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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 - FEBRUARY 18, 2011

Egyptian Revolution

Local Woman
Experiences the
Possible Rebirth
of a Nation
By AFRO Staff

Laura Murphy traveled to Egypt to celebrate her sister

Madeline Murphy Rabb’s birthday, but the already memorable
trip evolved into an experience of a lifetime as she bore witness
to days of unrest, hope, fear and the first flickering of a new
democracy ready to ignite.
Murphy, the Washington director for the American Civil
Liberties Union, visited the country as part of a group tour,
arriving in Cairo
on Jan. 25. But
the group’s plans
were waylaid
“...she talked with Egyptians
by a rising tide in the streets and heard
of protests,
AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti as Egyptians stories of oppression and
rose up against
Thousands of Egyptian anti-Mubarak protesters take part in a demonstration in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, Feb.
8. Protesters appear to have settled in for a long standoff, turning Tahrir Square into a makeshift village with tens of the three-
brutality ‘and it was all so
thousands coming every day, with some sleeping in tents made of blankets and plastic sheeting. decade reign of familiar.’”
President Hosni

Gray Joins D.C. Employees in Furlough The first days of protest reminded Murphy of the civil
rights protests in the 1960s. “Here was just exhilaration,” she
told CNN Feb. 1 of the early Egyptian protest marches. “It felt
By Gregory Dale scheduled time off in an holidays include: President’s Gray’s signed waiver like the March on Washington in 1963 on steroids. There were
AFRO Staff Writer attempt to cut down on city Day, Emancipation allows him to participate. thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children.”
costs. Day, Memorial Day and Government officials expect As a veteran of the civil rights era, she told the AFRO that
Mayor Vincent Gray Gray’s move comes after Independence Day. Furloughs to save over $19 million she talked with Egyptians in the streets and heard stories of
signed a waiver on Feb. the Feb. 1 approval of The can only be implemented through this move. oppression and brutality “and it was all so familiar.”
4, allowing him to be Balanced Budget Holiday when they are required for “Like other employees, “We went out of the city on [Jan. 27] to Giza and we came
furloughed on various Furlough Emergency Act of budgetary reasons and when I believe it is only fair that back in and it was very difficult to get to our hotel,” Murphy
holidays throughout the year. 2011, which requires full- written notice is given to I too share the sacrifice,” told NPR. “And we had to be let off a bus several blocks away
Under the terms, Gray will and part-time employees to affected employees. Gray said in a statement. from our hotel. And coming straight at the bus, 30 people
join 32,000 other District receive unpaid time off on Though the District’s “It’s the right thing to do. across, were hundreds and hundreds of protestors running
government employees four legal public holidays Charter prevents the mayor’s In these challenging times, toward the bus.”
in forgoing pay during throughout the year. These salary from being affected, Continued on A5 Continued on A4

Ginni Thomas’ New

Lobbying Firm Raises
Hear the AFRO on The Daily
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Ethical Questions
By Zenitha Prince
INSERT Washington Bureau Chief
• Character Education Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Associate
Justice Clarence Thomas who emerged as a tea party figurehead
in the past year,
has taken her
Your History • Your Community • Your News

activism to another
phase. The self-
titled “ambassador
to the Tea Party
movement” recently
launched a political
Photo by Dwight Kirk consulting business
A Washington, D.C. resident delivers a blunt message to D.C. Council members at a that, according
Feb. 7 rally outside of city hall: Hold Wal-Mart accountable in its plan to open four new to the company’s
stores in the District. The aim of the Respect DC campaign is to have real community website, libertyinc.
input and real community benefits in a written agreement with Wal-Mart. co, will assist and
advocate on behalf
Coalition Tells Wal-Mart: ‘Respect D.C.’ of “liberty-loving
citizens” and entities
By Dwight Kirk that seek to advance
Special to the AFRO conservative ideals AP Photo
such as limited Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of
Wal-Mart was put on notice by more than 100 Washington, D.C. residents, business owners government and free Supreme Court Justice Clarence
and clergy at a spirited rally on the steps of City Hall on Feb. 7. “Respect D.C.,” they demanded enterprise. Thomas, recently launched a
19 of the retail giant who has announced plans to build four new stores in the District by the end of But given her conservative political lobbying and
2012. husband’s seat consulting firm, prompting concerns
Wal-Mart, the coalition said, is notorious for running roughshod over the communities it in the nation’s about her husband’s ability to remain
expands into – driving down wages, destroying local businesses and the jobs they provide and highest court, independent on issues such as
turning a deaf ear to neighborhood needs. political observers campaign finance, health care reform
7 47105 21847 2 Continued on A4 Continued on A3 and climate change.

South Sudan –Opinion–

Black History to Become New Hope in Fight
Month Special New Nation Nurturing
Against HIV/AIDS A9
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Twitter and Facebook Section Insert A2 Black Love B2
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A2 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011

AFRO National Briefs gun. According to The Associated Press, police are searching
for a motive in the case, but partygoers said the altercation may
have stemmed from a dispute involving a girl.
Jamail E. Johnson, a 25-year-old Youngstown State
Sudan Divides, a New Nation is Born
University student, died after being shot in the head and Shavai
Election officials say the final results from last month’s
Owens, 17, is still in critical condition, Reuters reported. In all,
vote in Southern Sudan show that more than 98 percent of the
six YSU students were injured in the melee.
ballots were cast for independence.
Calling it a sad day for the local community, YSU President
The results mean that Southern Sudan will become the
Cynthia Anderson offered condolences on behalf of the school
and its students on Feb. 6.
“I want to express my deepest sympathies to the family
of the student that died in this tragic act of violence, and to
ask everyone
Your History • Your Community • Your News
throughout our
The Afro-American Newspapers
Mahoning Valley
Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters AP Photo/Pete Muller
community and
2519 N. Charles Street Southern Sudanese celebrate the formal announcement
beyond to keep
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602 of independence referendum results in the southern
them, their parents
410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297 capital of Juba on Monday, Feb. 7. Referendum officials
and all the other indicated that nearly 99 percent of all voters cast ballots
students involved
Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892 in favor of southern independence. Southern Sudan
in their thoughts
Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II will remain united with the north until the expiration of
and prayers,” YSU
Comprehensive Peace Agreement in July 2011.
student newspaper,
Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr. The Jambar,
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222 world’s newest country in July. Sudan President Omar Al- reported Anderson
Courtesy Photo
Bashir said Monday he accepts the outcome of the vote. Students from a multicultural group at
as saying.
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200 President Barack Obama hailed the vote as a new path in Brown University
Sudan’s future. More Young People Identifying with Multiracial
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales “On behalf of the people of the United States, I congratulate
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289 Roots
the people of Southern Sudan for a successful and inspiring More young people nationwide are identifying themselves
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246 referendum in which an overwhelming majority of voters chose as mixed race according to a report by The New York Times.
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235 independence. I am therefore pleased to announce the intention At schools such as the University of Maryland, Georgetown
Advertising Account Executive of the United States to formally recognize Southern Sudan as University, and Johns Hopkins University, multi-racial student
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274 a sovereign, independent state in July 2011,” Obama said in a organizations are starting to pop up, giving students, who
statement. previously felt confused about their identity, a place where they
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242 “After decades of conflict, the images of millions of belong.
southern Sudanese voters deciding their own future was an In almost every walk of life, people are asked to provide
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265 inspiration to the world and another step forward in Africa’s race and/or ethnic and national origin, but now biracial citizens
long journey toward justice and democracy.” don’t feel as boxed in as before.
Director, Community & Public Relations
North and south Sudan fought a decades-long civil war Warren Kelley, Ph.D., assistant vice president for student
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243
that ended in 2005 with a peace agreement that guaranteed affairs and faculty advisor to the University of Maryland’s
Editorial last month’s vote. More than 2 million people died in the war Multiracial and Biracial Student Association, told the Times
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu - 410-554-8251 between 1983 and 2005. that the climate is completely different than it was when he
E-mail: The two sides must still negotiate citizenship rights, oil arrived on campus in 1974.
Baltimore Bureau Chief - Tiffany Ginyard - 410-554-8269 rights and border demarcation. “I was black and proud to be black,” Kelley, the son of a
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277
Japanese mother and African-American father, said. “There
Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119 Suspects in Shooting was no notion that I might be multiracial. Or that the public
at Omega Psi Phi Frat discourse on college campuses recognized the multiracial
Global Markets House to Face Murder community.
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220
Charges “Even if someone had formed a mixed-race group in the
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager Two men suspected ’70s, would I have joined?” he continued. “I don’t know. My
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116 of injuring 11 people and multiracial identity wasn’t prominent at the time. I don’t think I
Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager killing one at an Omega even conceptualized the idea.”
Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266 Psi Phi Fraternity house It’s an issue that manifested itself during the 2008
in Youngstown, Ohio, presidential campaign. President Obama, who has a white
Production Department - 410-554-8288 will face murder charges, mother and Kenyan father, had to fight a delicate balance
according to Reuters. They AP Photo/Mahoning County Sheriff’s Dept. between making sure he accommodated his fervent African-
Washington Office have been denied bail. Braylon Rogers, 19, and American supporters while still appealing to the masses.
1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723 Braylon L. Rogers, 19, Columbus E. Jones Jr., 22, Jason Carroll of CNN pondered the question in 2008, saying
202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297 and Columbus E. Jones Jr., (pictured) are suspects in that while some people equate Black plus White equals Black,
General Manager 22, will face aggravated a shooting that killed a it isn’t fair to deny an entire part of a person’s family tree.
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116
murder, assault and felony Youngstown State University “I spoke with a group of young professionals who are
Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
charges for unloading a student and left a 17 year old part of a biracial support group called Swirl” Carroll wrote.
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions: barrage of gunshots into critically injured. “Swirl was started by a woman named Jen Chau whose father
410-554-8234 the crowd. The two were is Chinese and mother is white. Chau says this debate over
Customer reportedly ushered out of Obama’s racial identity is very familiar and she’s been dealing
Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226 the party after a scuffle and returned moments later wielding a with this issue her whole life.
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282
November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washington Afro-American A3

Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain NephewA3 February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American

Pepco Issues Apology in Full-page Ad

By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi- posted fliers bearing his photo-
Ginni Thomas
AFRO Staff Writer connection with the murder of cious vehicle. The man noticed graph around the city. On
Hudson’s mother and brother. the vehicle while walking his Sunday, Jennifer Hudson asked
Continued from A1
Jennifer Hudson and other The white, 1994 Chevrolet dog. According to the Chicago for the public’s help in finding
and government
relatives positively watchdogs
identifiedsaid, theSuburban with Illinois
move raises ethicallicense Tribune, the boy had been
WASHINGTON (AP)shot— Pepco is apologizing to Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski heralso
nephew. In heraMySpace
requested hearing on
questions—similar to concerns that arose when Thomas was multiple times in the back seat
customers in the Washington region for widespread power
blog, she thanked fans and sup-
setting a federal reliability standard, citing the Pepco outages.
of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- porters for their prayers and
president and CEO of Liberty Central, a conservative website outages and pledges to make improvements in a full-page Rigby writes that no utility can guarantee against power
tered to Hudson’s murdered offered a $100,000 reward to
that she founded in May 2010. newspaper
brother, was advertisement.
towed with the outages. But he says the companyanyone must dowho better. He writes,
returned the boy
“It seems as though she will be working with issues Pepco Chairman and
boy’s body inside and is being CEO Joseph Rigby issued a letter “We will not make excuses. We will make
alive. improvements.”
involving legislation that may come before the Supreme Court Feb. 7 in by
processed Theevidence
techni-Post. The apology comes as D.C. Pepco says it’s committing $574 Since millionthetoinvestigation,
and working with people involved in political efforts whose Council member Tommy
cians and workers. The body Wells holds a hearing on winter infrastructure and protect power lines from trees.
Hudson – who gained Rigbystardom
organizations may come before the Supreme Court—and storm problems.
was later removed and taken to he will speed up that work. after appearing on “American
that’s a problem,” said Stephen Wermiel, a constitutional law the Cook County Medical Idol,” and then won an
professor and Supreme Court expert at American University. Examiner’s office. Academy Award for her role in
“[Justice Thomas] has to act in the most ethical way and
that includes the longtime standard of avoiding the appearance
of a conflict of interest. And that means that they ought to
Arbitrator Reinstates 75 D.C. Teachers Fired by Rhee
Hudson and other family
members arrived at the Medical
Examiner’s office mid-after-
the movie Dreamgirls – has
stayed out of the public eye.
The Chicago Tribune report-
be working in different aspects of the universe,” Wermiel noon WASHINGTON (AP) —
to identify the body. Julian King,
principals Jennnifer
reported Hudson’s
to school mustnephew.
use when it seeks to resources,”
ed Saunders
that a parade of carssaid
continued. “She wants to promote democracy and liberty, let An arbitrator
Given has between
the choice ruled thatlook- system officials. terminate teachers.” in a statement.
slowly “The WTU
past her family’s home
A spokesman for the office the murders but is being held in Monday morning, past the
her go be a school teacher and teach about democracy or liberty former
ing Schools
directly at theChancellor
body or In the decision released Washington Teachers’ will legally pursue cases of
told the newspaper that Hudson jail for parole violation after
or find something that isn’t directly in her husband’s path.” MichelleitRhee
viewing improperly
on a wall-mounted Tuesday, he wrote that the Union President Nathan our members
news who have
vans, reporters and been
The academician, who reported on the court for Courtesy the WallPhotos fired 75 new District of process was “arbitrary and Saunders says mass firings ous onlookers.
improperly terminated.”
was killed,
from and
as well
as Thomas
mom, said to maintain
her brother,
Donerson thewho
have to recuse himself
high “She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment.”
Columbia teachers in 2008
and is ordering them reinstated
“The main issue here was
without explanation are
irresponsible and costly.
D.C. Public Neighbors
Schools stood
quietly and
spokesman Fred Lewis says
reflected on the
from cases for which his wife has lobbied. But given that with two years of back pay. that teachers were terminated
“remained strong for her fami- “The unfounded and
being convicted of attempted unfair officials are reviewing options
video screen, the family chose violence.
Liberty Consulting also purports to offer
plate politicalwas
X584859 advice,
foundMrs.on the Arbitrator Charlesto the
latter. According without
ly” and wasevenclearly
leader. way of and
murder firing teachershijack-
vehicular under to appeal
In frontor ofchallenge
the Hudson’sthe
the body of her 7-year-old
Thomas’ involvement
nephew Monday, just hours in a case may not always be
Chicago’s West Side afterclear, which Feigenbaum found that
Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, the of
“Shetheir transgression,”
held hands with hersaid
fami- the
ing. Fenty/Rhee
Cook County administration
records show decision but have not
home, men in heavy jackets decided
after his putbody
found inina a “difficult” position.a 7 a.m. call
police received schoolhim.”
that’s system never told the Mindy
ly,” the Holmes
spokesman thesaid.
lead “It musthechange
that pleadedunder
to Gray
both howhooded
and to proceed.
sweatshirts came to
“But, he’s also not particularly sensitive to this problem,” teachers why they were being was attorney on this
obviously case,emotional
a very in a administration
charges in 1999.toHedeliver
was also kiss the twin white crosses bar-

