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a+’ Government of Canada Gouvernement du Canada Privy Council Office Bureau du Conseil orivé National Socuty and inaligarice Conse a sour nationale et au renécignoment Advisor to the Prime Minister auprés du Premier mnisie tava, Canada KIA oss UNCLASSIFIED Limited Distribution ABR 2 4 2020 MEMORANDUM TO THE PRIME MINISTER c.c.; lan Shugart, Catherine Blewett INCIDENTS IN NOVA SCOTIA APRIL 18-19 Information Only) SUMMARY * This note provides you with an update on the series of incidents that led to the deaths of 23 Canadians on April 18-19, 2020. + The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's (RCMP) investigation into these events continues. At this time, the RCMP cannot confirm the suspect's motive, but has indicated that while the events began following a domestic dispute, later victims were unknown to the | suspect which suggests these acts may have been random. The | RCMP has provided the public with a timeline of events based on the | results of their investigation thus far, and shared a preliminary list of | weapons known to have been in the suspect's possession, | * The RCMP has recently established a public tip line to assist with the | investigation. There are also two ongoing investigations being conducted by the Nova Scotia Serious Incident Response Team. * The Privy Council Office will keep you appraised of related | developments, as they become available. BACKGROUND © On April 18 and 19, 2020, Gabriel Wortman is believed to have shot and killed 22 Canadians and set fires to residences, outbuildings and vehicles. These incidents came to an end on April 19, when Constable Craig Hubly, an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Nova Scotia (H) Division, shot and killed the suspect. * The RCMP H Division's Major Crime unit initiated its investigation into 16 crime scenes on April 19, 2020. Nova Scotia's Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) is also investigating two matters, one of which pertains to the shooting of the suspect by the law enforcement officer. Canada R 00001 -2- UNCLASSIFIED//LD + There has been substantial media coverage of this incident, which represents the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history. Though the RCMP has regularly held press conferences and released statements on its ongoing investigation, a number of new details, obtained from journalistic sources, continue to emerge. Discussion * Based on information received from other government departments and collected from media reporting on the incidents, the Privy Council Office (PCO) can provide the following, as it pertains to the incidents that occurred on April 18-19, 2020. What is known about the suspect? * The suspect, Gabriel Wortman, was born on July 5, 1968. He was a denturist who owned several clinics and businesses in Nova Scotia, He was in a relationship with a common-law partner, whom he is reported to have been obsessed with. * According to open sources, Mr. Wortman, whose businesses were shuttered by the COVID-19 pandemic, was obsessed with the RCMP, had a fascination for weapons such as air guns and saltpeter stink bombs, and struggled with alcohol use. * Also according to open sources, Mr. Wortman has had several encounters with law enforcement, the latest of which occurred in February, 2020. In this instance, he had a confrontation with the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) due to claims that the HRP’s vehicle was parked in one of his businesses’ parking lots without permission. Other HRP units were ultimately called to de-escalate this situation Following this altercation, Mr. Wortman also received a speeding ticket from the RCMP, + Prior to the April and February 2020 incidents, Mr. Wortman is publicly reported to have pled guilty to assaulting a male victim in Dartmouth in 2001. He is also reported to have been involved in two civil suits with regard to his properties. What is known about the motive? + Atthis time, it remains unclear what motivated Mr. Wortman to act in such a manner. Although the RCMP continues to investigate, they have publicly stated that it appears to have started as a domestic incident, with initial victims being known to him. Later victims were unknown to the suspect which suggests these acts may have been 00002 random. However RCMP has not ruled out the possibility that the events were pre-meditated. ‘According to open sources, the shootings began after the suspect argued with his common-law partner at a party. As a result of this argument, the couple left the party for Mr. Wortman’s cottage, where he assaulted her and tied her up, and escalated the argument. Of note, media reporting suggests, based on engagement with one of the suspect's neighbors, that there were underlying issues with his, relationship. ‘After his partner's successful escape from the cottage, Mr. Wortman left his cottage and began the sequence of criminal acts at the location of the party he and his partner had attended earlier that night. Open sources have reported that the suspect did have a list of people to target, though not all victims were on that list. What is known about the timeline? On April 24, 2020, the RCMP provided the public with a timeline of the incidents. This timeline presents a sequence of events which can be split into three clusters. The first cluster is Portapique, Nova Scotia, where the incidents began. Events happened in the following manner: © Before the RCMP received initial notification of incidents on April 18, there was an assault between a gunman and a person known to him in Portapique. That person managed to escape the gunman and hide in the woods overnight. © Following this, the RCMP received the initial call, which reported a shooting at a home in Portapique. Law enforcement arrived on-site at 10:26pm, where they located a male leaving the area with an apparent gunshot wound. That person indicated that he had been shot by an individual who drove by him in a passing vehicle. © The RCMP's response to the call included several units. Upon arriving, they located several people lying in the roadway, deceased, as well as several structures that had been set on fire. While searching for victims and suspects, the RCMP units ultimately found deceased victims in a total of seven locations. © Atthis cluster, the RCMP's Critical Incident Program staged to take control of the situation. Further, law enforcement established perimeters, involving Police Dog Services, Emergency Response ‘Teams, an Explosives Disposal Unit, Crisis Negotiators, an Emergency Medical Response Team, resources from RCMP wl 00003 -4- UNCLASSIFIED//LD New Brunswick (J) Division and a helicopter. RCMP tweeted at 10:32pm asking