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Volume 10, Issue 4

February 2011

“It is as exhilarating to think as it is to dance, and just as natural.”

- Walter Lippmann


MIT Makes Music part two
Featuring Sam Allen & David Hayes
Wikileaks, Usage-Based
Billing, The Toronto
G20 Summit, Textbook
Costs, Info Overload
and much more

Disclaimer: The sole responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors. Its contents do not reflect the opinion of the
University Students’ Council of the University of Western Ontario (“USC”). The USC assumes no responsibility or liability for any error, ESAELP PLEASE
inaccuracy, omission or comment contained in this publication or for any use that may be made of such information by the reader.
4 16
The New Face of FIMS: The Toronto G20 Summit
MITSC 2011/2012 Conspiracy? Or necessity?
STAFF Executives
Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood 6 18
Out with the Old... Pointing Fingers (and Guns)
Taylor Pearce A First Year Guide to 19
Intent to Register
LAYOUT EDITOR Social Media Sobriety
Mary Wong
7 20
Jonathan Forani WWSD: What Would In a Relationship with
Snorlax Do?
8 22
WRITERS MIT Makes Music part two
Kim Appotive, Erika Casupanan, Paul Featuring Sam Allen and David Hayes
SPAMTM and Scams: Both
Craig, Stefanie Farrant, Samuel Hong, JESICA HURST AND SARAH Should be Canned on
Jesica Hurst, Mathu Jeyaloganathan,
Samuel Hong, Sarah Koopmans, Anita
Lee, Gillian Marsh, Lauren McVittie,
Brooke Morgan, Lauren Nisbet, Tania 10
Overholt, John Roman, Jennifer When the Public Voice 23
Spence, Emily Stewart, Julian Uzielli, The Inflated Price Tag of
Matters the Most
Steven Wright
Gillian Cummings, May Chow, Marisa 11
Gervais Should be Praised 24
Dametto, Meg French, Nicole Gibillini,
Lisa Del Guercio, Vincy Kwong, Kristen
Rosehart, Andie Wright, Steven Wright for Subversive Jabs Too Much of a Good Thing?
Jordan Coop, Gillian Cummings,
Sasha Goldstein, Olivia Griggs, Meg 12 26
Hackney, Shaista Kitabi, Warren Kong, Wikileaks: Keep the Anti-Fashion Shows Not
Lauren McVittie, Anna Peirce, Melissa Negative
Faucet Running

13 27
McDonald’s Didn’t Make Stars Without Makeup 2.0:
READ You Fat—Your Mom Did Katy Perry
www.scribd. Upcoming Events
110 Tracks You Should’ve
Heard in 2010
A lot has happened in FIMS, at UWO, and around the world since our last issue
hit stands in November.
The incredible revolution that unfolded in Tunisia has sparked rebellions
across the Middle East, largely provoked by leaked government documents
published by Wikileaks and helped along by social media and an invigorated
youth movement. In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarek’s decision to completely
blackout the Egyptian Internet, cancel trains, and disrupt mobile networks is
censorship and control at its very finest, and certainly worthy of any media
student’s attention.
Closer to home, a contentious CRTC ruling that would allow major ISPs to
monopolize and prioritize the Internet market through exploitative pricing
schemes caused a public outcry. The decision has been challenged by the
Canadian government, but it’s a worrying harbinger of a future without net
Closer still, it is elections season at UWO. Although this should prove to be
an exciting time for candidates and voters alike, a discouraging number of
positions have been acclaimed—especially in FIMS. Is the problem apathy?
Awareness? Perhaps it’s time the USC and MITSC reevaluate how they
engage and involve their electorate.
Wikileaks, usage-based billing, student elections, and a huge assortment
of other topics grace the pages of this issue: the biggest and (dare I say)
best edition of the mitZine we’ve ever published. The incredible efforts of
our dedicated Zine staff and an unprecedented number of contributors (an CONTRIBUTE TO THE MITZINE
astounding 37 individuals) made this possible; an inspiring reminder that
We’re always looking out for talented writers, illustrators, copy editors,
enthusiasm for this faculty continues to grow.
artists, and other contributors. Make your voice heard and your work seen
I would especially like to thank our many daring writers. I look forward to the in the official FIMS undergraduate student publication.
challenging discussions their articles will inspire.
Contact Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood for information or inquiries:
Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood
mitZine Editor-in-Chief
Or visit us online at


Its that special time of year. The best, or worst, time was acclaimed. See this weird pattern we're getting I'll let you in on a secret: no one likes to be
of year depending on who you are asking. If you've into? acclaimed. Sure it may reduce some stress during
seen the (minimal) signs on UC Hill you probably the campaigning period, but no one likes to think
This faculty is filled with talented, intelligent, and
know that it's time for #USCelections. that others view them as being entitled or having
critical students but not enough are throwing their hat
walked into the position. If you do relish in the
Amongst the numerous Facebook invites and the into the race come election time. To be completely
thought of being acclaimed then maybe a position
elections related global BBM messages, some of honest I'm surprised that we've missed out on an
in student government isn't for you.
you are probably wondering what is happening election for two years. Many students in this faculty
for FIMS/MITSC elections. I'm happy to say that have something to say about the way things are On that note, I am more than confident that Zach
a talented pair will be taking over as next year's run. Faculty elections allow students to be informed, and Jessica will lead next year's MITSC with
MITSC president and MIT councillor. Both Zach make their potential student representatives visible, dependability, new ideas, and a genuine concern
Valliant and Jessica Bronstein have been acclaimed and most importantly, provide a time for students to for student opinions. Plus, you still have the chance
to be the 2011/2012 MITSC president and MIT reflect on what exactly they want from their student to get involved on next year's MITSC by applying
councillor, respectively. I can tell you personally that experience. later this semester.
these two are passionate, experienced, and more
That's why next year I encourage you, whoever you From your acclaimed MITSC president,
than amazing for these positions. I can't wait to see
are, to pick up a nomination form and throw yourself
what they will accomplish next year. Unfortunately, Erika Casupanan
out there in the election. Provide an election that
two acclaimed positions leads to no FIMS elections.
will allow students to get excited by the candidate p.s. The two positions for Social Science/MIT
Now think back to this time last year. How did I they are supporting or allow students to be critical senator have both been acclaimed as well. Fun fact:
even get here? Why am I even allowed to write to of candidates that they are not. Provide candidates no FIMS student has held one of these positions
you? Well that's because I garnered a commanding a reason to find out what students truly want. ever. Just some food for thought for next year.
number of votes in last year's election: zero. I, too, [mitZine v10.i4] 3
written by mitZine Staff // photos by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood
For the second year in a row, the only two Valliant also hopes to consolidate the MIT Street for student involvement are both admirable and
elected positions on the Media, Information and Team and Production Committee into a smaller achievable. Further publicizing the USF and finding
Technoculture Students’ Council (MITSC) have group of committed and enthusiastic FIMS creative ways to give that money back to students
been acclaimed. Zach Valliant and Jess Bronstein students. The team will be more exclusive and is a necessary step for council, and the Street Team
will take over for Erika Casupanan and Brandon competitive than in past years, but will also be could seriously benefit from an overhaul. Overall,
Sousa as President and Vice President External, more accountable. “All Street Team members will both platforms are well thought out, appropriately
respectively, in the coming school year. be affiliated with positions on council,” explains focused, and should result in positive changes to
Valliant, “so the onus is on each member to ensure the FIMS undergraduate community.
Both Valliant and Bronstein have impressive
that their liaised position is promoted.”
extracurricular resumes and plenty of experience Nevertheless, questions will have to be asked in
in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies “Street Team will be a focused machine,” he says, the coming year by both the MITSC and the greater
(FIMS) that they bring to the positions. As president, “but I want them to have just as much time to have student body about why, in the last two election
Valliant will assume his fourth different role on the fun and bond as a team.” seasons, only four people have been interested in
faculty council since he was selected as First Year council’s top two positions. Whether FIMS students
Despite an ambiguous title (MITSC VP External
Representative in 2008. He is also a former Street are disinterested in, intimidated by, or unaware of
and USC FIMS Councillor are often used
Team Coordinator and currently holds the title of VP the positions and the elections process is unclear.
interchangeably), Bronstein has a clear vision for
Communications. Bronstein is this year’s MITSC As with the school-wide USC elections, many
her role as liaison between FIMS and the USC. “One
VP Events, one of FIMS’ assistant head sophs, and potential candidates seem far more determined to
thing FIMS students can be sure to expect from me
has also held positions on a number of University apply for non-executive positions on the MITSC
is effective communication about key issues that are
Students’ Council (USC) committees. with more narrow, concrete responsibilities than put
going on with the USC,” she explains. “I plan to work
themselves on the line for the ‘face of FIMS’.
In addition to selecting the members of the MITSC diligently with the MITSC’s VP Communications to
and overseeing how council operates, the President make this information more accessible.” Through no fault of their own, the lack of an actual
and VP External advocate for FIMS undergraduate voting process starts the new execs off on uncertain
Like Valliant, however, the focus of her platform is on
concerns at the faculty and university level. As voting footing. Regardless of how well-suited they are to
student involvement. “There are so many ways that
members of the USC, they are key representatives their respective positions, not being democratically
FIMS students can get involved,” says Bronstein,
for FIMS in the broader Western community. chosen by the FIMS electorate undermines their
“but I don’t think that students are entirely aware of
legitimacy. Both Valliant and Bronstein will have to
Valliant’s platform includes improvements to the these opportunities.”
work especially hard early in their terms to earn the
MITSC as well as some faculty-wide initiatives. His
Increased awareness of the USF is important to her respect and recognition that would otherwise come
leading platform point, Valliant tells the mitZine, is to
as well. “Most students don’t know how they can from a successful election campaign.
create faculty scholarships with the Undergraduate
access that money to execute projects like events,
Student Fund (USF). “The USF has a proposal Their approach to this challenge, they tell the
trips, or the purchase of equipment that will benefit
process where you can apply to take some of the mitZine, is to make themselves available to students
the entire faculty,” Bronstein remarks. The solution,
money and spend it in a way that benefits the FIMS and listen to their concerns.
she says, is better communication. “It is most
community,” he explains.
important to me that FIMS students are in the loop.” “I want people to think of me as their friend, someone
But only a handful of people every year apply to use who is approachable and open to constructive
The notable overlap between both platforms bodes
some of the student-paid $96,000 fund, which is criticism,” Valliant says.
well for next year, which should be a productive one
something Valliant hopes to change. “I want to give
for the MITSC. Although campaign promises in any Bronstein agrees. “The best thing we can do is make
some of this money back in the form of at least 3
student election are rightfully viewed with a healthy sure that we are taking feedback into account and
scholarships worth at least $1,000 each,” he says.
dose of skepticism, Valliant and Bronstein’s visions making changes where changes need to be made.”