ACORN Fights Back

Wermiel said, “so I don’t think he’ll find it to be a difficult fired and gave them no chance moment.” statement. “We fought to high quality
convicted education
in 1998 and
for posses- ing AFRO
the namesstaffofcontributed
Donerson and to
position.” to explain or refute what their protect the –process
The boy the sonthat DCPS sion
of Julia leverage limitedmotor
of a stolen financial
vehicle. this story.
That seeming insensitivity—evidenced in conservative Hudson, Jennifer’s sister – had He was released from prison in “Everybody is sick of going
Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent closed-door presentation before been missing since Friday, 2006 after serving seven years
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
through stuff like this,” Artisha
the Tea Party Caucus—points to a creeping politicization of when a relative found Julian’s for the attempted murder and West, a former resident of the
the Supreme Court, said Common Cause, a liberal government grandmother, Darnell car hijacking charges. area told the Tribune. “We all
By Alan King and Dallas Cowboys players No wonder Obama’s campaign is Donerson, 57, and his uncle, The boy remained missing
watchdog group. have to stick together. All these
AFRO Staff Writer Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, trying to distance him from the Jason Hudson, 29, shot to death through a long weekend in
“It is troubling that some members among ofthe
submitted I’mto group, saying, “Barack Obama
young children are dying, and
in his grandmother’s home in which police and volunteers
speaking about Scalia
Presidential candidate John and Thomas at this point—don’t
election officials. seem Never Organized with ACORN.” the 7000 block of South Yale
for what?”
to have theattack
McCain’s concern about appearance
on ACORN – andsaid
Hurd biasthose
that workers,
is at the who But Obama’s ties to ACORN run Avenue.
core of judicial
Associated Community code of ethics…. It seems they just
were doing those things don’twithout
care,” long and deep. He taught classes An Amber Alert – a desig-
Common Cause Vice
Organization for Reform Now – President for Programs Arn Pearson
ACORN’s knowledge or permis- told for ACORN. They even endorsed nation for high-risk missing
the AFRO.
confirms theHe added,
success “It raises a sion,
of the numberwereoffired.
red flags about him for President. children – was issued Friday
the ability ofthe
organization, thehead
of theto be neutral“Theor just as importantly
evidence that has sur-to But now ACORN is in trouble. after Julian was discovered
appear to be neutral and unbiased faced
group says. whensocases comethey
far shows before
fakedthe Reporter: There are at least missing after the murders.
in which
there to
is testimony is the
and success we’ve
to get paid
not tocare
stuff reform,
boxes.” ACORN, she said, is the
We set our standards
11 investigations across the
country involving thousands of
potentially fraudulent ACORN
Police arrested William
Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
had,” Maude change Hurd,andpresident
campaign of finance.
as high as you do.
father and estranged husband
In responsesaid intoanthe
interview victimraised
ethical concerns of fraud, not theThomas’
by Mrs. perpetra- forms. of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
with the AFRO. tor of it. Announcer: Massive voter
new lobbying shop and other recent events, Pearson said Southside apartment several
“When this attack started, we Hurd said the only things fraud. And the Obama campaign hours after the murders.
Common Cause plans to send a proposal to Congress asking
had just announced that we had bogus are the charges them- paid more than $800,000 to an Balfour’s mother, Michele, has
that it expand
registered the conflict
1.3 million new vot-of interest statutes
selves. in the judicial
And factcheck. org code ACORN front for get out the vote told reporters that her son had
of conduct to include political
ers,” she said. “That’s just to say agrees. activities. efforts. nothing to do with the slayings.
that someone’s running scared It concluded, “Neither Pressuring banks to issue risky Balfour remains a suspect in Jason Hudson
because of ACORN’s success.” ACORN nor its employees have loans. Nationwide voter fraud.
McCain, who is running for been found guilty of, or even Barack Obama. Bad judgment. Ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction
president on the Republican tick- charged with, casting fraudulent Blind ambition. Too risky for
et, lashed out at ACORN in the votes.” America. with Small Business Banking”
final debate against Barack The problem came about pri-
Obama, contending the group “is marily because of the way Since McCain’s comments, SQUARE HIGH
on the verge of maybe perpetrat- ACORN operates. Rather than ACORN’s 87 offices have been
ing one of the greatest frauds in rely on volunteers, it pays peo- bombarded with threats and
voter history in this country, ple, many of them poor or unem- racist mail.
maybe destroying the fabric of ployed, to sign up new voters. The day after the presidential
democracy.” The idea was to help both those debate, vandals broke into the, a non-partisan being registered and those doing organization’s Boston and Seattle
Web site, found those claims to the registration. offices and stole computers.
be “exaggerated,” with “no evi- Maud explained, “We have a After a Cleveland representative BREAD NOT ON THE LIST
dence of any such democracy- zero tolerance policy for deliber- appeared on TV, an e-mail was
destroying fraud.” ate falsification of registration.” sent to the local office saying she
Hurd believes the McCain Most news account neglect to “is going to have her life ended.”
charges were politically motivat- point out that ACORN is A worker in Providence, R.I.,
ed. required by law to turn in all reg- received a threatening call say- LEFT RIGHT
She said, “Because it’s low- istration forms. And they also fail ing, “We know you get off work
and moderate-income people, to note that it was the organiza- at 9” and uttered racial epithets.
and people of color, I believe the tion, in many instances, that first A caller to one office left a
McCain campaign thinks those brought the phony registrations message on the answering
voters are going to vote to the attention of authorities. machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
Democratic, which is not neces- The McCain camp apparently calling to let you know that
sarily true.” isn’t interested in those fine Barack Obama needs to get
ACORN is no stranger to points, preferring to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted)
controversy. ing ads that seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
For 38 years, the non-partisan to ACORN, thereby undercutting (expletive deleted). You guys are
organization has fought for social his political support. fraudulent, and you need to go to
and economic justice for low- McCain: I’m John McCain hell. All the niggers on oak trees.
and moderate-income and I approve this message. They’re gonna get all hung hon-
Americans. With 400,000 mem- Announcer: Who is Barack eys, they’re going to get assassi-
ber families organized into more Obama? A man with “a political nated, they’re gonna get killed.”
than 1,200 neighborhood chap- baptism performed at warp Another message said, “You
ters in 110 cities nationwide, speed.” Vast ambition. After col- liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive
ACORN has over the years seen lege, he moved to Chicago. deleted). Welfare bums. You
its share of criticism while advo- Became a community organizer. guys just (expletive deleted)
cating for affordable housing, There, Obama met Madeleine come to our country, consume
living wages, healthcare for the Talbot, part of the Chicago every natural resource there is,
underserved— and while organ- branch of ACORN. He was so and make a lot of babies. That’s
izing voter registration drives. impressive that he was asked to all you guys do. And then suck
But none has been as withering train the ACORN staff. up the welfare and expect every-
and baseless as this one. What did ACORN in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
With the presidential election engage in? Bullying banks. bills for your kids. I jus’ say let
less than two weeks away, Intimidation tactics. Disruption your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a classroom.
ACORN’s detractors allege the of business. ACORN forced move. Just let your children die. Fun learning opportunities are everywhere. Simple things like
organization has engaged in mas- banks to issue risky home loans. Forget about paying for hospital counting and identifying shapes activate a child’s learning ability,
sive voter registration fraud after The same types of loans that bills for them. I’m not gonna do and help them enter school more prepared. That’s why PNC
the reported discovery of bogus caused the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I founded Grow Up Great and its Spanish-language equivalent Crezca
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
con Éxito, a 10-year, $100 million program to help prepare young
Hurd thinks the hate
At SunTrust, we’recallsdedicated
will to providing business owners with time-saving and
children for school and life. Pick up a free bilingual Sesame Street™
soon. solutions that help them succeed. And“Happy, this J.D.Healthy,
Power and Associates awardkit at a PNC branch. It’s filled
Ready for School”
“In two weeks, I think these
shows our commitment to deliver. Get to know morewith aboutall kinds
SunTrust of simple,
Business everyday
Class things you can do to help a child
attacks will be over. But I think it
will beStop by for
harder a branch,
us to getvisit learn. Together,
our online at or call 866.442.1370. we can work with our communities so an entire
name back on good graces generation won’t just grow up... but grow up great.
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Save Your Life by Having Your Eyes Examined
WASHINGTON, D.C.– Having your eyes examined not they can view small changes in the blood vessels in the
only can prevent blindness, it can save your life. That is the back of the eye, which can indicate more serious disease.
message of three Howard University Hospital physicians Research is showing that the type and severity of changes
who this week will be discussing how in the retina may indicate signs of
eye exams can ward off stroke, heart coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetic
attacks and other health concerns. retinopathy and other health concerns.
Dr. Robert A. Copeland Jr., chief of “This is really important
ophthalmology at Howard University information,” Copeland said in a press
Hospital; Dr. Bryan Curry, a cardiologist; statement. “We can now look into your
and Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, a physician who overall health by looking into your eyes.
specializes in infectious diseases, will And lots of time we as ophthalmologist
discuss peering into your health status find problems before patients’ primary
through your eyes. care physicians do.”
They will speak from 1 to 4 p.m., Recent advancements, such as
Feb. 12, at Martin Luther King Jr. digital retinal imaging, allow eye doctors
Memorial Library, 901 G St., N.W., as to quickly and painlessly detect and
part of the library’s Black History Month monitor blood flow in the retina, which
celebration. can indicate other health concerns.
Additionally, nutritionist Janet Free workshops, exhibits, adult vision
Unonu will speak and conduct a screenings and free health screenings,
workshop on “Food as Medicine” during including blood pressure, glucose,
the presentation, which is also being cholesterol and body mass index will be
sponsored by the Prevention of Blindness available during the event.
Society of Metropolitan Washington. Courtesy Photo
The doctors will demonstrate how Dr. Robert A. Copeland Jr. For more information or special
through careful examination of the retina, requests, call 202-727-2142.

Health Commentary

Heart Health in the Season of Love

By Larry Lucas diseases, which led to one about the importance of help curb the risk of heart
Special to the AFRO quarter of all deaths in the maintaining your heart’s disease, enabling you to live a
U.S. last year, according to health. Many common causes longer, healthier life. It’s also
February is a time each the National Center for Health of cardiovascular diseases important to remember that
year when hearts take center Statistics. can be eliminated by reducing many lifestyle choices that
stage – every convenience These numbers are their major risk factors, lead to heart diseases later in
store from New York to Los especially startling for the such as high blood pressure, life, like diet and tobacco use,
Angeles is virtually covered African-American community high cholesterol, smoking, begin when we’re young. It
in heart-shaped chocolate, where more than 40 percent diabetes, lack of exercise and takes years, and in some cases
candies and cards. But there’s of all adults suffer from high poor nutrition, according to decades, for them to catch up
another heart of the non- blood pressure, one of the the U.S. Centers for Disease with us – which is why young
confectionary variety we most critical – yet preventable Control. When it comes to people should know their
should also take time to think – indicators of cardiovascular heart health, lifestyle choices, future heart health is shaped by
about this month – the one in health, according to the U.S. like what you eat and how the choices they make today.
our bodies. Department of Health and much you exercise, play a Making healthy choices
Like an engine to a car, the Human Services. Preventing critical role in preventing can help prevent heart
human heart is responsible for high blood pressure could potentially devastating disease, but there are other
keeping other organs working mean the difference between diseases. risk factors that you can’t
and our bodies moving. We life or death: African As someone who has lived control – like age and family
know how important it is to Americans today are 1.5 with high blood pressure history. In addition to lifestyle
conduct regular maintenance times more likely to suffer a for more than 20 years, I changes, you and your doctor
on an engine to prevent heart disease-related death know a thing or two about may decide that prescription
issues with the entire car. than other Americans and lifestyle choices. I keep my medicines are the best way
Heart health is no different. are nearly twice as likely to heart healthy by taking the to help keep your heart
Yet cardiovascular diseases, die because of a fatal stroke. stairs instead of the elevator, healthy. Fortunately, a survey
BLACK ATHLETES SPEAK, 1920–2007 which include heart attack and What’s more: Nearly half of visiting my doctor for regular released this month by the
Edited by John C. Walter and Malina Iida stroke, are the leading causes us are unaware we’re living cardiovascular check-ups and Pharmaceutical Research and
of death in the United States. with high-blood pressure. properly taking my prescribed Manufacturers of America
“Candid and fascinating stories of black athletic heroes In fact, more than 81 million Alarmed by these figures? medicines. It’s these small (PhRMA) reveals that there
Americans live with various You should be! Let them steps that mean the most, and are nearly 300 medicines in
whose lives changed American race relations
forms of cardiovascular serve as a wake-up call making the right choices can development for heart disease
forever and for the good of us all.” and stroke by America’s
—John Hoberman biopharmaceutical research
and manufacturing companies
Featuring – all of which are either being
ARTHUR ASHE JR. tested in clinical trials or
awaiting approval by the Food
& Drug Administration.
JENNIFER JOHNSON Developing these
SAM LACY medicines means very little if
ALAN PAGE patients in need can’t access
MAURICE SMITH them. Luckily, there are
MAE FAGGS STARR programs available to help
patients find and pay for their
prescriptions. Since 2005,
LENNY WILKINS America’s biopharmaceutical
researchers and manufacturers
uni v ersit y of washington pr ess have supported the
Partnership for Prescription
Assistance (1-888-4PPA-
which helps connect patients
District of Columbia in need to 475 assistance
Water and Sewer Authority programs that offer more than
2,500 medicines for free or
Rosa Parks – nearly free.
An unknown seamstress In addition to thinking
was arrested in Montgomery, about your special someone
Alabama for refusing to give this month, be sure to keep
up her bus seat to a white your own heart in mind by
passenger. Her courageous act
making an appointment to
of defiance began a movement
that ended legal segregation in visit your physician to gauge
America. When she died, this your current heart health.
civil rights matriarch became Awareness is the first step in
the first woman to lie in state in preventing heart diseases and
the Capitol Rotunda. Only 30 ensuring there are many more
Americans, including Presidents Valentine’s Days to come.
and war heroes, have been
bestowed this honor.
Larry Lucas is retired vice
DC Water celebrates president for Pharmaceutical
Research and Manufacturers
Black History
of America (PhRMA).
February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American A7

Civil-rights Activists Mark 1961 Freedom Rides Panel to Advise

Mayor on Next D.C.
Zinie Chen Sampson to students on southern campuses to become Freedom Riders.
Associated Press He made it as far as Jackson, where he was arrested on June
7, 1961. He and other Freedom Riders were transferred to the

Schools Chief
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Two former Freedom Riders infamous Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, a place
are helping to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the trip known for its brutality.
through the Deep South that challenged racial segregation in He met Farmer at Parchman, and recalls his booming
public transportation systems. singing voice. “It was the music that kept us going,” he said
Joan Trumpauer Mulholland and the Rev. Reginald Green in a telephone interview Monday. “He was a committed, WASHINGTON
appeared Feb. 7 at the University of Mary Washington to dedicated, tenacious individual.” (AP) — Washington
honor the Freedom Rides and their organizer, the late James Farmer was a history and American studies professor at Mayor Vincent Gray
Farmer. Farmer was head of the Congress of Racial Equality Mary Washington from 1985 to 1998, the same year President is forming a panel of
during the civil rights era and later became a professor at the Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He teachers, students and
Fredericksburg school. died in 1999 at the age of 79. community members
Mulholland and Green participated in an event to Green, now 71 and retired from the ministry, says the to help select the
kick off the school’s three-month series of tributes to the anniversary gives him a chance to look back and see what city’s next schools
demonstrations. progress the nation has made since the summer of the Freedom chancellor.
Farmer, six other Black people and six White people Rides. He also says he’s getting a chance to reconnect with At a news
participated in the first Freedom Ride, traveling from other Freedom Riders and meet some of them for the first time. conference Feb.
Washington, D.C., in May 1961 to test whether southern states “It also gives you an opportunity to say, ‘But for the grace of 8, Gray said he
were implementing a U.S. Supreme Court decision that barred God,’” he said. “Where would we be as a nation had it not been expects the panel
segregation in public-transportation facilities. They faced for these courageous individuals, rich, poor, Black, and White?” to be named by the
violent attacks from white mobs who opposed desegregation, Mulholland, now 69 and still living in Arlington, Va., where end of the week. He
and the first Greyhound bus was firebombed and the riders she grew up, joined the Freedom Rides after a colleague of hers says it will include
beaten in Anniston, Ala. was arrested during the initial ride. She was arrested June 8 in representatives of the
After news Jackson, spent Washington Teachers’ AFRO File Photo

of the violence about two Union, as mandated Vincent Gray

spread, weeks in the by law.
hundreds local jail, then Gray says the panel will advise him, but the final
of others spent the rest decision is his to make.
including of the summer Gray says he is following the school reform law that
Mulholland at Parchman. gave the mayor control of the schools. He says former
and Green Her mother Mayor Adrian Fenty “essentially ignored” that law.
joined the wrote warden Gray says the selection process in the past was “a fiasco”
Freedom Fred Jones a with the way Fenty selected former Schools Chancellor
Rides, and letter asking if Michelle Rhee.
the two she could send
were among some medicine
hundreds jailed to her daughter. of negro bucks and white hoodlums to ramble over this country
that summer He wrote back with the express purpose of violating the laws of certain states
in Jackson, to her that she and attempting to incite acts of violence,” Jones wrote in a
Miss. The could, and letter, which appears in the book Breach of Peace: Portraits of
demonstrations questioned her the 1961 Freedom Riders, by photojournalist Eric Etheridge.
became a parenting. Mulholland noted Monday that her mother, a native of rural
defining point “What Georgia, vehemently opposed her efforts and nearly disowned
in U.S. civil I cannot her.
rights history. understand “What got me into the movement was my understanding
Green was AP Photo/University of Mary Washington, Norm Shafer is why as a of Christianity, to love my neighbor as myself, do unto others
a student at This photo shows Freedom riders Reginald Green and Joan Mulholland looking over mother you as you would have done to you, all those teachings of the
Virginia Union an exhibit before they speak at the opening of an exhibit at the University of Mary permitted a brotherhood of man,” Mulholland said in an interview.
University Washington celebrating the 50th anniversary of the freedom rides Feb. 7, 2011, in minor white “We weren’t doing it, and I felt as a Southerner, we should
when he Fredericksburg, Va. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a bus from the era of the rides girl to gang up work to improve things and live up to our religious teachings,”
answered a call displayed with exhibits telling the history of the rides. with a bunch she said.
031069O / MD CT Region 2/10/11 Afro-American_DC MDBAA early due: 2/4/11 11.50“ x 10.50“ B&W 85LPI C: John D: Terri P: Darlene

Many people fighting life-threatening

diseases like leukemia and sickle cell
anemia need a bone marrow transplant
to survive. Donor matches are critical,
but only 7% of the 9 million
Be The Match Registry® members
are African American. Together,
we can make a difference.

