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Jolin Kwok (AMST 350, Karen Inouye, Spring Term 2010)

Re: Incomplete
In order to turn your incomplete to a letter grade, write two seven-page papers
(described below). Aim to turn in both essays by the end of this summer.

Paper #1: Self-Representation of Asian Americans (7 pages)

This research assignment asks that you think about self-representation of Asian
Americans. Before starting your research for this assignment, read the relevant
chapters in "Asian Americans and the Media" (Chapters 1-7 & 11) and view the
documentary "My America: Or Honk If You Love Buddha" (available in the campus

During the past two decades, why and how have Asian Americans worked
to define themselves within their communities and to mainstream
audiences? In order to answer this question, find five independent Asian American
media outlets (e.g., magazines, newspapers, film) and one theater group and
discuss the their origins and goals. In your discussion, refer to "My America" and
relevant chapters from "Asian Americans and the Media."

Paper #2: Transnational Cultural Flow: East to West and West to East (7
For much of the semester, we have discussed the cultural flow from East to West
(e.g., anime, sushi, martial arts). We have spent far less time focusing on the
influences of American culture in the East.

How has American culture influenced Asian countries, especially with

regard to popular culture? Compare and contrast three Asian influences in
America (discussed this semester) with three U.S. influences in Asia.

The efficacy of these essays will depend in no small measure on your ability to
demonstrate a clear understanding of the scholarship as made available through
course materials and your research.
Grading Criteria
Successful essays will:
1. demonstrate direct and full engagement with class materials and outside
2. include proper citations for course materials and outside research.
3. have a clear and engaging thesis statement that governs the direction of the
4. have clearly written and forceful topic sentences for each paragraph.
5. be neatly typed with one-inch margins (top and bottom), page numbers,
stapled pages and 12 point font.
6. include a thoughtful title.
7. demonstrate original analysis and development of ideas.