Mitchell Sturm
HEAD SOPH 2011/2012
The only other locked-in member of the 2011/2012 edition of the MITSC
is Mitchell Sturm, who has been selected as the FIMS head soph for the
coming year. Sturm (3rd year Hons. MIT) is the other half of this year’s
assistant head soph team alongside Jess Bronstein. He takes over for
graduating head soph Brooke Nolan.
Returning MIT sophs Genevieve La Cute (2nd year Hons. MIT) and Hadrian
Mertins-Kirkwood (3rd year Hons. MIT) have been selected as his assistant
photo by head sophs, who topped a competitive field of applicants for the two
Romina Cortellucci positions. The soph team will welcome the class of 2015 this September.
Zach Valliant

3rd Year Honours Specialization in MIT


• MITSC First Year Representative

• UWO First Year Student Caucus

• MITSC Street Team Coordinator

• MIT Soph
• UWO Pre-Law Society Member

• MITSC VP Communications
• MIT Soph
• MIT Soph Team Charity

Jess Bronstein

3rd Year Honours Specialization in MIT


• Alumni House Floor Representative


• MIT Soph
• MIT Soph Team Charity
• USC Communications Committee

• MITSC VP Events
• MIT Assistant Head Soph
• USC Charity Committee
Awareness Coordinator
[mitZine v10.i4] 5
written by Brooke Morgan
It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you look For impartial coverage of the elections, campus be knowledgeable during this round of elections
there is a face on a USC elections campaign poster media outlets will be your best resource. The Big and then do some research yourself. Look into the
staring back at you. Whether you are interested Purple Couch, the official talk show of the University details of each candidate’s platform and see what
or not, there is no way of avoiding the chaos on Students’ Council, will be bringing you a backstage they are really promising to deliver. The USC is here
campus during campaign season. pass to all things elections. BPC will provide you for the students and that is why we get a vote.
with detailed information on each of the candidates.
In past years, students have complained of the At a university that promises “the best student
The show will deliver provocative and entertaining
popularity-oriented nature of the USC presidential experience,” make sure you have a say in the
political commentary with segments such as
election. But the truth is, if students make an choices that shape that experience.
Video-On-Trial with all of the presidential campaign
informed vote then it doesn’t have it be that way. So
videos. On February 16th, BPC will stream results
in the 2011 election season, how will you be staying
night live from the UCC Atrium. The Gazette will
also provide daily reports and tweeting with their
As MIT students know and the rest of the world is take on the political race and run a media forum
rapidly learning, social media is the new newspaper.
When ‘snowmaggedon’ hit in December, many
students first learned through Twitter that the
with the candidates. Following @BigPurpleCouch
and @uwogazette will lead you to the most recent
information as it is updated throughout the day.
school was closed. There is no doubt that Twitter
The information is out there, so educate yourself on FEBRUARY
and Facebook are going to be used more than
the candidates that could affect you. This doesn’t
ever during these elections. These resources will
have to be a high school popularity contest. Some 15TH-16TH
help you keep up-to-date with elections events and
students will choose to vote based on the biggest
important information about candidates and their
sign on UC hill or the catchiest campaign video.
platforms. Plus, these media provide a method of
As MIT students we can see past these flashy
two-way communication with candidates so you can
ask questions about their platform and bring up your
own concerns. The suggested media outlets give you the tools to


written by Lauren Nisbet, MITSC VP Academic
Do you enjoy attending Western? Do you plan on coming back next year? What are Information Sessions?
Are you confused by the acronym ITR and terrified by the concept of your
future academic plans? If you answered yes to any of these questions, intent Each faculty has their own information session—for students in FIMS this
to register is a necessary process to help you stay on track in your program. session is mandatory. The session will give you a chance to ask any questions
you have about your program. See the website for details http://www.registrar.
Intent to Register (ITR) is not a complicated process but the decisions leading
up to it can be overwhelming, especially for students in first year who have guide
never been through it before. Below you will find the answers to some common
questions and concerns courtesy of your friendly neighborhood academic What is involved in the actual process of ITR?
counselors, Kathie Hess and Jeff Childerhose. Most students will complete the Intent to Register process using the online
What is Intent to Register? Why do I have to do it? service. For first year FIMS students a paper form is necessary to apply for
year two, which will be explained in the mandatory information session.
If you are planning on returning next September, you must complete the Intent
to Register process to be permitted access to course selection during summer Where can I go for more information / help concerning ITR?
registration through the Student Center. Students who do not complete this Additional information can be found on the Registrar’s Office website (http://
process will forfeit priority registration and may miss being reviewed for Limited, and
Enrollment Programs it’s also a good idea to check the FIMS website for details on your specific
How do I know what program to register in? program:

View the online Academic Calendar and take note of the sections that apply to
your intended program of study. Check that you have the prerequisites for your
intended courses and watch for anti-requisites. Plan your program and make
note of any questions you have to bring up at your information session. Review
your Academic Record to ensure the requirements of your program will be met.
written by Taylor Pearce, mitZine Head Copy Editor // edited by Vincy Kwong
illustrated by Anna Peirce
Students are busy—that’s a given. Between readings, assignments, essays,
exams, classes, extracurriculars, and some semblance of a social life, it can be
difficult to find a moment of rest where our mind isn’t categorizing the unchecked
items on our ever-growing to-do list. One of the first things students sacrifice
before everything else is sleep. Some of you are probably staring at the word
right now like it’s a foreign entity. Phrases like “catching some shuteye” and
“grabbing some z’s” make it sound like sleep is an elusive creature we must
forage through a dense forest to find. In reality, sleep is a natural response to life;
a time for our bodies and minds to rest and reboot.
Our body actively sends us signals we’re tired as we yawn, our eyelids droop,
and we begin to feel sluggish. As our body coaxes us to give into its gentle
demands, what do we do? Chug another coffee and open up our laptops to flood
our retinas with fluorescent light, essentially shoving our body’s sleep signals
back into the corner of the closet—next to that broken-down Furby.
Why is sleep so easy for students to take for granted? If we are dehydrated, our
body creates the sensation of thirst. We don’t then gorge on a salty snack; we get
a drink to quench our thirst. With sleep though, we have a strained relationship
as we continually ignore its innate cues.
For whatever reason, a student’s psyche can rationalize putting off this essential
activity, but—speaking from experience—can always find the time to click
through old Facebook photos or find another funny video on YouTube. We have
the capacity to do what we want, so it seems as if we don’t want to sleep.
Some feel that sleep is inefficient because it uses up valuable hours of
productivity. While we could be editing an essay or reviewing lecture slides,
instead, our body wants us to lie still on a mattress in the dark for hours on end.
It’s true: sleep is like an impatient child that demands your attention every night.
But the logic that we are apathetic to sleep doesn’t hold up when you consider
the end of Daylight Saving Time; how our palms are sweaty in anticipation to
turn the clock back an hour—one more hour to sleep. Some students eagerly
await this November day, punned as “Fall Back”, more than St. Patties Day, New
Year’s Eve, and all constitutional holidays combined. That is one hour a year that
we treat as if it was a prophetic gift from the Gods, when really it’s no longer than
two episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
Every person’s ideal amount of sleep differs according to gender, age, and
activity level among a host of other factors. For a student entering university,
school is like being thrown in the deep-end; you have to learn how to tread water
as you handle previously unknown amounts of stress and responsibility. A few
words of wisdom: sleep can be your water wings. No matter what year you’re
in, a two-hour night sleep is like a ‘tease sneeze.’ You know the ones: you feel
a sneeze coming and grab Kleenex, your body preparing for a full-out surge,
and—nothing. It’s the same scenario when your obnoxious alarm clock blares
out in the morning, only a few hours after you shut your eyes.
Again, we all have the capacity to do what we want. So the next time it’s 3:00 AM
and you find yourself debating whether to go to bed or stay up, think “W.W.S.D.”.
Translation: what would Snorlax do? In the morning, the to-do list will still be
there, but unlike everyone else who didn’t “hit the hay” at a decent hour, you’ll
actually be refreshed and focused to take it on.

[mitZine v10.i4] 7

written by Jesica Hurst // edited by May Chow
Drive and focus are two qualities MTP honours
student Sam Allen does not lack. With three music-
related projects on the go and a full course load at
UWO, it is obvious he has his priorities in check and
goals on his mind.
Allen has not only created a name for himself
through his solo music project, but also plays bass
in the local experimental band A Horse and His Boy.
“A Horse and His Boy is definitely the main focus
musically for me right now, which is strange because
for so long I gave both the Sam Allen project and A
Horse and His Boy equal attention.”
He explains that his recent refocusing was, “kind of
inevitable, but also a conscious decision.”
A Horse and His Boy released their self-titled debut
album back in September 2009, earning the title of
94.9 CHRW’s Local Album of the Year. They have
an inherently unique sound, which makes it difficult
for the band to categorize what they create into one
specific genre.
“A Horse and His Boy is really funny because we
always thought we were kind of a weird experimental
band that nobody would like, but we all thought what
we did was very interesting,” he muses. “When I go
back and look at what we’ve done, we have made
this experimental music but with strong pop and rock
tendencies. It is accessible because it is pop rock
but weird and different because it is experimental,
and I think that’s what draws people to it.”
A Horse and His Boy are continuing to play a few photo by Thomas Pilgrim
shows, but they are focusing on recording their new
album in hopes of releasing it in fall of 2011. On top artwork as well. So basically I am the one that takes about where his future is headed.
of that, Allen is also a director of London’s Open care of everything media related at Oh!, or at least
House Arts Collective, or Oh! for short. So what is his ultimate goal with music and media?
have a say in it.“
“Open House Arts Collective was formed to help For someone who is interested in getting involved “Millions of dollars!” he laughs. “No, that is a joke,
promote local arts and culture to London specifically, with the music scene in London, Allen’s advice is to but [music is] definitely more than a hobby for me.
because I think that there’s a big problem in London figure out exactly what you want to do and go for it. I think that for me, my whole life is involved with
where nobody gives a damn about local culture,” music, and it is a part of what I am going to do. No
Allen says. “We said let’s get together and try to “There is this misconception that if you send us an matter what, I am always going to be making music,
change that. We not only want to promote London e-mail we are going to book your band, but it doesn’t and A Horse and His Boy is definitely at a stage
to London, but London to other cities as well.” work that way,” he explains. “I would say contact the where we want to really make a go at it. I think I will
venues, and try to self-promote. At the same time, have a career that is involved in media, with music
Within Open House Arts Collective, Allen puts his I think it is really important for people to hone their as well. Both will definitely influence each other.”
MTP education in multimedia and design to great craft or really work at it. There are a lot of people
use. Make sure to check out A Horse and His Boy at The
who just play music, but you do have to be good. It
Spoke on February 11th at 9pm as part of CHRW’s
“My job, with my background as an MTP student, takes a lot of work and you have to keep working at Wired Fridays—the show is free!
is to take care of a lot of the PR—working on the it and working at it, and then you can work towards
website, working with press, and a lot of the social getting new shows.”
media as well.” He explains. “In the past I have Allen has been creating music since high school,
done a lot of the posters and helped out with album and is now at the point where he feels confident
written by Sarah Koopmans // edited by Marisa Dametto // illustrated by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood
He may not be Girl Talk or Wax Audio, but second-year MIT student David The Global Mashup Crew also collaborated on a compilation by popular music
Hayes, known to his fans as Ha! Yes, is gaining a reputation of his own. blog, Sunset in the Rearview ( The Lil’ Wayne tribute
mash-up album, Welcome Back Weezy, includes Ha! Yes’ track “Imma Be On
Inspired by a mash-up a friend had produced, and influenced by indie music
artists such as The Twelves, DiscoTech, and Death to the Throne, Hayes
began experimenting with blending tracks to make new songs. Motivated Hayes is nonchalant about the prospect of a philosophical side to mash-up
by his friends, Hayes continued to make mash-ups, and recently released music. He jokes, “I’m sure I could find a quote from Adorno, and talk about how
“Bangers and Mash,” a collection of 15 songs that incorporate tracks by artists mash-ups are only possible because there is such a standardization of music.
like Notorious B.I.G., Lupe Fiasco, Empire of the Sun, and Jay-Z, among many But really, I just make them because I know my friends like them, and they
others. make for good background music on the weekends.”
Hayes has been masterminding mash-ups for about a year and a half, using On the issue of copyright, Hayes observes that every original artist has a different
just his laptop and some “overpriced headphones.” He is very humble about his opinion. He assumes, in his case, that the original artists whose material he
craft: “I don’t claim to be a musician. I just try and make some songs you can remixes will never hear his versions, so he doesn’t fear any repercussions.
jam to.” He is surprised at his success, saying that he makes his songs “just If they were to be exposed to Ha! Yes-esque remakes of their songs, Hayes
for fun,” but his audience is growing beyond the fan base that he claims is his imagines, “a remix would likely serve as a compliment to the original.”
small group of friends.
The music of Hayes can be heard in several places on the web. Ha! Yes
Ha! Yes is also becoming popular within the realm of other mash-ups artists. presides over his fan community on the Facebook page www.facebook.
According to his Ha! Yes Facebook fan page, Hayes’ work is being incorporated com/musicofhayes, and has videos on YouTube:
into other productions. His song “I Know,” a remix of tracks by Two Door Cinema musicofhayes. Six tracks are also currently available for download at www.
Club and Drake, is part of a release by an international group of DJs known as To download “Bangers and Mash,” head over to
the Global Mashup Crew, of which Ha! Yes is also a member.

