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February 8, 2011

VIA REGISTERED MAIL Mr. Stephen Stoll Director of Administration P.O. Box 100 Hillsboro, Missouri 63050 Re: September 28, 2010 Contract Between American Traffic Solutions, Inc. ("ATS") and Jefferson County, Missouri (the "County")

Dear Mr. Stoll: On September 28, 2010, Jefferson County signed a five-year contract with ATS for the implementation and installation of a Red Light Safety Camera Program ("Contract"). At the time, ATS was excited to welcome Jefferson County to the list of more than thirty communities in Missouri and the hundreds of communities across the country that are using proven Red Light Safety Camera Programs to enhance intersection safety, reduce injuries, and most importantly, save lives. Jefferson County’s safety program was also designed to be funded by violators and not taxpayers. Unfortunately, since January 1, 2011, the County Council has taken numerous actions to repudiate and breach its obligations under the Contract including (1) unilaterally ordering a stop work on the Contract on January 6, 2011; (2) voting on January 24, 2011 to repeal its red light safety camera ordinance; (3) cancelling its agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation; and most recently (4) apparently violating the Sunshine Law to urge the Missouri Legislature to ban the very same safety program for which the County contracted. Notwithstanding the Council's disregard for its contractual obligations, Missouri law and road safety, the County Council’s actions are an unproductive basis from which to form an effective public-private safety partnership. It is sadly ironic that Jefferson County, with its history of traffic deaths, severe injuries and crashes including Highway 21's "Blood Alley," would ignore the proven success of red light safety cameras as part of its total traffic safety enforcement effort. It is also unfortunate that the Council would ignore their own law enforcement officials who believe red light safety cameras are a key component of an effective traffic safety program to protect the public. Finally, the County Council has ignored the overwhelming majority of Missourians and Jefferson County residents who support red light safety technology to enforce our laws and save lives. ATS has more than 250 customers in 27 states across the country. To have a successful program, our clients must share our commitment to road safety. It has become obvious from the County Council’s recent actions that they do not. For these reasons, ATS has decided that we no longer wish to continue our relationship with Jefferson County. Please take this letter as a formal notice that ATS hereby is terminating its Contract. Sincerely,

Jason Norton
Jason Norton Vice President Advanced Planning and Project Management

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