional  and  online  media  to  create  or  promote   initial  mobile  interaction.  Use  mobile  to   measure  the  effectiveness  of  other  multichannel  marketing  vehicles.   Mr.  Etheridge: Use  it  where  it  makes  sense   do  not  force  it. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                              Dec.  Harber: Identify  and  hire  a  trusted  mobile  vendor.

 applications  and  marketing   campaigns  all  need  to  respect   also  providing  an  on-­ramp  to  more   advanced  activities.  2010                                        Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC. 11 .  Elkin Focus  on  customer  needs   where   mobile  enters  the  purchase  process   device  and  usage  patterns.   Services. Source:  eMarketer A  Mobile Marketer webinar                              Dec.  adopting   a  consistent  message  is  important   for  achieving  branding  goals.  With  all  the  noise   consumers  are  exposed  to. Unify  messaging  across  channels   and  use  other  channels  to  market   mobile  assets.  All  rights  reserved.Unified  and  targeted  messaging  across  channels Mr.  9.

 while  allowing  you  to  provide  more  information  than  your   marketing  collateral  may  allow.  videos  or  ability  to  order  for  direct  delivery.  All  rights  reserved. 12 . A  Mobile Marketer webinar                          Dec. If  you  have  not  reviewed  your  mobile  traffic  analytics.  avoid  just  replicating  your  mobile  Web  site  in  an  app. Features   like  UPC  or  QR  code  scanning  offer  a  direct  tie-­in  to  the  product  for  additional   information.  where  to  invest Mr. But  if   possible.Best-­‐practice  tips.  2010                                            Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  which  would   provide  no  value  to  your  customer. To   marry  this  with  your  direct  marketing  campaigns  allows  for  a  more  robust  and   meaningful  message.   do  so  to  better  understand  where  your  application  focus  should  be  applied.  followed  closely  by  a   more  robust  application.  9.  reviews.  inventory. Where  to  invest  in  mobile  next  year? The  mobile  Web  would  certainly  be  the  first  place  to  start.  Walters Best-­practice  tips  for  mobile  inclusion  in  multichannel  marketing  efforts We  at  Costco  see  mobile  as  the  bridge  between  online  and  inline  buying.

Mr.  Elkin: Mobile  advertising  saw  strong  momentum  in  2010.  with  that  momentum   carrying  over  into  2011.  9.  Mobile  is  an   excellent  tool  for  growing  your  business  by  building  long-­term  loyal  customers.  buoyed  by  greater  optimism  about  the   of  new  devices  and  ad  inventory.  2010                                                Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  Blett: The  most  underfunded  opportunity  for  mobile  is  building  a  database  to  strengthen   relationships  with  those  who  have  expressed  an  interest  in  your  brand.  opted-­in  relationships  with  consumers: A  Mobile Marketer webinar                      Dec.  and  the  continued  rise  in  smartphone  adoption  and  usage.  Etheridge: The  mobile  Web    and  tablets.   EMarketer  projects  a  79  percent  increase  in  total  spending  for  2010. 13 .  All  rights  reserved.   Mr.  Harber: The  creation  of  programs  that  lead  to  ongoing.  The latest  numbers  suggest  between  40  and  50  million  tablet   devices  will  be  in  the  market  by  the  end  of  next  year.Where  to  invest  in  mobile  next  year? Mr. Mr.

 2010                                                Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  Elkin The  continued  development  of   devices.  combined  with  the   availability  and  marketer   awareness  of  richer  ad  units.U.  9.  All  rights  reserved. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                      Dec.  will   significantly  enhance  how   marketers  will  be  able  to  use   mobile  to  interact  and  engage   with  consumers.  rich  media  and  video   accompanied  by  a  sharper  drop   mobile  ad  spending. 14 .  browsers  and  mobile   networks.  So  expect  a   steeper  growth  in  display  via   banners.  mobile  ad  spending  by  format Mr.S.

 Elkin Consider  rich  media  and  video  if  they  make   sense  for  your  brand.   But  above  all  think  less  about  generating   buzz  and  more  about  how  you  can  use   different  mobile  channels  and  ad  units  to   most  effectively  reach  and  engage  your   audience.  All  rights  reserved. Remember  also  that  while  Apple  wears  the   halo.  9.  video. object  in  mobile  advertising. 15 .  Google  remains  the  one  to  watch.  but  Google  is   better  positioned  over  the  long  term  to   simplify  the  media-­buying  process  and   bring  scale  to  mobile  advertising.   Consider  the  relative  value  of  investing  in   building  and  developing  an  smartphone   and/or  tablet  application. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                          Dec.Rich  media.  Google Mr.  2010                                              Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.

The  publisher  has  a  cross-­ platform  strategy  across   multiple  smartphone   platforms  with  both  apps  and   mobile  Web  properties.  Etheridge Gannett  Digital/USA  Today   aims  to  reach  consumers   wherever  they  are. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                          Dec.Mr.  on   whichever  platform  they   prefer. 16 .  All  rights  reserved.  9.  2010                                            Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.

 Vera  Wang  and  Autotrader.  2010                                        Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.  All  rights  reserved. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                              Dec.  9. 17 .the  UPS  Store.  Polartec.  Minute  Maid.

The  main  objectives  are  customer   retention  and  to  promote  the  beers  to   customers  and  prospects The  efforts  are  on  a  local  and  national   level Many  campaigns  include  sweepstakes A  Mobile Marketer webinar                          Dec.  2010                                              Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC. 18 .  9.  All  rights  reserved.

-­‐enabled  mobile  site Last  month  Costco  launched  a  commerce-­enabled  mobile  Web  site  accessible  at   http://m. A  Mobile Marketer webinar                                Dec.  2010                                    Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC. 19 .   The  site  places  a  great  emphasis  on  the  role  of  search.costco.  9.  It  is  a   bridge  between  online  and  warehouse  shopping.  Costco  also  wanted  to   ensure  that  it  provides  the  best  possible  services  to  its from  any  Web-­enabled  mobile  device. Costco  realizes  the  needs  of  members  are  changing  and  mobile  provides  a  convenience. An  additional  revenue  stream  was  part  of  the  strategy  behind  the  site.  with  the  functionality  displayed  front  and   center.  All  rights  reserved.

A  Mobile Marketer webinar                          Dec.Customers  are  looking   for  a  means  of  efficiently   accessing  their  retailer   of  choice. The  company  expects  to   launch  apps  as  well  for   BlackBerry.  9.   Costco  sees  the  mobile   medium  as  a  means  of   needs.  All  rights  reserved. 20 .  iPhone  and   Android  devices.  2010                                              Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.

com   A  Mobile Marketer webinar                          Dec.  All  rights  reserved.  9.Thank  you  for  your  time For  a  copy  of  this  presentation   please  email  Hipcricket  at   cmo@hipcricket. 21 .  2010                                                  Sponsored  by   ©  Napean  LLC.

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