Are you a musician in Miss MIT Makes Music Interested in more MIT
MIT, MTP, or MPI? part one? music coverage?
Contact the mitZine about being Read the November issue Read the mitZine’s top 10 albums
featured in a future issue: online at: and songs of 2010 on our blog:

WHEN THE How appealing does usage-based Internet billing
sound to you? Probably about as appealing as a
TV tax sounds. Unfortunately, television has already
closing down there’s more monopolization of the

PUBLIC VOICE made this transition and usage-based billing could

be the next reality affecting how we use the Internet
Just like the fight for a future of fairness in the
television industry, blame has been projected in all
directions and consequently most Canadians are


In the past two years, the Canadian Radio-Television
unaware of what is truly going on. The CRTC took a
small step in the right direction last month by giving

MOST and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

has threatened the television industry and more
recently has approved some questionable requests
indie ISPs a 15% discount to differentiate their pricing
structure from the large ISPs. But—a
non-profit organization aiming to increase public
HOW THE CRTC FACILITATED for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In late 2009, awareness and informed participation in Canadian
the CRTC warned local television broadcasters media policy formation—states that this is “barely
CANADA’S TELECOM and cable companies of a ‘local TV tax’ that was enough” to allow for differentiation and that they are
MONOPOLY to be put in place. Throughout the first few months “disappointed by the decision” of the CRTC.
of 2010, debates continued, but in the end the
written by Gillian Marsh // edited by Taylor Pearce CRTC “recommended a form of fee-for-carriage for Due to this announcement,’s survey
illustrated by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood “Stop the Meter” ( has grown from
over-the-air broadcasters,” says
41,000 petition signees to over 83,000 signees in
This fee is essentially a tax on all cable and satellite
just three days. This survey aims to “stop big telecom
customers that neither major cable companies—
companies from forcing usage-based Internet billing
Rogers and Bell—were happy about.
on Canadians” and allow for consumer choice and
Throughout 2010, Internet usage and billing competition in the Internet market.
became the CRTC’s next hurtle. Mid-year they
If there is ever a time for Canadians to make their
approved usage-based Internet billing—allowing
voice be heard its now. We have been taxed on
companies such as Bell “to bill Internet customers
television; why would we want the level playing
based on how much they download each month,”
field that has made the Internet what it is today to
said a CBC News article published last year. This
forced any customers on an unlimited bandwidth
plan to transfer over to a limited one, just so they
could eventually be charged per gigabyte. This
change forced small ISPs working under Bell’s
infrastructure to make those same changes or risk [ed. note: the Stop the Meter petition has now been
the closure of their companies entirely. signed by more than 400,000 Canadians, prompting
a review of the CRTC decision by the federal
It’s interesting how Bell expressed disappointment government]
with the TV tax, but finds usage-based Internet
billing acceptable. Not to mention, with smaller ISPs
10 [mitZine v10.i4]
written by Jonathan Forani, mitZine Advertising & Web Editor // originally posted at
illustrated by Lauren McVittie
Kanye is right—the douchebags need a toast. If not only to ease our gag reflex (and sense of
inferiority), celebrity jabs should be the favoured
While there was some of the usual glass-clinking hosting approach. Awards shows have enough
going on at the Golden Globe awards last Sunday, praise already. They don’t need the hosts to gush
the praise was mixed for sophomore host Ricky over the nominees too.
Gervais. Some applauded his wise-cracks with a
hesitant clap while others criticized the comedian Nominees can be assured that awards shows are
for his supposed “bad form”, begging the question: not a Comedy Central Roast. When they walk on
should comedians hold back when celebs are the stage to accept their statuette, the moment and
target? The negative responses to Gervais were the mike is all theirs. Gervais’ attempts to turn the
largely based on the warped belief that we should night—or at least those few moments between the
be nice to celebrities. And there’s nothing more gushing—into a Comedy Central Roast deserve
offensive than that. the biggest statuette of all.

Forget the particular strengths of Gervais as a With his performance, Gervais has managed to
comedian—timing, voice, etc.—and consider become the firebrand of Hollywood—the Ann
why his jokes were so “shocking” in the first place. Coulter of entertainment, if you will. If you won’t,
It’s because we rarely see it. Most celebrity hosts then allow me to explain. Coulter is a self-proclaimed
make cuddly jokes about their friendships with other “polemicist”, or in other words, an agitator who
celebrities, the nerves of competition, or worst of all, should not be taken seriously as anything more
comments like “Look over there—it’s Meryl Streep!” than an agitator. They agitate to stir up the pot, and
stir up the pot they do.
Take the Oscars for example. Hollywood’s biggest
night. Last year Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin I may have strayed into risky territory here comparing
hosted the ceremony which might have been more Gervais to Coulter, but neither of them would hold
aptly titled “Hollywood’s Biggest Love Fest”. From back, so I won’t either. Don’t get me wrong, Gervais
their onstage perch the pair poked fun of each other is quite a bit more respectable than Coulter, but the
like the stage was a school playground, and went two share an ability to subvert the mainstream that
through the Kodak theatre pointing out the celebs makes this comparison important.
in attendance. I probably wouldn’t have assumed Whether you support them or not, both Gervais and
Meryl Streep was in the audience if they hadn’t Coulter have managed to get our attention. And that
pointed her out for me, so I do thank them for that. is probably the most significant thing about the tactic
This month’s ceremonies will be hosted by Anne of polemics, whether comedic or political—they get
Hathaway and James Franco. Don’t be surprised if us talking.
it’s much of the same.
Coulter’s subject matter might seem more important,
Yes, awards shows are meant for honouring the but politics is an arena that will likely always involve
work of the artist, so the artist should be honoured more critical engagement than entertainment. What
accordingly. At awards ceremonies like the Globes Gervais managed to do at the Golden Globes was
and the Oscars, the artists are largely celebrities. as funny as it was subversive. We need people like
But forgive me then if celebrities aren’t already Gervais.
the most glorified group of people on the planet.
They grace the covers of the magazines we base I used to like the Globes. If only for the escalating
our style on. They send crowds of commoners into drunkenness of the celebrity attendees throughout
fainting frenzies. The red carpet events they attend the night, the Golden Globes used to be fun. But
are staged like coronations. And most of the time what this year’s ceremony revealed amidst the
their everyday lives earn our attention more than Gervais controversy was the often sickening
any politics or human issues. narcissism of Hollywood.

What Gervais managed to do at the Globes was Plus, nobody seemed drunk.
subvert celebrity culture for a couple of hours at the With Gervais announcing he will decline an invitation
kind of event where celebrity culture is usually at its to host next year’s ceremony, the Golden Globes
fullest bloom. may have nothing left to offer the lowly commoner.
[mitZine v10.i4] 11
written by Mathu Jeyaloganathan // edited by Andie Wright // Illustrated by Sasha Goldstein