For every person who joins the

Be The Match Registry through from
February 1–28, Nordstrom will cover
the cost of adding that new member
to the registry, up to $75,000.

For more information or to learn how

to register, visit

blaCk History MontH

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A8 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011

Community Calendar
Feb. 10 Sims, a notable figure in the Center, The Ronald Reagan musical performances. For month of February, Kentland Prince George’s Plaza
Negro League Legends Negro League Hall of Fame. Building and International more information: 202-691- Community center will show Community Center, 6600
with Dwayne Renal Sims For more information: 301- Trade Center, 1300 4000. a movie celebrating Black Adelphi Road, Hyattsville,
Lake Arbor Community 333-6561. Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. D.C. History. For more information Md. 5-6:30 p.m. Explore the
Center, 10100 Lake Arbor 4-6:30 p.m. The Woodrow Black Movie Cinema and film listings: 301-386- legacy of African-American
Way, Mitchellville, Md., Feb. 11 Wilson International Center Festival 2278. hair and how it has shaped
3-6:30 p.m. View a short film The Gregory Gaskins for Scholars, with co-hosts Kentland Community the culture of people in the
and join in on the discussion Experience and the History the Emma Mae Gallery, will Center, 2411 Pinebrook Feb. 12 Black community. For more
of the history of the Negro of Rhythm & Blues present this forum that will Ave., Landover, Md. 12-2 The Evolution of African- information: 301-864-1611.
League with Dwayne Renal The Woodrow Wilson include an art exhibit and live p.m. Every Friday during the American Hair
21st Century Consort:
‘Flora and Fauna II’
Smithsonian American
Art Museum, 8th and F
WOW! PASS streets, N.W., concert, 5

VALENTINE’S DAY EXTRA SAVINGS ON ALL SALE & p.m.; pre-concert lecture, 4

CLEARANCE APPAREL! p.m. The Consort performs

fantastic, ferocious music
% to resonate with Alexis
OFF Rockman: A Fable for
Tomorrow. Works will include
PLUS FINE & FASHION JEWELRY Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,”
Excludes: specials, super buys, furniture, mattresses, floor coverings, rugs, Druckman’s “Lamia.” $20.
For more information:
electrics/electronics, cosmetics/fragrances, gift cards, jewelry trunk
shows, previous purchases, special orders, selected licensed depts., special
SAVINGS & VALUES NOW THROUGH VALENTINE'S DAY, FEB 14 purchases, services, Cannot be combined with any savings pass/ or 202-
coupon, extra discount or credit offer except opening a new Macy’s account.



VALID NOW-2/14/2011 Expressions of a People
Arts Harmony Hall
Regional Center, 10701
Livingston Road, Fort
Washington, Md. 1-6 p.m.

TAKE AN EXTRA 15% OR 1O% OFF † Bring the family out to

this community event that
celebrates the African-
when you use your Macy’s Card or savings pass! †EXCLUSIONS APPLY, SEE PASS. American culture. For more
information: 301-203-6070.
with any $99 purchase! No promo code needed! Visit today. Exclusions apply.
Presidential Family Fun
Smithsonian American
Art Museum, 8th and F
Streets, N.W., 11:30
3 p.m. Come celebrate
our nation’s presidents
with a day full of craft
activities performances and
scavenger hunts. Presented
in collaboration with the
National Portrait Gallery.
For more information:
202- 633-1000 or e-mail

Feb. 20
Living the Dream…Singing
the Dream
The Kennedy Center
Concert Hall, 2700 F St.,
N.W. D.C. 7 p.m. The
Washington Performing
Arts Society will join the
Choral Arts Society and
perform various selections in
tribute to Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. $25-$45. For more
information: 202-785-WPAS.

Feb. 26
The Formal Dinner
The Fredericksburg
Expo & Conference Center,
1320 Central Park Blvd.,
Fredericksburg, Va. 5 p.m.
The Virginia Black History
Month Association will
present its formal dinner
featuring live entertainment
and actress Tasha Smith as
the keynote speaker. For
more information: www.


and Macy’s will donate $1 for each Valentine sent, up to $250,000, to the American Heart Association’s
Go Red For Women® movement. To participate, visit
Macy’s is proud to again serve as a national sponsor of Go Red For Women®.
For more information, visit
Proud National Sponsor

Go Red trademark of AHA, Red Dress trademark of DHHS.

OPEN A MACY’S ACCOUNT FOR EXTRA 15% SAVINGS THE FIRST 2 DAYS WITH MORE REWARDS TO COME. Macy’s credit card is available subject to credit approval; new account savings valid the day your account
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application must qualify for immediate approval to receive extra savings; employees not eligible. For store locations & hours, log on to

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February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American A9

New Hope and Renewed Action in
the Fight Against HIV On this National Black men decrease the number of available partners
HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, for females and may impact sexual risk
Feb. 7, we are reminded behavior. This can, in turn, fuel the spread of
of the devastating toll HIV HIV.
continues to take among • Stigma and homophobia – far too
African Americans, affecting prevalent in every community – continue to
nearly every corner of Black keep many African Americans from seeking
communities. Today, as we HIV testing, prevention and treatment.
reflect on the lives touched by While these realities paint a dire picture,
and lost to this disease, let us there is another image that has been unfolding
also renew our resolve to do – one of hope. This past year, we’ve seen
whatever it takes to end this new HIV prevention breakthroughs, like
epidemic. evidence that taking a daily pill can reduce
Of all races, African risk of infection for gay and bisexual men, and
Dr. Kevin Fenton Americans have the highest applying a vaginal gel before and after sex can
rates of HIV infection in the reduce risk of infection for women. In July
nation. Blacks make up just 2010, President Obama launched the National
14 percent of the U.S. population, yet account for almost half of HIV/AIDS Strategy, which provides a first-ever blueprint dollar testing initiative to reach more African Americans
those living and dying with HIV and AIDS in this country. for fighting the U.S. epidemic, with a particular focus on with HIV testing. We are increasing the number and reach
Within the Black community, the face of HIV is young populations hardest hit, including African-Americans. of HIV prevention programs for African Americans and are
and old, male and female, straight and gay. It is Black women The number of new infections among African Americans working across federal agencies to tackle the complex social
in their 30s and 40s for whom AIDS is now the third leading is stable and has been for more than a decade – despite the factors driving the Black HIV epidemic. In cities hardest-
cause of death. It is the Black youth of our country, many of growing number of people living with HIV who can potentially hit by HIV across the nation, we are also working to scale
whom will become infected before their 30th birthday. It is up HIV prevention services to
Black gay and bisexual men, who continue to be especially
hard hit by HIV, accounting for more than 40 percent of new
“Blacks make up just 14 percent of the U.S. population, yet significantly decrease new HIV
infections. And through CDC’s
infections among African Americans overall. account for almost half of those living and dying with HIV and Act Against AIDS Leadership
To reduce this toll, we must come together to confront Initiative, we are harnessing the
the complex environmental factors that fuel the epidemic in AIDS in this country.” collective strength and reach of
African-American communities: longstanding Black community
• The high prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmit the disease. We’ve also seen dramatic declines in institutions to increase HIV-related awareness, knowledge, and
transmitted diseases in Black communities, coupled with most new infections in several categories where African Americans action across the nation.
African Americans selecting partners who are also African- are disproportionately represented, such as mother-to-child Each of us, too, has a part to play in this fight. The fact
American, means they face a greater risk of HIV infection with transmission and injection drug use. All of these developments remains that HIV infection is completely preventable. We
each sexual encounter than people of other races/ethnicities. show us that prevention works. each have a personal responsibility to protect ourselves and our
• We know that if you don’t have the means to see a doctor, And Black communities are more mobilized than ever loved ones. Get the facts about HIV. Get tested. Speak out
you may not get an HIV test or treatment until it’s too late. against HIV. This weekend, African American leaders from against homophobia and stigma. Everyone and every action
According to the most recent national Census data, about one in every walk of life – business, civil rights, entertainment, counts. Visit to find out more.
five Blacks are without health insurance. government and media – are speaking out and taking action at Turning the tide on HIV in Black communities will take
• We know that those who cannot afford the basics in life events across the nation, from health fairs and workshops to hard work. But with new tools, new hope and renewed
may end up in circumstances that increase their HIV risk. We candlelight vigils and HIV testing events. commitment, we can change the course of this epidemic.
also know that nearly a quarter of African-American families At CDC, HIV prevention in Black communities remains
live in poverty and that the current economic crisis has led to one of our top priorities. Last year, we invested more than Dr. Fenton is the director, National Center for HIV/AIDS,
record-high levels of unemployment among African Americans. half of our HIV prevention budget to fight HIV among Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease
• Higher rates of incarceration among African-American African Americans. We recently expanded a multi-million Control and Prevention.

2012 Hip-Hop Vote: Determining the Future of America

(NNPA) — In less than the Obama campaign. or work tirelessly until you have perfected your gift and talent
Dr. Benjamin F. 10 months from now the But, the winds of regression and negative campaigning to share with the world. We must start grinding to get the Hip-
Chavis Jr. final countdown to the next against further inclusive political empowerment in the United Hop Vote now and keep grinding until we set another historic
national elections in the States are blowing stronger today than ever before and these record of the highest youth voter turnout in American history in
United States will be begin. right-wing forces are now also using Internet technologies and November 2012.
The future of America and to a large extent the future of the more social media to mobilize what appears to be their growing The states with the largest number of electoral votes New
world will be at stake. During the next year there will be constituencies nearly in every state. Thus, the difference in York, California, and Texas are showing a significant increase
millions of new young voting age persons that will have to be 2012 will not be determined just by the technology use factor. in the number of persons that have become 18 years of age
registered to vote and mobilized to go out to the voting polls It will be determined by an effective, protracted grassroots since November 2008. A national campaign needs to be
across the nation. campaign to register and mobilize millions of youth voters who properly organized, funded and systematically launched in
It is a well-documented fact that it was the number of voters love hip-hop music and culture. Thus it will be the “Hip-Hop all the states, especially in those states where there are clear
that turned out for the national elections in November 2008 Vote” in 2012 that will help to shape the future of the world. margins where the youth vote is determinative.
between the ages of 18 and 30 that provided the margin of Timing is important here. We should not wait until it is too 2012 will present the most decisive election in American
victory for President Obama in the key swing states of North late to get all of this work done. It is going to cost money, history in terms of whether or not the United States will move
Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, time, and energy. I am always amazed to witness so-called forward in the 21st century as a pluralistic, inclusive democracy
Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. Overall voter turnout progressive and liberal political forces to waste valuable time or begin to move backward to the old divisive, racial, and
for the 2008 election was the highest in the last 40 years and when it comes to galvanizing and re-activating the potential elitist politics of the past. Hip hop transcends race, class, and
President Obama received the most votes for a presidential progressive political base in America. There is no effective other social divisions. Hip hop is the cultural phenomenon that
candidate in American history. It was the “Hip-Hop Vote” substitute for grassroots organizing precinct by precinct in represents the transformative character of youth consciousness
that made the critical difference in the outcome of the 2008 every Congressional District, city by city and state by state. and responsible social action. Let’s work to ensure that both
elections. The truth is that in 2008 there was a last minute scramble to the opportunity and the challenge of the youth vote is taken
In 2012 there be the potential for a greater number of youth get out the youth vote in many key states. That mistake should seriously for the remainder of 2011, as we prepare for the battle
voters to be registered and to vote in the next national elections. not be repeated. The time to make the difference is now for the of 2012.
But, this youth voting potential cannot and should not be taken mobilization of the youth vote.
for granted between now and 2012. There is no question that In the hip-hop community, we all know that you make Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. is the senior advisor for the
the use of Internet technology and social media were effectively progress whether you are in a studio, a corporate suite or in a Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) and the
utilized in an unprecedented manner in the 2008 elections by street organization by how well and consistent that you “grind” president of Education Online Services Corp.

In Tunisia and Egypt: No Justice; No Peace

( democratic freedoms, if there is no justice, there will be, in the opportunity from the start.
— In Tunisia and Egypt, end, no peace. This is not the natural order of this country. After World War
dire poverty, worsened in the Inequality in the country has now reached levels not seen II, animated by the national unity that won the war, we created
world downturn, provided since the days of the Robber Barons at the beginning of the last an economy in which we all grew together. America became far
the kindling for the uprisings century. The top 1 percent captures nearly 25 percent of the less unequal, as the great middle class was built. Eisenhower
that have already displaced nation’s income. They control as much wealth as the bottom 90 kept the top tax rate that applied to the highest levels of income
a dictator in Tunisia, and percent. CEOs now make more than 260 times as much as the for the very rich at 90 percent. The minimum wage was
threatens the reign of Hosni average worker, up from 42 times as much in 1980. They make as raised regularly. Unions represented about 30 percent of the
Mubarak in Egypt. In Yemen much in a day and a half as a worker makes in a year. During the workforce. These were far from perfect years – America was
and elsewhere in the Middle last “recovery,” from 2002-2007, the richest 1 percent captured still scarred by segregation. Women and gays were still in their
East, people are stirring; about two-thirds of all the rewards of growth. The economy was kitchens or closets. But America’s broad middle class became a
rulers sleep uneasily. growing, profits and productivity were up, but for the first time beacon to the world.
News commentators since they began keeping records, most Americans actually lost It wasn’t an act of nature that changed all that. It was public
connect the uprising with ground. And that was before the housing bubble burst, and the policy – wrong-headed public policy. Taxes were slashed on
Jesse L. Jackson economic inequality that excesses of Wall Street’s casino blew up the economy. the affluent, to the point where now Warren Buffett, one of
Sr. makes the political oppression A market economy does not work well with this extreme America’s richest men, notes that he pays a lower tax rate than
unbearable. If there is no concentration of income and wealth. The wealthy few live his secretary. Corporations declared war on unions, perfecting
justice, there can be no peace, no matter how repressive the luxurious lives but have sufficient money to engage in ever legal and illegal techniques that effectively nullify the right to
dictator, or how powerful the military. greater speculation, inflating the bubbles -- the bubble, organize. Multinational banks and corporations developed a
One thing the press coverage hasn’t noted. According to the housing bubble – that eventually burst. Middle class trade policy that shipped jobs, not goods overseas. Banks were
the data released by the Central Intelligence Agency, the US families, in contrast, struggle with stagnant incomes and the deregulated, with catastrophic consequences that we live with
is scarred by greater inequality than Tunisia, Yemen or Egypt. rising costs of basics – health care, education, housing, and today.
Here we suffer that inequality with little protest – thus far. retirement security. They work longer hours, send more family Let us hope that the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt move
Political freedoms – elections, free speech, and freedom to members into the workforce, go into debt. And they experience peacefully to a democratic transition. And while we watch those
assemble – help to release the frustrations that would otherwise ever greater insecurity, remaining a serious illness or a lost struggles, let us not forget the need for justice here at home.
be pent up. But in fact, the poorer and more unstable your job away from ruin. The poor struggle just to survive. Their
economic condition, the less likely you are to vote or to protest. children cross unsafe streets to go to overcrowded schools, The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is a civil rights leader and
But the United States will learn the same lesson. Even with often relying on school for a good meal. They are denied equal president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.
A10 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011

we shape
together. today.