people to stay in their homes and avoid the area. © Fora lengthy period leading into the night, first responders cleared residences, searching for suspects and assisting the wounded. Ultimately, 13 people were killed in Portapique, with one individual also wounded. © Having leamed of a possible suspect that owned a residence in the area, law enforcement moved to the individual's home. On arrival, they observed that his home and garages, which included two Police vehicles and a third non-police vehicle, were in flames. They also learned that the possible suspect possessed a pistol and long barrel weapons, and was known to own several look-alike police vehicles © At daybreak—approximately 6:30am on April 12—a victim emerged from hiding in a nearby wooded area and provided additional details about the suspect, including his possession of weapons (pistols and long guns), a fully marked police vehicle and police Uniform, which he was believed to be wearing. A bulletin including a description of the suspect and his vehicle was then sent to all of Nova Scotia's police officers, ‘+ The second cluster is in Wentworth, Glenholme and Debert, Nova Scotia, approximately 60 kilometers away from Portapique, the location for the first cluster of incidents. Events unfolded as follows: © The suspect killed two men and a woman in a residence that he set on fire in the Glenholme area. He then went to a second residence in that area, where he knocked on the door and awoke the residents, who were known to him. The suspect left after the residents opted not to answer the door. In the call to 911, the residents identified the suspect as Mr. Wortman, noting that he was driving a police vehicle and carrying a long gun. © The suspect left Glenholme and travelled to the Wentworth area, where he shot and killed a woman walking on the side of the road. He subsequently pursued his route towards Debert. © In Debert, he pulled over two vehicles, shooting and Killing one of the occupants in the first vehicle, and a woman in the second, © Ultimately, seven people were killed in this cluster, within which the suspect covered a distance of approximately 44 kilometers. © The third and final cluster is in Shubenacadie, Milford and Enfield, Nova Scotia. The following events occurred: © Two RCMP officers, Constable Chad Morrison and Constable Heidi Stevenson, communicated and agreed to meet at a specific AS 00004 “5 UNCLASSIFIED//LD- location alongside the highway in Shubenacadie. Constable Morrison was waiting for Constable Stevenson when he encountered a police vehicle he assumed was Constable Stevenson. However, the suspect in the vehicle approached Constable Morrison and shot at him. Constable Morrison suffered several gunshot wounds. The suspect left the scene, © In proximity to this location, Constable Stevenson encountered the suspect's vehicle and they collided head-on. She engaged the suspect, who shot and killed the officer and took her gun and ammunition, The suspect subsequently shot a passerby and set his replica police vehicle, as well as Constable Stevenson's police vehicle, on fire. He left this area in a silver SUV. © The suspect travelled a short distance and entered the Milford home of a woman, who he shot and Killed. He removed his police uniform and transferred to the woman's red Mazda 3. The woman was known to the suspect. © The suspect travelled to a gas station to refuel in Enfield, Nova Scotia. An RCMP officer who had also stopped at that gas station to refuel his vehicle shot and killed the suspect at this location. It was 11:26am. ©. Ultimately, two people were shot and killed in this cluster, within which the suspect covered a distance of approximately 23 kilometers. What is known about weapons used? * The RCMP has confirmed that the suspect did not have a Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC). Efforts to determine the origins of weapons used by Mr. Wortman, as well as the number of people who died of gunshots, remain ongoing * Atthis time, the RCMP can confirm that the following weapons and ‘over capacity ammunition boxes (sourced outside of Canada) were located in the vehicle used by the shooter at the time he was shot and killed by law enforcement. These include: © AColt Law Enforcement carbine of semi-automatic action, which was sourced to a gun shop in California, United States (US), and was unlawfully smuggled into Canada; © A Sturm Ruger Mini 14 rifle of semi-automatic action, which was sourced to a domestic gun shop and properly imported into Canada; © A Glock GmbH pistol of semi-automatic action, which was sourced to a gun shop in Maine, US, and was unlawfully smuggled into Canada; 00008 -6 UNCLASSIFIED//LD © A Sturm Ruger P89 pistol of semi-automatic action, which was ‘sourced to a gun shop in Maine, US, and was unlawfully smuggled into Canada; and, © ASmith & Wesson pistol of semi-automatic action, which was originally issued by the RCMP to Constable Heidi Stevenson (who was shot and killed by Mr. Wortman). Steps * As its investigation into these horrific events continues, the RCMP has set up a public tip line © The two SIRT investigations remain ongoing. The RCMP is not in a position to comment on these investigations. PCO Comment: * There has been media reporting about individuals expressing a concer with the RCMP's decision not to issue communications via the province's emergency alert system, as well as the ease with which Mr. Wortman was able to acquire RCMP decals and uniforms. The Minister of Public Safety has acknowledged these concems, noting that the Goverment is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to make sure such incidents do not occur again. * Open source reporting has also suggested that the SIRT is looking into two separate incidents. The first relates to the firing of an officer's weapon in an area where the suspect was not believed to be located (a fire hall in the area). The second relates to the shooting and killing of Mr. Wortman. Of note, there have been media reports that the latter includes an investigation into the possible authorization given to officers to exercise an offensive maneuver against Mr. Wortman’s vehicle. * PCO continues to receive information from the RCMP and track media reporting on this matter. We will continue to keep you and your office apprised of key developments on this file, as they become available, 5.15(1) con Vincent Rigby rd 00006 root | Wentworth * e Bass River/Portapique . * Debert e Shubenacadie * Milford Enfield Halifax e 00008 sore River Heber Pontstoto Kentute Barack vnvker snosd Oded Spninaht A § eae tT 2226 his Tho alan s oo 1049 his coke approx 1126 brs. ae Prato Has Glasoos wo ‘Stetaton, ‘Sheet Horbour rt

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