It’s not every day we’re fortunate enough to witnessKenyan government. The English newspaper, The their fault for bringing their kids to a battle” (Adams,
a revolution. Yet it seems in the 21st century, Guardian published the information in an article The Guardian). The media quickly picked up the
technology has privileged our generation. The titled, “The Looting of Kenya”. The article sparked story and within hours, it was on television screens
creation of Google and social media has allowed fury in the international community and emphasized around the world. The response to the video was
us to witness drastic changes in the way our world the importance of revealing secret information in unanimous outrage. Citizens around the world were
works. A website, now synonymous with whistle a primarily democratic world. WikiLeaks followed appalled at the unnecessary atrocities committed
blowing, has fueled a new revolution that captured the Kenyan embezzlement leak by publishing by the American helicopter pilots and the American
the world’s attention, and our generation was information about the Church of Scientology, government was irate classified information was
in the midst of it: a revolution on the freedom of membership in the British National Party, toxic leaked.
information. dumping in Africa by corporate giant Trafigura, as
However, the controversy did not end there. In July
well as private emails written by infamous politician
The unprecedented battle over freedom of speech 2010, the site released 92,000 military documents
Sarah Palin.
started in January 2007 with the creation of about the Afghanistan
WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization that has been On April 5, 2010, war, entitled “The Afghan
publishing important clandestine information to the WikiLeaks released its “What WikiLeaks has War Diaries. In October
public through the Internet and news media. The most controversial leak
organization operates through a publication model yet. The organization
done, more than anything, of 2010, WikiLeaks
followed up “The Afghan
where members of the public are offered a secure published a website is reveal to the public that War Diaries” by releasing
and anonymous method of sharing information. called CollateralMurder. 400,000 documents
WikiLeaks journalists and volunteers scan, edit com. The website
freedom of speech is only titled “The Iraq War
and verify any submitted information before it is portrayed a video of being entertained as an Logs”. The documents
released to the public. American helicopter pilots exposed everything
engaging in unnecessary option.” from unreported civilian
WikiLeaks, created by former Internet hacker Julian
violence in Baghdad. The deaths to torture
Assange, started to release important information
attack led to the death of Iraqi civilians as well as and abuse incidents. Finally, on November 28,
in 2007. The organization’s first major “whistle
two Reuters’ journalists. Perhaps the most chilling 2010, WikiLeaks, through five prominent world
blowing” provided evidence that President Daniel
section of the video is the American pilot’s reaction newspapers, released the United States diplomatic
Arab Moi secretly embezzled money from the
to seeing a little girl in the firing zone: “ Well it’s cables. The cables described the details of over
300 international affairs and displayed horrific
situations such as corporate giants engaged in
child prostitution (Boone, The Guardian).
What may be more interesting than the content
of the leaks is the reaction they generated.
Following the release of the cables, EveryDNS.
net terminated the domain and
Amazon withdrew its U.S. hosting services of
WikiLeaks. In the following days, PayPal, Visa
and MasterCard stopped providing Wikileaks
supporters with a platform to donate to the
organization. In a society where capital has
become the essential ingredient needed to
voice an opinion, the restriction of capital inflow
to WikiLeaks was damaging.
Furthermore, the credibility of the U.S
government was questioned when Senator
Joe Lieberman “took credit for forcing Amazon
to drop WikiLeaks from its servers” (York, Al
Jazeera). Paypal also reported that its decision
to close WikiLeaks’ account was based off
a letter received from the U.S. government.
Ironically, the actions of the U.S. government
seem hypocritical, as it was only in January
2010 that Hillary Clinton declared, “Information
has never been so free. Even in authoritarian MCDONALD’S DIDN’T MAKE
countries, information networks are helping
people discover new facts and making
governments more accountable.”
What WikiLeaks has done, more than anything, HOW THE AMOUNT YOUR MOM ATE COULD DETERMINE
is reveal to the public that freedom of speech
is only being entertained as an option. It is a YOUR WEIGHT
dotted line that appears concrete, but when written by Samuel Hong // edited by Marisa Dametto // illustrated by Gillian Cummings
needed, there are spaces to go through it. The
When the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” she was pregnant. The results from this study were
government shouldn’t have been pressuring
was released, Ronald McDonald’s reputation was kept behind closed doors because it suggested
companies to shut down WikiLeaks, never mind
officially tarnished. His Big Mac developed self- that many of the risk factors for diseases were
the fact the government shouldn’t have the
image issues and “super size” was wiped from specifically predetermined, not by your genes, nor
power to enact such pressure in the first place.
employee vocabulary. No amount of Happy Meals your lifestyle choices, but rather by your very own
The WikiLeaks saga exposes the false freedoms and smiles will fill the hole society and the media mother’s diet while you innocently splashed around
promised by the U.S. government. Something is have created in the fast food giant’s reputation. in her amniotic kiddy pool.
clearly wrong if private corporations can shut
However, as if name-calling was not enough, It was also shown that babies who were born during
down an organization because the government
people began to steal lunch money from innocent World War II were at a substantially higher risk
sees it in a negative light. Although you might
Ronald McDonald. In fact, it has been reported that for obesity and diabetes later in life because their
argue WikiLeaks was shut down because it was
McDonald’s had to hand over $17,500 to a man who mothers’ intentionally ate less food while pregnant.
dangerous to citizens, you must consider why
sued the fast food chain for making him fat. Their careless behaviour permanently programmed
other controversial organizations have not lost
their children’s metabolism to be lower than the
their First Amendment privileges. Why is the Klu So, why are you selling out on your beloved
average child’s. Then when these World War II
Klux Klan still allowed to spread their message? childhood friend who gave you a Barbie and Hot
babies indulged in the same diet as any normal
Why should Pastor Terry Jones who advocated Wheels, even when it wasn’t your birthday? Well,
kid― they were much more likely to become obese.
“Burn a Koran Day” still be allowed to voice his I’ve got news for you bullies who’ve outgrown the
opinions? height cut-off to play in the gigantic pool of plastic So before you start name-calling and even before
balls: McDonald’s didn’t make you fat― your mom you consider stealing lunch money from poor
The fact the U.S government attempted to stop
did. Ronald McDonald because of your weight problem,
WikiLeaks may be most telling of all. If Clinton’s
start double-checking what was underneath those
words are sincere, then the information released In recent research, physiologist, David Barker
suspicious spinach leafs your mother kept “super
by WikiLeaks is simply holding the U.S. made a scandalous discovery. His study revealed
sizing” on her plate while pregnant. Although it
government accountable for its actions, which that mothers substantially increased their child’s
seems that life is full of opportunities and choices
WikiLeaks should be free to do. The bigger risk for developing high blood pressure in adult
for us to make, the truth is, it isn’t always— our
questions now are whether WikiLeaks will lead life when their babies were born with a low birth
moms already made some irreversible decisions for
to change, and whether or not its revolution can weight; one of the main factors that determined
us and we didn’t even know it.
come to fruition. birth weight was how much your mother ate while
[mitZine v10.i4] 13
written by John Roman // originally posted at // illustrated by Meg Hackney
Looking back, I’d describe 2010 as a year in confusing and alienating. Although this is not an much easier, but, if not, some convincing is required.
transition for dance music. For some of us, the ideas altogether new phenomenon, for a new generation A great DJ plays a persuasive role, helping the
and elements that first attracted us to the genre had of DJs created from dance music’s recent explosion audience arrive at conclusions naturally rather than
grown tired. And for many others, these ideas and (myself included), it was a difficult, and at times educating them against their will.
elements were brand-new and exciting; inspiring stifling, creative challenge. The experience that
But expecting great DJ sets to completely shift
the same obsession that urged us to dig further into was once communal became adversarial for some.
mainstream tastes is probably just as illogical and
the culture. As a whole, dance music’s popularity in Honesty and integrity were often put at odds with
idealistic. Popular music is popular for a reason. The
North America grew exponentially in the past year, entertainment and commercial appeal. Through no
emphasis of “lowest common denominator” is more
seeing many mainstream milestones (Deadmau5 at fault of the audience though—these are just the
so common than lowest. For something to interest
the VMAs, Pharrell on SHM’s “One”, the superstar growing pains of reaching artistic maturity.
the majority, it has to appeal to people’s most base
cameos in Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” video,
The DJ’s frustration is inherent given the way he and universal similarities. By their nature these
“We No Speak Americano” everywhere) and a
or she listens to music compared to most fans: a qualities can’t be complex, unique, or individual;
stunning amount of new fan enthusiasm and
greater part of their life is devoted to finding music, they’re shallow, instinctual and the more one grows
genuine passion.
listening critically, and understanding how tracks intellectually and independently, the further one
But as audience expectations became more refined, function in relation to others. Expecting this same moves away from these basic commonalities.
definitions of what “dance music” is and should be level of interest from the average crowd is illogical
But this isn’t to say that the current state of popular
narrowed for the majority. For DJs, the inner-conflict and idealistic. To me, a good DJ set is like a good
dance music will be accepted passively forever. Art
between entertainer and curator heightened, often argument: here’s what I like, here’s what you like,
is reactionary—what is now will not be in the future.
creating a strange grey area on dancefloors that was, and here’s why I prefer what I like. If the DJ and
Nothing is permanently popular, only temporary.
at its best, magical and inspiring, and, at its worst, the crowd like the same thing, then this argument is
1. (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want 39. Gold 77. Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake
Jacques Greene Mumbai Science Remix)
2. 1010 40. Gospel (Super Flu’s Antichrist Remix) Azari & III
Boys Noize Format:B 78. Robert Schumann, Clara Wieck
3. 1992 41. Haasten Wolfgang Voigt
Dexter Egbert 79. Say What
4. 1999 (Tim Green Remix) 42. Hands Up Gary Beck
Cassius Massimo Massivi 80. Scat Track
5. Ancova 43. Harmageddon Renaissance Man
Mumbai Science Green Velvet 81. Silly Froggies
6. Antidote 44. Hello Chicago Electric Rescue
Style of Eye Guilio LNT 82. Sing
7. Arnold Classics (Egyptrixx Remix) 45. Homeless (Canblaster Remix) Deetron & Seth Troxler
Brodinski Style of Eye 83. Sinister Boogie
8. Aspic 46. Horse Power (Popof Remix) Remote
Simian Mobile Disco The Chemical Brothers 84. Soda Caustic
9. Avalanche 47. I Can Change (Tiga Remix) KiNK
Boys Noize & Erol Alkan LCD Soundsystem 85. Soho
10. Babylon 48. I Love You So Julian Jeweil
Congorock Cassius 86. Somebody To Love Me (Congorock
11. Bare Knuckle 49. I Need a Dollar (Tensnake Remix) Remix)
Kid Gloves Aloe Blacc Mark Ronson
12. Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix) 50. I Wanna Be Your Telephone (Tiga 87. Soms
Nalin & Kane Remix) Hermanez
13. Berlin Booty Jamie Lidell 88. Souvenir
Hobo 51. I Want Everything Slam
14. Best in Class (Soulwax Remix) Mowgli 89. Squeek
Late of the Pier 52. I Wonder Zombie Nation
15. Beton Brut Erdbeerschitzel 90. Steal Drums (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Cosmin TRG 53. Into The Night The Martin Brothers
16. Bit This Thin Azari & III 91. Supersonic
Djedjotronic 54. Jack The Potato Mark Henning
17. Blitz (Harvard Bass Remix) Jori Hulkkonen & Jesper Dahlbäck 92. Tarantula
Digitalism 55. Keep Time Pleasurekraft
18. Calypso Shed 93. Tellyfoam
Round Table Knights 56. Klavierwerke Jan Driver
19. Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel James Blake 94. The Chomper (Matt Walsh Remix)
Dettmann Remix) 57. Kleine Traume Popof
Traversable Wormhole D.I.M. 95. The Dub Track (Len Faki Remix)
20. CMYK 58. La La Land (Derrick Carter’s ‘D’s Pfirter
James Blake BHQ Business’ Remix) 96. The Look
21. Coma Cat Green Velvet Jacques Greene
Tensnake 59. Lazers (Deepgroove Remix) 97. The Majestic
22. Coma Cat (Round Table Knights) Sei A Shlomi Aber
Tensnake 60. Left Hander 98. The Secret
23. Cut To The Top Martyn Joris Voorn
Round Table Knights 61. Lemonade 99. Upside Down
24. Cvan Boys Noize & Erol Alkan David Keno
Jesper Dahlbäck 62. Maybes (James Blake Remix) 100. Vallee De Larmes (Pleasurekraft
25. Deeper Mount Kimbie Sideshow Remix)
Filthy Rich 63. Mayor Jean Claude Ades
26. Dis (KiNK 909 Tool) Mount Kimbie 101. Vaporizer
DJ T. 64. Miezekatze Gingy & Bordello
And with the pace that we create and consume 27. Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix) Ogris Debris 102. Variations
music, its temporary and disposable nature will Reboot 65. Motion Sickness Gesaffelstein
only increase with time. It’s very easy to miss 28. Epsilon Audiojack 103. Wahhagoogoo
some of the amazing, original, and expertly Terence Fixmer 66. Mr. Spock Renaissance Man
29. Extravaganza Justin Martin & Ardalan 104. Without You
crafted dance tracks within a sea of conventional
Soul Clap 67. My Sweet Vital Angel Art Department
sound-a-likes and popularity fiends, but the effort 30. Fatherless Steve Bug 105. World Class Driver (Harvard Bass
of searching to find them is always a worthwhile Breach 68. Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework) Remix)
and rewarding experience. 31. Fireworks Gonzales Felix Cartal
Deadboy 69. Not The Only Girl 106. Yard Birds
2010 was a year in transition, but more 32. Fissa Tune Dexter Boy 8-bit
importantly, it was a year filled with GREAT Homework 70. Nott (Shadow Dancer Remix) 107. Yearning
33. Flanter Filnger Boys Noize Black Van
dance music. I hope this list serves as one
Jonas Kopp 71. NY is Killing Me (Jamie XX Remix) 108. You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today!
of those “magical and inspiring grey areas” 34. Forever This Gil Scott-Heron Remix)
between what’s popular and what should be. Phil Weeks, Hector Moralez, Fries 72. On Off (Sebastien Leger Remix) Tiga
I’m not trying to create an all-encompassing & Bridges Cirez D 109. You Know It
best-of here, or reflect the esoteric taste of 35. Forever You 73. One (Congorock Remix) Jesse Rose
L-vis 1990 Swedish House Mafia 110. Zzafrika
some pretentious music nerd. Rather I hope 36. Gain Reaction 74. Overshoot (DJ Mehdi Remix) ZZT
you recognize a lot of these names, check out Jan Driver Zombie Nation
some of the picks you aren’t familiar with, and 37. Gare Du Nord 75. Percolator (Riva Starr Remix)
broaden your definition of what dance music is Carte Blanche Cajmere
38. Get Funky 76. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Format:B Remix)
and can be. Pirupa Hugo [mitZine v10.i4] 15