The AT&T 28 Days Speaker Series is coming to Washington, DC — hosted by Common, and featuring
fashion and beauty correspondent Tai Beauchamp as guest speaker. It’s happening at 7 p.m. on
Tuesday, February 22nd at Howard University. Find out how to get your free tickets to this inspiring
event at

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February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American B1

By Barbara Holt Streeter

Special to the AFRO

Despite horrendous weather

conditions in Hyattsville, Md., the
Hyattsville City Council member Timothy Hunt; Hyattsville ribbon cutting ceremony for J. Marie’s
Mayor William Gardiner, County Councilman Will Campos, Restaurant, an authentic Louisiana
MDHCD Secretary Skinner and J. Marie eatery offering jazz and blues Chef Steele and J. Marie
entertainment, was well attended on
Jan. 27. Members of the community of Housing and Community
and representatives from the offices Development (DHCD) Secretary
of Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., Raymond A. Skinner announced
councilman Will Campos, D- Dist. the grand opening of J. Marie’s
2, and Hyattsville Mayor William F. Restaurant. Fox, a certified minority
Gardiner were in attendance. businesswoman and veteran, was the
The opening of the 140-seat recipient of a $135,000 loan
restaurant has been a dream for through DHCD’s Neighborhood
Hyattsville Mayor William Gardiner Louisiana-born Jeaneva Marie Fox BusinessWorks Program, helping
presents a celebratory toast to J. Marie. since childhood. She now considers the project leverage over $1.2
Prince George’s County her home million. DHCD has funded more
away from home. than $10 million in loans and grants, Nichelle Schoultz, a representative from
In line with Gov. Martin O’Malley’s 110 projects and 800 jobs through Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s office, presents J.
commitment to small business and the Neighborhood BusinessWorks Marie with a congressional citation
job creation, Maryland Department program.

Prince George’s County Council member Will Campos, D-Dist.

2, Jeaneva Fox-J. Marie and Maryland Secretary of Housing
and Community Development Raymond Skinner
Attendees recognize Dawn Medley, MDHCD, director, Business Leading Programs

Photos by Barbara Holt Streeter

“AMERICA I AM: The African American Imprint,” takes viewers

on a journey through the trials and triumphs of African-American Attendees stroll through the exhibit, which
contributions to the economic, political, cultural and spiritual showcases 500 years of African-American history
developments of the United States. The exhibit is on display at the
National Geographic Museum in Northwest Washington, D.C.
News analyst and author Tavis Smiley rolled out the sprawling
exhibit at an exclusive reception and preview where many of the
contributors who helped to create the project were present to
make remarks.
Tavis Smiley and Leslie Dach, Wal-Mart speak Washington, D.C., is the fifth stop on “AMERICA I AM’s” four-
with Dr. SIdney Ribeau, president of Howard year journey throughout the U.S., and is on display through
University, and his wife, Paula Whetsel-Ribeau May 1. Scholars like Dr. Cornel West and Henry Louis Gates
Jr., collaborated on the production of the exhibit, which was
organized by the Cincinnati Museum Center and Art and Exhibitions
Wal-Mart is the national presenting sponsor along with Northern Tavis Smiley and Leslie Dach, executive
Trust as the education partner and Microsoft as the technology
vice president of corporate affairs at Wal-
Mart, chats with guests at the preview
For information, call 202-857-7700 or check the museum’s

News commentator and noted author

Tavis Smiley gives opening remarks Tavis Smiley ushers the students down
at the preview reception. the pictorial Walk of Fame of historical
Tavis Smiley gives National Geographic Director Susan Norton and
African Americans.
D.C. Mayor, Vincent Gray a tour of the exhibit.

Photos by Danita Delaney and Courtesy/ National Geographic Museum

The Friends of Old Westview Cemetery (FOWC), a non-profit organization located in

Washington D. C., recently held their annual gala at the Washington Navy Yard Catering
and Conference Center. The ballroom was beautifully decorated for the holiday season and
the deejay kept the guests on the floor all evening, dancing to the oldies. The door prizes
included several certificates from Giant Food, Shoppers Food and Miller’s Fur donated a
certificate for one year of cleaning and storage.

Two of the many visitors to the

museum exhibit reading an
inscription in the book.

Courtesy Photo
Natives of Wadesboro, N.C., currently living in Washington, D.C., that
have relatives buried in the Old Westview Cemetery are show at the
group’s holiday gala. Pictured are Barbara Bennett, left, Rose Studivant
Young, president and founder; Gracie Brown, Floral Marsh, Vannie Kirby,
Students from Nevel Thomas Elementary School in Northeast Washington, D.C., join Tavis Smiley, Susan Norton, treasurer; Isabella Kirby, Robert Chichester Jr., Fathia Thompson, Robert
director of the National Geographic Museum and John Fleming, exhibit curator, in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Chichester Sr., Nicole Edwards, Saxon Graham, Barbara G. Wallace and
Angelene E. Bennett, Mary Flakes Liles and Beatrice Marshall
B2 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011

Black Love

‘Sowing Seeds of Sweetness

into Your Relationship’
By Rev. Dorothy S.
Special to the AFRO

Valentine’s Day brings

to mind thoughts of “Black
love” as popular culture
and prominent media
pronounce a death sentence
on the quality of relationships
between Black men and
women. Everyone has friends
who are coupled with a
different partner every time
they’re encountered as well
as those friends who’ve been
married seemingly since
birth. It’s hard to determine
what’s “for real, for real.” The Photo by Danita Delaney
AFRO spoke with Reginald Reggie Williams flirts with his beautiful bride Peachie
Williams, who has taken Pleasants Williams at “Why Knot Marriage,” their marriage
on the “care and feeding” and relationship workshop held at Annie’s Art Gallery in
of marriage as his personal Camp Springs, Md.
crusade along with his wife,
Peachie. The theme of their AFRO: Everyone will of marriage. I always tell our
website, which also has a blog want to know how long you’ve workshop participants that we
with a controversial title, is been married. are just babies in this thing
“Sowing Seeds of Sweetness Reggie Williams: Peachie called marriage—or at least
Into Your Relationship.” and I just celebrated 11 years Continued on B3

Dianne Reeves Set to Perform at Strathmore

Known for her sultry voice and jazz-inspired renditions, Dianne Reeves is
widely recognized as a key performer among contemporary jazz artists. On
Feb. 14, Reeves will entertain area fans with a concert at the Music Center at
The four-time Grammy Award winner has recorded and performed
with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and
Daniel Barenboim and the Chicago Symphony. Reeves appeared,
performed in, and recorded the soundtrack for George Clooney’s
Good Night, and Good Luck - which brought her fourth Grammy
in 2006. The Los Angeles Times called Reeves, “A natural story
teller, she used her timing and phrasing to bring novel
insights into everything she sang.”
Diane Reeves takes the stage at 8 p.m. For more
Dianne Reeves information or to purchase tickets, call (301) 581-5100
Courtesy Photo or visit


Join Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and City Council President
Bernard “Jack” Young, the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland /Senator
Catherine Pugh, Chair, the Afro-American Newspapers, Associated Black Charities,
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD), Digit All Systems, Inc.,
Greater Baltimore Urban League, NAACP, The Reginald F. Lewis Museum,
Verizon and other partners for an


The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of

Maryland African-American History and Culture
830 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Don’t miss special programs at 11 a.m. and Noon.

Entertainment and educational activities offered all day and

special gifts for the first 200 children.

For more information visit

February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American B3

Vocal Arts DC to Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Gala Concert

By Patrick D. McCoy will be a gala reception and buffet, honoring Ms. DiDonato D.C. native baritone Ben Holt. Additionally, Vocal Arts DC
Special to the AFRO and celebrating the society’s 20 years of great performances. recently supported the chartering of the Ben Holt Memorial
Vocal Arts DC was founded as the Vocal Arts Society in Branch of the National Association of Negro Musicians, in
On Feb. 15, Vocal Arts DC (Vocal Arts Society of 1990 by Dr. Gerald Perman. Michael Kaiser, president of honor of Mrs. Mayme Wilkins Holt, a longtime friend of the
Washington) will celebrate its 20th Anniversary Concert Kennedy Center proclaimed Vocal Arts DC as having “one of organization.
and Gala Benefit, featuring internationally acclaimed the great vocal series of the world.” The organization has been For tickets to the concert, please visit http://www.kennedy-
mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato. A co-presentation with the a tremendous asset to the African-American music community, or call (202) 467-4600 to purchase tickets by phone.
Washington Performing Arts Society, the program will take providing performance opportunities and encouragement for Admission to the reception and dinner is by ticket at $150
place in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Of special note, several African-American classical singers such as soprano per person, and the net proceeds will benefit Vocal Arts DC.
this gala concert will also serve as Ms. DiDonato’s Kennedy Roberta Alexander, tenors Vinson Cole and Lawrence Information about the reception can be obtained by calling Vocal
Center Concert Hall debut. Following the performance, there Brownlee, baritone Stephen Salters and the late Washington, Arts (202) 669-1463 or by e-mail at

Concert Review
Denyce Graves Shines in Tribute to Grace Bumbry’s Historic White House Recital
By Patrick D. McCoy The second half of the recital opened with Cilѐa’s “Acerba
Special to the AFRO volutta” from “Adriana Lecouvreur.” In this aria, Graves’
transported the listener into the world of opera, singing with
For the commemoration of the special recital sung by a dramatic flair in which the depth of her lower voice radiated
legendary mezzo-soprano Grace Bumbry at the White House in like the glow of star-lit eventide. Next, Graves offered seven
1962 during the presidency of the late John F. Kennedy, Denyce Spanish songs by de Falla. Ranging in a variety of moods,
Graves was chosen to celebrate the occasion with a recital in Graves captivated the audience with her sense of the emotional
the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater on Feb. 1. bearing of the songs, giving life and character to each one.
This was a part of the celebrated Fortas Chamber Music Graves treated the audience to some additional music,
Concert Series at the Center. Reflecting on past and present including four familiar jazz standards. Surprisingly, there were
experiences as a student of voice, it could be said that many no spirituals included. Of mention, “The Man I Love” was
students today who study classical voice formally in college Denyce Graves especially charming.
know little about the repertoire they are singing. Saint-Saëns’ “Mon Coeur s’ouvre à ta voix” from “Samson
Courtesy Photo
At best, they simply sing the traditional 24 Italian songs and et Dalila” was the final selection on the recital. One of her
arias such as those by Giordani, Carissimi or Gluck with focus dolce ardor,” Graves sang with a rich, luminous mezzo that signature arias, Graves sang with an engulfing passion that was
on vocal production, rather than the full embodiment of style was not only rich in the lower register, but also of remarkable most effective in the final declarations of the name “Samson!”
and more importantly, the sheer joy of singing. Specifically beauty in the higher tessitura of the work. “Samson!” Graves was accorded several standing ovations and
hearing these songs revisited by Denyce Graves with an Pianist Louis Salemno set the stage perfectly for Graves’ rendered several encores including her signature “Habanera”
instrument well cultivated many years after singing them earlier vocal entrance in Strauss’ “Morgen,” which was executed with from Carmen.
in one’s career was a thrill. a delicious pull in the vocal line. Songs by Duparc followed, What a special way to commemorate the artistry of one
What made this a special evening was the fact that the artist especially noting “Le Manoir de Rosemonde,” delivered by of opera’s torch bearers, Grace Bumbry, who not only sang a
is one who has established an international career from humble Graves with commanding vocal power. A point of distraction recital at The White House, but paved the way so that African-
beginnings, marked by mountain top triumphs and heartfelt was the changing of the concert order from the stage. In the American opera singers today may equally be bathed in the
disappointments. In 1990, a young mezzo stood on the stage end, those changes did result in a wonderfully, full program but stage lights of the world’s greatest concert halls and opera
of the Terrace Theater, being presented in her debut recital. created a sense of anxiety for the audience members attempting houses. Brava!
What a full circle moment for Graves to return years later. In a to follow the flow and translations of the pieces. Ending the
recent interview with The African-American Voice in Classical first half of the program were three songs by Copland. “At the Patrick D. McCoy, the African-American Voice in Classical
Music, Graves mentioned she was singing most of the program River” was sung beautifully in a reflective manner. The two Music, is an arts columnist and musician residing in the
performed by Bumbry, but with her own touch. The program songs that followed, “The Boatmen’s Dance” and “I Bought Me Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. His online column can
featured music by Gluck, Strauss, Duparc, Copland, Falla, a Cat,” offered the audience a moment of comic relief, being be read at
Cilea and Saint-Saëns. Beginning with Gluck’s “O, del mio charmed by the jovial nature of these songs. patrick-mccoy.

New Production Marks Talbert’s 20th Anniversary in Theatre Debut Play Tackles Uncomfortable
Award-winning playwright, filmmaker and author David E. even darker—but help may be much closer than Lena could Issues During Black History Month
Talbert announces the launch of his newest stage production, have ever dared to imagine.
What My Husband Doesn’t Know, starring television and With its themes of love, betrayal and jealousy, What My
film star Brian White (“Men of a Certain Age,” Stomp the Husband Doesn’t Know fits squarely in the Talbert canon, which
Yard), and stage actress and Grammy Award-winning former includes 12 critically acclaimed touring productions, among
member of Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams (Chicago, them the musical Love in the Nick of Tyme, for which Talbert
The Color Purple). This powerful and provocative new play won a New York Literary Award for Best Playwright, and The
began touring nationally Feb. 4th and celebrates Talbert’s 20th Fabric of a Man, for which he won an NAACP award.
anniversary in theatre. “I’ve told a lot of stories that deal with affairs of the heart
Combining dazzling storytelling with groundbreaking use that I believe people have identified with and enjoyed,” said
of the theatrical medium itself, What My Husband Doesn’t Talbert in a prepared statement. Talbert counts playwright and
Know is a mesmerizing tale of lust, lies and temptation screenwriter Neil Simon as his greatest influence. “All of my
that puts a whole new twist on the “fatal attraction” theme. stories come from being a fly on the wall and listening to the
Written, directed and produced by Talbert (First Sunday, Stage stories my friends tell me.”
Black), who was heralded as “One of the most prolific theatre In addition to his many successful stage plays, Talbert
makers in America” by The Los Angeles Times, the play made his directorial debut with the comedy feature film First
also stars Ann Nesby (The Fighting Temptations) and famed Sunday, starring Ice Cube, SNL alumnus and “30 Rock” star
film and television actor Clifton Davis (Any Given Sunday, Tracy Morgan, and enigmatic comedian Katt Williams. He Courtesy Photo
“Amen”). also wrote and produced the NBC television special “Jamie
Melvina Martin’s debut play, So What Are We Fighting
To her friends, the stunning Lena Summer (Williams) Foxx: Unpredictable,” starred in his own reality television
For?, captures the essence of the civil rights movement
has it all—big house, loving daughter, wealthy husband. But series “Stage Black,” and has written several novels, including
through the eyes of volunteers from a fictional advocacy
her husband, Franklin, is so wrapped up in his construction the Essence Best-Selling novel Baggage Claim and Love
group. According to a review by, the
business that the other side of Lena’s bed is too cold too often. Don’t Live Here No More, which he co-wrote with hip hop
characters “internal racism, sexism and bigotry hidden within
When temptation comes along in the form of a handsome man icon Snoop Dogg.
the organization” as the female participants must make a
named Paul (White), Lena gives in to her desires and a torrid
number of troubling decisions.
affair ensues. But when she tries to break things off with Paul, “What My Husband Doesn’t Know” comes to Washington,
The play’s writer and director is a five-time Capital Fringe
things take a dark and surprising turn, eventually facing her D.C. March 1-6 at the Warner Theatre. For more information
Festival participant and founder of Be A Lion Production.
with a difficult dilemma. Before the night is over, things grow and tickets, visit and
“So What Are We Fighting For” begins at 7 p.m. both
nights at PGCC’s Hallam Theatre, 301 Largo Road, Largo,

