™ program has been adopted by hundreds of professionals and more than 2 500 organizations -includind many “Fortune 100“.™ program is a unique and innovative self navigation model.S. teams and individuals in: • determine objectives and identify “direction“ in the chosen area of coaching. teams and organizations toward improved performance. Since 2001. • verify coherence with their own system of values.S. it is compatible and integrates optimally with all coaching tools.W.in 40 countries worldwide.W.S. transparent. comprehensive.E. • detect and overcome blockages that prevent them for achieving objectives.™ model is to assist organizations. executives. It proposes a full set of concepts and tools that optimize performance and efficiency in all coaching process.E.E. • implement effective strategies and set objectives that are specific and concrete. The N. . methodological.The N.S. to reach a high level of effectiveness within organizations and within their personal life by unleashing their inner potential and accessing their authentic motivation.E. replicable and highly effective. N.W. managers. the vocation of the N. hundreds of coaches have been trained and certified in: • Business coaching • Executive coaching • Life coaching Our mission is to empower individuals to discover and develop their greatness.W. Organized around the 4 compass points. Highly developed.™ is also the commitment to accompany individuals. oriented results.

S. managers and executives in navigating through crossroads and difficult situations to reaching the objectives they set for themselves.W. true motivations and drivers.S. “How will you achieve your goals?” West East Finding the deeper meaning of actions Identifying the values. East.E. interpersonal and organizational coherence. “Why have you chosen this direction?” Identifying and analyzing the internal resistance. self-limiting beliefs that inhibit growth and development. ™ M o d E l Setting direction. objective and transparent which guides individuals.W. E . Each direction is correlated to a specific type of barrier or blockage and is identified by questions designed to • assist people to discover where they are stuck in the journey to reach their vision and goals and where they need to develop • help individuals to overcome these obstacles and reach their targets • help people to reach their natural greatness and full potential in implementing strategies that guarantee results. “How will you get beyond these obstacles and limitations?” South The N. establishing clear vision and defining a relevant practical model “What direction are you headed in and where do you want to go?“ North Identifying strategic actions planning designed to attain desired results.T h E N . W .E. More than a tool. guaranteeing personal.E. South -N.™ model is based on the concept that everyone finds himself at some point at a crossroad in life confronted by some blockage. . N. S . It proposes a full set of concepts and tools that are practical.W. West. The process is ordered around the compass for directions North.S.™ is a comprehensive self-navigation process. effective and easy to use. original.

Johnson & Johnson. Schering-Plough. Intel. GNC.E. RSA.W. Covidien. Voltaire. N. and many more. Korda Partner.™. Ace. Pfizer. EDS.™ is a genuine. Solgar. Applied Materials.: +65 62 22 20 59 • w w w. Amdocs.W.E. Novartis.W.® Coaching & Training • Based in Lausanne. please contact: info. Sap.500 organizations (including many “Fortune 100“) N. within their personal lives and within their organizations. • Adopted by more than 2. Citigroup. personal development and training.W.S. Cisco.S. Région Île-de-France. Castorama. Roche. MSD. Cordis. Glaxo-SmithKline. Starbucks.Ernst & Young. Motorola. HP. global structured and result oriented process of self-navigation takes individuals. IBM. • More than a tool case.N. n e w s c o a c h i n g . Citibank. Eli Lilly. Ipsen Beaufour. Icos. universal. Verint. Astra-Zeneca.S. NcNeil. dedicated to coaching. Oracle. more than a Coaching System • N. Visa.E.™ concept • Creating a network of certified senior professionals • Setting standards of professional expertise and thereby helping define the basis of a full fledged profession Our References-Partners Abbott. Brico-Dépôt. Comverse. systemic and objective self-leadership Model. Coca-Cola.™ is present in 40 countries worlwide.S. Switzerland • 25 years of international experience in Coaching & Training • Developing and spreading the N. NDS. Microsoft. General Electric. Visonic. Alvarion.E. Ca™. managers and executives further than other more traditional methods.S. Orange. MerckSerono. N. Check Point Software Technologies. Amgen.W. DHL. L’Oréal.E.S.com N. c o m .S. Procter & Gamble.W.W.E.ap@newscoaching.® Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd 98A Amoy Street Singapore 069918 • Off. SanofiAventis. France Télévision. Philips. Ex-Libris. For details.E.E. EMC2.W. Janssen-Cilag. Genzyme.S™ selfnavigation and coaching system • Training expert instructors • Offering innovative training around the N.™. Teva. Sun Microsystems. Novo-Nordisk.

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