written by Kim Appotive // edited by Kristen Rosehart
Who knew that 20 people coming to Canada for the
G20 summit would be such a big deal?
While there are many things you probably do know,
there are also things you should know about the G20
summit. For example, you probably know by now
that $1.1 billion was spent on security; however, you
may not have known that right before the summit
Stephen Harper made serious changes to the plan,
above all location, which created, or justified, this
huge expense.
Day one of the G20 Summit: everything is going
smoothly with peaceful protestors. Sadly it’s
going too well. Some protestors’ picket for gay
rights, some want more bike lanes, but overall no
controversy is warranting the $1.1 billion spent.
So what happens? The police claim the protestors
are dangerous and round them up. By days end,
approximately 75 people are kept in the Eastern
Avenue detention centre, an old studio turned into Note: these people used the Blac Block technique; on people at this intersection, until it starts to rain.
a makeshift prison. Word that rubber bullets were they are not the Blac Block. The black clothed The only way out of this barricade described as
used begins to circulate. Protestors are labeled protestors enter a vacant unlocked police car and the ‘human fence’ is to go to the detention center,
as either ‘anarchists’ or ‘peaceful’; the distinction light it on fire. The fire remains un-extinguished for or wait in the rain while your phone and camera is
doesn’t seem to matter. On the news the next several hours. Interestingly, all of those in black ruined. About 300 people are detained at Queen
morning, it is broadcast that over 300 people have clothing ‘get away’ and on camera change into and Spadina for almost five hours. With nowhere
been arrested and thrown in the detention center. regular clothing. Moments later innocent civilians to go to the bathroom, most people willingly go to
are arrested with plastic the detention center. After
Day two: there is controversy in Queens Park over
the detention center. Questions like, “why are these
handcuffs and taken to “We were duped into five hours, the detained
the detention center. are released; no record is
protestors detained” and “what is really happening Anyone without an ID, allowing our government kept of who was detained
at Eastern Avenue?” are being asked. There is also with black clothing, or in or why they were.
evidence tha on day one rubber bullets were in fact the wrong place at the
to spend Canadian tax
Day Three: over 900
used. Despite this, it seems people will be released
from the detention centre. That is, until the biker
wrong time is also taken. dollars to fund this people are held in the
protestors- described to be young 20-something People in the detention brutality.” detention center. The
hippies prancing around Toronto – are considered center: over 500. By now conditions of the center
a threat because suddenly 20 people in black the media run the scenes are atrocious and word
clothing take batons and smash the windows in of the burning cop car and the smashed storefront emerges that people are held behind bars, with
Toronto’s shopping district: Bloor and Queen. windows on loop. those who identify themselves as gay quarantined
Stores hit? Mainly American Apparel, Starbucks, in a small cell alone from the others. The center is
Evening day two: Queen and Spadina. This
and Scotiabank. dirty, and detainees are only given a small sandwich
intersection is the main area for buses and
and one cup of water in a dirty Styrofoam cup. Most
These black clothed protestors are called the Blac streetcars and a popular location to transfer from
use the sandwich as a pillow. Porta potties, with no
Block but that’s inaccurate; the Blac Bloc is actually one stop to another. It’s also the main area for
door or toilet paper, are in the cell. Some detainees
a technique mobsters use when they hide in a crowd entertainment. Notably, the World Cup is going on
are held for up to 30 hours with no reason given
and then emerge in black clothing to cause violence. at this time. Regardless, the police slowly move in
or accessibility to a lawyer. Media personnel, who
written by Tania Overholt // edited by Vincy Kwong
John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald The $1.1 billion dollars included the salaries for
Reagan, Theodore Rossevelt, Gabrielle Giffords: police, soldiers, and spies deployed into Toronto and
dignitaries that have been shot at public events. Huntsville, travel and board costs and Huntsville’s
Three: the number of activists who were shot at a infrastructure needs. We aren’t just protecting
European Union summit in Gothenburg in 2009. 20 average citizens, as the airport and Olympic
One thousand: the number of police and citizens examples involve; Canada stepped up to protect
that were injured during the 2007 G8 summit— 20 leaders of the world’s most powerful economies
just three years before Toronto hosted the G20 with large targets on their backs.
conference this past summer. In 2008, Japan spent
Hosting twenty world leaders is a big deal. Yes, it
$381 million on the security for hosting the G8. In
comes out of our tax dollars; however, the money
2009, Italy spent $600 million on the G8 summit
must be considered well spent. Being part of a
(Jenilee Guebert and Shamir Tanna, University of
powerful world organization, one that gives Canada
Toronto Research Group).
a voice in how the global economy is organized, is
So when Canada hosted both the G8 and the a necessity and comes with an admission price.
G20 in 2010 with a combined security total of $1.1 Canada taking its turn in hosting the event is simply
billion, it can be considered a respectable cost in part of it. Instead of the widely held belief that this
comparison. Countries all over the world have part is a suffered detriment, it may actually be
recognized the risk of holding such conferences and considered one of the benefits involved in being
have gone to extreme measure (or rather, extreme an integral member of the G20. The G20 Summit
price tags) to avoid fatal mishaps. being held in Canada gave the government the
ability to set the agenda
Justifiably so: Canada’s
recent history has shown “Being a part of a global and put pressing issues
first. As well, Canadian
world events have organization that gives businesses had an
become a prime target
for our own butt-load Canada a voice in how opportunity to meet
with international clients
of raging protesters. the global economy is and negotiate deals.
In response to the bill
Even more, it increased
illustration by Mary Wong forfeited by Canada for organized comes with an Canada’s global name
the G8/G20 security,
activists bombed a Royal admission price.” recognition, which
were licensed to be in the crowd, are in the cells attracts more tourists
Bank of Canada branch
but now their badges and licenses have been and investment towards the host location (Steph
in Ottawa before the summit had even commenced;
taken and in the confusion, they too are shuffled Davidson, Ottawa Life). Not bad for the economy,
the group threatened more attacks would happen
into the detention center. eh?
leading up to and during the near approaching
I am horrified the way our government treated conference. Further, it gave Canada a chance to prove it is more
innocent civilians and I am further bothered that than ‘America’s little cousin.’ In parading Canada’s
Or let’s re-visit the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. On
they are denying citizens the ability to investigate. well-trained security and representing the devotion
just the second day, roughly 200 people raided
So far only one officer has been charged with to its international partnerships, it became a big
downtown, smashing windows and knocking over
aggravated assault in the case of an unidentified international player on the world stage. Turns out
newspaper boxes. It seems that remonstrating the
male, “Nobody”, who was beaten because the the Great White North does measure up.
costs ironically perpetuates the prices. With the
officer thought he was being cheeky with his
reoccurrence of protesters and G8/G20’s violent On June 26th and 27th of 2010, 20 leaders of the
last name. It is clear, however, that many more
history, as only briefly described above, Canada’s world’s most powerful economies met to discuss
officers used too much force during the G20
security had to be fully prepared. world issues. There were few injuries, no fatalities,
summit. It seems our tax dollars should go to
and the dignitaries accomplished what they set out
keeping us actually safe. Furthermore, it seems To make matters worse, these activists aren’t even
to do; it was a success. Yet, the event has caused
we were duped into allowing our government to the biggest worry. Security costs have skyrocketed
uproar and turmoil for the citizens of Canada. Many
spend Canadian tax dollars to fund this brutality. everywhere in response to the 9/11 tragedy. Airport
chose to protest the large bill imposed onto the
What’s worse, people generalized the violent act security measures have multiplied to $5.9 billion per
country, a bill that successfully ensured the safety
of 20 black clothed protestors to encompass the year in the US and $2.6 billion per year in Canada.
of not only powerful dignitaries, but also thousands
peaceful protestors, and the media deliberately
The possibility of another attack—whether from of our own citizens. Just last week, this call of duty
portrayed all of the protesters as violent people
terrorists or activists—is always present. Simply, cost Toronto police officer, Sergeant Ryan Russell,
who deserve to be put in dirty cells.
tragic events and disturbances happen and our his life. What dollar value would his family put on the
Oh, and in case you were wondering, the G8 government must react. cost of public safety? Is there a cap? Let’s leave it to
summit in Hamilton was lovely, thanks for the professionals to debate, shall we?
The G20 security measures cost our country $1.1
billion dollars but this wasn’t an empty pay cheque. [mitZine v10.i4] 17
written by Julian Uzielli // edited by Andie Wright // illustrated by Warren Kong
“It’s going to take way more than an inconceivable appalling. The treatment of it in the blogosphere and
act of violence for America to rise above politics,” the mass media, however, was not much better; it
or at least so says The Onion. Though satirical, took astonishingly little time for this completely
this recent headline contains more than a grain of apolitical act to be turned into an excuse for finger
truth. Almost immediately after the tragic shooting pointing and name-calling.
in Tucson on January 8, which left six dead and
Focusing on sensationalism, speculation, and petty
13 wounded, including Arizona Congresswoman
politics, the majority of discussion surrounding the
Gabrielle Giffords, the accusations started flying.
shooting only contributed to the environment of
Pundits and politicians from the left and the binary politics claimedv to have caused the shooting
right raced to blame each other’s politics for the in the first place. Palin condemned this unfair
shooting. Many on the left pointed to a map posted partisanship in her video address, but, predictably,
on Republican Sarah Palin’s website marking it only took a few days for her to proclaim that the
twenty Democratic swing districts—including left would stop at nothing to “bring America to her
Giffords’—with cross hair graphics. Within hours, the knees” in an interview with Sean Hannity. She
blogosphere erupted with even went so far as to
talk of Palin and the right- “American political suggest that Loughner
wing Tea Party movement might be “left-leaning”—a
and their seemingly
rhetoric has descended completely unfounded
obvious responsibility; it into an abyss of simplistic claim, not to mention
soon seemed that Palin’s shamelessly hypocritical.
alleged involvement name-calling, absolutism,
As it turned out, the
had eclipsed the actual and outright lies.” deeply divided and
shooting in importance.
rancorous nature of
Now, in full disclosure, I’m no fan of Sarah Palin. In America’s current political environment had little to
fact, I think she represents everything wrong with do with Loughner’s actions. Regardless, though,
American politics today. Personal beliefs aside, the the media reaction to the shooting has illustrated
idea that anything she said or did, no matter how just how bad the situation is. American political
inflammatory, could have been the impetus for a rhetoric has descended into an abyss of simplistic
political assassination is dubious at best. name-calling, absolutism and outright lies (see: the
absurdly common comparisons to Nazism coming
Before any of the details of the shooting had even
from both sides). I don’t mean to suggest there
been released to the press, bloggers were self-
was ever a golden age of politics where people
righteously painting the tragedy as the direct result
exchanged opinions and patiently listened to one
of Palin and the Tea Party’s rhetoric, citing Palin’s
another and never raised their voices; politics have
Facebook posts (“Don’t retreat, reload!”) and the
always been messy. But the situation is undeniably
cross hair map as their primary examples. It was
dire, and it shouldn’t have taken a killing spree to
later revealed that the shooter, Jared Loughner, had
prompt a debate about it.
never seen the graphic and (shockingly!) suffers
from serious mental health problems. This tragedy certainly warrants political discourse.
For starters, there needs to be a serious look at the
It wasn’t long before the inevitable retaliation from
social and legal conditions that allowed a certifiable
the right came. In Palin’s video address, focusing
lunatic to legally purchase a handgun. What it
mostly on herself, she claimed the media had
doesn’t merit is the kind of childish bickering it has
manufactured a “blood libel” against her, and then
so far inspired. In the wake of the Tucson shooting,
provided feel-good sound bites about freedom,
there have been wildly unfair and unfounded
democracy, and America’s enduring strength. On
accusations from both ends of the political spectrum.
the January 18 episode of “The Daily Show”, Jon
Stewart referred to Palin, tongue firmly in cheek, Although sadly predictable, the kind of reaction