Sowing Seeds of Sweetness Md. General admission is $10. For more information and
tickets, visit
Continued from B2
I am, because Peachie has another 10 years under her belt to started because I was extremely tired of hearing brothers say
draw experience on. the Bible says for a husband to rule his wife when the brothers Reginald Williams is a former AFRO editor and is currently
one, were using God’s word to advance a personal and selfish president and CEO of Flawless Communications. He and
AFRO: And what’s the strength of your marriage? position and two, brothers were not rightly dividing God’s Peachie can be contacted at Facebook@marriagenectar.
RW: We face the same obstacles that our clients/workshop word. Follow Peachie
participants face. So the messages we give them reinforce our But the blog became a living organism after we started
marriage, too. To begin with, we do rely wholeheartedly on Marriage Nectar, our own ministry to couples. We had some
God’s word. What he says about a situation and how we are couples that we mentored and I wanted to feed the brothers
to handle that situation is what we do. We use the tool of “We who were hungry for information who were no longer in our Past and present, lust
think,” as opposed to “I think.” We use tools to help us manage workshops. I saw it as a way to stay connected. and friendship collide in
conflict. We are dedicated to worshipping together. We always I recently ran into a brother who has been struggling in his the Louisiana heat.
date, no matter what. We’ll make going to the supermarket a marriage. He said the blog keeps him lifted in terms of what he
date. We laugh a lot. We know how to give each other space is supposed to do as a husband.
D !
when needed. And we keep up an intimate, sexual lifestyle. We
make love even if we are getting on each other’s nerves. AFRO: Are you discouraged at the state of “Black love” or E
AFRO: You told me women are resistant to your blog
do you feel it’s being underestimated in the media and public
opinion? E XT

because of its title, “Rule Your Wife.” Where’d that come from? RW: While statistically the state of “Black love” looks
RW: Some women can’t get past the title and won’t read the dismal and there is evidence that the relationship between by Tarell Alvin McCraney
post, but will address extremely critical comments to me based Black men and women is as contentious as the relationship directed by Timothy Douglas
on what they believe it to be. The impression is that “to rule” is between Democrats and Republicans, I am encouraged. As
my advising men to be oppressive. The majority of women who Peachie and I work with couples, we see the light come on once

actually read it, truly enjoy the post. But many of them admit they are equipped with tools. We maintain contact with a great
they were having such a difficult time with the title. There are many of our couples –probably around 70—and many of them
also brothers, who at first glance, shy away from it because of are now happily married. And just like Peachie and I are doing
the title. this work, we have built relationships with couples in other
parts of the country who are also dedicated to this work. So
AFRO: Why did you start the blog? while the last generation may be suffering because they didn’t
RW: “Rule Your Wife” started as a commentary published have role models for marriage, slowly but surely the model is 14th and P Streets, NW 202-332-3300
in several papers, then grew into a workshop. But all that re-emerging and circulating.
B4 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011

More Sports on

Bison Earn Fifth Win of Season

with Inside Presence
Friendship Collegiate Seniors Make History
By Perry
on National Football Signing Day across the country, including
AFRO Sports By AFRO Staff from Friendship Collegiate will be attending next fall. schools with premier football
Editor Academy School came It marked the most seniors programs like Ohio State
History was made in together at a National Football from one school to receive University and University of
The Washington, D.C. high school Signing Ceremony on Feb. 2 full scholarships to study and Pittsburgh.
Howard’s sports last week as 14 seniors to announce the schools they perform at major universities
Howard Alphonso Friendship’s historical
Bison men’s Leary scored senior class includes Lorenzo
basketball 19 points to Fisher, Ohio State University;
team lost its help the Bison Malcolm Crockett, University
18th game advance to 5-18 of Pittsburgh; Jordan Kittrell,
of the season on the season. Central Connecticut State;
over the Marcellus Riley, Glenville
weekend after Courtesy Photo/Howard University State; Richard Sloan,
falling to N.C. Central State, 79-70, at Burr Gymnasium on Glenville State; Donavan
Feb. 5. But it didn’t take them long to bounce back with a Wallace, Cheyney; Darrian
victory, making light work of South Carolina State, 65-53, in Cleckley, Glenville State;
another Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference contest on Feb. 7. Denzel Stanbak, Morgan
The Bison aren’t the most physically strong team when State; Saed Mack, Glenville
it comes to playing offensively and defensively inside the State; Charles Bailey,
paint. But, surprisingly, they were able to dominate SCSU on Fourteen seniors from Friendship undecided (Glenville State
the inside, shooting 50 percent from the field (11 of 22 shots Collegiate Academy School signed and NC Central offers);
made) in the second half alone. They also reached the free college football scholarship letters, Percee Goings King,
throw line 19 times in the second half. the most in Washington, D.C. high Columbia University;
“That’s how you win games. When you make free throws school sports history. Deandre Price, Central
and don’t turn the ball over, you have a chance to win,” said Connecticut State; Marquise
Howard first-year coach Kevin Nickelberry, who explained Courtesy Photo/DC-Cap Anderson, Bowie State;
why his team made a halftime adjustment to attack the Marquise Walton, undecided
“We were not making our outside shots in the first half Gonzaga Ekes Out Win against St. John’s, 54-40 (Glenville State and Marist
(two of nine from three-point range), so we decided to get By Stephen D. Riley off to a fast start until the scoring dried up. All students used the D.C.
the ball inside in the second half,” Nickelberry said. “I AFRO Staff Writer But a lockdown defensive performance in the College Access Program (DC-
wanted to go through [Mike] Phillips and [Alphonso] Leary. second half got The Washington Post’s sixth- CAP) as a platform to gain
We were able to exploit our height advantage.” It wasn’t their most efficient night, but the ranked local team back on track. their scholarships. DC-CAP
Phillips came up big for Howard, scoring a career-high Gonzaga Eagles found a way to grind out a After jogging out to a 20-13 lead after is a privately funded, not-
26 points, while Leary followed up with 19 points. Dadrian 54-40 win against the St. John’s Cadets on the first quarter, Gonzaga’s offense came for-profit organization that
Collins also scored double-digits for the Bison with 12 Feb. 4 in a battle of Washington, D.C., private to a screeching halt, as they would score encourages and enables D.C.
points. schools. just 34 points the rest of the game. Playing public high school students
Howard (5-18 overall, 3-7 MEAC) will see its next action After a disappointing loss the previous two games in two nights may have been the to enroll and graduate from
on Feb. 12 at North Carolina A&T. night to Paul VI Catholic, Gonzaga (16-5) got Continued on B5 college.
February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American B5

We now
approach a
time of year
If you
Largo Limits Surrattsville, Wins 65-55
By Stephen D. Riley
that leaves it didn’t
AFRO Staff Writer
some of us take long
with mixed
The NFL Pro
‘The Road to Canton’ for his face
to become
tattooed on
With fewer than three minutes left in a close game, Largo junior point guard Derrick
Colter took the in-bound pass and dribbled up court. He weaved around one defender before
dodging another. He then casually pranced across midcourt before lobbing the ball to senior
Bowl (what An interesting idea has your brain.
forward Brandon Bailey, who finished it off with authority. The high-flying but risky alley-
a joke) and the Super Bowl popped to the surface. Why He had the moves of Barry
oop play put the No. 17 Largo Lions up by six points, giving them a sizeable lead to help put
are behind us, and for those not let some coaches and Sanders and the power of
away the No. 16 Surrattsville Hornets, 65-55, on Feb. 3 in Largo, Md.
of you who are dyed in the ex players with Hall of Walter Payton. Watching a
Ironically, Colter and Bailey helped close the game almost the same way they started it,
wool football fans, you Fame status join the voting Marshall Faulk highlight film
with the point guard lobbing it up and his 6-foot-6-inch forward slamming it home. Typically,
were eagerly awaiting the committee? A coach who has was like watching a ballet in
teams elect for the “safe play” late in games, but not the Largo Lions. Led by Colter, who has
Pro Football Hall of Fame spent 20 hours a day looking pads.
a flair for the dramatic, Largo’s herky-jerky style has them neck-and-neck with Surrattsville
selections. at game film trying to figure a Deion Sanders (no relation
and Friendly High School atop the Prince George’s County 3A standings.
This is another one of way to stop Warren Sapp will to Barry) not only came on
Fast-breaking Largo likes to get up court in a hurry. It’s a risky style but when it’s working
those NFL arenas where I certainly pencil in his name the scene with a name with
like it was against Surrattsville, another team ranked in The Washington Post top 20 local
enter with a bone to pick. among the elite. Incidentally, three vowels in a row, he
teams, it’s a crowd-pleasing performance.
Granted there are favorites Warren will be eligible the managed to chalk up a few
“That’s our style,” admitted Largo coach Lewis Howard. “We’re going to play that style of
that garner the best wishes of year after next, and he is a colorful nicknames (Neon
basketball all day long and if it’s there we’re going to take it. We want to showcase our kids’
the fans, but there are those little antsy. Deion and Prime Time).
talent and allow them to do the things they can do. But when it comes down to possession of
deserving that get kicked to Another idea floating Believe me, he earned both
the basketball we want to play like that and tonight we showed we can do that.”
the curb to wait another year. around is the need for a names.
The Surrattsville Hornets (14-3) received a big game assist from senior point guard Chaz
A case in point is the separate category. Ed Sabol, Deion was one of those
White who scored 18 points and routinely knifed through the teeth of the Largo’s defense for
dilemma of NFL legend Art the founder of NFL Films, players who kept coaches
layups early in the first half. After Largo (12-5) adjusted defensively, Surrattsville was held to
Monk. When Monk retired, he is on the list this year, and up until the wee hours of the
just 9 points in the final quarter as Largo racked up18 fourth quarter points to seal the win.
took home a sack of records he is surely deserving. His morning trying to devise a
A large crowd made the 30-minute trek from Surrattsville, Md. to fill Largo’s gymnasium,
and left active players shaking approach to the game has game plan that would take
nearly outnumbering the home audience. The visiting team unmercifully booed the game’s
their respective heads and documented the careers of him out of the game. It didn’t
referees after a series of questionable calls late in the game drew the ire of both the team’s
muttering, “I want to be like many great players, and his work. Deion was, without
fans and its head coach, Roderick Moore.
Art.” library of game films has question the best cover corner
“It’s a game,” Howard said. “The refs didn’t put the ball in the hole, we did. Calls went
It took a lot of cussing and brought entertainment to who ever played the game. He
both ways. You can’t blame it on the refs, you got to play.”
cajoling from the media and many fans. It is safe to say didn’t make a good reputation
fans towards the selection that his product is largely with his, “I hope I don’t
committee to get the job done. responsible for the popularity have to tackle anybody.”
Finally Art took his place
among the greats at Canton in
of the game today. attitude, but he would bait
quarterbacks into throwing to
However, Ed Sabol never Continued from B4
the last class. played a down of football in the man he was covering, and
This process is another the NFL, and his selection the next thing you saw was source of Gonzaga’s struggles, but sophomore somebody the ball or scoring it himself,” said
one of those things that need will take up a space that “Prime Time” on his way to point guard Nate Britt did his best to get his Gonzaga coach Steve Turner.
fixing. Some of the voters should be filled by a player the end zone. team over the hump. After St. John’s (11-10) sliced a double-digit
were in diapers when some who sweated in the trenches. Now that he has retired On a night where his production was deficit to six points late in the fourth quarter,
of the old time greats were Some players on this from football, we get an much needed, Britt came up with important Britt responded with a pair of baskets to push
strapping on cleats and taking year’s list are no brainers. opportunity to see him as an basket after important basket. When he wasn’t Gonzaga’s lead to 10 points. Although Britt
their places on the gridiron on Former star running back analyst on NFL sports shows. directing the offense, Britt was the offense, was spearheading the Gonzaga offense, it was
Sundays. Marshall Faulk came out of It is always a treat to see what dropping in feathery jump shots and sinking his approach on defense that sparked the team.
I get the feeling that San Diego State, and when he will be wearing. He must long-range three-pointers. Britt scored a Gonzaga held St. John’s to just 15 second half
when some of the names of he was drafted I kept looking shop for his suits at the same game-high 20 points and demonstrated why points, forcing the Cadets into their second
old timers come up, these around at the other players place as M.C. Hammer and Georgetown, Duke and the University of lowest scoring output of the season.
jitterbug reporters with a vote trying to identify him. He Steve Harvey. Miami are recruiting the second-year guard. “We needed a [win] and we found a way
look on the paper of the guy looked like a guy who was For whoever makes it, the “He’s been logging a lot of minutes over to get it,” Turner said. “Even though the game
next to them trying to get the about to don his hard hat, pick road to Canton has been a the last few days, really the whole season for got ugly at times we found a way to get stops
answer (much like a kid who up his lunch pail and head off rocky one, and they deserve us and tonight when we needed him the most and make plays down the stretch to win the
hasn’t studied for the test). to his job at the mill. to be there. Congrats. he stepped up big time whether it was getting game.”

Black history belongs to all of us. It’s not just other people’s stories from the past. It’s how these stories are passed down, reflected upon and used to start new chapters.

In our schools, in the workplace and in the community, new leaders are taking a stand and creating positive change every day. This shows us that Black History is alive

and well. And this is why we celebrate. Wells Fargo honors Black History and all pioneers of progress.

© 2011 Wells Fargo Bank N.A., All rights reserved. Member FDIC.
B6 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011

This could be history in the making

Black History Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate the

extraordinary contributions and events made possible by
African Americans. This history is our history, and part
of the fabric of America.

Today, history continues to be made through the achievements

of children in our communities. We’re celebrating their future,
and Safeway is proud to be part of the celebration.

