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DC. 3-06 HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington. 1 June 2003 FM 3-06 URBAN OPERATIONS Contents COVER FIGURES HISTORICAL VIGNETTES PREFACE Chapter 1 URBAN OUTLOOK The Prospect of Urban Operations Urban Perspective Historical Significance of Urban Areas in Warfare Modern Army Urban Operations URBAN ENVIRONMENT A Complex Environment Urban Terrain Urban Society Urban Infrastructure URBAN THREAT Asymmetry Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat Operational Principles Urban Threat Tactics Negative Effects of Urbanization CONTEMPLATING URBAN OPERATIONS Necessity of Urban Operations Characteristics of Major Urban Operations Integration into Land Operations FOUNDATIONS FOR URBAN OPERATIONS Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 . Top of Form EMAIL (required) Bottom of Form MILITARY *FM 3-06 (FM 90-10) Field Manual No.Get the day's top stories every morning in your inbox from our newsletter.

Support Operations. and Battlefield Organization Types and Forms of Stability Operations and Support Operations Considerations of Urban Stability Operations and Support Operations URBAN COMBAT SERVICE SUPPORT Urban CSS Characteristics Logistics Preparation of the Theater CSS Functions General Engineer Support Civil-Military Operations SIEGE OF BEIRUT: AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE FUNDAMENTALS OF URBAN OPERATIONS Overall Strategic Situation Israeli Military Position PLO Military Position Role of Civilians Information Operations Conduct of the Urban Operations Lessons Summary URBAN INTELLIGENCE PREPARATION OF THE BATTLEFIELD Urbanization of IPB Significant Characteristics Threat Considerations Urban IPB Tools and Products OPERATIONS IN SOMALIA: APPLYING THE URBAN OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK TO SUPPORT AND STABILITY General Situation Somali Operations Assess Shape Dominate Transition Summary JOINT AND MULTINATIONAL URBAN OPERATIONS Purpose Service Urban Capabilities Urban Functional Combatant Command Capabilities Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D .Urban Operational Framework Fundamentals of Urban Operations General Effects on Operations Chapter 6 URBAN OFFENSIVE OPERATIONS Purpose of Urban Offensive Operations Characteristics of Urban Offensive Operations Urban Offensive Operations and Battlefield Organization Forms and Types of Urban Offense Urban Offensive Considerations URBAN DEFENSIVE OPERATIONS Purpose of Urban Defensive Operations Characteristics of Urban Defensive Operations Urban Defensive Operations and Battlefield Organization Types of Urban Defense Urban Defensive Considerations URBAN STABILITY OPERATIONS AND SUPPORT OPERATIONS Purpose of Urban Stability Operations and Support Operations Characteristics of Urban Stability Operations and Support Operations Urban Stability Operations.

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