when he reported that, “the victim our nation has provoked by Loughner’s rampage is exactly the
been tracking so closely these last 10 days is making opposite of what should have happened. Hopefully,
a miraculous recovery and is now apparently sitting now that tempers have cooled somewhat, political
upright and communicating.” players will be able to see the error of their ways
and, going forward, will try to foster a new era of
The quip from Stewart, though obviously a joke,
cooperation and bipartisanship in American politics.
illustrates the problem plaguing America’s punditry.
But I’m not holding my breath.
What took place on January 8 was nothing less than
written by Stefanie Farrant // edited by Nicole Gibillini // illustrated by Lauren McVittie
It’s two in the morning, you’re home from the do fail the sobriety tests and get locked out from
bar, and you’ve decided to go on Facebook. At accessing your social media sites, the software
the time, it seems like a great idea to tell your ex changes your status to “[Insert name here] is too
that their new partner is ugly; however, the next intoxicated to post right now.” Unfortunately, this still
morning when you groggily sign on, you’re struck lets future employers, fellow colleagues, friends, and
by fear, embarrassment, and the wish that there possibly strangers, know that you were too drunk
was something that could’ve prevented you from to perform a simple sobriety test[N1] . Ironically, the
accessing your social media post-bar. There’s no software that is trying to prevent embarrassment
need to hope anymore; thanks to the company could result in the same amount of damage as the
Webroot, new software can stop you from achieving comment “your new girlfriend looks like your mom.”
next morning regret.
From a technological standpoint, Berridge believes
The Social Media Sobriety Test is a two-megabyte that the software is good; however, he thinks that
program that can be downloaded onto your Webroot is addressing a minor problem, and should
computer for free. After it’s installed, all you need to be looking at the larger picture. “Where I can see
do is customize the settings and set limits to certain this software developed - if it takes off with a high
social media. To gain access to any of these sites, level of interaction - is not just people who are
you must pass a simple test to prove that you’re intoxicated, but with people who say harmful stuff,”
sober. If you fail, Webroot suggests you go to bed. he argues.
The idea for the software comes from the thought of
Just this past year, Tyler Clementi committed suicide
no access, no harm. But in today’s society is such
by jumping off the George Washington Bridge due
software necessary? One student doesn’t think so.
to a private video that was posted on a social
Third year Broadcast Journalism student at the networking site by his roommate. “So many times
University of Western Ontario, Rebecca Fryer, says and this happens a lot with the younger generation
she had mixed opinions - their brains haven’t fully
about the new software. developed yet - they say
“At first I was kind of “The software is real things and post things
disappointed. I thought, and responds to a need online that can do serious
do we really need that? damage,” Berridge says.
What has humanity perpetuated by the fact Richardson has different
come to? Is drunk social
mediating such a huge
that more people online concern with the
software. Coming from a
problem?”. Fryer isn’t the means more room for Journalistic background,
only one who thought that
a social media sobriety embarrassment.” he thinks that this
software could negatively
test was an odd idea.
impact the media’s ability
“I thought it was a hoax at first that had gone viral,” to access information and present news. “If people
says Chris Richardson, a media, information and do decide to download this software, it would stop
technoculture professor at Western. “Are you them from posting inappropriate things online,” the
sure it isn’t a hoax? This can’t be real.” Contrary Ryerson grad states. “Particularly for politicians, it is
to Richardson’s disbelief, the software is real these inappropriate comments that journalists need
and responds to a need perpetuated by the fact access to in order to gain juicy information for their
that more people online means more room for stories. This software would prevent that.”
For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how this
“I had broken up with this guy recently, and was software pans out. Berridge concludes, “If someone
really nice to his face but upset behind his back,” could invent morality software, to help kids
an unidentified Facebook user says, “I basically understand the outcome of some of the things they
went on a rampage when I got home for the night. are posting online now, I wonder what tomorrow
The next morning when I saw what I did, I was like would look like.”
‘ohh…’- having that software would’ve prevented
me from saying it.”
Scenarios like this are exactly what caused Webroot
to develop the software. Webroot does however
have an odd way of showing their concern. If you [mitZine v10.i4] 19
written by Anita Lee // edited by Steven Wright // illustrated by Mary Wong and Anna Peirce
The following is an update of my Relationship sensationalized people’s online personas can be. Facebook thrives off superficial, self-edifying
Status with Facebook as I struggle to classify our relationships. We think we know people because
People are proud of these word collages; after
relationship within the confines of a drop down we have them as a friend on Facebook, which gives
all, they worked long and hard, for all of 2010, to
menu. us access to their identities online. When I consider
construct their ideal, online persona.
public Facebook knowledge (relationship status,
It’s Complicated
As your Facebook Friend, I have admission into favourite artists, books, what you did last night),
A friend of mine recently deactivated his Facebook your cyberlife. While I appreciate you allowing me how many of my Friends do I really know? How
account. His reasons were simple: he wasted too to be a spectator of the edited, perfected online much do each of themselves - their personalities,
much time creeping people on Facebook and it version of you, does that make us friends? their experiences - do they choose to reveal to
distracted him from schoolwork and real life, but he me individually? If I am searching your name up
My profile page is not me. Yours is not you.
wasn’t one of those Friends. He was a real friend, on Facebook instead of spending time with you,
and he was one of the few people whose Facebook In a Relationship I cannot consider myself a genuine friend to you.
profiles I checked regularly. Suddenly I found that I I’m sorry that you thought we could be Friends. Be
We used to ask people for their phone numbers
had one less reason to log onto Facebook. honest, you didn’t want to be my friend. You only
to stay in contact with them. Now we creep them
wanted to see pictures of me in a bikini.
I began to wonder why I bother to go on Facebook on Facebook and send a Friend Request. We
in the first place. I sign in, check my little red communicate with people differently on each type Single (Aw! What happened, babe?)
notifications for new friend requests or new of media: phone, text, email, but Facebook is one of
I cannot linger on someone else’s profile if I don’t
messages and then from there I return to the home the most impersonal. What I say to you, by posting
intend to leave a comment. It is akin to walking
page and read people’s status updates until I come on your wall, I am actually saying to our entire
to your room while your not home and passing
across something or someone of interest and shared network as well. Replying to my message is
judgment on all your possessions.
devour the tidbits of other people’s lives. optional because I was not just talking to you, I was
talking to everyone else in the room. I know my best friend. I know the pitch range of her
I was never someone who cared much for updating
voice and the way she slurs certain words.
my own status, but now with one less Friend to check The online platform promotes a certain kind of
up on, I was reading the status updates of people I relationship: friendships that are made with the click To me, she is not only the collection of pictures on
hardly talked to. There is something incredibly eerie of a button, and as such, have no accountability. her Facebook profile, but also the pictures I have on
about reading people’s profile updates. If I want to If you do not write on my wall, I will not write on my laptop of the two of us. Our relationship extends
know so badly what my friends are up to, why don’t your wall. You can secretly stalk your Friends, look beyond Facebook, or more importantly, outside of
I just talk to them? A profile on Facebook is poor at their personal pictures, and then conveniently Facebook; I want to keep it that way. On Facebook,
substitute for a friend anyway. The new application ignore them. If you really want to be my friend, then the people I genuinely care about get lost in my
that makes a word collage of “My 2010 in Statuses” let’s hang out, chill, party, go for coffee, or study 433 other Friends. Worse, yet, I come to believe
is a fine example how reduced, amplified, and together. that the same 50 people who update their status so
regularly as to appear on my Newsfeed every time I enjoying logging on to update their online personas In an Open Relationship
sign in are my closest friends. or be updated. Why? Because Facebook makes
us feel special. Aw, you are interested enough in At the end of the day, it’s the friends that matter,
I make a conscious effort to ignore my Newsfeed and people will eventually realize that. Facebook
my life to browse through my “shots, shots, shots”
because I refuse to let Mark Zuckerburg change the is no different from the time, not long ago, when
album. I’ll return the favour by writing on your wall
way I instinctively feel about my relationships. I do we maintained lists of exclusive friends on MSN.
with an adoring love letter, complete with a row of
not want to hear about your self-announced dirty We used it all the time to talk to our Friends and
the x’s and o’s. Let’s all gloat over how awesome
gossip if you would not tell me yourself. If I want to those who did not use MSN were excluded from
or how pathetic our lives are. Forgive me for not
reconnect with a friend, I want to send her a text and this connection. What made Facebook appealing
wanting to wallow in the sea of narcissism.
ask her when she’s available to meet up. at the beginning was this exclusivity. You could
That’s not to say build an online world for
Facebook does not “Facebook is particularly only you and your friends
As much I hate how cynical Facebook has made have a few redeeming to interact, share photos,
me about online friendships I find that I still need qualities. I dislike the fact good at blurring the line and write messages back
Facebook to keep in touch with certain people, that what I post on one
namely, long-distance friends. Even if I can only person’s wall is visible
between real and pseudo and forth. However,
Facebook is no longer just
Skype my friend in Holland once a month, I can look to both of our entire friendships.” a club for the cool, college
at her albums online, comment on a picture or two networks, it is incredible kids. The fastest growing
and let her know I still think of her. While this is not that people do care to comment. I needed a large demographic of Facebook users has been people
the most personal interaction between two people, number of people to complete surveys for a school aged 55 and over since 2008. As more moms,
it maintains and reinforces a connection between project and posted the survey as a Facebook event. dads, aunts and uncles appear on the “People You
two people who actually want to be spending time I was surprised to find that nearly half of the people May Know” side bar, Facebook becomes more of
together. Facebook, however, still poses several I invited, some I hadn’t seen in years, responded to a panopticon and less of a secret club. For all the
challenges. The long distance friendships that I the survey. The potential for building communities hype that surrounds Facebook now, in a few years it
do maintain over Facebook are diluted in the other increases exponentially on Facebook. If you want will be another, “Remember when we used to go on
hundreds of to get the word out about a charitable cause, you Xanga/ICQ/Myspace/MSN/Facebook all the time?”
can invite 60 of your closest friends or all 800 of
Friendships that I do not invest in— I merely decided We are always using technology to communicate
your friends and know that some of them will pay
to accept the friend request. with each other, but Facebook is particularly good
attention to the invitation. Nonetheless, Facebook
Can I be uncommitted to Facebook while still trying cannot replace a face-to-face conversation, or even at blurring the line between real and pseudo
to use it to maintain and establish real relationships a phone conversation. Nowhere does this become Friendships. I for one, will be glad when this phase
that won’t get lost in the accumulation of ever more clearer than when you fail to contact those you care passes so that I no longer have to interact with blue
Friends? It remains to be seen. you about most. Inviting your friend to your “21st and white versions of people pretending to be my
BDAY BASHH!!!!” on Facebook is no substitute for friends.
contacting him or her individually. Do not wait until In the meantime, excuse me if I do not comment on
Lurking on Facebook will not strengthen a friendship, the night of your party and wonder why your best your wall post, and decide to call you instead.
but it makes a real good ego boost. Despite the friend did not show up only to have someone ask
creepiness of being intimate friends with a webpage, you, “did you talk to her?” Turns out she doesn’t
Facebook is still highly popular because people check Facebook. [mitZine v10.i4] 21
SPAM AND TM This might have happened to you: after you’ve sat On the other hand, university organizations
down in lecture, expecting your professor at the promoting student-specific events are appropriate.
front, instead there is someone unfamiliar pitching Recently, Arts and Humanities Student Council

