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things processed and things produced

Shutterfield Lofts
-luxury condominums, Houston TX
2008 studio project - unbuilt
This project focuses on individual unit
design as well as overall design of a
mid-rise condominium building with
retail on the ground level. The facade
showcases a variable shade system
that emphasizes privacy and solar

Shutterfield Lofts
Shutterfield Lofts
Shutterfield Lofts
-Center for Contemporary Author-Musicians, Austin TX
2010 studio project - unbuilt
The Center houses a traditional the-
ater hall, a flexible indoor/outdoor
theater space, as well as a libray, of-
fices, cafe, and amphiteather area.
One focus of the site is to showcase
protected oak trees and engage the
architecture with nature.

perforated bronze panel layer

glazing layer

secondary structural layer

primary structural layer

translucent fabric layer


4 5
1 TECU® custom perforated rolled bronze panel
2 3/4 inch glazing
3 custom steel truss 14
9 15
4 waterproof roof membrane

5 DensDeck® rigid fiberglass-gypsum roof board

6 steel bar joist

7 steel decking
8 TECU® rolled bronze panel wall system
extruded aluminum mounting channel

9 12 x 18 CMU
10 precast concrete panel
11 cast-in-place concrete slab
12 precast concrete paver
13 drainage membrane

14 light gauge interior steel framing

15 Decoustics® Quadrillo® perforated wood

veneer acoustical panel

16 adjustable projection scrim

17 Decoustics® fabric-finished acoustical wall panel

with 1” reveal 10
18 Figueras® Flame folding auditorium seating

17 18

13 11 theater section ___1/2”=1’

Kelvin Plaza The project was developed under review of the
-mixed use development, Houston TX owner of the proposed site in Houston. As part of
a collaborative course between the Rice School of
2009 studio project - unbuilt Architecture and the Rice MBA program, a com-
This project combines 100+ rental prehensive business proforma and budget was
units, leasable office space, and created by myself and my MBA team. Organiza-
ground level retail and dining to cre- tion of rental units and leasing space was based
ate a thriving urban center. The ori- on market research and current trends. The final
entation of this mid-rise complex fos- stage of the design was presented to Linbeck Con-
ters pedestrian access and enhances struction for a realistic construction cost estimate,
and was reviewed by leading Houston developers.
views of the surrounding city.

Kelvin Plaza
Kelvin Plaza
Kelvin Plaza
Kelvin Plaza
Kelvin Plaza
PNC Bank Exterior
-exterior renovation, Baltimore MD
2009 Gensler - built
The transformation of an existing
retail site into a PNC Bank included
redesigning the facade with solar
shading and integrated planting beds,
creating a welcoming pedestrian en-
vironment for customers.

PNC Bank Exterior

PNC Bank Interior
-interior retail design, Baltimore MD
2009 Gensler - built
This design transforms a vacant
downtown corner into an inviting
banking environment, connecting
pedestrian circulation with the retail
activities of the bank.

PNC Bank Interior

PNC Bank Interior
-algae growth and eductation, Houston TX
2007 studio project - unbuilt
As a site-reclaimation project for an
11 acre tract of land along the Bayou,
this design proposes to develop a har-
vesting center for algae to be used as
bio-fuel and sustainable energy. The
site includes growth ponds, labs, an
education center and public park.

-live/work cafe and apt, Baltimore MD
2006 freelance - built
Featured on Discovery Home Chanel
TV design series “Going Going Gone”,
this renovation of a historic down-
town corner combines a cafe on the
ground floor and an apartment for the
owners above. I also designed mar-
keting and print material for the cafe.