February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American B7

Faith Pulse
Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” at partnership with T. Roosevelt ViZion’s Young Adult and founder of “Gospel Comedy
4 p.m. on March 13. Call Daniel S.T.A.Y. High School, will Ministry at Zion Baptist Church Praise.”
Ozment at 202-537-5511 or visit reschedule Market Day for Feb. invites the public to attend its  “Open-mic” entertainment for 10, 5:30-8:30 p.m., at 4301 13th Praise Christian Club and Café at will also be on the “menu” and
tickets and other information. St., N.W. Interested vendors 7 p.m. on Feb. 18 at the church area musicians, singers and poets
By Herb Quarles Fickley. His e-mail address is dozment@ are invited to reserve a table. located at 4850 Blagden Ave., are welcome to participate in this
Special to the AFRO Also enjoy a lively Call Mrs. Johnson at 202-576- N.W. Spotlighting the event will entertaining Christian event. Call
interaction with Lewis and enter 8762 for vendor space and other be the professional Christian Danielle Williams at 202-722-
HU Chapel Services for a chance to win two tickets ZBC Schedule information. The snow date will comedian Seam Sarvis, who is 4940 for additional information.
The Rev. Dr. Michael to the society’s presentation of Zion Baptist Church, in be March 4. also a writer, producer, director
E. Dyson will be the guest
speaker at the 11 a.m.
worship service on Feb. 13 at
Howard University’s Cramton
Auditorium, 2455 Sixth
St., N.W. He is a sociology
professor at Georgetown

Courtesy Photo
The Rev. Dr. Michael E.
Dyson will preach at
Howard University on Feb.
On Feb. 20, the Rev. Dr.
John Kinney will be the guest
Chapel services are
broadcast the following Sunday
at 11 a.m. on Howard’s radio
station, WHUR-FM 96.3.
Recordings may be ordered by
mail with the media ministry
order form; immediately after
worship services and Monday-
Friday between 10 a.m. and 5
p.m. Call 202-806-7280 or visit
for additional information.
The e-mail address is chapel@

Choral Concert
J. Reilly Lewis will conduct
“Cathedral Sings!” at 7:30 p.m.
on Feb. 13 at the Washington
Macy’s Metro Center
National Cathedral located at
Massachusetts and Wisconsin Thursday, February 17th, 5:30pm
avenues N.W. The program
features Mozart’s “Requiem”
with the Cathedral Choral
On the Lower Level
Society, soloists from the
Washington National Opera’s
Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist In honor of Black History Month, Macy’s
Program and organist Todd
celebrates fashion icon Eunice W. Johnson
Sacred Music and her legendary EBONY FASHION FAIR®,
Workshop the world’s largest traveling fashion show.
By Herb Quarles
Special to the AFRO
Join in celebrating her courage, triumph and
A sacred music workshop
titled “Revive Us Again” glamour, as Macy’s Metro Center unlocks
will be held at 6 p.m. on
Feb. 11 and 8 a.m. on Feb. Eunice’s private archives and brings to life the
12, culminating during the
10:30 a.m. worship service spectacular couture and decades of designer
at Asbury United Methodist
Church. Dr. Raymond Wise looks from EBONY FASHION FAIR® in special
will be the facilitator. A born
again Christian dedicated exhibitions and fabulous FASHION FAIR® fetes.
to raising the word of God,
Wise will offer lessons in
vocal technique, music
ministry, praise and worship Head to the FASHION FAIR® cosmetics
tools and choir decorum.
Other guest appearing counter and bring your lips to life with a
will be Sandra Key, minister
of music at Third Street
Church of God; Patrick
special collection designed for the LOVE of
McCoy, minister of music
at Takoma Park Baptist color. With any purchase of $50 or more of
Church; Thomas Dixon
Tyler, minister of music FASHION FAIR® cosmetics, you’ll receive a
at Shiloh Baptist Church;
Salone Clary, minister of free fashion tote*.
music at John Wesley AME
Zion Church and Jason Hill,
minister of music at Mt.
Vernon Place UMC. Visit for details, event
The program is open to
area choirs and directors. reservations and more information on this
There is a workshop fee.
Contact Charlyn Bachemin and other Black History Month events.
to preregister and call 202-
628-0009 for additional

Courtesy Photo
Raymond Wise will
conduct a music workshop
at Asbury UMC this *While supplies last. Event subject to change or cancellation without notice.

N1010256A.indd 1 2/1/11 4:41:02 PM

Superior Court of
the District of
District of Columbia

The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011 Washington, D.C.
August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American B7
Administration No.
la 410-554-8200
Lora C. Paige

DeAnna L. Jackson

Superior Court of
the District of
Buy it • Sell it
Civil Division
Case No. 0000623-11
Swap it
it •• Lease
Lease itit
Rent it •• Hire
it Hire itit

rr ee ss uu ll tt ss
Applicant DeAnna L. Jackson,
ORDER OF whose address is 4217
CHANGE OF NAME Washington DC 20019,
Ethel Dolores Mays hav- was appointed personal
ing filed a NOTICES
LEGAL complaint for
NOTICES representative
LEGAL of the
Payment Policy for legal notice
Payment Policy for legal judgment changing estate of Lora C. Paige,

advertisements who died on April 16,
AFRO Classified minimum ad rate is $26.74 per col. inch
Superior Court of
Ethel Dolores Mays
name to Dolores Ethel 2006 with a will, and will 1 Col. (an inch consists of up to 20 words). Mail in your ad on
notice advertisements the District of
Battle and having ap- serve without Court su-
Inch form below along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER to:
Effective immediately, The Afro Ameri- plied to the court for an pervision. All unknown
Civil Division heirs and heirs whose WASHINGTON AFRO-AMERICAN CO., 1917 Benning
can Newspapers will require prepay- Case No. 0000013-11
Order of Publication of
the notice required by whereabouts are un- Up to
Effective immediately,
ment for publication The
of all legal notices. IN RE: known shall enter their
Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002-4723, Attn: Clsf. Adv.
Willia Yvette Tillery
law in such cases; it is
by the Court this 25 day appearance in this 20 Words Dept.
Afro American Newspapers
Payment will be accepted in the form Applicant of January 2011. proceeding. Objections
of checks, credit card or money order. ORDER OF ORDERED, that all per- to such appointment (or
will require prepayment for
Any returned checks will be subject to a
PUBLICATION sons concerned show to the probate of de-
CHANGE OF NAME cause, if any there be, cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall be
$25.00 processingof fee
result in Willa Yvette Tillery hav- on or before the 28 day filed with the Register of 1 2 3 4 5
ing filed a complaint for Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Payment will be accepted
the suspension of any future in
advertising judgment changing Willa
of February 2011, why
the prayers of said com- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
at our discretion. Yvette Tillery name to Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 6 7 8 9 10
the form of check, credit card Yvette Willa Tillery and
plaint should not be
granted; provided that a 20001, on or before Au-
having applied to the gust 4, 2011. Claims
or money order. Any returned court for an Order of
copy of this order be
published once a week against the decedent 11 12 13 14 15
checks will be AD NETWORK
subject to a Publication of the notice
required by law in such
for three consecutive
weeks before said day
shall be presented to the
undersigned with a copy
$25.00 processing TRAINERS EARN
fee and may 49¢/ cases; it is by the Court in the Afro-American to the Register of Wills 16 18 19 20
this 3 day of January 17
MILE! 888-417-7564 2011.
Newspapers. or filed with the Register
result in the suspension
Miss Bella —born
of any
JUDGE of Wills with a copy to
the undersigned, on or
at our dis- sons concerned show
2/4, 2/11, 2/18 before February 4, 2011,
gifted spiritual healer cause, if any there be, or be forever barred. NAME
& life coach. Helps on or before the 7 day Superior Court of
with all problems of HELP WANTED - of February 2011, why the District of
Persons believed to be
heirs or legatees of the ADDRESS
the prayers of said com- District of Columbia decedent who do not re-
life, love, money, ca- DRIVERS plaint should not be PROBATE DIVISION PHONE NO.
ceive a copy of this no-
reer, depression,
LEGAL NOTICES and LEGAL NOTICES granted; provided that a Washington, D.C. tice by mail within 25
addiction. Guaranteed copy of this order be 20001-2131 days of its first publica-
TRUCK DRIVERS published once a week Administration No.
results with just one
WANTED! for three consecutive 2008ADM951
tion shall so inform the
Register of Wills, includ-
(Room, Apt, House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:
phone call. Call Now! weeks before said day Douglas Fairbanks ing name, address and
2011 PAY RAISE! in the Afro-American. Johnson
804-503-2009 relationship.
UP TO $.52 PER MILE! JUDGE Decedent Date of Publication:
A TRUE COPY TEST: Nicholas D Ward
1/28, 2/4, 2/11 1212 New York Ave
NW Suite 1000
February 4, 2011
Superior Court of Afro-American
HEARTLAND EX- Washington DC 20005 Washington Law
the District of
AUTOMOBILE PRESS 1-800-441-4953 Attorney
District of Columbia
DeAnna L. Jackson Legal Advertising Rates
DONATION Washington, D.C.
Representative Effective October 1, 2006
Administration No. 517-435-3929
William E. Wade, whose TRUE TEST COPY
MISC. Vernelle Owens
TRUCKS, RV’S. Decedent
Road, Fairlawn, OH 2/4, 2/11, 2/18
44333 was appointed
LUTHERAN MISSION Bruce E. Gardner Esq personal representative Superior Court of (Estates)
SOCIETY. Your dona- AIRLINE ME- The Gardner Law Firm of the estate of Douglas the District of
tion helps local families CHANIC - Train for PC
1101 Pennsylvania Ave
Fairbanks Johnson, who District of Columbia 202-879-9460/61
with food, clothing, high paying Aviation NW Suite 600
died on August 31, 2008 PROBATE DIVISION
with a Will. Objections to Washington, D.C.
shelter. Tax deduct- Maintenance Career. Washington DC 20004 such appointment or to 20001-2131
ible. MVA licensed. FAA approved program. Attorney the probate of de- Administration No. PROBATE NOTICES
LutheranMissionSoci- Financial aid if qualified APPOINTMENT,
cedent's Will shall be 2011ADM53
filed with the Register of Ozella Ruth Harvey 410-636-0123 - Job placement as- NOTICE TO Wills, District of Colum- Decedent a. Order Nisi
SUPERIOR $ 60 per insertion $180.00 per 3 weeks
or toll-free 1-877-737- sistance. CALL Aviation CREDITORS bia, 515 5th Street, NW Shanta Ramson Esq
b. Small OF (single publication)
8567. Institute of Maintenance UNKNOWN HEIRS
3rd Floor, Washington 4705 Sandy Spring Rd
$ 50 per insertion
DC 20001, on or before Burtonsville, MD c.OF
Notice to Creditors
(866) 823-6729. Linda Lewis, whose ad- 20866 COLUMBIA
August 4, 2011.
dress is 1625 Lyman Attorney PROBATE
1. Domestic $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
DONATE VEHICLE: Date of Publication:
Place NE Washington DIVISION
Receive $1000 GRO- MISC. / DC 20002, was ap-
February 4, 2011 NOTICE OF
2. Foreign
Washington, D.C. $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
Name of newspaper:
CERY COUPONS, TRAINING pointed personal repre- Afro-American NOTICE TO 20001-2131 Estates
d. Escheated $ 60 per insertion $ 360.00 per 6 weeks
sentative of the estate of Administration No.
Your Choice, NOAH’S Vernelle Owens, who
Washington Law CREDITORS e. 2010ADM1171
Standard Probates $ 125.00
died on December 12, UNKNOWN HEIRS Estate of
APY - Learn fast, earn William E. Wade
Shelters. Advanced 2010 without a will, and Audrey A. Dockery
Veterinary Treatments. fast. Financial aid if will serve without Court
Linda Harrison, whose
address is 13710 Town Deceased CIVIL NOTICES
supervision. All un- NOTICE OF
Free Towing, IRS qualified. A new career known heirs and heirs
202-289-6440 Line Road, Silver Spring
TAX DEDUCTION. is at your fingertips. Call whose whereabouts are
TRUE TEST COPY Maryland 20906 was ap- a. Name
PROBATE Changes 202-879-1133
Superior Court of
$ 80.00
REGISTER OF WILLS pointed personal repre-
Non-runners 1-866-912- Centura College 877- unknown shall enter 2/4, 2/11, 2/18 sentative of the estate of Notice
b. RealisProperty
hereby the District of $ 200.00
206-3353 their appearance in this given that a petition District of Columbia
GIVE proceeding. Objections Superior Court of
Ozella Ruth Harvey,
has been filed in this PROBATE DIVISION
who died on December
to such appointment the District of Court by Aubrey A. Washington, D.C.
MOUNTAIN shall be filed with the District of Columbia
23, 2010 without a will,
and will serve without Dockery-Bey, John FAMILY COURT
BUSINESS PROPERTY Register of Wills, D.C., PROBATE DIVISION Court supervision. All Brown & Jerry L. Administration No.
515 5th Street, N.W., Hunter, Esq for stan- 2011ADM0052 202-879-1212
OPPORTUNITY 3rd Floor Washington,
Washington, D.C.
unknown heirs and heirs
dard probate, includ- Dorothy A Ratliff
whose whereabouts are
Attn Hunters/ Inves- D.C. 20001, on or be- ing the appointment Decedent
tors: BEST¬BUY IN fore September 28,
Administration No.
unknown shall enter
their appearance in this of one or more per- DOMESTIC RELATIONS
Jennifer E Loud Esq
DONATE YOUR 2011. Claims against the sonal representa- 7826 Eastern Avenue
VEHICLE RECEIVE AMERICA! Mountain decedent shall be pre-
Artis T. Wilson proceeding. Objections
tive. Unless a com- NW Suite 410
202-879-0157 Superior Court of
Decedent to such appointment (or the District of
FREE VACATION Land! From $995/ Acre. sented to the under- NOTICE OF to the probate of de- plaint or an objection Washington DC 20012 District of Columbia
Buy direct From timber signed with a copy to the APPOINTMENT, ina.accordance
Absent Defendant
with Attorney PROBATE DIVISION $ 150.00
VOUCHER. UNITED Register of Wills or filed
cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe
Superior Court Divorce
company &..SAVE!!! NOTICE TO filed with the Register of b. Absolute Washington, D.C.$ 150.00
BREAST CANCER with the Register of Wills CREDITORS Wills, D.C., 515 5th bate Division Rule APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131
FOUNDATION Free Woods, views, streams, with a copy to the under- AND NOTICE TO Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
c. Custody
407 is filed inDivorce
this NOTICE TO Administration No. $ 150.00
Mammograms, Breast trails. So many deer/ signed, on or before UNKNOWN HEIRS Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Court within 30 days CREDITORS 2004-36
September 28, 2011 or Cheryl A. Calloway, from the date of first AND NOTICE TO Helen L Harris
Cancer Info www.ubcf. turkey the natives call be forever barred. Per-
20001, on or before Au-
publication of this UNKNOWN HEIRS
whose address is 1629 gust 4, 2011. Claims To place Decedent
your ad, call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 262
info FREE Towing, ‘em pests! County road sons believed to be K Street NW, Suite 300, against the decedent notice, the Court Howard Gregory Camp- Kathy Brissette-Minus
with power. Excellent heirs or legatees of the may take the action Public bell, Notices
whose address $50.00is & Law
up depending
Office of on sizeSUPERIOR COURT OF
Tax Deductible, Non- decedent who do not re-
Washington DC 20006 shall be presented to the
hereinafter set forth. 4250 East Legal
Capital Street
Runners Accepted, owner financing with was appointed personal undersigned with a copy Baltimore NoticesKathy Brissette-Minus
are $24.15 per inch. THE DISTRICT OF
ceive a copy of this no- representative of the to the Register of Wills
Admit to probate NE #202 Washington LLC COLUMBIA
1-888-468-5964 10% down. Call Now tice by mail within 25 estate of Artis T. Wilson, or filed with the Register the will dated Feb- There
DC is no was
20019, flat rate
ap- — 1-800
9900 (AFRO)
Greenbelt 892
877-526-3764 wvtim- days of its first publica- who died on November of Wills with a copy to r u a r y 1 5 , For
2 0 1Proof
0 pointed personal repre-
of Publication, pleaseSuite
call E1-800-237-6892,
215 ext.Washington,
244 D.C.
tion shall so inform the exhibited with the sentative of the estate of Lanham MD 20706 Register of Wills, includ-
23, 2010 without a will, the undersigned, on or
petition upon proof Dorothy A Ratliff who Attorney
BUSINESS ing name, address and
and will serve without
Court supervision. All
before August 4, 2011, LEGAL
satisfactory NOTICES
to the LEGAL
on January 3, 2011 LEGAL
Foreign No.
or be forever barred.
SERVICES SERVICES/ relationship. unknown heirs and heirs Persons believed to be Court of due execu-
tion by affidavit of
with a will, and will serve APPOINTMENT, Date of Death
Date of Publication: whose whereabouts are heirs or legatees of the without Court supervi- NOTICE TO August 11, 2010
MISC. January 28, 2011 unknown shall enter decedent who do not re- witnesses or other-
sion. All unknown heirs CREDITORS Geneva Shannon
DOES YOUR BUSI- Name of newspaper: their appearance in this ceive a copy of this no- and heirs whose AND NOTICE TO Arnold
NESS NEED MORE Afro-American proceeding. Objections tice by mail within 25
in the absence of a whereabouts are un- UNKNOWN HEIRS AKA
DONATE YOUR CAR Washington Law to such appointment will or proof satisfac- known shall enter their Brenda T Jarvis, whose Geneva Shannon
FOOT TRAFFIC??? Reporter
days of its first publica-
tory to the Court of appearance in this address is 8422 Carroll- Decedent
Fast, Free Pickup. Run- shall be filed with the tion shall so inform the
Advertise with us in Linda Lewis Register of Wills, D.C., Register of Wills, includ- due execution, enter proceeding. Objections ton Parkway, New Car- NOTICE OF
over 97 newspapers ning or Not! Maximum Personal 515 5th Street, N.W., ing name, address and an order determining to such appointment (or rollton MD 20784, was APPOINTMENT
Tax Deduction. Live Representative 3rd Floor Washington, that the decedent to the probate of de- appointed personal re- OF FOREIGN
across Maryland, Dela- TRUE TEST COPY D.C. 20001, on or be-
died Intestate. cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall be
be presentative of the PERSONAL
Date of Publication:
ware and DC. Reach 5.2 Operators - 7 Days! REGISTER OF WILLS fore August 4, 2011. February 4, 2011
appoint an unsu- filed with the Register of estate of Helen L. Har- REPRESENTATIVE
million readers weekly 1/28, 2/4, 2/11 pervised personal Wills, D.C., 515 5th ris, who died on June AND
Cancer Fund of America Claims against the de- Name of newspaper:
representative. NOTICE TO
cedent shall be pre- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor 16, 2003 without a will,
for as little as $14.95 per - Help fight cancer. Call Superior Court of Afro-American
Register of Wills Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . and will serve without CREDITORS
the District of sented to the under- Washington Law
paper in our 2x2 Display Now 800-390-8178. signed with a copy to the Reporter Clerk of the 20001, on or before Au- Court supervision. All Marilyn B. Thompson
Columbia Probate Division whose address is 4309
Ad Network. For more Civil Division Register of Wills or filed Linda A. Harrison gust 4, 2011. Claims unknown heirs and heirs
with the Register of Wills Date of First against the decedent whose whereabouts are Broken Arrow Court,
information contact us AD FUNDS Case No. 0000603-11 Personal
Publication shall be presented to the unknown shall enter Clinton MD 20735 was
IN RE: with a copy to the under- Representative
at 410-721-4000 x19 or TIGHT??? - Check out signed, on or before Au- 301-871-5244 February 4, 2011 undersigned with a copy their appearance in this appointed personal re-
ELIJAH DAVID to the Register of Wills proceeding. Objections presentative of the
visit our website: www. THE DAILY CLASSI- CAULEY JR gust 4, 2011, or be for- TRUE TEST COPY Names of
FIED CONNECTION. ever barred. Persons Newspapers: or filed with the Register to such appointment estate of Geneva Shan- Applicant REGISTER OF WILLS
Washington Law of Wills with a copy to shall be filed with the non Arnold aka Geneva
For $199 per day - Get ORDER OF believed to be heirs or 2/4, 2/11, 2/18
Reporter the undersigned, on or Register of Wills, D.C., Shannon, deceased, by
Ad Placement 5 Days PUBLICATION legatees of the decedent
Valley National Loans who do not receive a Washington before August 4, 2011, 515 5th Street, N.W., the Orphans Court for
Per Week in 14 Major CHANGE OF NAME SUPERIOR AFRO-AMERICAN or be forever barred. 3rd Floor Washington, Prince Georges County,
Bills, Debts, Financial Daily Newspapers in Elijah David Cauley Jr. copy of this notice by
COURT OF NEWSPAPERS Persons believed to be D.C. 20001, on or be- State of Maryland, on
mail within 25 days of its
problem! Let us help! Washington, Maryland having filed a complaint
first publication shall so THE DISTRICT Aubrey A. Dockery- heirs or legatees of the fore August 4, 2011. October 19, 2010.
and DC. Space is for judgment changing OF COLUMBIA decedent who do not re- Claims against the de- Service of process may
Quick low rat Personal, Elijah David Cauley Jr. inform the Register of Bey
Business Auto Debt con- limited - Call now for Wills, including name, PROBATE John Brown ceive a copy of this no- cedent shall be pre- be made upon Tiffany
name to Elijah David DIVISION Thompson 2914 12th
immediate placement to- address and relation- Jerry L. Hunter Esq tice by mail within 25 sented to the under-
solidation, Home loan day 410-721-4000x19 or
Corley Jr. and having
ship. Washington, D.C. 1822 11th Street NE Street, NE Washington
days of its first publica- signed with a copy to the DC 20017 whose des-
applied to the court for
Bad credit ok. No ap- visit our website: www. an Order of Publication Date of Publication: 20001-2131 Washington DC tion shall so inform the Register of Wills or filed ignation as District of
Administration No. 20001 Register of Wills, includ- with the Register of Wills Columbia agent has
plication fee Apply call. of the notice required by February 4, 2011
Name of newspaper: 202-234-1722 ing name, address and with a copy to the under- been filed with the Reg-
1 877 674 6660 law in such cases; it is
Afro-American Estate of Signature of relationship. signed, on or before Au-
by the Court this 24 day Audrey A. Dockery Petitioners/Attorney gust 4, 2011, or be for- ister of Wills, D.C.
VACATION of January 2011. Washington Law
Reporter Deceased 2/4, 2/11
Date of Publication:
February 4, 2011 ever barred. Persons The decedent owned
Furniture RENTALS ORDERED, that all per-
Cheryl A. Calloway NOTICE OF Name of newspaper: believed to be heirs or the following District of
sons concerned show
Personal STANDARD Afro-American legatees of the decedent Colombia real property:
cause, if any there be, Superior Court of 2914 12th Street NE
OCEAN CITY, Representative PROBATE Washington Law who do not receive a
Washington DC 20017
on or before the 26 day Notice is hereby the District of copy of this notice by
LEATHER LIVING MARYLAND. Best of February 2011, why 202-258-2663 District of Columbia
Reporter and 6701 Piney Branch
selection of affordable TRUE TEST COPY given that a petition Howard Gregory mail within 25 days of its Road, NW Washington
ROOM SET. In origi- the prayers of said com- has been filed in this PROBATE DIVISION Campbell first publication shall so
rentals. Full/ partial plaint should not be REGISTER OF WILLS Washington, D.C. DC 20012
nal plastic, never used. weeks. Call for FREE 2/4, 2/11, 2/18 Court by Aubrey A. Personal inform the Register of Claims against the de-
granted; provided that a Dockery-Bey, John 20001-2131 Representative Wills, including name, cedent may be pre-
Orig price $3000, Sac- brochure. Open daily. copy of this order be Administration No.
Superior Court of Brown & Jerry L. 202-422-5213 address and relation- sented to the under-
rifice $975. Can deliver. Holiday Real Estate. published once a week the District of Hunter, Esq for stan- 2011ADM0052 TRUE TEST COPY ship. signed and filed with the
Call Bill 301-841-7565 1-800-638-2102. Online for three consecutive District of Columbia dard probate, includ- Dorothy A Ratliff REGISTER OF WILLS Date of Publication: Register of Wills for the
reservations: www. weeks before said day PROBATE DIVISION ing the appointment Decedent February 4, 2011
2/4, 2/11, 2/18 District of Columbia, 515 in the Afro-American Washington, D.C. of one or more per- Jennifer E Loud Esq Name of newspaper:
Newspapers. Superior Court of 5th Street N.W. 3rd
Cherry Bedroom Set. 20001-2131 sonal representa- 7826 Eastern Avenue Afro-American Floor, Washington, D.C.
Solid Wood, never used, JUDGE Administration No. tive. Unless a com- NW Suite 410 the District of Washington Law
District of Columbia 20001 within 6 months
A TRUE COPY TEST: Washington DC 20012 Reporter
brand new in factory VACATION 2/4, 2/11, 2/18
Lora C. Paige
plaint or an objection
in accordance with Attorney PROBATE DIVISION from the date of first
Brenda T Jarvis publication of this notice.
boxes. English Dovetail. RENTALS Decedent Superior Court Pro- NOTICE OF Washington, D.C. Personal (Strike preceding sen-
Superior Court of 20001-2131
Original cost $4500. Sell the District of DeAnna L. Jackson bate Division Rule APPOINTMENT, Representative tence if no real estate.)
Beautiful Landscaped Attorney 407 is filed in this NOTICE TO Administration No. 301-717-9884
for $895. Can deliver. Lots!!! Columbia
Marilyn B. Thompson
Civil Division NOTICE OF Court within 30 days Personal
Call Tom 240-482-8721 Priced to Sell! $75,000 APPOINTMENT, from the date of first AND NOTICE TO Helen L Harris REGISTER OF WILLS Representative(s)
Case No. 0000623-11 Decedent
Waterfront Lots; Paved IN RE: NOTICE TO publication of this UNKNOWN HEIRS 2/4, 2/11, 2/18 TRUE TEST COPY
Roads CREDITORS notice, the Court Howard Gregory Camp- Kathy Brissette-Minus REGISTER OF WILLS
Selling Fast - Last 13 bell, whose address is Law Office of SUPERIOR COURT OF Date of first publication:
may take the action
hereinafter set forth. 4250 East Capital Street Kathy Brissette-Minus THE DISTRICT OF February 4, 2011
Lots Applicant
NE #202 Washington LLC COLUMBIA
DeAnna L. Jackson, Admit to probate 301-297-9411
Hunting Creek Subdivi-
whose address is 4217 the will dated Feb- DC 20019, was ap- 9900 Greenbelt Road PROBATE DIVISION Name of newspapers
Drivers- 100% Tuition sion! PUBLICATION Suite E 215
Foote Street NE, ruary 15, 2010 pointed personal repre- Washington, D.C. and/or periodical:
Paid CDL Training! No CHANGE OF NAME Lanham MD 20706
Call Now to Close Ethel Dolores Mays hav- Washington DC 20019, exhibited with the sentative of the estate of 20001-2131 The Daily Washington
Credit Check, No Expe- was appointed personal petition upon proof Dorothy A Ratliff who Attorney Foreign No. Law Reporter
Fast!!! ing filed a complaint for
died on January 3, 2011 NOTICE OF 2011FEP10 The Afro-American
rience required! (757) 710-3827 judgment changing representative of the satisfactory to the
estate of Lora C. Paige, Court of due execu- with a will, and will serve Date of Death 2/4, 2/11, 2/18
Ethel Dolores Mays NOTICE TO
who died on April 16, tion by affidavit of without Court supervi- August 11, 2010
name to Dolores Ethel CREDITORS
2006 with a will, and will witnesses or other- sion. All unknown heirs Geneva Shannon
Battle and having ap- AND NOTICE TO
plied to the court for an serve without Court su- wise and heirs whose Arnold
in the absence of a whereabouts are un- UNKNOWN HEIRS AKA
Order of Publication of pervision. All unknown 0