SCAMS: something completely unrelated to your syllabus.

This has happened to me multiple times, and I’m
only in first year.
members gave brief talks in front of arts classes
about Margaret Atwood’s impending visit. Those
were informative; a person representing a company
BOTH SHOULD Exhibit one: “TJ” from Prime Home Services had
barely gotten through his pitch of looking for a
that’s most likely a scam is not.
It doesn’t just happen in lecture; I’ve also
BE CANNED ON “select group” of “motivated students” for manager
positions before my professor arrived and abruptly
encountered inappropriate sales tactics around
campus. Exhibit two: a woman approached me

CAMPUS cut him short. My professor had a few words

with the man and sent him out of the lecture hall.
I applaud my professor for sending him out; “TJ”
outside Weldon Library offering coupons to a spa
but at the end of her pitch, she asked for money.
Scam? I was suspicious enough to decline and walk
INAPPROPRIATE SALES had no right to be there. Not only is this type of away. The Vice-President External must approve
PITCHES TO STUDENTS advertising to students completely unethical, it is
also against university policy.
advertising and commercial activity on campus and
it’s doubtable this woman had permission.
SHOULDN’T BE ACCEPTED According to section 12.00 of the Policy on It’s understandable that students are a big market
written by Lauren McVittie // edited by Meg French Advertising and Commercial Activity1: “Advertising for some businesses, but these types of advertising
illustrated by Olivia Griggs and any other commercial activity will not be cross the line. In an institution for higher learning
permitted in classrooms or laboratories or any and critical thinking, it’s surprising that scammers
other space specifically devoted to academic choose to target students. If there’s anyone who
purposes.” The policy defines commercial activity can see through thinly veiled marketing schemes,
as “any revenue-making or fundraising activity on it should be us.
campus by an outside business or organization or 1.
unit within the University.” This policy is in place for mapp112.pdf
a reason; people who advertise services or events
not affiliated with the university have no place in our
lecture halls.

22 [mitZine v10.i4]
written by Steven Wright // edited by Lisa Del Guercio // illustrated by Melissa Pushelberg
At the beginning of every new term, Carissa Palmer “The harder question is how much of that money
joins thousands of other Western students in the going directly to corporate publishers is ‘trickling
UWO Bookstore. With heavy baskets full of their down’ to the authors and the academic labourers
prescribed course readings, students join the long who create the content for these products,” Trosow
line-up to purchase their books. Palmer, a second- answers his own question as he concludes, “I’d say
year psychology major, is herded over to one of not much.”
the 17 cash registers. After her book’s anti-theft
In some instances, publishers even profit from the
mechanism has been deactivated and her purchase
sale of works that have no legal author.
rung through, Palmer looks at the total shown on
the display. Unbeknownst to arts & humanities students in
particular, Canadian copyright law states that any
“You don’t expect to be paying $150 for a textbook,”
work created by an author who has been deceased
she remarked looking at the receipt. “It doesn’t
for at least 50 years belongs in the public domain.
make sense to pay that much”.
The Norton Anthology of English Literature,
There may have been students behind her paying
presented as course content in many first year
even more; the most expensive text books belong
English classes, is a compilation of the most famous
to the engineering and health science departments,
and influential works from 1485 to the modern era.
as a half-term text book can cost students up to
The vast majority of the works in the book were
written by authors whose
If the costs of tuition and “Students should know time has long past. Their
housing do not flounder stories, poems and plays
students in enough debt,
where their money is have become part of the
every new term, students going before they drop public domain, and are
are burdened with the free to access, by law.
costs of extra course hundreds of dollars on a
Nevertheless, the two
materials, including textbook.” thick volumes of The
textbooks. Yearly, the cost
Norton Anthology cost
of textbooks alone can
over $150; debt-burdened students are dishing out
reach up to $1,200, depending on your program.
a significant surcharge for content they can legally
It would be absurd to think that the printing costs access on the Internet. Since authors included in
of textbooks would be enough to justify their the anthology are considered public domain, profits
high prices.Most students don’t bother to look fall into publishers’ pockets.
twice at their receipt but perhaps it’s because
Students should know where their money is going
students assume their money is going towards the
before they drop hundreds of dollars on a textbook.
professors, authors, and researchers who create
To Palmer, it seems unfair students pay such an
our course content.
additional surcharge for course content. It certainly
Sam Trosow, a law professor in FIMS, whose paper doesn’t help that students no longer have access to
Citizen’s Guide to Copyright is used in some MIT a used book store where they can get a fair resale
courses, is convinced otherwise. price. Next term, take a second look at your receipt,
question where your money is going, and consider
As it turns out, a significant amount of profits made
if you should be paying that amount at all.
by book sales go elsewhere. As he explains,
“Clearly, money, and a lot of it, is flowing from the
pockets of students to the coffers of publishers.
Check your cash register receipt at the bookstore
every term to know that”.
Students may also assume that publishers pass
on the profits made from their textbook sales to the
labourers who performed the research and wrote the
content. After all, the job of publishing companies is
to represent their authors well. Trosow also dispels
this hopeful assumption.
[mitZine v10.i4] 23
written by Paul Craig // edited by Gillian Cummings // illustrated by Jordan Coop

Whether we’re checking for the next 6 Richmond Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, provides a “Not all truths are for all ears,” the abbot concludes.
on WebWatch, refining our personal brand on fitting example. Subversive information, he feels, should be tightly
Facebook, or learning the three tips for a flatter th regulated, and the two monks are forbidden from
In the novel, two monks visit a 14 century
stomach, we of the online generation are saturated the library.
Benedictine abbey housing an extensive library.
with information. Undoubtedly, we owe much of
Upon meeting the abbot, the wiser of our two Entering illicitly, the protagonists discover the
this to the Internet: a revolutionary, unprecedented
protagonists expresses his desire to browse library is indeed a labyrinth. They quickly become
technology that has managed, by itself, to expose
through prestigious collection of books—reputed to disoriented by the intentionally bewildering layout:
every single person in the world to sweeping
be unmatched throughout the Christian world. The wandering for hours through similarly-sized,
generalizations.[citation needed]
abbot is quick to acknowledge the compliment, but windowless rooms. Hidden passages, trick mirrors,
Of course, ‘more’ does not always mean ‘better’ also to constrain the monk’s vigour. even hallucinogenic herbs hamper their progress.
—not all information is accurate—which raises an Not even Weldon library is as uninviting.
“Only the librarian has... the right to move through
important concern: do we have too much information
the labyrinth of books, he alone knows where to By today’s standards, such a library seems counter-
find them and where to replace them, he alone is intuitive, but different historical circumstances beget
Despite its contemporary abundance, information responsible for their safekeeping... Only he decides different societies.
(that is to say, knowledge) was once an elusive how, when, and whether to give [a book] to the
Producing books was exceptionally labour-intensive
commodity. Historically, information was frequently monk who requests it; sometimes he first consults
when each new book was copied out by hand. A
withheld or carefully dispensed in metered doses. me.” (Eco 37)
monk might take as long as three years to fully
transcribe a Bible. Unsurprisingly, newly-written full of busy monks. A person-to-person platform, generally regarded to be a good thing. Usually
books often remained the only copy in existence the Internet has come a long way since the first glossed over is the more sobering fact that having
and, practically, books can only take so much message was sent on ARPANET (the precursor to your voice heard is only beneficial when you have
handling. Freely distributing them to all who asked the Internet) in October 1969. Throughout 2010, for something worth saying.
would result in considerable wear—even more example:
Millions of people now have a captive audience at
reason to limit access.
their mercy. Both Facebook and Twitter direct the
Finally, the Church, as the purveyor of absolute truth, logged-in user to a communal page filled with a
107 trillion emails were sent (,
had a vested interest in monopolizing information. hodge-podge of others’ most recent ‘content’, where,
equating to an average of 294 billion per day. Give
Religious elites had much to gain by proclaiming unfortunately, examples such as “So hungry...” or
or take a few billion.
themselves the sole interpreters of divine mysteries. “I hate morning classsss” frequently harass one’s
As an organization whose power was based on a 25 billion tweets had been, er, tweeted (blog.twitter. sensibilities. How many bodily functions or states
unified interpretation of a specific holy doctrine, it com). So, like, 24 billion + Jamie Rajf. This year’s of mind are really worth Facebook status updates?
was imperative to restrict access to holy texts, lest total may even surpass that amount now that I have How many small vexations deserve to be tweeted
a multiplicity of opinions create division within the Twitter (@pcraig3). about? Are they really adding anything to the world?
Church. In 71% of cases, it seems, the answer is no.
The record for Tweets per second (TPS) at time
While this (now antiquated) structure existed, of writing happened 4 seconds after midnight in To be sure, I am by no means advocating a
it functioned not only to exercise control Japan, on January 1st 2011, with a staggering restricted Internet, or disallowing people from its
over information, but also to supervise its 6,939 Tweets ( use. As previously noted, the Internet’s greatest
interpretation—effectively regulating the production weaknesses are also its greatest strengths, and
Facebook currently has over 500 million active
of new information. In a society where books were vice-versa.
users ( If Facebook were a country,
labouriously produced, sparingly distributed, and
it would be the third largest in the world, after China In the dark ages of information control, the only
jealously guarded, the Church was able to maintain
and India. Presumably, they would allow dual ones with a mouthpiece were those who exercised
a unified front—for a while.
citizenship. control. Religious elites prohibited open access to
Today, we live in a radically different society. Books books and, consequently, their word was law. These
are now available for free in our local libraries (with practices helped bring about an elitist, intolerant
significantly reduced levels of peril) or for purchase Certainly, the technical achievement of the Internet, society with a value system that impeded social
at many fine local establishments. Other major allowing for nearly instantaneous transfers of progress.
outlets of information include radio, television, and digital files across massive geographical spans, is
Conversely, the Internet allows everyone (well,
newspapers, all of which cater to differing tastes absolutely a laudable achievement. But a measure
everyone on the priveleged side of the digital
and are available in different price brackets. of salt must be taken when trying to assert that the
divide) the chance to participate. The Internet must
wealth of ‘information’ on the Internet represents the
Perhaps the most significant developments in perforce remain nondiscriminatory if it is to continue
pinnacle of human knowledge.
communication have been the introduction of the to be a democratizing force. Limitations would be
personal computer and the subsequent development Having enabled information to go forth and multiply, fatal.
of the Internet. At the the natural consequence
most rudimentary level, “Pros: the Internet has been a veritable
The Internet may be a polluted environment, but
it makes up for it by its sheer vastness. The small
a computer is a machine provides a mouthpiece torrent of crap. Also in
percentile of pristine achievements on the Internet
that stores data in 2010, Pingdom reports
more than make up for the incalculable heaps of
various digital formats. through which an that 89.1% of all emails
smouldering debris. 10.9% of 107 trillion is still in
Over several decades, were spam, and Wired.
the storage capacities individual can potentially maintains that 71%
the trillions.
of computers have reach millions of people. of Tweets are ignored. Rather, I believe that users should consider a
increased exponentially Don’t worry about doing greater degree of self-censorship. An egalitarian
and we can now store Cons: a lot of dickheads the math, it all adds up to technology providing the capacity for an online
obscene amounts of data use the Internet to annoy a phenomenal amount of audience may be a fantastic ideal on paper, but
on hard drives not much spam. The Internet also it can be a mind-numbing reality on Facebook. I
bigger than a pocket millions of people.” leaves people vulnerable think the verb ‘expose’ is particularly instructive in
novel. A 500GB hard to phishing (commonly situations like these. While it means ‘to air opinion
drive, for example, is capable of storing hundreds known as identity theft), adware, and other publicly’ or ‘to disclose’, it’s equally applicable to
of thousands of text-based eBooks. malicious programs. grungy weirdos baring themselves to people who
will never again walk though the park.
The Internet (a series of interconnected networks) Confused? Let’s try and sort this out.
has accelerated communication and digital So maybe next time you’re going to update your
Pros: the Internet provides a mouthpiece through
information retrieval to previously unconceivable Facebook status, don’t.
which an individual can potentially reach millions of
levels. In lieu of any encryption, information
uploaded to the Internet is available to all, regardless
of geographical location, allowing individuals to Cons: a lot of dickheads use the Internet to annoy
connect with potentially billions of users. Said millions of people.
users are often free to contribute to, modify, and/or
It seems that the Internet’s advantages, then, are
discuss information amongst themselves—actions
also its defects. Empowering people, giving them
previously made impossible by the financial burden
a forum where they may air their grievances or
of a printing press, radio transmitter, or scriptorium
engage in that noble practice of ‘dialogue’, is [mitZine v10.i4] 25
written by Jennifer Spence // edited by Meg French // Illustrated by Shaista Kitabi
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. wearing donated clothing from local thrift stores. women’s health and well being across the world.”
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to The outfits were not only trendy, but practical and This eco-feminist angle will highlight designers and
do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” environmentally-friendly. manufacturers who are committed to sweatshop-
- Coco Chanel free processes that produce sustainable and locally
“The Anti-Fashion Show is all about challenging
made garments.
Chanel, the fierce feminist fashion mogul, was conventional beauty norms and what the fashion
spot on: fashion, and the fashion industry, is more industry tells us to wear,” explained Tasha Kinnear, The fashion industry has changed much since the
than little black dresses. Fashion is a political, WIN’s Resource Manager. “University students are days of Coco Chanel. Chanel was a self-made
social and cultural phenomenon that’s inextricably being bombarded by media messages all the time, entrepreneur, whose radical menswear-for-women
interwoven in the media and economic interests. telling us what we have to look like, and what we fashion designs in the 1920s replaced corsets
Unfortunately, these ulterior interests have resulted have to buy, but we can stand up to that. Students with pantsuits. This shift from physically-restricting
in the normalization of harmful beauty ideals and can think for themselves and say ‘no’.” garments to looser, more comfortable clothing was
the corporate world’s idea of individualism, all of representative of the evolution of women’s role in
Kelly Anderson, one of the volunteer models, agreed
which comes at the expense of the environment. society; Chanel’s introduction of bell-bottom pants
with Kinnear, “we wanted to get this message out
in the 1950s was important not only as a landmark
However, feminist groups across the country are there to students,” she said. “And an Anti-Fashion
in the women’s fashion industry, but also as a sign
fighting back. Concerned, frustrated, and outraged Show does that, but in a fun way.”
of the changing times.
activists have come up with a subversive way to
Another London-based organization is currently
spread their counter-culture, anti-corporation, pro- Today, there is nothing wrong with the concept of
preparing for its own “Anti-Fashion Show” this
environment message through the emerging trend “fashion”, but plenty could change for the better
spring. The Sexual Assault Centre London, in
of “Anti-Fashion Shows”; two of which are held within the culture of the fashion industry. One can
partnership with the Amazon Collective, will be
annually right here in London, Ontario. only hope that if Coco Chanel were still with us,
hosting “The Eco-Feminist Anti-Fashion Show” on
she’d be sitting front-row at an Anti-Fashion Show,
On January 18, 2011, the Women’s Issues Network, March 4, 2011.
cheering on those who are trying to make fashion
a USC-funded student service at Western, held their
In true Anti-Fashion Show spirit, the event aims to and feminism a matched set.
“WIN Anti-Fashion Show.” Dedicated volunteers set
criticize the mainstream fashion industry and start a
up a runway in the UCC Atrium, and student models
dialogue about the many ways it harms women and
strutted their stuff on stage for an enthusiastic
the general society. The press release promises
crowd. Why the “anti-“ in the name? The show
to “bring light to the fashion industry’s unethical
was created to be complete opposite of a typical
production, sexist and objectifying advertising, and
haute-couture show; it featured models, both male
the destruction of the environment, which impacts
and female, of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities,
written by Emily Stewart // edited by Steven Wright // illustrated by Melissa Pushelberg
Everyone has days when they’re not comfortable otherwise; many of the comments responded Perry studies have linked exposure of photographs of the
with their looks; the mirror becomes your enemy was a beautiful woman with lovely eyes. skinny, airbrushed models to depression, loss of
and it can spoil your outlook. Some women feel self-esteem, and unhealthy eating habits in women.
Another article, however supports Kersey’s
they can’t go through a day without make-up even
argument. The writer “Firecracker” of the blog ‘Pop The success of magazines is in their images of
though they look perfectly fine without it; others
on the Pop’ reported, “Katy looks good when she is beautiful women, surrounded by the finer things
are perfectly content to leave out lip-gloss and eye
dolled up, and clearly does not look good when she without the constraints of real-life responsibility,
shadow in their daily routine. Unfortunately, many
is not.” Likewise, Kersey suggests how quickly the for the average reader to emulate. From here,
tabloids and gossip websites will judge celebrities
photo was taken off of Brand’s Twitter, most likely magazines create a want, which manifests into
on their looks, no matter how they’re feeling the
after Perry saw it. a need. Magazines know how to play on the
specific day. If the media feel that a celebrity is
self-conscious tendencies of women. Still, Perry’s
naturally pretty, they recognize it through their It seems a bit odd that Perry would feel insecure
makeup-less picture was off Twitter probably within
publishing. Likewise, the media will trash a celebrity about the picture, considering she bursts with
minutes. Perry has been on the cover of a multitude
who doesn’t live up to their red-carpet beauty in real confidence on-camera and sings the inspirational
of magazines. Did the latter help her confidence
life; Katy Perry is no exception. song “Firework”. With so many mixed messages
when a real-life image was released? No. In reality,
about what beauty truly is, it can really mess
It is hard to believe the media would call a gorgeous celebrities have just as many good and bad hair
with a woman’s head. However, the media has
girl like Perry ugly. However, they did. On Twitter, days as anyone else; they just have their own
ever-changing expectations for beauty, which
Perry’s husband, and comedian, Russell Brand hairstylists.
brainwash women into thinking they need to change
posted a picture of the “Teenage Dream” sans
themselves, wasting their money along the way on
makeup. The photo was removed shortly after it
beauty products.
was posted. Although the photo is equal to that of
anyone just woken up in the morning, critics had One way the media presents expectations of beauty
something to say about it. is through magazines. A typical women’s magazine
is chock full of articles encouraging women to
In the article “Picture Katy Perry Without Makeup”,
change their appearance, and to see it as one step
Stephen Kersey referred to the picture as “hideous”
on the road to a perfect life. Likewise, insecurity
and warned readers, “if you look at this photo, you
is a key factor in marketing products to women in
may not be able to look at Katy Perry the same way
order to obtain “the look”. It is more likely that a
again”. He suggested she would lose her reputation
woman will buy a new outfit, makeup, and weight
as one of the “hottest chicks on Earth” because of
loss products if they’re self-conscious, rather than
the photo. The response to the article told Kersey
someone whose confident about their looks. Sadly, [mitZine v10.i4] 27