heirs and heirs whose will or proof satisfac- known shall enter their Brenda T Jarvis, whose Geneva Shannon
ing filed a complaint for died on October 28,
judgment changing his 2010 with a will, and will
name to James Isiah serve without Court su-
Fitzgerald and having pervision. All unknown
applied to the court for heirs and heirs whose

an Order of Publication whereabouts are un-
of the notice required by
law in such cases; it is
known shall enter their
appearance in this
February 12, 2011 - February 18, 2011, The Afro-American
by the Court this 1st day proceeding. Objections
f F e b r uNOTICES
a r y 2 0 11 toLEGAL NOTICES
such appointment (or LEGAL NOTICES

hereby. to the probate of de-
Superior Court of ORDERED, that all per- cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe
the District of sons concerned show 5000 Overlook Avenue, S.W.
District of Columbia cause, if any there be, Wills, D.C., 515 5th Washington, D.C.
PROBATE DIVISION on or before the 8th day Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Washington, D.C. of March 2011, why the Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Invitation No. 110020 PS01
20001-2131 prayers of said com- 20001, on or before Au- Pre-Selection of Belt Filter Presses, Belt Conveyors, and
Administration No. plaint should not be gust 11, 2011. Claims Rotary Lobe Pumps Building Services Manager
granted; provided that a against the decedent
copy of this order be shall be presented to the
for Use at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Provide a comfortable and safe building environment for
JENKINS published once a week undersigned with a copy The Authority intends to pre-select manufacturers to provide equipment, acces- staff, clients and guests. Responsibility for: alarm system;
Decedent for three consecutive to the Register of Wills sories, and other named services for belt filter presses, belt conveyors, and rotary daily walk through inspections to ensure office tempera-
Bruce E Gardner Esq weeks before said day or filed with the Register lobe pumps for use in the Final Dewatering Facilities at Blue Plains Advanced tures are acceptable, elevator cars are working properly,
The Gardner Law Firm in the Afro-American. of Wills with a copy to Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, D.C.
PC JUDGE the undersigned, on or and checking general condition of building; maintain ade-
1101 Pennsylvania Ave A TRUE COPY TEST: before August 11, 2011, A total of 12 or 16 belt filter presses, 2.5-meter wide or 2.0-meter wide quate inventory of consumable building supplies; respond
NW 2/11, 2/18, 2/25 or be forever barred. respectively, will be purchased and used to dewater digested thermally treated to building service requests; moving office furnishings;
Persons believed to be sludge into Class A Biosolids.
Suite 600
SUPERIOR COURT OF heirs or legatees of the placing service calls for HVAC system, elevators, electrical,
Washington DC 20004
Attorney THE DISTRICT OF decedent who do not re- A total of 4 belt conveyors each approximately 135-foot long and 30-inch wide plumbing, locks, and alarm system; coordinate all repairs;
COLUMBIA ceive a copy of this no- will be purchased and used to convey dewatered Class A Biosolids to bunkers must be available on weekends, holidays, and after hours,
NOTICE OF or truck loading.
FAMILY COURT tice by mail within 25
DOMESTIC days of its first publica- as needed; Must have High School diploma or equivalent
CREDITORS RELATIONS tion shall so inform the Rotary Lobe Pumps will be purchased and used to pump sludge and polymer (GED) and at least five years of related experience and/or
for the dewatering process. A total of 57 Rotary Lube Pumps are specified for
AND NOTICE TO BRANCH Register of Wills, includ-
a 2.0-meter wide belt filter press and a total of 49 Rotary Lube Pumps are training, or equivalent combination of education and exper-
UNKNOWN HEIRS Jacket Number. ing name, address and ience. Send letter and resume to: Human Resources, Legal
relationship. specified for a 2.5-meter wide belt filter press
Rodney E Gill, whose 2010DRB1564
address is 2350 Hunter Joseph Kabore. Date of Publication: Aid Bureau, Inc., 500 E. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD
DC Water requests that interested manufacturers submit proposals to be used
Place SE, Washington Plaintiff. February 2, 2011 in evaluation and pre-selection of manufacturers for belt filter presses, belt 21202. Salary range of $30,000 - $35,000
DC 20020 was ap- vs. Name of newspaper:
conveyors, and rotary lobe pumps. Manufacturers can submit a proposal for one EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER
pointed personal repre- Josephine Ndote or multiple types of equipment, as best suited by the manufactures’
manufacturers¬ business
sentative of the estate of Defendant. Washington Law and expertise.
Marilyn Colleen Jenkins, The object of this suit is Reporter
who died on December to obtain divorce. Alfred R. May The Authority will not purchase the selected equipment directly but will require Deputy Assistant Secretary Charles County Government is
19, 2010 without a will, on motion of the plaintiff, Personal the general contractor for the Final Dewatering Facilities construction contract to for Permitting, Siting & Analysis
it is this xxx day of Representative hiring for the following positions:
and will serve without procure the equipment from the selected manufacturers. The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE),
Court supervision. All
unknown heirs and heirs
November 2010, or-
dered that the defendant
TRUE TEST COPY March 10, 2011 is the date scheduled for the receipt of Proposals.
Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy
Reliability (OE) in Washington, DC is Chief of Operations & Maintenance
m whose whereabouts are Josephine Ndote cause REGISTER OF WILLS seeking a highly-qualified and motivated
candidate to serve as the Deputy Assistant $78,914-$102,792
her appearance to be 2/11, 2/18, 2/25 Final Dewatering Facilities at Blue Plains may be funded in part by the U.S.
ton, VA unknown shall enter
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is to be advertised in the open
Secretary (DAS) for Permitting, Siting and
their appearance in this
proceeding. Objections
entered herein on or be-
fore the fortieth day,
Superior Court of
the District of
market. Neither the United States nor the U.S. EPA is, or will be a party to this
Analysis (PSA). To learn more about DOE
and OE please visit Engineer IV
request or any resulting Contract.
to such appointment
erview with school
shall be filed with the
exclusive of Sundays
and legal holidays,
District of Columbia
The PSA Division serves as the Dept's
in-house analytical experts on the structure
occurring after the day Belt Filter Presses, Belt Conveyors, and Rotary Lobe Pumps Pre-Selection and makeup of the electricity sector and the
Register of Wills, D.C., Washington, D.C. Applicants are encouraged to apply at:
he 2011-2012 school
515 5th Street, N.W., of the first publication of 20001-2131
Documents are available at the Department of Procurement, 5000 Overlook
Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20032. Sets of Pre-Selection Documents can be
interpretation of proposed policies and
rulemakings that may potentially affect the EOE
3rd Floor Washington, this order; otherwise the Administration No.
e for Virginia teacher
D.C. 20001, on or be- cause will be proceeded 2011ADM0068
procured for a non-refundable $50 purchase price each, payable to DC Water.
Payment must be in the form of a money order, certified check or a company
electricity infrastructure. Activities include
support of Regional Transmission Planning;
fore August 4, 2011. with as in case of de-
istration is required.
Claims against the de- fault. Provide, a copy of
William H. Jordan, Sr
check. Documents can be shipped to Bidders providing a Federal Express
account number.
State Technical Assistance on Electricity Policy;
Regulation of Cross-Border Transmission Lines
this order is published & Electricity Exports; & Energy Modeling &
/F/D. cedent shall be pre-
sented to the under- once a week for three
Pamela Copeland, Esq
1050 17th Street NW The DC Water Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is a secured
Analysis to inform clean energy policies.

signed with a copy to the successive weeks in the Suite 600 facility. Persons intending to pick up Pre-Selection Documents are to contact the For more information concerning key
Register of Wills or filed Washington Law Re- Washington DC 20036 Department of Procurement at 202-787-2020 for access authorization. requirements, major duties, technical
with the Register of Wills porter, and The Afro qualifications, benefits, evaluation factors

American Newspapers and to apply visit USA Jobs at
with a copy to the under- NOTICE OF For procurement information contact Ms. DDe¬Nerika
e ’ N e r i k a Johnson; email denerika and search for
signed, on or before Au- before said day. APPOINTMENT,, (202-787-2113). announcement number 11-OE-20YK.
gust 4, 2011, or be for- Attest: NOTICE TO Sal. range is $119,554 to $179,700/annum.
ever barred. Persons JUDGE BAYLY CREDITORS For technical information contact: DETS-Construction.Bid.Inquiry@dcwater. Applications are being accepted through 3/3/11.
believed to be heirs or 2/11, 2/18, 2/25 AND NOTICE TO com.
The U. S. Department of Energy is an
legatees of the decedent UNKNOWN HEIRS
who do not receive a Superior Court of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.
the District of Joyce Jordan, whose PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD
copy of this notice by address is 4841 Car- FOR THE WASHINGTON Region’s
mail within 25 days of its Columbia
mella Drive, Baltimore PROPOSED SUBMISSIONS FOR THE 2011
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Advanced
first publication shall so Civil Division Power Systems Research and Development
inform the Register of Case No. 9115-2011 MD 21227 was ap-
pointed personal repre-
Fauquier County Public Schools The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE),
Annual Education Job Fair!
Thomas William Martin sentative of the estate of Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy
address and relation- William H. Jordan, Sr Reliability (OE) in Washington, DC is
ship. Applicant The National Capital Region Transportation Plan-
ORDER OF who died on December seeking a highly-qualified and motivated
Date of Publication: 3, 2009 with a will, and ning Board (TPB) will initiate a 30-day public candidate to serve as the Deputy Assistant
February 4, 2011 PUBLICATION comment period for the proposed submissions for
CHANGE OF NAME will serve without Court Secretary (DAS) for Advanced Power
Name of newspaper: supervision. All un- the 2011 update to the Constrained Long-Range Systems Research and Development. To
Afro-American Thomas William Martin Plan (CLRP), including an air quality conformity
having filed a complaint known heirs and heirs learn more about DOE and OE please visit
Washington Law whose whereabouts are analysis, on February 10. This public comment
Reporter for judgment changing period will extend through Saturday March 12, Saturday, March 26, 2011
Thomas William Martin unknown shall enter The DAS is responsible for managing a
Rodney E Gill 2011. The TPB is scheduled to approve these 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
name to Olokun Salamu their appearance in this submissions at its March 16, 2011 meeting. Mem- portfolio of projects for "next generation"
Personal proceeding. Objections Liberty High School, Bealeton, VA electric delivery technologies and supporting
Representative and having applied to bers of the public are invited to review these draft
the court for an Order of to such appointment (or documents on the COG website, activities to accelerate their introduction to
202-610-1921 to the probate of de- Applicants will have the opportunity
TRUE TEST COPY Publication of the notice transportation/. These materials may also be re- the marketplace. These activities include
required by law in such cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe viewed at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Superconductivity, Advanced Conductors,
REGISTER OF WILLS filed with the Register of Governments (COG), 777 N. Capitol St. NE,
to interview with school administrators
2/4, 2/11, 2/18 cases; it is by the Court Energy Storage, Power Electronics, Smart
this 1st day of February Wills, D.C., 515 5th Washington, DC 20002. for potential teaching positions in the Grid Research, Microgrids, Smart Grid and
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor The CLRP shows the road, bridge, high-
Superior Court of 2011.
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . occupancy vehicle (HOV), transit, bicycle and
2011-2012 school year. Applicants Storage Demonstrations.
the District of ORDERED, that all per- For more info concerning key reqs, major
District of Columbia sons concerned show 20001, on or before Au- pedestrian projects funded through the year 2040. must currently hold or be eligible for duties, technical quals, benefits, evaluation
gust 11, 2011. Claims The air quality conformity analysis assesses the
PROBATE DIVISION cause, if any there be,
against the decedent plan amendments and program with respect to the
Virginia teacher licensure with factors and to apply visit USA Jobs at
Washington, D.C. on or before the 8th day and search on
20001-2131 of March 2011, why the shall be presented to the air quality requirements under the 1990 Clean Air appropriate endorsements. job announcement number 11-OE-0001YK.
prayers of said com- undersigned with a copy Act Amendments. Sal. range is $119,554 to $179,700/ annum.
Administration No. Pre-registration is required.
2011ADM0049 plaint should not be to the Register of Wills Appls are being accepted through 3/3/11.
or filed with the Register Members of the public are invited to submit com- For details, visit
Thelma Pitts Campbell granted; provided that a ments on the draft documents on-line at www. The U. S. Department of Energy is an
Decedent copy of this order be of Wills with a copy to EEO/AA/M/F/D
the undersigned, on or Written comments EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.
Thomas H. Queen published once a week can also be mailed to TPB Chair Muriel Bowser,
530 Eighth Street SE for three consecutive before August 11, 2011,
or be forever barred. Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Washington DC 20003 weeks before said day (COG), 777 N. Capitol St. NE, Suite 300, Washing- Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine, Department of
Attorney in the Washington Afro- Persons believed to be
heirs or legatees of the ton, DC 20002. Physiology & Biophysics is recruiting an Electrophysiologist (PhD
NOTICE OF American. required in Physiology & Biophysics or related field) as a non-tenure
APPOINTMENT, that pursuant to SCR decedent who do not re-
For additional information or for special assistance,

205(b) notice be sent to ceive a copy of this no- track position at the Assistant Professor level. Candidate must have
NOTICE TO please call (202)962-3311 or (202)962-3213 extensive demonstrated experience in patch-clamp recording from
CREDITORS applicants creditors by tice by mail within 25 (TDD).
AND NOTICE TO registered or certified days of its first publica- mammalian sperm and both from native cells and cell lines expressing
UNKNOWN HEIRS mail and that proof of tion shall so inform the heterologously a variety of ion channels. Extensive experience with
Marteal H. Pitts, Max- mailing be made in the Register of Wills, includ- molecular biological techniques for structure-function studies, strong
ing name, address and “Subcontractors”
well A. Pitts, and Noah manner provided in SCR You are invited to bid the historic renovation of quantitative training, and publication(s) using patch-clamp techniques
M. Webb whose ad- Probate Rule(b). relationship. on mammalian sperm are required. Demonstrated experience working
Date of Publication: Dahlgreen Court Apartments.
dress(es) are 4705 8th JUDGE
February 11, 2011 2520 and 2504 10th Street NE DC. in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff and student environment or
Street NW, Washington A TRUE COPY TEST: All trades are invited to bid. commitment to do so as a faculty member at VCU is required.
DC 20017, 423 Peabody 2/11, 2/18, 2/25 Name of newspaper:
Afro-American Please contact Tim Bowes at Hamel Builders for
Street NW, Washington plans, specifications and further information. Applicants should submit by email a CV, a one-page statement of
Superior Court of Washington Law
DC 20011, and 6104 410-782-3277 direct line past accomplishments, a one-page statement of future plans, a cover
the District of Reporter
East 98th Street Kansas
City MO 64134 were ap-
Columbia Joyce Jordan letter for Position #F32770 and contact information for 4 references
Civil Division Personal to: Dr. Margaret Biber, Chair of the Search Committee (mbiber@vcu.
pointed personal repre-
sentative(s) of the estate Case No. 00009006-11 Representative edu), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va. Deadline for
of Thelma Pitts Camp- IN RE: TRUE TEST COPY applications is 3/10/11 with the expectation to fill the position by
bell, who died on August Mary Fears King REGISTER OF WILLS 3/25/11.
17, 2007 with a will, and
will serve without Court
2/11, 2/18, 2/25
Superior Court of
2010 Virginia Commonwealth University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
supervision. All un-
known heirs and heirs
CHANGE OF NAME the District of
District of Columbia
DISPARITY STUDY Action Employer. Women, persons with disabilities, and minorities are
encouraged to apply.
whose whereabouts are Mary Fears King having TRANSPARENCY • COOPERATION • ACCOUNTABILITY
unknown shall enter filed a complaint for Washington, D.C.
their appearance in this judgment changing 20001-2131


proceeding. Objections Mary Fears King name Administration No.
to such appointment (or to Mariam Aman and 2011ADM0067
to the probate of de- having applied to the Lula M. Towles
court for an Order of

cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe Decedent
filed with the Register of Publication of the notice Donald L. Wilson Esq
Wills, D.C., 515 5th required by law in such 805 15th Street NW
cases; it is by the Court Suite 100

Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . this 3 day of February Washington DC 20005
2011 hereby. Attorney
20001, on or before Au- NOTICE OF
gust 4, 2011. Claims ORDERED, that all per-
sons concerned show APPOINTMENT,
against the decedent NOTICE TO
cause, if any there be,
shall be presented to the
undersigned with a copy on or before the 19th CREDITORS
day of March 2011, why
to the Register of Wills
or filed with the Register the prayers of said com- UNKNOWN HEIRS
J a c q u e s P Wa l k e r,

of Wills with a copy to plaint should not be
granted; provided that a whose address is 2750
the undersigned, on or
copy of this order be
14th Street, NW Unit #01 +.,)+/1 /%'1  /%'1 (-$$+..+-*0'1 "1 #01 ,.#+*/-*1 %"%)",*1
before August 4, 2011, 304, Washington DC
or be forever barred. published once a week 20009 was appointed
,*+/,)1-$$+..+-*1 1#,.1"00*1)0!0,.0'1/-1/#01%"!+(1,*'1(,*1"0
Persons believed to be for three consecutive personal representative +0&0'1,/1/#01 1&0".+/01&&&&..(&,/0)(-$
heirs or legatees of the weeks before said day of the estate of Lula M.
decedent who do not re- in the Afro-American Towles, who died on
ceive a copy of this no- newspaper. January 19, 2011 with a -*'%(/0'1 "1 ,.-*1 +!!$,*1..-(+,/0.1 /'1 1 /#01 /%'1 0,$+*0'
that pursuant to SCR will, and will serve with-
tice by mail within 25
205(b) notice be sent to out Court supervision.
days of its first publica-
tion shall so inform the the applicant's creditors All unknown heirs and )+$01(-*/),(/-).1,*'1.%"(-*/),(/-).1-)1+.(,!10,).1 1/#)-%#1 
Register of Wills, includ- by registered or certified h e i r s w h o s e
ing name, address and mail and that proof of whereabouts are un-
service of mailing be known shall enter their  1+.1*-&1/,+*1&)+//0*1(-$$0*/.1,"-%/1/#01 /%'1#01(,*1"01.0*/1/-
relationship. appearance in this
Date of Publication: made in the manner pro- &..(./%'
%' # '%&' %#'
vided in SCR Probate proceeding. Objections
February 4, 2011 to such appointment (or &'&'$%'' !'&"#$"'!''$%''&$ #$"%&" !' '&% &"
Name of newspaper: Rule 19(b).
JUDGE to the probate of de-
Afro-American cedent¬s
cedent’s will)will) shall
shall bebe $&!'$#"&!''
Washington Law A TRUE COPY TEST:
2/11, 2/18, 2/25 filed with the Register of
Reporter Wills, D.C., 515 5th  1./,1&+!!1%.01/#01 /%'1,*'1%"!+(1(-$$0*/1/-1'00!-1,1*0&1 1
Marteal H. Pitts Superior Court of Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Maxwell A. Pitts the District of Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . )-),$1/#,/1+.1"-/#100(/+01,*'1!0,!!1.%+(+0*/ #01'),/1-1/#01*0&1)-),$
Noah M. Webb District of Columbia 20001, on or before Au-
Personal PROBATE DIVISION gust 11, 2011. Claims
Representative Washington, D.C. against the decedent /#01%"!+(1+*1$+'0")%,)11!0,.01+.+/1-%)1&0".+/01,/1&&&&..(&,/0)(-$ -)
202-832-6757 20001-2131 shall be presented to the
202--212-9091 undersigned with a copy $-)01'0/,+!.
Administration No.
876-838-3486 2011ADM0069 to the Register of Wills
TRUE TEST COPY William L. Rush Jr. or filed with the Register
REGISTER OF WILLS of Wills with a copy to
Decedent the undersigned, on or
2/4, 2/11, 2/18 NOTICE OF before August 11, 2011,
APPOINTMENT, or be forever barred.
Superior Court of
NOTICE TO Persons believed to be
the District of
CREDITORS heirs or legatees of the
AND NOTICE TO decedent who do not re-
Civil Division
UNKNOWN HEIRS ceive a copy of this no-
Case No. 0000786-11
Alfred R. May, whose tice by mail within 25
address is 3905-17th days of its first publica-

To Advertise call
Clarence Fitzgerald
Street, NE Washington tion shall so inform the
Applicant Register of Wills, includ-
DC 20018 was ap-
ORDER OF ing name, address and
PUBLICATION pointed personal repre-
sentative of the estate of relationship.

CHANGE OF NAME Date of Publication:
Clarence Fitzgerald hav- William L. Rush Jr, who
died on October 28, February 11, 2011
ing filed a complaint for Name of newspaper:
judgment changing his 2010 with a will, and will
serve without Court su- Afro-American
name to James Isiah Washington Law
Fitzgerald and having pervision. All unknown
applied to the court for heirs and heirs whose Jacques P. Walker
an Order of Publication whereabouts are un- Personal
of the notice required by known shall enter their Representative
law in such cases; it is appearance in this 202-297-0498
by the Court this 1st day proceeding. Objections TRUE TEST COPY
o f F e b r u a r y 2 0 11 to such appointment (or REGISTER OF WILLS
hereby. to the probate of de- 2/11, 2/18, 2/25
ORDERED, that all per- cedent¬s will) shall be
sons concerned show filed with the Register of
cause, if any there be, Wills, D.C., 515 5th
on or before the 8th day Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .

B10 The Afro-American, February 12, 2011 - February 12, 2011

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